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Additional note (7/22/20): I'm rather disturbed with myself right now, having now realized that the whole premise of this story is rather screwed up and that I didn't realize until a very nice reviewer pointed it out to me, so I'll be brief. I've changed my plan for the plot drastically, and eventually, Barry and Caitlin won't be portrayed in the best of lights, though there'll be a reason provided (it sounded valid to me, I'm not sure how valid it'll seem to you). I wasn't originally planning on this, so I'm putting the warning here: Watch out for eventual Barry and Caitlin bashing. I won't put much focus on it, simply because I actually love the characters, but if I want to continue this story without it seeming totally fucked-up, I'm going to have to. Just know, Barry and Caitlin are very OOC in this. Of course, it might seem like this means I'm bashing Kara too, but I'm not. She's too damn nice and too important to the plot for me to bash. Instead, I'll play the ignorant card, making her a sort-of victim who didn't know the true implications of what she, Barry, and Caitlin were doing.

This is a four-fandom crossover (as of now) between Supergirl (TV), Flash (TV), the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Harry Potter.

There are quite a few changes to the Flash timeline, so keep an eye out for those (they'll all be mentioned during the story).

The Harry Potter timeline has been moved up 14 years! For example, Voldemort attacked Godric's Hollow in 1995 instead of 1981, and Harry started Hogwarts in 2005 instead of 1991.

This story starts after a modified season 3 of Flash, after Prisoner of Azkaban for Harry Potter, and pre-Iron Man for the MCU (Meaning that it will take place in 2008).

The main pairing is Harry/Hermione, and Harry and Hermione will mainly be referred to as Barry and Caitlin for the beginning of the story (the first seven chapters or so), and then they'll be mostly back to Harry and Hermione.

The story starts out very Harry Potter and Flash-heavy. Also, the MCU isn't very involved right away, considering that the story begins before the first Iron Man. Also know the Supergirl timeline will be very rarely referenced (Kara and Kal are the only ones who make an appearance. A few other characters are mentioned every once-and-awhile, but won't show up).

Chapter 1 - A New Dawn

Graveyard, Central City, Earth-1

August 11th, 2017

Everything was frozen, but it was clear that it was a stormy night. A flash of lightning stood still in the sky, halfway to the ground. Raindrops hung in the air.

Then suddenly, as if a switch had been flipped, stillness was no more, and the world resumed.

It was a stormy night. Lightning flashed across the sky, occasionally crashing down onto the world below. Rain splashed the ground, creating small ripples in the puddles that formed.

A man stood, completely drenched, staring at the tombstone in front of him, his arm around the woman standing next to him. Tears streamed down their cheeks.

The woman had a rather abnormal hair color, it was white. That in itself wasn't the strangest part (many older people have white hair), but she was only in her twenties, and the hair color was completely natural. She had her arm around the shoulder of the man and was leaning her head against his other shoulder, the one not occupied by her arm.

As they continued staring blankly at the stone in front of them, the woman sniffled.

"Cisco didn't deserve this," the man whispered. The woman only sighed in response and tore her eyes away from the stone, which read:



"None of them did," she said, finally.

"I couldn't save him, Caitlin," he said, a bit louder. "He deserved a long, happy life, A LIFE THAT WAS TAKEN FROM HIM!" His voice rose as he continued speaking. "HE DIDN'T DESERVE TH-thi-this." His voice cracked and he stuttered to the end of his sentence. "None of them deserved this."

"Neither of us could save him or them, Barry!" Caitlin said, perhaps a bit too harshly. "This isn't your fault. This isn't my fault! This was Thawne's fault."

"I know, Cait," he replied quietly. "I'm sorry, it's just… We could've done more. We should've talked him out of toying with that stuff. He didn't have to be there. And then afterward, I should've kept them all safe, rather than chasing after Thawne."

And it was true. When Cisco died, he didn't need to be there. STAR Labs was being renovated, and Cisco, ever enthusiastic, had decided that the best way to stave off his boredom was to go to the lab and try and help. When he was fiddling with some of the prototype tech the impostor Wells left behind, the tech, interacting with Cisco's own meta-human abilities, accidentally opened a breach, but not one in the dimensional barrier, but one in the time barrier. Out came a younger Thawne, who promptly shoved a vibrating hand through Cisco's chest.

