Chapter 24

I stood outside the door of the Dine at Nite and waited as Ianite appeared.

"Dine at Nite? Is this?" She turned to me, looking like, 'are you for real?' I grinned.

"This is our date night." She smiled.

"So, this was the surprise wasn't it?"

"It sure is." I looked at D, who was waiting for me to give her my things. I gave her all my stuff to put in the chest, hoping she'll be careful of the flowers. I then turned to the lectern and looked down at A. He smiled.

"Follow me to your seats." He lead us to prime sunset watching seats and we sat across from each other.

"B will be with you shortly." A went away back to the lectern. Mianite had gone away now that his job of teleporting us was done. B bounced up to us with menus in his mouth. We smiled at him and took them.

"What would you both like to drink?"

"I'll just take a water." Ianite and I said together. B nodded and went away.

"I'm just going to get a Mianite pizza tonight," I said, setting the menu down.

"I'll be getting my pizza. It's about the only thing that sounds good right now." She set down her menu as well and B came over, carrying a tray with two glasses of water. He stood on his hind legs, setting the tray on the table. Ianite and I took our water off and set our menus on the tray.

"You know what you'd like to eat?" We nodded and gave him our order. He took the tray away with the menus and told C our order. Ianite and I took a sip of our water, then I took her hands, resting mine on the table.

"So, surprise," I said, grinning. She smiled gently.

"This is a lovely surprise. Thank you Lucky."

"Of course. I wanted to show how much I love you. So I set up this surprise with C and A. Mianite knew because, well, I needed to bring my gift for you here so that you wouldn't see it back at home."

"A gift? I'm excited to see it."

"You'll love it." She smiled.

"I'm sure I will." We talked and watched the sun set until B came out with our pizzas. I let go of Ianite's hands and B set our pizzas in front of us.

"Enjoy!" We thanked him and he went away. We dug into our pizza, boy was mine good. Ianite's pizza smelled good though, with all the vegetables and stuff on it.

"Ianite, may I try a slice of your pizza? It smells so good." She smiled and handed me a piece. I tried a bite and wow, it was good. "Dude, this is really good. I might just share a pizza with you from now on."

"Well I'm glad you like it." I grinned. I ate 4 out of 6 slices of my pizza, plus the one piece I tried from Ianite's, making 5 total slices I've eaten... dang... and Ianite having only eaten 2 slices of hers, we were both full. As B came over to check on us,

"Could we have a to go box for our pizzas please? We're done with everything," I requested.

"Of course. Did you enjoy your meal?"

"We did. Thank you so much B," Ianite and I said together. He smiled and took care of the cups, then came back with two boxes for our pizza. Ianite and I put our pizzas in the boxes.

"Wait, where's the bill?" I asked. B bounced over.

"Us foxes paid for everything. We have a stash of diamonds we keep hidden in a secret location. We just wanted you two to have a good first date. Next time though, we expect you to pay." Ianite and I smiled.

"Thank you." B bounced away. I took both boxes and stood. I went over to D and knelt down.

"Could you get out and place my Ender chest please?" D nodded and did as I asked. I opened the Ender chest and put the pizza boxes in it. Then I got the rest of my items, picking up my Ender chest when I got my Silk Touch pick. I looked over to Ianite and motioned her to come over. She comes over to me and looks at me. "Could you go ahead a little? I need to grab something really quick."

"Sure, I'll just walk to the edge of the ocean. Feel the nice ocean breeze." I smiled gently and she was off. After making sure she wouldn't see me, I took the flowers out of the vase and chest. I took the vase into my inventory though, so that I still had it with me. After thanking A, B, C, and D, I went over to Ianite, flowers behind my back. She looked over to me, hair blowing slightly in the breeze. She smiled gently at me. Man, she's so beautiful.

"Hey love, you enjoying the ocean breeze?" She nodded. "Well, I've got another surprise for you, your gift." I brought the flowers forward and the look on her face was worth the surprise. She took the flowers.

"Lily of the valley! How?" I grinned.

"It's my little secret," I said, resting a hand on her cheek and resting my forehead against hers. She smiled.

"You're so amazing Lucky."

"So are you." I kissed her gently. That lasted a moment. After breaking the kiss, I grinned at her. She grinned back.

"So, where to now?"

