'Little Blue Orphan' (Part three, Memories)

Hi, I'm back with the third part to this story. Its going to have 6 chapters now, with the 6th being an alternate ending.

I have no idea how long this chapter will be, but I hope I can get it finished quickly.

This chapter will focus heavily on flashbacks. All scenes with italics are flashbacks. Though, that should be obvious.

I don't have much to talk about, so without further ado, let's get on with it! Enjoy or suffer.

02/09/2020 (extended on 03/09/2020)

It was January 21, 2000. At the time, Linda was now 12 years old and Blu was 4. Today was Linda's birthday, and many of her friends had come over to her house for her party.

Blu was having some alone time in his cage, as the amount of people there overwhelmed him. Linda knew this and had asked her friends to respect his personal space. They thankfully obliged.

Blu watched on as some of the kid's parents were there. A thought popped into his head about his own parents. He couldn't remember them, no matter how hard he tried. He looked on at them, wondering what it was like to have parents.

Blu sat by and watched as Linda received some birthday cards from her friends, and she happily accepted them.

Eventually, each of her friends left, and Linda went over to Blu's cage. She extended her hand and Blu perched on it. She took him out,

''Wanna read some cards with me?'', she asked joyfully. Blu nodded his head and let out a little squawk. His squawks were getting more mature in their sound, differing from his chirps that he used to make. Linda took him over to a couch and they sat there. She opened up her many cards and began to read them.

Blu felt left out and sat against Linda's face. She looked over and saw Blu with a sad expression.

''You alright, Blu?'', she asked softly. Blu slowly shook his head, and Linda wore a face of sympathy. However, it soon lit up as she placed him down on the couch.

''Hold on, I've got a card for you!'', she exclaimed and rushed off. Blu sat there, and sure enough Linda returned with a single card in her hands. She placed it down,

''This one's just for you.'', she said sweetly. Blu read the writing on the outside,

'To Blu'

He opened it with Linda's help, and he read it.

'To Blu,

We are happy to learn of your new home in Moose Lake with Linda. We were worried about you, but when we found out about your new home, we were relieved.

We hope you have a wonderful time with Linda and remember that we love you so much. We're so proud of you, Blu. You're our big, brave boy.


Mum and dad'

Blu finished reading it, his eyes were now watery. He knew it was fake, but he couldn't help but get sentimental over it. He'd treasure this card, much more than what most people do with their cards. They get forgotten, but Blu won't forget this card. His beak wobbled a bit as he struggled to say the words,

''Mama… Papa…'', he said in a wobbly voice. To Linda, it sounded like a quiet chirp, but she knew what this meant. She knew it was emotional for Blu, but part of her knew it was a more positive kind.

Sure, she wrote it, but she knew that it meant something for Blu. Whether or not he knew it was written by her meant nothing, she knew it meant something for her little feathered friend.

Over the years, she made sure to always write a card for Blu on any special day. She wanted Blu to feel loved and to feel normal, and she hoped that the cards would help him feel that way.

Blu sighed from that memory. He wanted a card from his parents right now, but he knew they were gone, either from this world or they were gone somewhere far away. Either way, Blu would never see them again in the foreseeable future.

Blu had cried for minutes on end, but now he just felt sad, but wasn't bawling his eyes out. But a positive thing was soaking in all the memories of this place, which made him smile. He had sat up, and now that he was a lot calmer now, he took a trip down memory lane. He recalled small snippets of his early life. He sometimes played with a small pebble. Other times his parents, mostly his mother, would play with him. Other times he'd just sit there and let his imagination run wild. Blu still shared that to this day. His imagination was always an important method of entertainment, as he had no limits with it. He could do whatever he wanted in his imagination, and no one could stop him. He'd use this in many ways, and for many purposes.

A quick flash of a fantasy he had sometimes flashed in his mind. It was concerning Jewel, and he smirked as he thought of it for a moment, before brushing it aside quickly. His childhood memories mattered more than his dirty fantasies. He cleared his mind, and he let the memories come back in.

He smiled as he remembered his mother singing that lullaby and saying to him that ''Mummy and daddy love you so much.'', before kissing him goodnight. Jewel sat in silence, letting Blu soak in memories…

It was night-time, but it wasn't that dark outside. It was a full moon that night, and a bright one at that. As Blu was little, he didn't get to stay up and stargaze. But he didn't mind that much, as he was very tired.

His dad sat by the hollow edge, gazing out into the night sky, while his mother was next to him. He sat down in the cosy nest, with his mother above him. He was snuggled into her warm and welcoming wings. His eyelids were heavy, and he let out a yawn as his eyes slowly closed.

