I need to go back and edit this, but was anxious to get it up. I'm sort of meh about the progression, but there was background I wanted to provide and relationship building I wanted in there too. Hope you enjoy some of this family fluff!

Her days of relative freedom brought the rallies that her mum took her to when she was a little girl to mind. They'd drive up to London for the day, Michael Jackson blasting in the little car as they sang along. She'd ask her mum what the posters meant as they marched along with a large group of omegas and betas, only to have her curls brushed away from her sweaty face as the woman taught her about the inequality in British society. She learned that her mum, a beta, faced countless battles to become a dentist while her dad, an alpha, breezed through all of his schooling and vocational training and the hesitancy many had to see a female practitioner.

Today, she felt like she threw everything her mum wanted to instill in her away for good. She couldn't say she hated it either.

Prior to waking up at Rabastan and Regulus' home, she'd had a few days of major panic. It had taken seven days after signing the parchment for Regulus and Rabastan to officially become her AAGs. The radio silence that followed her signing left her panicked- did the men decide she wasn't worth the trouble? A harried Healer Snape, as usual, consoled Hermione and apologized for not bringing the girl into the loop on what was going on. Someone within the Ministry had put a hold on the papers contesting the match.

It'd been a veritable firestorm, Healer Snape admitted after some hesitation, causing a bit of an interdepartmental fight at the Ministry that only the minister had been able to resolve. Hermione had panicked after finding out the minister was none other than Master Malfoy's father. She was left feeling uneasy over the man's high rank in society. Did he truly not know what his son had been up to? She hoped to never meet him.

On day nine, she was relieved to learn that she'd finally be leaving in two days. First, however, she'd have to undergo her desired tooth healer appointment that she was currently regretting.

Hermione had realized that either she was an open book or Healer Snape was a mind reader, because the woman had thought to float the idea of Regulus or Rabastan attending her dental appointment. The omega healer, much to her chagrin, had other patients she had to attend to during the appointment. Many deep breaths later, Hermione shyly asked if the healer would ask the men to come. Healer Snape had to hide her grin at the question, knowing that the men would love nothing more than to come. She was caught between tough love and coddling Hermione, knowing that the girl could fall into dependency rather easily. For now, though, she'd allow the girl to be loved on. Merlin knew she deserved it.

The famed tooth healer turned out to be a man named Viktor Krum that had Daphne cackling as Hermione filled her in on the schedule Healer Snape set for her in the days before she left.

It turned out the man wasn't just a quidditch player, he was a famous quidditch player who'd also won the Triwizard Tournament in what would've been Hermione's fourth year. The beautiful Bulgarian brute, Daphne called him with a snicker. She was intrigued to find out what made the man so special and tried to focus on her excitement of having nice teeth again rather than think about having a strange alpha with his wand in her mouth. Luna had decided to postpone her dental appointment for the foreseeable future, her teeth permanently charmed white from childhood like many pureblood families did. Hermione tried not to be bitter at her friend's stroke of luck. Her stomach ached without Luna being there, but knew the girl was better off for being home. She'd see her soon, and it'd be like nothing changed. Only… everything had changed.


The lime and ocean scent of good alphas flooded her nose before any of her other senses took notice of her current state. She had what felt like one pleasant moment before what felt like fifty stabbing sensations on her face kicked into high gear. Her eyes teared up immediately as she opened them, the groan that escaped her mouth louder than she expected. Why was her mouth so far open?

The pressure of another hand gently holding her own had her rapidly blinking away the tears in her eyes. What was going on?

"You're okay," a voice crooned. Good alpha. "You're okay, Hermione. We're at Black Manor and the tooth healer just performed a procedure on your mouth. Rabastan and I are here… just close your eyes and go back to sleep."

Hermione's eyes welled up with more tears at the groggy confusion she felt. What was going on?

"Hts," she garbled, unable to speak despite something clearly holding her mouth open. She felt liquid dripping down her chin for only a second before a man with black hair gently dabbed a towel to her face. Somewhere in her mind, she knew who the man was, but crying about the pain she was in definitely took precedence over trying to figure who he was.

"Just close your eyes sweetheart, you'll feel much better when you wake up again…"

Despite herself, Hermione closed her eyes as though she were commanded to. Against her desires, she slept.