"Ah, maybe we should get home. It's too dark now to do anything."

"Stargazing. Though we could go back home to do that. I'll also teleport the foxes so that they can sleep in their den." I nodded, that sounded like a good plan to me. She teleported then teleported the foxes. I knew because it was a while before I got teleported to her. As I appeared, I saw we were in the clearing. It was very peaceful and mostly quiet. The only sound was the crickets chirping. We laid on the grass on our backs, looking up at the stars. The moon was full tonight, so it shone its brilliant light down in the clearing. I took Ianite's hand, lacing our fingers. Ianite pointed out some constellations she wasn't able to the first time we did this.

Man, I love stargazing with Ianite. It's so peaceful and her voice is so soothing. I eventually just closed my eyes and listened to her speak. A few moments passed and I felt her kiss my cheek and lay her head on my shoulder.

"Good night my champion," she said softly. I smiled and we actually fell asleep outside, laying there in the grass. In the morning, I woke up before Ianite. We were exactly how we were as we fell asleep. I looked up into the sky and Ianite sat up a couple minutes later. I looked at her.

"Good morning beautiful." That made her blush lightly, but smile.

"Good morning Lucky." She helped me sit up and we stood up. We went into the house so I could get my bandages and patches changed. As she changed my legs, "Wow, you're really healing. You can do without most of these patches. You've still got a bit to go with a few of these though. A few of them are pretty deep. Wot really did a number on you... you know, you're right Lucky. There is no coming back or redeeming for him. He is too far gone. I don't know why I asked you if you thought he could be brought back to good. He really hurt you this badly just because the guys went and rescued you. There's no coming back from that." I agreed. She moved on to my arms and same thing as my legs. Man, it feels good to have much fewer patches.

"Think maybe I could have patches on my shoulder wound? It's not as bad as it was before. I think maybe I could have patches, especially for the back of my shoulder. It's small now according to you. The front also doesn't look too horrible. That's healing just as well, it's just bigger than the back." Ianite thought about it.

"I don't see why not, but I don't have the medical training Dec's had... we should ask him before we do the patches." I nodded. She's right. She just did the normal wrap around the torso bandages and we called it good. After she cleaned up, she teleported to Adventure Island and then teleported me to her. The guys, Mianite, and Dianite were there as well.

"Hey guys. We're here. Oof, I'm kinda nervous."

"You'll do just fine, plus, we're not having it here, this island is too small. We're going to the village that you did the raid in," Dianite said. I nodded and we all went into boats, heading to the village. Ianite rode with me, of course. Arriving at the village, I felt so many presences. So it seems everyone was already there. I also felt Debbie and Ernest's presences! Wow, my presence sensing had gotten stronger. I was able pick out two people in a big crowd. I relayed that to the others and they were impressed and Dianite was happy about that, as he's usually the one to tell me to practice my powers so that they get stronger. Dianite, Mianite, and Dec led Ianite and I to a platform in the middle of the village. Ianite stood by my side as Dianite and Dec faced me. Mianite just stood by and watched, as this is more Dianite and Dec's idea.

"Lucky Fire, we gods are immortal. We have seen thousands of mortals walk the land, and we have seen dozens fight to protect it from evil, and even worship us and offer us their loyalty. But when an exceptional follower, a follower who is not only loyal, but who serves us and the land with unparalleled bravery and selflessness, we honor them because even the gods learn something, at times. You have not only made my sister happier than I have ever seen her," Ianite took my hand and smiled lovingly at me. "but you have worked tirelessly to rid the world of evil. You have purged this land of evil and darkness before, cured it of its afflictions. You've never backed down in the face of adversity. You always stood up to it and kept a level head. You even saved Ianite from the Darkness' grasp, sacrificing yourself for her, gaining those wounds. You have been Ianite's truest follower, a hero among mortals."

"And as Apprentice Priestess with a goddess of whom you follow, you also need to publicly declare your loyalty to her. Lucky Fire, do you promise to only follow Ianite for all of your immortal life as Priestess, as an Ianitee?" Dec asked.

"I promise to follow Ianite and only Ianite. I will be true to her and be loyal only to her."