''La, la, la, la, lala…'', his mother gently sung her lullaby. It contained no lyrics, but it served its purpose of lulling him to sleep. As her song drew to a close, Blu was already about to doze off fully. He was still aware of things, but the sandman was slowly taking him into the dream world.

He let out a soft coo, as his mother planted a kiss on his head. It felt really good, and Blu couldn't help but smile at his mother's show of affection.

''Night-night Lucas. Mummy and daddy love you. Sweet dreams.'', she said softly, before kissing him again and sitting down beside him. Now bringing him closer to her, she sat down and began to dose off herself.

He looked out the hollow, and sighed, but it was one not out of sadness or defeat, but of happiness.

''I remember sitting on the edge by my parent's side, and just watching the sunset…'', Blu said softly and with nostalgia.

''I remember doing that with my parents.'', Jewel added. Blu nodded, and another memory popped into his mind.

''Oh, I remember meeting a little blue and gold macaw, I think his name was… Tomas, yes Tomas. Oh, I was such a shy bird… Still am… We were the best of friends…'', Blu said with nostalgia, and Jewel smiled at this, but Blu's expression gloomed slightly, ''I wonder what happened to him…'', Blu added with a sigh, ''I hope he's alright… Maybe he has a mate now, and a family… Yes, I think he's happy now. Maybe he went to a good owner, like Linda…'', Blu finished. He didn't want to think of the more likely scenarios with Tomas, because he didn't really need anything else to feel horrible about right now.

Blu looked out of the hollow, taking in the same view he did all those years ago. That now all too familiar tune started to play in his head, taunting him. The sense of wonder he felt as a chick, was now a sense of regret and longing now. The memory flooded back, clearer than ever.

The birds were singing outside in the beautiful jungle morning. Blu's eyes opened and he was alone in his hollow. However, he didn't care. The tune was so great that he just had to join in the fun. His tail feathers were grooving about, and he watched joyfully as he did so. He got up and danced his way to the hollow edge to watch the array of colour and birds dance about.

Everyone here is on fire,
Get up and join in the fun.
Dance with a stranger, romance and danger,
Magic could happen for real in Rio.

Blu danced on the hollow edge, watching the scarlet macaws fly about in a spectacular dance. They looked like waves fluttering in the sky.

All by itself, you can't see it coming,
You can't find it anywhere else.

Blu turned his attention to a golden conure family, consisting of a single mother and her 3 chicks. To his horror, the mother threw out a chick, and another joined its sibling. However, he was relieved to see them fly. He realised that their mother was teaching them how to fly. He watched in awe as they joined in the spectacle, flying about happily. Seeing chicks like him fly filled him with determination to fly. He wanted to join in and fly too. His parents would be so proud to see their son fly.

It's real in Rio, know something else,
You can feel it happen, you can feel it all by yourself.

Blu stood by the edge, and spread his wings out and wore a face of wonder. However, the happy scene would take a nose dive south, as a pair of scarlet macaws were suddenly netted. The song stopped, and Blu recoiled in fright, letting out a quiet chirp. He watched in horror as many birds were netted and caged.

In the midst of the pandemonium, with birds frantically flying about, desperate to escape the smugglers who used the chaos to their advantage to cage them, Blu leaned too far on the hollow edge and fell out. He desperately flapped his wings, but it was in vain as he didn't fly. He plummeted to the ground, but the ferns and his small size helped break his fall, leading to him surviving, albeit a bit hurt from the fall.

He shook his head, and he peered around. The jungle was now dead silent, which was a stark contrast to the vibrant and wonderful atmosphere it had before. He breathed rapidly in fear, as he was down on the ground and was all alone. He let out a meek chirp, and his chirp was answered not by the warm and comforting embrace of his mother, but by the unforgiving cold steel bars of a cage.

Blu sighed and shed a tear at the memory. Part of him was glad that he now remembered it so clearly, but another part hated that. At least he knows what happened to him. His insecurity about his flightlessness was deeply rooted in his personality, and he felt like that may have helped shape his timid personality.

Blu wondered about what could have been if he had been able to fly. He may have still been captured though, but at least he'd be able to fly. Perhaps he'd be less timid if he was capable of performing a basic action that the majority of birds are capable of doing. Although he was less timid than he used to be, mostly thanks to his new friends and family. Blu smiled at the thought of his friends and family, and it was a welcome change of emotion from the sadness he felt not too long ago.

Blu looked around his hollow, and apart from a few faint snippets he recalled, he had pretty much exhausted his memory collection. He sighed, and gained composure of himself.

''Let's head down to that pond there. Maybe I can recover some more memories.'', Blu suggested, pointing to the pond with his wing.

''Yeah, maybe we can get a bath as well.'', Jewel responded with a cheeky smile. Blu chuckled a bit, and they flew down to the pond. Standing by the water resurfaced another memory, one with a surprising amount of detail, especially for a more mundane memory.

