'Little Blue Orphan' (Part two, Visions)

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Blu slowly opened his eyes and awoke to a beautiful, warm morning. His nest felt especially cosy, as per usual when you wake up. But he noticed Jewel wasn't there, which is a bit odd. Brushing off any worries, Blu slowly got out of his cosy bed. Performing the usual rubbing the sleep of his eyes, yawing, and stretching, he was ready to get out.

Why wasn't Jewel with him? Well, he assumed she was simply out getting breakfast… leaving him alone… A sense of familiarity swept over Blu, as small snippets of something flashed in his mind…

He felt small again. The nest box was a hollow, and he confirmed he was small. This all felt so familiar, and yet so distant… but the distance was closing.

He could hear that godforsaken tune, and he saw dozens of birds in a kaleidoscope of different colours, shapes and sizes dazzling about and singing. He felt his body dance to the tune, and it was out of his control.

He felt that all too familiar pang of sadness, fear and longing… Then the horror began all again.

Birds snatched up and caged. Families torn apart, birds stripped of their freedom, mates split apart, friends separated and lives ruined. That sense of guilt plagued him… but it wasn't the usual sense of guilt, like if you did something bad. No, no, this was some whole other can of worms… an existential one.

Blu felt guilty… to be alive, to be happy, to have gone to a happy life while others are sent to live horrible lives. How is it fair that he got to go to a good and caring owner, while others were sent to god knows where? How come he had a happy ending, while others died in their cold, cramped cages?

The cages! The cages!

Blu snapped out of his… something, and realised he was on the ground. He was panting, and tears were forming in his eyes. Blu had never experienced anything like that, not to the extent where it felt like he was dreaming… was he? Who knows?

Blu couldn't help but cry out of stress. He simply didn't understand all these weird feelings and visions. Its all too much for his little bird brain to comprehend.

After letting out his stress fuelled emotions, he got up and exited his nest box. Thankfully, he didn't get another flashback. But this scenario still felt familiar, but so did many things lately and frankly, he had no idea what to make of it.

Ignoring that, Blu went to each of his kid's respective nest boxes and found them all peacefully sleeping. He had that sense of fulfilment, and that was a welcome change from his feelings lately. When he got to Tiago's nest box, he swore Tiago looked different for a second. But it was just his mind playing tricks on him again.

Blu was about to go back into his nest box when he saw Jewel carrying a jumbo leaf with an assortment of fruits and berries. She flew beautifully as usual, and a smile crept on Blu's beak. Jewel would never fail to make him feel better in more ways than one. Whenever he had a rough day Jewel was always there to make him feel better in the privacy of their bedroom.

Shaking off his dirty thoughts for a moment, he turned to assist Jewel as she landed and gently placed the leaf down. He was sure that some fruit must've fallen off along the way, and this led to a question.

''Why didn't you wake me up? I could've helped you carry that.'', Blu asked with an inquisitive face. Jewel turned to him and smiled,

''Well, you looked so peaceful when you slept. I didn't have the heart to wake you up. Besides, I needed someone to look after the kids.'', Jewel answered, chuckling a little. Blu felt that weird feeling again but ignored it as he approached his beautiful mate for his morning kiss.

''So, why don't we wake up the kids?'', Jewel suggested with an oddly somewhat seductive voice. Maybe it was just from their kiss. Blu happily obliged,

''Kids! Breakfast!'', he called out, as he went to their nest boxes to wake them up. Comically, they all got up quickly and rushed over to have breakfast, especially Tiago, who got to the leaf first.

They all grabbed their food and headed off to their boxes or some other spot to eat. Blu grabbed a piece of passionfruit, while Jewel got a mango. Blu sat down near the edge and ate his breakfast as he gazed out into the forest. Jewel was concerned by this behaviour a little and decided to bring it up after breakfast.