When Cisco hadn't come to dinner that night, Barry went to STAR Labs, thinking that Cisco had just lost track of time. Instead, he found his friend, no, his brother, lying dead on the ground, Thawne sitting in a nearby chair and browsing the internet, exploring his new time period.

In the ensuing fight, Thawne escaped and went after Barry's friends and family.

First was Joe, next was Iris, last was Wally, who wasn't quite fast enough to escape. When Thawne tried to attack Caitlin, however, he was surprised by her ice powers.

It took them a month to catch him. In that time, he went to Star City and slaughtered Team Arrow.

Once they finally got him trapped, they didn't hold back.

Twenty minutes later, a broken and bloody Thawne was dragged into Barry's apartment where kind, patient, understanding Caitlin Snow stabbed Thawne repeatedly with an icicle until he was completely unrecognizable, and most certainly dead.

Two weeks later, just after the final funeral, he felt it.

A flash of lightning indicated his arrival.

"CAITLIN!" Barry screamed. "We're screwed, we're fucked, we'll never have existed in the first place!"

Her head shot up. "What?"

"I can feel it, in the Speed Force! Time has been messed with too many times!"

"What does that mean?"

Barry lowered his eyes to the ground.

"The multiverse is being rewritten as we speak," he said.

Everything came crashing down. Hopes and dreams burned while feelings buried deep down surfaced in the face of erasure from existence.

"How long do we have?" she asked desperately, rushing forward and grabbing his hands.

"At most, a month," he said grimly.

Caitlin sighed. "I guess we'll have to make the most of it, then. We've lost so much time already."

"Wha-" Barry's query was silenced by her mouth on his.

After pulling away, she gave him a dazzling smile. "Let's make the most of the time we have left."

And they did. They didn't leave the apartment for three days, not leaving until Barry had an epiphany.

"Caitlin!" Barry yelled from the kitchen, waking her up.

She stumbled into the kitchen, looking mightily displeased. "What, Barry?" she grumbled.

"I know how to prolong our existence!" he said.

That woke her up. "How!" she demanded.

"I give you some of my Speed Force," he said.

She looked flabbergasted. "How?"

He simply shook his head before zooming around the apartment, dressing her in casual clothing in the blink of an eye. Barry and Caitlin appeared in the cortex of STAR Labs almost instantly afterward. Barry put her down and, in his excitement, ran so fast that he became imperceptible to the human eye. Things seemingly moved of their own accord, and then Caitlin somehow found herself strapped to a bed and felt the stab of a needle in her arm.

The last thing she was aware of before greeting unconsciousness was the world slowing down around her.

They enjoyed a full three years of flash-time. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. They had two weeks of flash-time left, and there was nothing they could do to prolong their existence or the existence of the current multiverse.

But then, Caitlin had an idea. If they couldn't protect this multiverse, they'd protect the next one. She got it from a Sci-Fi magazine she nicked from a coffee shop. If they imbued objects of importance with their memories, they would live on in the first person to utilize the object. They would merge with the person.

After a week and a half of trying, they finally succeeded. Barry put his memories and most of his Speed Force in his flash ring, which also contained his suit. An hour later, Caitlin put her speed, cold, and memories in her snowflake necklace. She managed to stuff her suit in there as well.

The whole concept was that the items that Barry and Caitlin used would re-write the DNA of the user to make them a speedster, or in Caitlin's case, both a speedster and ice meta-human. They were also designed to alter the hippocampus to contain their memories.

Quickly, they traveled to Earth-38, intent on informing Kara of her fate, but she insisted on being taken to the new multiverse as well. She had them design a bracelet that had a small stone with the symbol of the House of El on it. That was imbued with her memories and was also programmed to mutate the person into a Kryptonian.

Kara sent them back to Earth-1, but stayed behind, wanting to spend the rest of her time with her family.

And now, they stood together in a graveyard, awaiting the end. The process was simple. When the purge was upon them, Barry and Caitlin would use the last of their speed to conserve their objects, their legacies. They would throw them into the Negative Speed Force. They would have gone themselves, but the negative speed energy would have corrupted them. Should they even make it through alive, they would be twisted and dark. This method allowed them to live the way they wanted in their new world.

Caitlin lifted her head from Barry's shoulder. "It's time."

He nodded resignedly. "I love you."

She smiled bitterly. "I love you too."