Blu stood beside his mother and father. He had his wings crossed,

''Come on Lucas, its not going to kill you to have a bath!'', his mother exclaimed with humour. Blu, or Lucas, stomped his feet.

''No! I'm not going for a bath!'', he said angrily. His mother rolled her eyes,

''Francisco, can you get him in?'', his mother said to her mate, and Blu/Lucas' father.

''Sure thing, Maria.'', his father cooed, before wearing a more firm expression, ''Come on Lucas, you don't want to be known as the stinky macaw of the jungle?'', his father chuckled. Blu was picked up by his dad and carried into the water. Despite Blu's best efforts, he couldn't escape and was gently placed into the water beside his mother.

''There you go, not so bad huh?'', his mother smiled at her son, as he stood in the water with a softer expression. As much as he hated to admit it, the water wasn't so bad. He was startled when he felt a load of water splash down on him. He snapped his head and saw his mother over him. He realised it was her,

''Relax, I'm just washing you.'', she said softly. Blu was about to protest, but as soon as his mother ran her beak through his feathers, he stopped. It was such an amazing sensation, and he had no idea why he kept on resisting being bathed. Her preening soon stopped, as she picked up another beakful of water and dumped it on him. Then again, she started preening him.

Soon enough, his feathers were all nice and clean,

''You look so much better now, Lucas.'', his mother smiled, and he smiled back.

''I love you mama.'', Blu cooed, and his mother brought him closer and into a hug.

''I love you too, Lucas.'', she said, before planting a kiss on his head.

Blu sighed as he stood at that spot. It surprisingly hadn't changed that much since, which was surprising considering it had been almost 20 years.

The water was still crystal clear, and the trees and foliage was still that lush green colour. The area however seemed less alive than he remembered. Perhaps the smuggling incident all those years ago put in a dent in the local population that never recovered much. Or maybe birds didn't want to return there, as the place had a scar from that incident. A scar that so many innocent birds, including Blu, had.

There was still some things that Blu had not fully figured out yet. Most notably why he hardly remembers his father, despite him appearing in so many of his old memories. He figured that he was a mama's boy. Blu didn't want to think about him having daddy issues as a chick. Perhaps those memories are supressed, but that won't explain why his dad appeared so friendly in his memories.

Blu let go of those thoughts for now. He had soaked in many memories, and the nostalgic feel was fading away into a depressing one. Blu sighed, and faced Jewel.

''I think its time for us to head back.'', Blu said with a hint of sadness.

''Are you sure? I'm happy to stay here longer.'', Jewel replied. Blu shook his head,

''No… Its just that this place is starting to get depressing again…'', Blu responded. Now with her original thoughts about Blu's words gone, Jewel nodded in agreement.

''Oh, okay.'', she simply responded. The two flapped their wings and flew off. Blu took one last look back, and let out a sigh, before facing forward again and continuing their way back home.

Soon, that positive feeling began to fade away into a more depressing one. But it wasn't as bad as Blu had expected, perhaps having happy memories with his parents gave him something to hold onto. Blu had no idea if it would be more painful to lose your parents, and remembering much about them, or if you never remembered your parents. On one hand/wing, you could cherish those memories, but on the other the fact that you had a closer connection to them would make their loss worse.

If you never remembered them then that would also be depressing as the pain of never knowing someone who was important was also horrible. But losing your parents is generally horrible.

A new thought entered Blu's jumbled mind, its about his children. He felt a sense of determination to always stand by them, and to never leave them. He didn't want them to feel the same pain of parental loss he felt. He wouldn't put them through that, as he and Jewel knew how that felt, and neither would wish that pain on anyone, let alone their own children.

Blu clung onto the thin hope that his parents were still out there, but that hope was unlikely. Even if they were, then where would they be? Its highly unlikely that they'd ever reunite, even if his parents were still alive.

Blu looked at Jewel in flight, and that now familiar image of his mother appeared beside him. Those beautiful chocolate brown eyes, not unlike his own, replaced her turquoise irises. Blu felt entranced for a few moments but snapped out of it quickly. Luckily, there were no trees or other objects in his flight path that he could've collided with had he stayed in his trance.

Jewel returned to her normal appearance, and the two continued on their flight back home. Blu's thoughts grew even more jumbled, and he decided to just hold his thoughts for now. They were incoherent and he usually lost his train of thought whenever he was onto something.

Blu made sure to make mental notes of the landmarks, just in case he wanted to fly back to his chickhood home. The home that he had sadly spent too little time in before being snatched away by those smugglers. The home that he could no longer go to without crying. The home that would never again be his home. The home that Blu wished he had. A home that he will never have. All because of one bad day he had all those years ago.

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