"So shall your word be bound as Priestess. Dianite and I accept your word. Now Lucky Fire, we bestow to you the title of Apprentice Priestess." Dianite laid a hand gently on my injured shoulder and Dec laid his hand on my other shoulder. I felt the immortality enter into my body. Whoa, that was a new feeling. I didn't feel anything different with my wounds, so I guess they didn't heal upon becoming immortal. Eh, it's whatever. I'm used to them by now, so it didn't really bother me that much. As the ceremony finished, Dec and Dianite took their hands off my shoulders and I turned to Ianite, smiling.

"Now that I've made it to Apprentice Priestesshood and am now immortal, we can live our lives together, forever." I embraced her closely, not wanting to let go.

"Yes, we can and I'm very excited to live out the extent of our lives. I love you Lucky Fire."

"I love you too Ianite. Very much." After I released the embrace,

"Well Lucky Fire, welcome to Priestesshood. You'll be getting more tasks to do, so you'll be away from Ianite sometimes helping me do some stuff." I nodded.

"If you would like to mingle with the crowd now, you may," Dianite added.

"I would actually like to introduce you all to Debbie and Ernest. Follow me." I led everyone to where I felt their presences. "Everyone, meet Ianite's and my honorary grandparents, Debbie and Ernest." Then I introduced Debbie and Ernest to everyone in my group.

"It's very nice to meet you all." After small chatter, we moved on to some other villagers to get their opinions on gaining an Apprentice Priestess who was loyal to and dating Ianite. Some accepted it, some... didn't... Well, I should have expected that. We just stayed away from those villagers and mingled with the ones who were more friendly. Through the afternoon, we got to know the villagers and after the whole thing ended, everyone except for my group and Debbie and Ernest, who from now on I'll call grandma and grandpa, left.

"How are you feeling as an Apprentice Priestess?" grandma asked.

"I'm excited. I'll have to help do some books to fill in the villagers who weren't here about what happened though, but that's nothing. There'll be 5 of us working on them, so it won't be too bad."

"Good luck on your task. Ernest and I should be heading out ourselves. We're so proud of you Lucky." Grandma and grandpa hugged me.

"Thanks, and thanks for coming to my swearing in. I was really excited and surprised to see you."

"We wouldn't have missed it for the world. You all take care now," grandpa said. We all smiled and wished them safe travels, and they left.

"We should let you get to your task now. We'll hopefully see you later for a game or two, if you get done early," Karl said. I grinned.

"I'd better be able to play. I don't wanna miss out on the fun."

"Lucky, being an Apprentice Priestess means you'll have to sometimes miss out on the fun," Mianite explained. I groaned then sighed.

"Well, I wanted this... maybe I'll see you, maybe I won't." The guys nodded, then they headed off. The gods all teleported to Adventure Island then Ianite teleported me to her. We went inside and Ianite led me to the hospital wing to change my shoulder bandages. We'd gone out and sat at the table, where there were many books and quills waiting for us and where the guys were already sitting. Oof... this is gonna take a while... I, of course, sat right next to Ianite. Dec instructed me on what to write and I took note of it. 5 books in, I decided to bring a little mischief into it. I blotted a dot onto the top of Ianite's page. She gave me a playful look, then returned the favor. I chuckled and we went back and forth, Ianite giggling and me chuckling until,

"Ok, enough you two. We need to be serious," Mianite ordered.

"What, we're just having fun. Trying to make something boring fun," I explained.

"And now we'll have two books full of dots at the top that are supposed to go the villagers who weren't at the event..."

"Killjoy," I muttered under my breath, but Ianite heard me and giggled, but she elbowed me. I grinned in return. We went back to work. Man, it took forever... but we finally finished. I looked out the window and it was dark out, 'cause of course it would be... We all stood and stretched. Though my shoulder prevented me from stretching too much. "Gosh dang... that took ages... I'm glad it's done though." The two books with the dots one the top, we aren't going to use those. We had to make 2 new ones because of our tomfoolery.

"Now we can go home and rest up." We bade each other good night and Ianite teleported me to her. We went to my room so she can change my patches and shoulder bandages. When she came back into my room, I was already snuggled into my bed. She smiled gently and knelt beside me.

"Exhausted huh?" I smiled softly.

"Yeah. Being around so many people at once was exhausting."

"Being as alone as you've been until now, I'm not surprised. Well, have a good rest my champion. I love you."

"I love you too Ianite." She kissed my forehead then went out of my room.