Hello my name is AnimeLover or narunasu. I don't usually do gay stuff I don't like to roll that they, so this should be the only one that I do but I honestly can't guarantee that this will be the only one.

With that out of the way I do not own Danny phantom or Ben 10 (omniverse) they belong to their rightful owners! So let's gets on with the story!

P.s. this takes place after PP for Danny(17) and after the recreation of the universe for Ben(17)

(In Amity Park)

Shouting that's all that was heard in the Fenton house hold. As you hear someone shouting STOP STOP P-PELASE S-STOP! And others shouting SHUT UP YOU LITTLE SHIT! YOUR A GHOST YOU CANT FELL ANYTHING SO STOP YOUR STUPID WHINING!

On a metal table strapped down by his wrists and ankles, was non other than amity's parks own ghost hero, known as Invio-bill or by his real name Danny phantom. And standing above him was his parents opening him and dissecting him with the biggest smiles on there faces.

Maddie said: "if you don't shut up right now then you'll get worse you ghost scum."

Danny started quieting down all they way to a whimper, not daring to make a sound for fear he'll get hurt worse then he already has. (I KNOW WHAT YOUR THINKING WHERE ARE JAZZ, SAM AND TUCKER. JAZZ WENT OFF TO COLLEGE AND SAM AND TUCKER WERE ON VACATION). Danny was thinking 'why? why me? What did I do to deserve This?'

~Flashback to a month ago~

It was a week after PP jazz, Sam and tucker have already left to there respective places, when madds called Danny down to the basement for help. Danny thinking his mom is in trouble and needs help transforms in to his alter ego and rashes to help, when Danny got down there is mom wasn't in trouble at all instead she and jack had the FENTON ecto blasters trained on him.

Danny confused said: "ummm what's going on I thought you were in trouble mom? And why do you both have your weapons pointing at me?"

Jack answered and said: "she's not your mom you ghost freak! and she was never in trouble we knew that you would come here if you thought she was in trouble."

Danny still confused as ever said: "wait...what? What do you mean by that? Of course she's my mom what would she not be? And if she wasn't in trouble why did you call me down here?"

This time madds answered him: "I'm not your mother, and your not our son! our son died a long time ago and you where posing as him to make us seem like he was still alive!" Maddie spat with venom in her voice.

Danny shocked by what his mom said about him just stared at his parents, not knowing what to do or say. Taking advantage of this fired at him, Danny to shocked to move just stood there and let the shots hit him and he fell to the ground hurt, but his parents just kept firing at him until they where sure that he couldn't fight back and then they grabbed him and strapped him to the table with ectoranioum and started the...tests.

~end of flashback~

'Oh' Danny thought 'now I remember it was because I outed my secret identity to the whole world, just like Ben Tennyson did' so far jack and Maddie have dissected him, beat him, and tortured him in cruel and unspeakable ways. Danny has had enough of being here so he tried to escape, he quickly thought of a plan and then started to put it in action. Danny waited until Maddie was out of the lab and started to talk to jack. "So...jack" Danny started to say, "what do you want you ghost scum?" Asked jack

"Well I was just wondering don't you wanna know what it feels like to have ghost powers to be able to take down a ghost with the power of one?" Asked Danny. Jack started to think about it, he's already good at catching ghosts without powers but with powers! Think of all the possibilities, jack started drooling at the thought "ok" said jack "what do I need to do?" Danny was inwardly laughing at how easy it was to trick jack. "Ok all you need to do is uncut my hands so I can transfer the powers to you" said Danny ever so slightly smirking just not enough for jack to see. Jack started thinking if he should let him go or not, then realizing that his legs are still strapped down saw no harm in letting his arms go. "Alright" said jack freeing his arms "don't try any funny business ether, just do what you said you would do" Danny was rubbing his wrists and said "don't worry I won't not with the best ghost hunter here" trying to distract jack, while he makes a clone and turns it invisible and it goes behind jack. While all this is happening jack is talking about how, he is the best ghost hunter ever and no ghost ever escapes from him and just rolls his eyes at that. While jack is still boasting dn's clone comes from behind and overshadowed him, jack then goes and frees Danny's ankles then goes and unlocks the portal then goes and knocks himself out, and the clone goes back into the real Danny, then Danny goes into the portal to see an old friend.


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