The next time Hermione woke up, Rabastan and Regulus could tell she remembered nothing. The fogginess in her head was almost overwhelming, so she was pleased to see that the room she was in had the blinds drawn. Even the unbidden yawn she let out caused her pain, the low whimper she let out alerting someone to her reentry into the world of the living.

"You're okay, Hermione. We're at Black Manor and the tooth healer just performed a procedure on your mouth. Rabastan and I are here…" a voice she knew to be Regulus said.

She tried to speak, though she could only let out a groan. The men shared a quick look at the situation playing out almost exactly like it had the first time

"Don't overdo it, love, the Skele-Gro is just now exiting your system… would you like some water?"

Hermione nodded, the parched feeling in her throat one she'd like to forget.

She couldn't be embarrassed by the way Regulus placed a hand under her neck while he held the glass to her lips, slowly trickling water into her open mouth.

"Hurts," she croaked after drinking the water.

"I'm sure it does… growing teeth is not an easy task. Would you like some ice cream?"


"On it. Let me just open the curtains a bit with my wand," the man replied, waiting a moment for her to process that he'd be using his wand before flicking it at the dark curtains that opened slightly.

"Where?" Hermione asked, unable to finish the rest of her sentence when her face felt like a balloon set to float into the sky to never be seen again.

"We're at your new home, Black Manor… we took you here before your procedure so you could wake up at home as you requested."

Hermione nodded, remembering nothing about that supposed conversation. Not that she didn't believe it, of course. She knew how potent many potions were, similar to muggle anesthesia.

"Would you like to meet a house elf? They've been dying to meet you," the man asked with a slight smile.

Hermione nodded again.

He held up a finger before exiting the room, coming back in with what looked to be a purple version of Yoda next to him. Three metal tubs of what Hermione assumed to be ice cream floated in the air behind the pair.

The small creature was smiling, its bulging green eyes wide and rounded teeth on display. Hermione tried to sit up in her bed to greet it, grateful for the way Rabastan moved to help her sit up and shove more pillows behind her back.

She was shocked when the elf bowed down in front of her, its forehead reaching the floor.

"Pinsy is most honored to meet Omega Mistress Hermione! It is being so long since she served a beautiful Omega, she is feeling so blessed."

Hermione looked up with wide eyes at Rabastan, unsure of how to reply. The man rolled his eyes, receiving a stern look from Regulus who replied.

"Thank you Pinsy. You're the first elf that Hermione has ever met," the man paused to allow the elf to let out pleased noises at what was clearly good news to her. "Pinsy will serve as your handmaid, Hermione. Once you're feeling tip-top, we'll bind you into the Black and Lestrange families and that'll strengthen your bond with the elves."

"Bond?" Hermione asked.

"Elves are bound into the family that they serve, and since you don't have Black or Lestrange blood, you'll need to be made family by a potion. It's a quick procedure, but it'll ensure that the elves know where you are at all times and can safely serve your needs whether you're home or away."

"Pinsy is loving to serve! She brings ice cream that her mate, Pilly, makes."

"Mate?" Hermione asked, getting annoyed with the energy it took to ask single word questions.

"Oh yes, Pilly is Pinsy's forever… we is not being alphas or omegas, but we still love and make babies!"

"That's enough for now, Pinsy. I'm sure Hermione would love for you to answer her questions on elvish culture once she's feeling better. Did you bring ice cream?" Rabastan interjected, much less willing to let the vivacious house elves go on tangents than his husband.

"Oh yes! We is having simple flavours for a sore mouth… vanilla, chocolate or butterscotch."

"Vanilla," Hermione replied. "Please."

"Smart choice," Regulus commended. "I think that'll be easiest on your stomach."

The girl was embarrassed by the way that Rabastan insisted on serving her the ice cream, scooping tiny spoonfuls into her mouth and dabbing away any mess. The interaction would be worse if she was actually able to feel her arms, a side effect that both alphas insisted was normal after a strong surgical sleeping draught and Skele-Gro.

"It's just past noon, and Healer Krum is scheduled to come here to finish your cleaning and whitening at three."

Hermione groaned, drawing soft smiles out of the men. Any protest from her was progress in their books. They knew from conversations with Severus that while brainy and polite, their girl was extremely opinionated. It was relieving to see some of her personality coming back.

"I know, I know… you're in the homestretch, then you can rest up and your smile will be good as new. Won't that be nice?"