Blu sat there, just gazing out into the lush, green forest. His gaze was unfocused, like a thousand-yard stare, except he wasn't broken at this point by traumatic events. Simply, he stared off into the distance as he ate his passionfruit. It was juicy, sweet and just plain delicious. However, Blu wasn't enjoying it openly, he seemed to not care about its taste. He simply took bites out of it every now and then.

Blu hears a faint and familiar tune, which grows subtlety and slightly louder as time goes on. He ignores it. If he had arms that were free, he might place his hands over his ear holes in a vain attempt to muffle a sound that was not external. Rather, it was his own inner demons crawling back up.

Breakfast was a saddening bore for anyone who enjoyed talking during mealtime, but for Blu he didn't even pay attention to his boredom levels. He seemed to be disconnected as he stared off blankly, occasionally taking a bite out of his passionfruit. It is almost as if he's been lobotomised.

Blu found himself quietly singing to himself, and he didn't even notice it at first. Its as if he was unconscious of his action.

''Everyone here is on fire,
Get up and join in the fun.
Dance with a stranger, romance and danger,
Magic could happen for real in Rio.

All by itself, you can't see it coming,
You can't find it anywhere else.
It's real in Rio, know something else,
You can feel it happen, you can feel it all by yourself.'', Blu finished, and the silence took over. He sighed, as he found himself exiting his lulled state that he was in earlier. He took a look at his passionfruit. It was pretty much finished, and so he took a few bites and got up.

Blu looked to his side and saw Tiago standing there,

''Hey dad!'', he said cheerfully, probably trying to lighten up his father. However, Blu saw something different about him. He looked a bit chubbier; his hazel eyes were chocolate brown. It took Blu a second to realise who he looked like: Blu when he was a chick.

Blu at that moment zoned out, staring at his son with a dazed and confused expression. Blu didn't notice Tiago's expression drop, him cocking his head and calling his name.

''Dad?'', he said, but Blu didn't respond. ''Dad, what's wrong?'', he asked, but Blu didn't budge. Blu started to slowly breathe heavier and backed off slightly.

''Dad! Dad!'', Tiago shouted, and Blu began to blink rapidly. His trance was broken, and he shook his head. He stared at Tiago for a moment. He looked normal now.

''Dad, what happened?'', Tiago asked with a worried and softer voice. Blu couldn't really answer it, as the whole situation was so surreal for him.

''I… I don't know what happened… But it was weird.'', Blu vaguely answered. Tiago cocked his head to the side but figured he probably wouldn't be able to get an answer out of him.

Blu silently walked away, confused about his visions and the weird events that were happening lately. He knew it was related to his elusive chickhood, the one he spent with his biological family in the wild, before he was smuggled to Minnesota and adopted by Linda. The chickhood that has been lost to time, is emerging from the deepest parts of his brain. His old memories are seeping back, but they're vague and confusing.

The thing is, no matter how hard Blu tries to make sense of the visions, no matter how hard he tries to remember things, he simply can't. Its as if his chickhood was some dream he had a long time ago.

His thoughts were disrupted by someone else, Jewel. Her face was full of concern, and she put her wing on his shoulder. This triggered something in him. A quick flashback of him wrapped tight and kept warm by someone who he knew he trusted and loved. He heard a soft, angelic lullaby, to which he couldn't make out any words, and so he simply hummed to it. He was interrupted quite quickly by another soft, angelic voice.

''Blu, is everything alright?'', Jewel said softly. Blu looked at her, and for a moment she looked different and her eyes were brown like his. Blu blinked a few times quickly, and she returned to normal, ''Do you want to talk about it with me?'', Jewel continued.

''Um, I don't know…'', Blu answered quickly, but he retracted after a moment of consideration, ''Actually, yes, yes I do.'', Jewel nodded. She took her wing off him,

''Kids, me and your father are just going to have a talk with each other. Please don't kill each other.'', Jewel called out. Blu cracked a small smile for a moment, and the two headed into their nest box. They sat down next to each other.

