(Opening with Zack, Cody, and Yurt is having a meeting in a room at Wood Inn)

Cody: Soooo...let me get this straight, you were actually don't know where in the world is Colleen?

Yurt: Yep, In order to keep her away from Herod and Pennywise, we haven't kept in touch ever since.

Zack: Alright, sooo...on a totally unrelated note, how long has you been living on earth

Yurt: Ummmm...I don't know, 65 years as in 26 earth years, I guess

Cody: actually morphed into other human beings

Yurt: Yep, besides...I could actually fish any sea creatures from everywhere

(Cody scoff)

Cody: There is no possibility of...

(Cody was being interrupted by Yurt caught a gigantic fish)

Yurt: were saying

Zack: Bro, he got you right there

(Then, we are seeing "The Suite Life" theme song playing, then we are seeing Louis Steven sitting at his desk interviewing London)

Louis:...And that is why my wife Tawny is clearly not a morning person

(London and Louis laugh)

Louis: were actually just made a cameo appearance in the new Jame Bond film which starring Barack Obama

(Audience cheering)

London: Yep, that is was hard to tell the difference between Washington Obama and Hollywood Obama

(Louis and the audience laugh)

Louis: Ohhh...speaking of which we have a blooper reel of you actually called him by his former role

London: Oh, boy

(We are seeing a clip of "Agent 044: A Jame Bond Story" where Obama as Jame Bond just recuse London as Daisy)

London: Thanks...who in the heck are you?

Obama: I am Bond...Jame Bond the agent

London: Ummm...I thought you were the former president of the United States

(Obama facepalm)

(Then, we are seeing back at the Late Night set as the audience, London, and Louis laughing and cheering)

London: Well, it was just...forced of habit

(London shrugging)

Louis: Soooo...I don't know if you had heard but there was a rumor that you are being considered to be a contender for the role of CEO of The Tipton Corporation as your father is planning to step down in order to run for the President of the United States

London: WHAT!?

(Then, we are seeing Zack, Cody, and Yurt looking for any information on Colleen's social media accounts in order to track her down)

Cody: Alright, her last post on Twitter, and Facebook was her high school graduation 9 years ago. Sooo...that's could mean she could basically abandoned her old account and change her name and created a new account but who?

Zack: Wwwwweeeelllll...maybe it could be under the name of Rey Skywalker

(Zack chuckles)

Cody: It could be possible but...I am pretty sure Herod would probably have figured that out since he was in that exact theater as Colleen which it out ruled that possibly

Yurt: Holy we were discussing that possibility once Herod would eventually come to town and capture Colleen, she would actually thinking about adopting "Susie Ferguson" as her new identity

Cody: Ooookay...that's was a good tip

Zack: Whoa...wait a minute, shioope?

Yurt: Ohhhh...on my planet, we considering that term as a cussing which is similar to your's chiz or (bleep)

Zack: Ahhh...

Cody: Guys, I found something interesting

Zack: What is it?

Cody: the matter of fact, she is actually live in a small town called Pawnee and she works at a Sweetum's candy store

(Zack scoffed)

Zack: No thanks, after a couple of small towns-related adventures that I recently been on which involved Upside Down and a creepy clown who basically lives in a sewer system

(As Zack rolled his eyes, we are seeing Zack, Cody, and Yurt sitting in a booth at JJ Diner's eating their world-famous waffle that comes with a couple of gigantic fried chickens)

Zack: Man, you got to love this FREAKING town

Cody: Yep, this is not so bad as the one with the highest death rate and tons of dramatic citizens

(Then, we are seeing London approaching Nia at the candy counter)

London: Nia, I have a major problem

Nia: It is about one of your fashion show got canceled because apparently, some dorky dude sneezed on a spoiled brat gal

London: Ummm...Noooo, even though Tyra Bank sued that dude and she basically owned the case

Nia: Ummmm...great, I guess

London: Anyway, there was a rumor that my daddy is considering about stepping down from the position and want me to be the one who takes the role as CSP

Nia: Ummmm...London, it's CEO, not CSP

London: Really?