Hermione nodded. It would be nice to look in the mirror and see that one of the features of her face was set back to rights. Her curls were still lank and long, but the idea of someone coming near her with scissors was terrifying. Her skin was still dry, though Healer Snape promised to get her in touch with someone who could help her with her personal hygiene routine once she'd settled in at her new abode. Her body was still gaunt with her bones peeking out through tight skin. She knew that time would resolve her problems, but it didn't make looking in the mirror any easier.

"Oh! You have some gifts," Rabastan said, getting off the bed to move over towards a large desk. Hermione took the time to look around the room that she was in. It was at least three times the size of her Hogwarts dormitory, with a spiral stone staircase leading up to a well-lit platform. She craned her head to see what was at the top of the staircase and let out a pleased sigh at the sight of a leather couch, table and sizable bookcase. The rest of the room included what seemed to be an ensuite bathroom, a walk-in closet that looked to already have clothes, another leather sofa and floor to ceiling windows. It was nicer than any room she'd ever been in. She loved it.

"This is your room," Regulus said proudly, his chest ever so slightly puffed out. The move didn't escape Hermione's notice. "We hope you like it, the elves worked to build the reading loft after you shared how much you like to read… we can change anything you'd like though. There's also other rooms…"

Hermione cut the man's uncharacteristic nervous rambling off. "Love it… thank you."

Regulus and Rabastan beamed, the second man juggling a handful of goodies as he pressed an affectionate kiss on his husband's cheek.

"Let's see what we've got here," Rabastan hummed, sitting back down on the bed. "From Luna. Want me to open?"

Regulus snorted, "Can't even let the girl try and open her own presents? You'd think you never received any presents as a child."

"I never received anything that was a surprise! Robes, quidditch gear, all run of the mill presents."

"Poor you," Regulus replied sympathetically, winking at a clearly amused Hermione.

"You can," Hermione replied, her soft heart melting at the excitement of Rabastan. She didn't think she'd have the strength to open the pile, anyways.

"What the… this looks to be a braid of grass with a crystal on the end. Oh! A card. Beloved sister, place this healing grass from Stonehenge and healing lapis stone that daddy found in the Kochka River valley of Afghanistan under your pillow. It'll strengthen your mind and help to rapidly heal you. I love you and can't wait to see you. P.S.: I see orange softness in your future. Love, Luna."

"How kind," Regulus replied, cutting off any commentary that was to come from his husband.

Rabastan helped Hermione place the braided trinket under her pillow, keeping it to the far edge so it wouldn't cause a weird bump in the fluffy material.

The next gift was a card that Rabastan greedily ripped the envelope off of.

"Dearest Hermione, We hope this card finds you on the mend and feeling well. Please accept this gift of a television and our favorite movies throughout the past eight years as well as some you may recognize. Once you're settled in, our friend who works in the Ministry's corresponding department would be delighted to come install it. We look forward to seeing you soon. Severus demanded that I mention that he expects you to write back to us separately. He insists that your recovery will be quicker if you work through the pain. I think he just wants to hear from you. We send lots of love, Dorcas and Severus."

"What a gift," Rabastan exclaimed. Looks like we'll be spending a lot of time in your room, Hermione."

The girl smiled, or at least she thought she did. It probably looked more like a pained grimace with a slight bit of drool to tie it all together. Once they were ready to install it, she'd

"I'm sure," Regulus replied drily. "We've put your parchment and writing supplies at your desk, but we're happy to bring them to you while you're in bed, Hermione. Just take it easy today and we'll check back in tomorrow."

"Last but not least…" Rabastan said as he picked up a final box from where it was on the ground. "Oh, Salazar… Dear Hermione, I hope you are feeling better. Krum was a good quidditch player, so I hope that he's a good healer too. Can't read what he wrote here, boy has awful handwriting and crossed a bunch out… oh here we go! Back to the letter. I'm sure everything went fine… I'm back at the Ministry on normal shifts now that you've left. It feels weird not having tea together every day, perhaps we can get together soon. Tea with my dad is nowhere near as interesting as my time with you. I hope you like your gift. See you soon, Hermione. Yours, Harry Potter. What's that, includes his last name like you know hundreds of Harrys. Oh, we're not done yet. P.S.: mum said tell them to put the food in the icebox- wizards don't call it a refrigerator."

Hermione giggled while Regulus stepped in to defend the auror.