''So, what's been happening?'', Jewel asked. Blu was oddly ashamed to tell Jewel but figured for his own good it would be best to tell her.

''I don't know, but I've just been getting these… visions lately…'', Blu told her. Jewel decided to query further,

''What kind of visions?'', she asked.

''I'm not sure exactly… I've been seeing you and Tiago in different ways for a few moments… For you, your eyes go chocolate brown and you look different… you look like someone else I know… For Tiago, I saw him as myself when I was a chick…'', Blu told her. Jewel was concerned, but had to help him, as was her obligation as a mate, as well as being common decency.

''Anything else?'', Jewel asked, and Blu sighed.

''I've been getting these weird flashbacks, and they're so… vague, and I can't make much sense of them. They feel so familiar, yet so alien at the same time. I've also had dreams about things, and I think they're about my chickhood.'', Blu said, as a single tear trickled out of his eye. Jewel looked at him sorrowfully, as up to this point, she hadn't really considered what happened in Blu's past before she met him. Granted, neither had Blu wondered about his life before he was adopted by Linda. His life with Linda was the only life he knew before he met Jewel and moved to Rio de Janeiro.

''Do you remember anything we can use to figure out what happened?'', Jewel asked. Blu turned to her, confused.

''What do you mean?'', he asked in confusion.

''I mean, well, what was the last day in the wild? Where was your old home?'', Jewel said, and Blu searched through his memories. He uncovered a faint one brought up by his flashbacks, but this one was easily the most detailed and clear one.

''I… I was in a hollow somewhere, and there were so many birds outside singing and dancing. They were happy, and I danced along too… Then, nets went flying everywhere. Those poor birds were caged… Those… Those poor, innocent birds… I fell out, and I was caged too… I eventually ended up in Moose Lake and Linda found me and adopted me…'', Blu told her, and fought the urge to bawl his little chocolate brown eyes out. He did shed a few tears, though.

''I'm sorry to hear that… But do you know where it was?'', Jewel queried. Blu remembered that song and remembered one line.

''Magic could happen for real, in Rio…'', Blu mumbled, much to Jewel's confusion, ''I-I think it was in Rio…'', Blu's voice started to lighten slightly, ''Here… I… I think we could find them!'', Blu exclaimed as he realised just what this meant.

''Yes! Blu, we can do this – together.'', Jewel said with hope. Hope that she can make her mate happy and possibly reunite him with his parents. Or at the very least, give him closure about his path.

''I probably shouldn't get my hopes up, though…'', Blu commented, which sort of killed the mood. It was true, however.

''Hey, don't lose hope… I lost all hope, and I found them… Well, one…'', Jewel said softly, and sighed sadly when she remembered her mother was no longer with them, ''But don't give up Blu, I'm sure they're out there. If they aren't, they must be so proud of you…'', Jewel finished, and Blu cracked a smile. Her words comforted him,

''I love you, Jewel.'', Blu crooned,

''I love you too, Blu.'', Jewel responded, and the two shared a kiss.

They parted beaks, and they nuzzled each other lovingly.

''So, are we going to do this tomorrow or something?'', Blu asked, still nuzzling his beak against Jewel's.

''Yeah and try to remember as much as you can.'', Jewel replied, still nuzzling their beaks against the other.

So, the day continued as normal. Blu scoured through his memory to try and find any clues to what happened, or we he was. It was mostly in vain, as he recovered very little things that he hadn't remembered already, and any clues were little specks of dust in the puzzle that was his past. It was like he found one or two pieces in a jigsaw puzzle that had a few hundred pieces or so. Although it was better than nothing.

Blu surprisingly was less gloomy that day. Jewel's talk with him had worked quite a bit in installing new hope into him. Though he was still a little bit more quiet than usual. They had paid a visit to the humans, which Blu enjoyed very much. It meant a lot to be with his old owner again, which would be the closest thing he had to a mother. Well, maybe until he found his old home. That lingering thought kept him going on without falling into a pit of pessimism and gloom.