They separated sadly, knowing that they would never embrace again, at least not in this life.

They turned to see a box behind them, the box that contained their essences.

As a pulse of Speed Force energy swept the Earth clean, Barry and Caitlin ran.

They ran faster than ever before, and they could feel the last of their speed leaving them. The Negative Speed Force reached out, absorbing their speed and replacing it with something tainted, born of malice.

Their eyes turned red, and they twisted, becoming dark, evil. A deep red breach opened, and they tossed in the box just as the pulse enveloped them.

Though they themselves were tainted, their memories and powers were pure and preserved through the items in the box.

As they were erased from existence, the terrible creatures that used to be Caitlin Snow and Barry Allen screamed, cried, and ran, but were ultimately vanquished.

The Void

Dawn of the Universe

The dawn of a new universe is a beautiful thing, it's a shame no one was there to see it.

Suddenly, with a flash of indescribable color, a new variable was added to the equation.

A small, drifting box with a rusted latch disappeared in a swirl of red light, traveling through a passage that transcended time and space.

Fate celebrated its victory.

Time groaned, an expression of its annoyance.

Death did a little dance, looking forward to meeting its masters.

As the universe formed around them, just a little something was added to each and every atom.

The newest facet of the universe, not yet named, watched, filled with pride in its creation, as the impossible became within reach.

Little Whinging, Surrey, After the New Dawn

August 11th, 2008

Harry Potter was in a bad mood.

The swing creaked as he went up and down.


I wonder how Hermione's doing.


I wish someone would write to me. I haven't gotten much of anything in the way of mail, recently.


I hope that Sirius is safe.


He hopped off mid-swing, landing nimbly on his feet, but with a splash.

Dammit. Stupid puddle. His shoes were soaked through.


A raindrop hit another, smaller puddle behind him. The skies darkened rapidly.

...That's not normal.

A rumble of thunder echoed above, and a lightning bolt struck a mile away. Harry shivered as the temperature lowered. It started to rain.

A loud screech filled the air as the sky ripped open and a red void formed.

No, definitely not normal.

From the void, a small box flew and landed on the grass a few feet away, digging into the ground slightly.

The void swirled closed, and Harry took a few cautious steps towards the box. He brushed some wet hair out of his face as the wind moved it into a bothersome position.

He touched the rusted latch on the wooden box, and it sprang open of its own accord. Inside, Harry found a strange golden ring adorned with a lightning bolt and a snowflake necklace with a silver chain. Just to the right, there was a bracelet with an 'S' on it.

Curious, Harry went for the ring first. It was impossibly heavy. He carefully slipped it onto his finger, surprised that it fit almost perfectly.

When the cool metal came into contact with his knuckles, Harry felt a powerful jolt of electricity and a prick of his finger. The ring then somehow lost its weight. Not a second later, he saw an orange light travel up his arm under his skin until it sunk into his neck.

There was pain, excruciating pain.

He'd never felt anything so intense.

His last thought before he passed out was that he hoped Dudley and his gang didn't stumble upon him.

Riddle Manor, Little Hangleton

August 11th, 2008

Far from the swing set and collapsed teenaged wizard, a wretched, baby-sized, evil creature screamed and collapsed, painfully aware of one of its Horcruxes being ruthlessly annihilated.

"WORMTAIL!" it yelled.

Little Whinging, Surrey

August 11th, 2008

Barry regained consciousness with a pitiful groan.

His eyes snapped open and crackled with lightning while sparks ran down his arm. Time slowed to a crawl and Barry stood painfully, noting that he was most certainly shorter than he remembered.

But something was wrong, very wrong.

He could sense something inside him that wasn't the Speed Force. There was a tear, almost. Sort of like a link. He gasped as he examined it, realizing it was a connection to not only another dimension, but the world around him. Mentally poking whatever it was, he was rewarded by an explosion of energy that seemed foreign, yet familiar at the same time, almost as if it was completely natural, yet he was woefully unused to it.

The result of this energy, however, was completely unexpected. All of the grass in a twenty-foot radius around him turned to steel, and his and Caitlin's box floated…


His and Caitlin's box? Damn. And, he was wearing the ring too.


Just great.

The multiverse had been rewritten.

He needed to find someone to give Caitlin's necklace so that she could be reborn as well. He'd think about Kara's bracelet later.