"Lighten up, Rab. What'd he bring?"

"I could not tell you," the man replied as he dug through the box.

"Why don't you let Hermione see since they're, you know, her gifts," Regulus suggested, receiving a playful growl from his husband. Hermione only stiffened slightly at the sound.

"Oh!" the girl exclaimed, regretting the happy noise when pain followed it. She lifted one hand towards the box, grateful when Rabastan held it out to her. The previously well-wrapped gift was full of Jell-O, Mott's applesauce, Gatorade, coloring books, crayons, and what looked to be a heaping pile of copies of The Sun and Witch Weekly from the past 8 years.

"Muggle stuff," Hermione explained, hoping they could understand her gargled reply.

Regulus smiled softly while Rabastan turned away so the girl couldn't see his grumpy look at the pleased scent coming off of the omega. They'd never had a child, so all of the alphas' protective instincts were coming to surface with their appointed omega. To know that an alpha was already chasing after her left Rabastan feeling rather surly. The man knew his husband felt the same way, however well he hid it. Walburga Black had raised a son with an impenetrable occlumency shield, for all of her faults.

"What needs to go into the icebox, sweet pea?" Rabastan asked, pulling himself together.

Hermione pointed to the food. Rabastan grabbed the nonperishables out of the bag and placed them on Hermione's nightstand.

"Pilly!" the man called. Hermione let out a shriek when a crack sounded out.

"Oh, Pilly is so sorry for scaring!" a dark green elf cried, falling on the ground and banging his fists against the dark wood.

"Pilly, stop!" Regulus commanded with a quiet authority that had even Hermione calming down from her panic. Rabastan worked on soothing Hermione without gentling the back of her neck, his stomach sinking in the way she was trembling.

"There's a love," Rabastan cooed for what felt like the thousandth time, bringing her back to herself. Though she was groggy, she felt calmer than she did when a crack sounded through the room.

"Sorry," Hermione squeaked out after a few minutes of silence, frustrated tears filling her eyes at the experience and the inability to speak. "It sounded… magic when people appear."

"Apparition," Regulus offered gently, knowing the girl was sore over her lack of knowledge of magical subjects. Much like they'd read many years ago after the girl had gone missing, she was intelligent and eager to learn. They agreed with the healers- the omega's confidence would skyrocket once she was taking classes with Severus full time. In a world that was unfamiliar to her with no one and nothing to call her own, they knew she'd treat knowledge as her capital. They planned on getting her access to any and every piece of reading material possible.

"Would you like to meet our head kitchen elf, Pilly now?" Rabastan asked.

Hermione's face turned red as she pulled it out of the crook of Rabastan's shoulder. "Oh, sorry."

"No mistress, Pilly is being sorry! He must make it up when beautiful omega miss is feeling healthy… chicken and chocolate fountain and ice cream and cake!"

Hermione giggled at the elf as he spun in a circle, counting foods on his fingers as he went.

"That all sounds lovely, Pilly. Take these foods to the ice box, please." Rabastan's patience only went so far.

"Goodbye, mistress!" The elf replied with an armful of Harry's gifts. Hermione couldn't wait to eat some good old Jell-O again. It was a food she never thought she'd miss, but then again… she subsisted on scraps for years, anything sounded heavenly after that.

"Why don't we leave you alone to rest and wash up? Just tap on the bed and Pinsy will come."

"Thanks," Hermione nodded, hoping she was smiling with her eyes since she couldn't with her mouth.

"Of course, love. We'll come let you know when Healer Krum is here."

Hermione let out a breath once she was alone for what felt like the first time in years- what really was the first time in years. She closed her eyes and breathed in the clean air of a well-loved home.


"Pretty," Hermione garbled, tingly fingers wrapped in the softest, nicest looking hair she'd ever seen.

"Yes, you are, sweetheart," Regulus crooned, a grin creeping onto his face.

"No… you," Hermione replied, brows furrowed. Or at least she thought they were. Her face was numb, she couldn't promise anything.

"I agree," Rabastan replied, his voice full of amusement that only his husband could hear.

"Mmmm… pretty," Hermione repeated. "Brush?"

"Why don't we brush your hair, sweetheart?" Regulus suggested, gently untangling Hermione's fingers from his raven locks.

Hermione shuddered a bit, baleful, yet dazed eyes looking into his own.