That night was a new moon. Blu took this as a sign he would at last emerge and finally be complete. It was a blank canvas, ready to be painted on. The painting in question, was his family. The pieces to his jigsaw puzzle. That new moon was his renewal, and Blu couldn't help but smile.

Bedtime came, and their children had each been tucked into bed. Blu helped Jewel do this, though Jewel was probably the better one at this. Once they had done that, the two headed off into their own nest box. It was a cosy one, large enough for them to fit in snuggly, with some room to spare. While their Amazonian hollow was better, as it was more spacious and better decorated, this one was certainly pleasant.

The two sat next to each other, and Jewel decided to have a talk with him before they slept.

''So, have you remembered anything else?'', Jewel asked quietly.

''No, not really. Just tiny fragments that really are of no use. But I reckon I might remember more when we search.'', Blu answered.

''Yeah, well let's hope so… I hope you find them, Blu… I know what its like to feel like you've lost them, and I don't want anyone, especially someone as sweet and kind as you, to experience that.'', Jewel said softly. Blu smiled,

''I… I hope I do, too… I mean, obviously. Why would I want to not find them?'', Blu joked, and chuckled. Jewel also chuckled, though it was only for a second.

''Well, we better get some rest. We have a big day tomorrow.'', Jewel said as she shifted a bit to find an even cosier position.

''I assume we're leaving the kids with Linda and Tulio?'', Blu asked.

''Yeah…'', Jewel replied in a comfortable sigh. The two embraced each other and slowly drifted off together into dreamland…

Blu was in his nest box, and he stepped outside. Something was telling him to fly away, but he didn't hear the voice, he just felt it.

He obliged and took off. There were things that guided him, and he flew on and on. A sense of hope ran through his very soul and he powered on and on. He saw a hollow, and he saw two blue birds in there. He grinned and flew towards them. They turned around and they lit up.

''BLU!'', they cried out.

''Mum, dad!'', Blu responded. Blu flew to them, and he landed. Almost immediately they were in each other's wings. Blu was hugged by two other blue birds like him. He knew they were his parents, and he was crying tears of joy.

''Oh, my beautiful Blu. It's a miracle, we've missed you so much!'', his mother exclaimed warmly. Blu was rocking back and forth in their embrace.

''Mama, papa…'', Blu repeated verbatim. He was overcome with joy and couldn't say any other words. His eyes were filled with tears, and his beak was wobbly. He felt other tears, and knew they were from his parents.

''Mama, papa… I… I've missed you so much…'', he managed to say. None of them wanted to part wings, it was just too sentimental and cosy for them to part.

''Oh, Blu… Where have you been all these years?'', his mother asked in tears of happiness. He looked up at her,

''I was taken away by humans to a far off place. I was found and adopted by a little girl who took good care of me… Mum, dad… I'm a dad now, I have a beautiful mate and three children!'', Blu responded in joy.

''Oh, we're grandparents!'', his mother exclaimed. Blu smiled, and a thought entered his head. His dad had yet to speak, and he realised his dad appeared a little blurrier than his mother.

''Blu, come find us.'', his dad finally spoke. Blu looked at him, and while his spirits did drop a bit, a new one (well, two) took its place: Hope, determination.

''I will, I will find you…'', Blu said with determination, as he looked at his parents.

''Go, find us…'', they said in unison.

''I will mama, I will papa… I'll find you… I'll find you…'', Blu started to repeat those words.

''I'll find you… I'll find you… I'll find you… I'll find you…'', Blu repeated in his sleep, as Jewel watched on with a smile. He finally woke up in tears of joy and looked at Jewel with a smile. Without speaking he planted a kiss on her beak, which was something he rarely did, except during their 'private time'.

The two parted beaks,

''Let's do it.'', Blu said. Jewel smiled,

''Well, lets drop the kids off first. We'll have some breakfast and then we'll go out.'', Jewel replied.

