Chapter 1

The name's Lucky Fire and I came to this new land in search of a legendary weapon that I just recently heard tale of.. It's a sword of the highest power. I flew all around with my Elytra, even going to the highest heights when I finally found it. It was in an item frame at world height. Oof... well, good thing I have my Elytra. I stand on top of the block and take the item from the frame. Yes! I then jump off, deploy my Elytra and glide down, but then in the middle of the gliding, it broke. I was not aware of its durability, or lack thereof. Down I went, plunging into the ocean, which dazed me really badly. It made me become unconscious.

Who knows how long it took me to wake up. When I fully gathered my surroundings, I was on a beach with someone next to me, stoking a campfire. I sat up, a little too fast. I groaned and put a hand to my head.

"Hey, you're awake.", the stranger said.

"Yes... who are you, where am I, and how long was I out?", I asked. He chuckled.

"Whoa, slow down. Ok, my name is Captain Sparklez, but you can call me whatever. You're on Tom's beach and you were out for quite a few hours. It's a good thing I saw you falling, otherwise, you might not have made it."

"So you saved me. I suppose a 'thank you' is in order.", I said, standing up, or at least, trying to. I was still lightheaded.

"You're welcome... don't try to get up so fast. You hit that water really hard. Give it a few minutes. You didn't tell me your name, you know mine. It's only fair, y'know, I saved your life. The least you can do is tell me your name."

I sighed. "Fine, my name's Lucky Fire."

"Nice to meet you Lucky Fire. So, you hungry? I just finished cooking up this chicken." He held up some chicken. My stomach growled, it smelled so good.

"Fine, if you're offering. Gimme a couple." He handed me a couple chickens and I ate them. They were just as delicious as they smelled. Campfire chicken is really good apparently. I usually had carrots, so I'd never had anything else.

"... Do you have more?" He grinned and handed me a couple more. I ate them just as quick as the first two.

"Jeez, you really were hungry.", he remarked.

"Yeah, well you try and live off barely any carrots, see how hungry you are. I also keep moving. I don't stay in one place for too long. I raid village crops, but I always replant. I'm not that cruel. I don't really have a home to speak of. I heard of this legendary sword in the last village I stayed in and that's what brought me here and made me fall into the ocean from almost world height." I took the sword out and showed him. His eyes got big.

"That's the Sword of Ianite! That was near here?", he asked. Seems he knows of this sword. Hmm...

"Yes... from where I fell. My Elytra broke and that's why I fell. So, it seems like you know this sword. Tell me more.", I demanded.

"You don't have to be darude. I'll tell you what you need to forged that sword with her own powers. So word got out to other villages... how, I'm not sure..."

"Wait, Ianite has powers?", I interrupted.

"Yes, she's one of three gods of this world. Her, Mianite, and Dianite." He then goes on to explain everything, catching me up on current events even, surprised I don't know the history already.

"Well excuse me for not knowing. I don't really keep up with the world. The world has never done any favors for me, so I never bothered to learn anything about it or its gods."

"You've had a hard life?", he asked sympathetically.

"I don't need your sympathy, but yes. I never got dealt a great hand. Hence why I don't stay in one place for too long, why I don't really have a home, and why I pillage from villagers' crops." He looked thoughtful.

"Well, maybe you could stay with me. I have two or three floors in my battle tower that are vacant. I don't really know what to do with them, so you could make a home of one of the floors." I looked at him scrutinizingly.

"What's in it for you?", I asked, suspicious.

"Absolutely nothing." I kept giving him the look, then finally I gave in.

"Whatever. Fine. Take me to your tower. I'll take the topmost floor that's free.", I said, getting up. This time I actually could stand without getting dizzy. I followed him to the edge of the sand. "Water is really everywhere here...", I said, a little sketched out.

"Well, I have a boat. Here ~places it down on the water and gets in~ get in." I hesitate for a bit, but then finally get in. I'm not very happy being this close to someone... we reached his island in what I thought was the slowest time ever. When we got out of the boat, I looked up at his tower.

"Whoa. That's the tallest tower I've ever seen.", I said, amazed.