Regulus tried to hide his frown, not that it really mattered. Hermione was jacked up on surgical-grade pain potions and though she was awake, she wasn't all with it.

"What hurts? When people touch your hair?" Rabastan asked, leaning forward from the chair he had moved closer to the bed. The man was annoyed that Regulus was the one Hermione had asked to sit next to her, but swallowed it on Hermione's behalf. He had plenty of time to spend with the girl.

"Bad… pulls it," she murmured, head falling down towards her lap like it weighed 20 stone. Regulus immediately leaned down to lift her upper body back up, leaning it against his own side when she didn't tense. "Yuck…"

"There's a love," Regulus crooned, wiping the drool that'd escaped her lax mouth with a handkerchief he'd had waiting on his lap.

"Mum did braids… you braid?"

"I can braid," Rabastan replied, a small smile on his face.

"No pull?" Hermione asked, head swiveling towards him.

"I'll be extremely gentle, I promise. You can tell me to stop and I'll stop."


Regulus barely breathed as his husband switched spots with him and took the 350 galleon brush they'd purchased for their curly-haired girl to the ends of her hair.

"Want to hear about the first time I brushed Reg's hair?" Rabastan asked conversationally, pausing in his movements to not yank her hair as she nodded.

"Really?" Regulus asked playfully, shaking his head at the wink Rabastan sent his way.

"Reg and I were both in Slytherin together. Did you know that Slytherins are given their own chambers?"

Hermione looked up with wide, hazy eyes at Regulus. "Why?"

"Probably because we were shoved in a cold dungeon for seven years…. Um."

The room was silent for a moment before Hermione snorted.


The men shared a look, unsure how to reply to Hermione's drug-induced joke.

"A little too close to home, sorry love."

"It's okay… it's sad. Dungeons are cold."

"It was cold," Rabastan agreed softly, beginning to divide Hermione's into two sections. The curls were far too thick to put into one braid without practicing. "That's why little Reggie Black was such a sad sight to see… Picture this. It was the first snow of our first year, and he was in the common room up against the fire and still shivering. Do you know why?"

"'S cold…"

"You're right, love, it was cold," Rabastan praised, the small shiver going through her body not going unnoticed. "But the predicament was that little Reggie didn't know how to dry his hair. Of all the spells he'd learned from his darling mother and father, this was left out."

"You make me sound like the runt of a litter of kneazles," Regulus interjected drily.

"You're my runt," Rabastan replied fondly. "Back to the story… sad, shivering Reggie was overlooked by everyone, even the seventh years with the skills to dry his hair. Thankfully, my mum had beautiful, long hair that she always allowed me to help with, so I knew the skill."

"Little Reggielus had long hair?" Hermione asked, causing both men to snicker lightly at the botched name.

"You're right, he did. Even longer than it is now!"

Hermione looked up to take in Regulus, the man perched elegantly on a leather lounger. His hair was down to his shoulders, the strands perfectly wavy, but not curly. She wished she could play with the soft locks again.

"Not that much longer," Regulus chimed in.

"Do you know what he said when I told him I could help dry his hair?"

"Thank you?" Hermione guessed, words even more slurred as the soothing feel of good alpha hands in her hair brought her closer to sleep.

"That's what you'd think, but he told me to bugger off."

Hermione drew in a raggedy breath.

"You might be surprised to find out that I didn't just let him go that easily," Rabastan continued with a smile. "That night when he was curled up in his bed shaking like a leaf, I dried his hair."

The omega giggled.

"What can I say, the man is handy with his hair charms," Regulus shrugged, winking at Hermione. "I think he'll be happy to have someone who lets him play around with hairstyles again, that's where I draw the line."

"Feels good," Hermione sighed. "Nice touches."

"We're so glad," Rabastan cooed, his voice like the warm summer breeze in Hermione's ears. She wished at that moment that she was on the beach, closing her eyes to take a quick nap as the sun beat down on her and the waves crashed on the shore. This moment, however? It was a close second.

Rabastan worked to quickly finish the French braids he'd started as the slumped lower back of Hermione touched his criss-crossed legs, knowing she'd fallen back asleep. Healer Krum had warned them that the girl would be tired for the next few days as her body healed and the cocktail of potions from her two procedures made its way through her system.

"Gentle," Regulus directed as Rabastan moved to stand up, worried he'd knock the tiny, still-emaciated girl over. After tucking her back into the bed, her beloved lobster under her arm, they shut the door behind her.