Nia: Yep

London: Maybe, I am going to tell those reporters that I am going to be Cheeto of Tipton Corporation

(As London ran off and Nia facepalm, we are seeing Zack ran into CHIO's which is a car dealership own by no other than Jean-Ralphio Saperstein and approach the front desk)

Zack: Ummmm...hey, do you have any bathroom? Because apparently for some strange reason that JJ Diners didn't have a...FREAKING...restroom!

(Marge sigh)

Marge: It's a second door at the left

Zack: Thanks

(As Zack ran to the bathroom, a female who happen to look an awfully like Pim Diffy approach Marge)

Marge: How can I help you today

Pim: Ummm...I...your car has been towed...

Marge: WHAT!? I older sister who happens to live in Eagleton put up with all of this.

(Marge groan and walk away)

Marge: First, she forced my ex-boyfriend to break up with me and I will kic...

(As she said this statement, she walk out of the door and Pim picked up the key and ran out. Then, Jean walked in)

Jean: What is the heck going on here and where is Marge?

(Jean spotted Pim drove away in a stolen car)

Jean: HEY, come daddy just bought that car last week

(As Jean ran out of the door, Zack walk in the waiting room and shrug. Then, we are seeing London calling Wilfred Tipton)

London: Hey daddy

Wilfred: Hey...ummmm...Ivana, right?

London: Nope, it's me...London

(Wilfred chuckle)

Wilfred: Oh course, anyway...what do you need?

London: I don't know if you have heard the rumor about you stepping down from the position of Cheeto in order to run for the President of the United States

Wilfred: Ummm...first of all, we have been this zillion of times, it's pronounced CEO. Secondly, Well...yes, it's true that I am planning to step down and I am nominating you for the job

London: WAIT, WHAT!?

(Then, we are seeing Zack, Cody, and Yurt entering the Sweetum's candy store and approaches an employee at the counter)

Henry: Hey...welcome to Sweetum's and may we take your order

Cody: We are looking for a co-worker of your, Susie Ferguson

Henry: Ahhh...yes, she can be very handful...

(Zack and Yurt chuckles)

Henry:...and she is producing various kinds of candies. SUZIE! Your visitors are here

Susie (off-screen): Ohhh...goodie

(Susie enter who way older than Zack, Cody, and Yurt originally thoughts)

Susie: Hey, wait a minute...they aren't my grandkids

Yurt: No, that can't be right. Our Susie is waaaaaayyyyy younger than this old offesive, Susie

Susie: Eh, no taken.

Harry: Well, maybe you guys have been catfished by someone like someone who basically pulled a prank on you

Cody: Thanks for your help, I guess

(Then, we are seeing Zack, Cody, and Yurt driving back to Boston)

Yurt: I...I...don't totally get it. Colleen has clearly told me she would go by a certain name

Zack: Well, maybe...this Harry dude is right! We have been catfished but why would Colleen has basically gone off the track

(Cody sign)

Cody: I don't know, Zack. But, once we find her...she better has a ton of FREAKING answers

(Then, we see them driving on a gigantic television screen which was viewed by no other than Jared Hess and Gary approach him)

Jared: Any updates?

Gary: Ummm...not exactly. But, The Hawkins citizens have apparently gone off our radars and so is The Russo family and Gibby Gibson is still in a coma.

(Jared groan)

Jared: Very Well, even The Martins boy and their new alien buddy has clearly no clue where in the heck is Colleen...just yet

(As Jared grinned and use a mini evil laugh, we are seeing a text that read; "To Be Continued...")

Author's Note: So, Cody mentioned a small town with the highest death rates and dramatic citizens was a reference to Riverdale which also starring Cole Sprouse. Also, yes...this episode revealed that Louis Steven is now a host of The Last Night. As you can see that I am not a fan of Seth Meyer because of lack of humorous and personalities, so in this universe that Louis Steven is Jimmy Fallon's successor. Oh, speaking of Even, due to the polilcal reason. I has decided to scrapped iCarly/Brooklyn Nine-Nine Crossover Event in favor of a mini crossover with Even Steven which will count as an episode of iCarly. Another thing is that The title of a fictional James Bond was a reference to the fact that Barack Obama is indeed 44th President. Finally, I bet you are wondering what Pim is doing in Pawnee...let just said it something that I have plan for the future. So, thank you so much for reading and don't forget to follow me for more stories and updates and put in your review below.