''Alright.'', Blu responded and the two sat up and headed outside their hollow. Blu wiped away his tears with his talons. Their kids were already up.

''Kids, come here!'', Jewel called out. Bia and Tiago came out of their boxes,

''Breakfast?'', Tiago called out.

''No, but we're going to leave you at Linda's for the day.'', Jewel responded.

''Why?'', Bia asked, as she flew towards her mother. Blu headed over to tell Carla, as she was likely either asleep or listening to her music.

''We'll tell you later.'', Jewel responded. Tiago had now flown down to them, and they both had the same dissatisfaction with her answer.

''Oh come on mum, tell us!'', Tiago whined. Jewel rolled her eyes,

''Me and Blu are going to search for something very special… We're trying to find your father's parents.'', Jewel answered. The two nodded,

''Ooh, can I come?'', Tiago asked with excitement. Jewel shook her head,

''No, you're going to stay with Linda for the day. We'll be back, I promise.'', Jewel answered. Tiago dropped his expression.

''Awww…'', he whined. Blu had managed to get Carla to reluctantly head over with them. However she cheered up quickly.

Now with everyone, they flew down to the cottage. It had an open window and they flew inside and were greeted by Linda.

''Oh, hey!'', she greeted. Blu squawked in response, and he signed for a pen and paper, to which he got. He wrote her a message, and handed it to her for her to read.

'Lately I have been getting flashbacks of my life before I met you. So me and Jewel are going to head out to find my old home. So, can you babysit our kids? Oh, and can we have some fruit for breakfast?'

Linda read it, and smiled.

''Sure, no problem! I assume you want mangoes?'', Linda asked happily. Blu nodded and squawked in response. She took it for a yes, and she headed over and grabbed some fruit for them to eat.

Blu quickly ate his mango, as did Jewel. Once they finished and cleaned their beaks to avoid the horrible stickiness that comes from sugary things, they flew to their kids.

''Okay, so your father and I are going to head out to find his old home, and his parents. Be good for Linda.'', Jewel said to them. Blu and Jewel hugged their kids goodbye and planted a kiss on each of their heads.

''Bye mum and dad!'', Tiago exclaimed, waving at them.

''Bye, have fun!'', Blu responded. Before he flew out, he said goodbye to Linda. The two hugged each other,

''I hope you find them, Blu.'', Linda said softly. Blu nodded, and squawked happily, and flew off with Jewel.

''So… where do we go first?'', Jewel asked as they flew into the jungle.

''I guess where we flew to that morning…'', Blu responded, trying not to think of his panic attack he had. It took Jewel a moment to realise what he meant,

''Yeah, lets go there.'', she said in agreement. They flew off in a relatively quiet flight. Inside Blu was the burning feeling of hope, as he remembered the dream he had.

''I'll find you…'', Blu muttered. Jewel heard that and turned to him and smiled.

Their search lasted quite a bit, 2 hours in fact. But slowly everything became more and more familiar, and that sense of hope grew more and more powerful. Blu had flown for ages, but did not feel tired at all. Determination coursed through his very being.

Soon, they saw a stream, and that stream fed into a what appeared to be a pond. Either that, or a widening of a creek. Either way, faint memories entered Blu's head, and he smiled.

''I know this place!'', Blu exclaimed. The song he heard when he was little played in his head, but this time it filled him with hope and joy.

''Yes!'', Jewel exclaimed back in encouragement. Blu scanned the environment, and faint memories entered his brain. He knew this was the place, and a single tear trickled from his eye.

''This is it… This is my place!'', Blu exclaimed in joy. He turned to his mate, who was smiling,

''Go find them.'', Jewel said, and Blu nodded.

''I will, I will…'', he responded and flew off. He powered through, and saw a hollow. He knew that was the one. He flew towards it,

''I'll find you!'', he exclaimed out of joy, and flew towards the hollow, ''I'm coming home!'', he shouted. Jewel was behind him, and smiled as he flew towards the hollow.