"Is it bad to say that I think her being drugged is building her trust?" Rabastan asked quietly.

"I won't lie and say I didn't think the same thing. We have a long way to go, though, Rab. We can't get discouraged."

"I know," Rabastan replied. He had seen this same scenario play out in almost all of his patients through his work as a mind healer, but when it was his own life? It was harder to be rational.

"Master Regulus, there is being a letter for you," Kreacher croaked as he silently popped into the hallway.

Regulus nodded at his elf, taking the letter.

"What the…" Regulus muttered as his eyes quickly scanned the thick parchment.

"What is it?" Rabastan asked impatiently, standing on his toes to look over his slightly-taller husband's shoulder.

"James bloody Potter, seeking a mating contract."

Rabastan stiffened, his eyes narrowing. "Is it really the time?"

"Don't worry, love, he offered 2 million galleons, their Parisian terraced house which is allegedly only steps from the Louvre, an island off of French Polynesia, and 30 percent of their stock in the Falmouth Falcons."

Rabastan snarled. "I'm going to kill him and his son. To think I thought the boy might be decent! I'm going over there."

"Rab-" Regulus started, eyes flashing as his husband growled in his face. There was a reason alpha-alpha couples were rare. Alphas were protectors, leaders, and defenders. Those innate instincts only intensified when their young were involved. Omega mates used their calming, nurturing instincts to calm alphas down in any protective rages they may find themselves in. Regulus and Rabastan were even-keeled and level-headed as far as aggressive alpha instincts went, but even they were subject to rage. Regulus knew not to get in the way of his livid husband, no matter how much he wanted to force him to submit.

Instead, he took his rage and channeled it into something worthwhile… pacing outside of Hermione's doors, superior hearing allowing him to ensure she was still safely asleep.


Family dinners were one of Harry's favorite enduring childhood traditions- even on rare nights like tonight when Professor Snape showed up.

"So Ophi, what's this I hear about an American witch. Will we meet her soon?" his mum asked, Harry hid a snort at her well-meaning question. He loved his mum, but she truly was much more innocent than he could handle sometimes. His father told him it was just the way that many omegas were raised, but Harry still couldn't help but be shocked that she was so naive and sweet when surrounded by his father and uncles. Especially knowing how their years at Hogwarts were spent. His dad was truly a lucky man to land such a sweet omega.

"No, Aunt Lily," Ophi replied, a soft blush on his face. He refused to make eye contact with his dad, knowing a shit-eating grin was surely on his face. "She was quite nice, but she actually went back to America this week."

"That's too bad, sweetheart," Lily replied, a frown on her face. "I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm sure you'll meet your omega soon."

"Thank you, Aunt Lily," the carbon copy of a young Sirius Black said, looking far too angelic for an alpha notorious for one night stands with unsuspecting foreign witches.

A crash rang out from down the hall and before the alphas could even jump up to defend against whatever or whoever was there, a red-eyed, growling Rabastan Lestrange entered the Potter's dining room.

"What are you playing at?" the man growled, fists clenching and unclenching as he moved towards the head of the table.

Harry was surprised to see his dad's face turn white as he looked uncertainly towards the spitting mad alpha. The young alpha wasn't sure if he should stun the man or just let the situation play out. Would he be an accomplice to his father's murder?

"Nothing, Lord Lestrange!" James said, holding his wandless hands up in placation. Alpha or not, he still knew not to mess with an alpha in rage.

"Rabby?" Dorcas called out, voice concerned. The woman looked annoyed as her husband stood up and pulled her behind him, but didn't resist. She knew how alphas could be in the face of perceived threats, even one that they knew deep down would never hurt her.

"Why doesn't everyone sit down?" Remus, the calm beta that he was, suggested.

Harry was surprised when everyone but Rabastan sat down in silence. The alpha took a few deep, rumbling breaths before plopping down into a chair that Remus had slowly dragged behind him.

"What's the meaning of this show, Rabastan?" Severus asked and scolded in the same turn.

"These thoughtless arseholes sent a betrothal contract in the mail today!" he snarled.

Everyone went into an uproar immediately besides Sirius and James.

"You didn't," Marlene Black and Lily Potter groaned at the same time, sharing a commiserating look.