"You like? Well, wait till you see the inside." He led me in and gave me the grand tour. Then he took me to the roof. "This is Ianite's throne. Do not touch it. She will smite you. She did to Orion."

"Hmm... doesn't sound very nice...", I scoffed.

"Well, he messed with it, so to be safe, I just say to never touch it."

"What'd he do?"

"He made it symmetrical."

"It's not symmetrical?" He shook his head. I looked around the throne. "I see nothing wrong."

"I didn't at first either, but then he pointed it out, and I'm surprised I didn't notice it earlier. It's the carpet." I looked at the carpet in front of the throne.

"Oh, I see now. Well... I can see why Orion wanted it symmetrical. That'd make anyone who cares go nuts once they notice it." Sparklez nodded. Then he took me down to the next floor.

"This is the highest empty space I have. It's all yours. Decorate however you want."

"With what? I have nothing...", I pointed out.

"Right... well, come to the bottom floor with me, I've got a few things you can use." We use the down water elevator and I rifle through the chests and pick out a few things. I go back up and decorate my floor. I used a white bed, I will dye it when I get cyan dye... if I even can get it. I'd need either lapis or a cornflower to get blue dye and cactus green... oh wait, I think I saw cactus green in one of his chests. I rifle through again. "What're you looking for?"

"Cactus green. Pretty sure I saw it somewhere."

"I see. You're gonna dye your bed green?"

"Noooo, cyan. I just need blue dye. Do you happen to have a cornflower or lapis?"

"'Lap-iss? You mean 'Lap-eez'" I glare at him.

"'Lap-iss', do you have it?" He chuckled.

"I have loads." He went over to his ender chest and rummaged through it. Then he brought out a piece of lapis and handed it to me.

"Thanks..." I went over to the crafting table, combined the blue and green, got cyan, then combined one cyan dye with the bed, and voila! I put the other piece of cyan dye in the dyes chest and then went up to my room to put the bed down, which was the last thing to do. When I got up there though, "Whoa... who's this?", I asked, kind of entranced by the look of this newcomer.

"Oh, that's m'lady, Ianite."

"That's Ianite?" I looked at Sparklez. He looked confused. I think he's confused at my reaction. I'm not being 'darude'... whatever that means, or snarky like I have been with him. I'm completely in awe of this Ianite lady.

"Hello Mr. Sparklypants. Who's this new friend of yours?", Ianite asked. I snickered.

"Mr. Sparklypants?", I asked.

"Yes, I am known by that name by a few people here, though it's not a name always used, but it's common."

I kept grinning for a bit at him, but then I bowed respectfully to Lady Ianite. "My name is Lucky Fire ma'am. I'm not staying here long, only for a short time. You don't need to worry about me being below your throne. You don't need to worry about me even touching it. Sparklypants has already warned me of Orion's messing with of your throne. I don't particularly want the feeling of getting smited, nor do I want to anger a god. ~under breath~ Especially one as cute as you."

"What was that last bit Lucky Fire?"

"Nothing, nothing at all. Oh! Sparklez told me I had something of yours. This Sword of Ianite?" I took it out and showed her. She took it and examined it.

"It is indeed mine. Where'd you find this?" I told her everything that happened earlier. "Hmm... I'm not quite sure how word got out to the villagers... but seeing as you found it, I'll let you keep it. Just keep it close to you, do not lose it. It's very special."

"You have my word my lady...but... what about when I leave? How about I give it to Sparklez? That way it's still close to you."

"That sounds good my dear. I shall leave now, but I will be back at a later date." I nodded, and she just poofed.

"Whoa... So that's Ianite. If I ever stayed here, I would totally become her follower. Too bad I'm leaving after a while."

"Lucky, do you like Ianite?"

"Like? Whaddaya mean? Of course I liked her, she's pretty cool."

"That's not what I mean and you know it."

I glared at him. "She's pretty cool, that's all there is to it. Now, let me get to bed... I'm tired... today was too much..."

"Fine, fine. Good night." He went down the water elevator to the bottom floor and I flopped onto the bed, exhausted from the day's events.