''Yes, yes, yes!'', he shouted and flew closer and closer to the hollow. His very being was filled with joy and hope. His little heart was beating fast, and a smile was on his beak. He flew and landed on the hollow edge and looked inside.

It was empty. Blu's joy crashed harder than the stock market did in 1929, as the shock rendered him speechless.

The hollow was full of dust and looked like it had been empty for years and years.

His chocolate brown eyes began to fill with tears, as he shook his head in utter denial.

''No, no, no…'', he repeated as his voice began to crack.

''NO!'', he wailed, and collapsed to the ground in total defeat. He began to bawl his eyes out as the harsh reality showed its ugly head in its entirety. Blu was alone, and his parents were gone… forever… He'll always be a pathetic little blue orphan.

Jewel flew behind him, and her expression dropped when she heard him cry out. She landed with a shocked expression. Her eyes began to well up a bit, though nowhere near as much as Blu.

Blu laid on the ground and wailed in anguish,

''No… MAMA! Mama!'', he wailed, ''Mama… papa… no… Why?!'', he sobbed. Jewel had no idea what to say. She couldn't say 'Oh its okay' or something like that, because it wasn't okay. Blu's parents were gone, either dead or somewhere far away and somewhere they'll never find. Blu will never see them again. That broke Jewel's heart, but it completely crushed Blu's soul into dust.

Jewel hugged Blu, and he cried into her fluffy breast, soaking it with his warm tears. Jewel rested her head on his, as they held each other in a tight embrace.

''No… no… Please, no… Why… MAMA, PAPA!'', Blu's agony filled wails were muffled by Jewel's feathers.

''I'm sure they're in a better place…'', Jewel softly said in an attempt to comfort her heartbroken mate.

Jewel was crying a bit as well. She understood his feelings right now. She lost her mother, but at the very least she had many happy memories with her mother, and her family. Blu had nothing. No happy memories, just sadness.

The song played in Blu's head, taunting him.

''Mum, dad… I love you so much…'', he said in a wobbly and broken voice. He was never the religious type, but he was tempted to pray to the man upstairs to bring them back, or at the very least let him see them… Just one last time.

Jewel's hug brought him many happy memories of his old life. He remembered his mothers hug… It felt like Jewel's hug. He remembered a lullaby his mother would sing to him before tucking him into bed. He hummed to the tune, it had no words, just the soft las of a mother… A mother he'd never see again… He cried even harder, as the cruel reality became even more apparent than it already was.

''La, la, la, la, la…'', he sang the lullaby in a broken voice. It was the best he could do to remember the soft lullaby, it was the best he could do to feel better.

Jewel joined in with Blu's mournful lullaby,

''La, la, la, la, la…'', the two sang mournfully in tune. His mother's voice was as clear as Jewel's was, it was as if she was there. A new hope went through him, and he turned back. She wasn't there. Blu wasn't surprised, and continued to bury his face into Jewel's chest feathers.

He felt like a baby again, with his mother singing him to sleep. He smiled a bit at the memory, but that smile was replaced by a frown and more crying as he remembered that sweet mother he knew was forever gone.

One line popped in Blu's mind, and it summed up everything he felt at the moment. Every bit of confusion, sorrow, crushed hope and all the tears he shed. All in one simple line:

''Magic could happen for real, in Rio…''

Well, that was a heavy ending. I hope you didn't drown in tears.

I had written about a thousand words, and I never finished it. Well, until last night when I wrote a few hundred words. However, it was today I wrote the remaining 3,400 words.

This was supposed to be longer, but I felt this would work better as two parts. The second one will be shorter. The ending works better as it is right now.

I had followed a plan up until the scene with Tiago and Blu. After that, it was all improvised and I feel like it all felt more natural and smooth. Though a plan helps me retain ideas, so I won't abandon the plans that I write out for my stories.

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