"Dad… no," Harry groaned brokenly, stomach sinking at the thought of what the man did.

"Don't worry," Rabastan placated sarcastically. "He offered 2 million galleons and not one, but two international properties and a share in the bloody Falcons."

"Are you mad?" Lily shrieked at her husband.

"You arse, you utter arse," Dorcas snapped, shaking her head. Even Severus didn't intervene when his wife stomped over to the Potter patriarch. "Do you think this poor girl was just born to be transferred from one alpha to another? Do you even understand what she's gone through?"

"I was doing it for Harry!" James squeaked, arms covering his chest as the blows the small omega rained on his chest continued. "I saw the way he looked at her and just… didn't want someone else to swoop in once she made her society debut."

"Society debut? Society debut? She can barely walk or socialize, you think she's going to just… start going to the Parkinson's spring soiree or the Longbottom's New Year's ring-in? Maybe we should check you into the Janus Thickey, you head case!"

Lily shook her head, eyes filling with tears as her husband looked over to her.

"Aw, Lil," James pouted, wanting nothing more than to pull his mate into his arms and make things better.

"Don't Lil me, James Potter! You apologize right now and rescind the contract."

"But, Harry," James started.

"Dad," Harry started shaking his head. "That's just… not right. Does Hermione know?"

"Of course not," Rabastan scoffed. "Do you think we're bloody idiots?"

"She'd never look at you the same way again if she knew, Harry, whether you were involved in this ridiculous plot or not." Dorcas replied solemnly.

"It doesn't matter how I feel," Harry said, shaking his head. "I just want Hermione to get better, that's all I want for her right now."

"Burn the papers and forget it ever happened, please, Mr. Black," Lily begged, eyes wide as her forlorn, slightly burnt cotton candy scent filtered through the large room. "I apologize on my family's behalf."

Rabastan shook his head, running his hand through his short hair. "I'm just relieved that it was only Black and Potter involved in this travesty. Their idiot I can understand, but… Harry would never recover in our eyes."

"Hey!" Sirius shouted, receiving dark looks from everyone, including his son and wife. "This isn't my fault."

"Both your brother and I would never believe that," Rabastan said, standing up.

"Forgive my husband and Sirius, they're fools," Lily said in a voice way nicer than the men deserved. Rabastan knew that the omega was sweet, but this just cemented the deal. "My Harry is a sweet boy, I promise you… don't let this reflect poorly on him. He's a good alpha."

Ophi snickered while Carina, his younger sister, let out a tinkling laugh. The girl was in her fifth year at Hogwarts, and Harry knew she had to be loving the scene playing out. The girl was as Slytherin as they came.

"I don't doubt that," Rabastan said softly, hating the sight of a sad omega. "I just would prefer for it not to be in the context of my d- omega charge's mate."

"Much agreed," Severus drawled, voice as unaffected as always. "Why don't you go home? I'm sure your husband is ready to call in the minister."

Rabastan sighed. "Well, hopefully you'd finished most of your dinner before… this."

"Why don't you take some dessert?" Lily offered brightly.

"Thank you, but we already have some ice cream. Hermione is very excited about the muggle treats you gave her, Lady Potter. Thank you."

"Oh, it's my pleasure!" she beamed. "I'm so glad Hermione's doing well enough to think about eating."

Rabastan was ushered back to the Floo foyer by Lily and Dorcas, the latter clearly not trusting the man to leave without her influence. She was the type of omega he hoped his daughter would be one day.

Regulus was surprisingly not waiting for Rabastan when he'd returned, making him believe that Hermione was awake. Little did he expect for his husband to be prowling in front of the girl's door, leather slipper clacking quietly on the tile floor.

"Well?" Regulus asked with an impatient, raised eyebrow.

"It was your idiot brother and Potter. Harry wasn't involved."

Regulus let out the sigh of a man who'd had to apologize for his brother's idiotic actions one too many times.

"I guess we can't run him off right away then," Rabastan said, finally breaching the topic they hadn't discussed yet.

Regulus groaned. "Let's just not think about that yet, okay? Right now, all we need to focus on is ensuring Hermione gets better."

It was a poetic moment as the girl's kitten-soft yawn sounded in their ears. Rabastan nodded at his husband who opened the bedroom door gently. They didn't have time to think about a hopefully far off future right now when far more important things, like feeding their sweet omega charge ice cream, were at hand.