Suddenly, a variety of memories, not his own, flooded his mind.

Memories of Harry Potter.

Wow, his life was really sad. No wonder he was so depressed and emotionally retarded.

As he examined them, Barry quickly realized that the exposure to Harry's memories was changing him, combining his personality with Harry's, making something new altogether.

Suddenly, the part of his mind that was once Harry made its opinion known.

Hey! Let's give Hermione the necklace! She's really hot!

Barry grimaced. Yes, she was attractive, but that was a rather crude thought, especially towards one who was their best friend. He couldn't deny that it was the truth, however, even if it made him feel guilty.

But… she did have the most similar personality to Caitlin out of everyone that he knew so far in this universe, so it made sense to make Hermione a witch-speedster hybrid, who happened to be Harry's, and by extension Barry's, best friend. Oh, and Hermione wouldn't be just Hermione anymore, but both Caitlin and Hermione. A mix. But from what Barry could tell, Hermione would definitely benefit from the change, ignoring the obvious addition of Speed Force. Caitlin was still very studious but was better at loosening up than Hermione. Also, Caitlin was a bit less vindictive. Hermione was, without a doubt, the scariest witch he'd ever met.



Barry scanned Harry's memories again,

Holy fuck!

Honest-to-god magic!

This new universe was trippier than the old one, and that was a fairly bold statement. What were indestructible aliens in comparison to literal horse-eagles - oops, sorry - hippogriffs?

Barry shook his head, banishing that train of thought, and closed up his box. He looked down at his feet to see the worn shoes and realized that if he ran, he'd destroy them within a day. He'd have to use them sparingly.

Shoes in one hand, box in the other, Barry allowed time to speed up and walked around the park, taking a look at the environment and mentally noting any major differences between this universe and his own. As he looked, the only thing he could see that was different, is that everything seemed to have some form of magic, even inanimate objects.

That didn't make sense.

It couldn't all be magic. It had to be some other source of energy that 'wizards and witches' could manipulate.

Committing that thought to memory and promising himself to dig a bit deeper later, he continued his examination.

The difference between the metallic grass and the normal grass was astounding. Barry could see an abundance of the strange energy in the steel grass, but only a very small quantity of it in the green grass.

That discovery, however, paled to the stick in his back pocket. Briefly placing his box down, Barry took out the stick and examined it.

It was practically made of the energy.

He searched Harry's memories specifically for it and found the answer: wands. That made sense. It was clear that most 'wizards' required some kind of focus in order to use the energy safely.

Unfortunately, this wand didn't feel particularly compatible with him. He absently wondered how Harry had used the damn thing for three years. Taking a closer look, it looked like it was grasping for a connection with something that wasn't there anymore. He could see tendrils of the energy leaking out of the sides and reaching for his forehead, but were unable to grasp what they were looking for. Running a finger over the spot on his forehead, Barry was slightly startled to note that there was a lightning-bolt-shaped scar there. It was fading quickly, though.

Taking a moment to reflect on that, he chuckled quietly at the irony.

It was then that Barry noticed the glasses. "Ew," he muttered after pulling them off, seeing the sorry state that they were in, "These did absolutely nothing good for my eyes. I can't believe it took me this long to notice I was wearing them."

Looking around, Barry was happy to note that he could see just fine without the glasses. Benefits of being a speedster; while he wasn't in peak physical condition yet, the most glaring problems had been fixed. The rest was likely to change overnight.

He reached inside and touched the source of the energy again, testing a hunch. He was pleasantly surprised when the glasses slowly shifted into a large plastic grocery bag. Smiling proudly, he dropped the shoes inside and picked up his box.

Taking note of his surroundings once more, time slowed and he began to make his way to number four Privet Drive.

On his way, he noticed a boot that looked like it had a foot in it, but there was no leg sticking out.

Strange, he thought and waved a hand where the leg should be. He was rather surprised when it turned out that there actually was a person, just a very unconscious one, and one under an invisibility cloak, which he promptly pulled off.

He wrinkled his nose when a pungent smell of alcohol almost immediately reached his nose.

He mentally growled, drawing upon Harry's memories. He recognized this man. He was one of those petty thieves that sold stolen goods down in Knockturn.

What the hell is a petty wizarding thief doing outside of my house?

Scowling, Barry fixed the cloak so that the man was fully covered, aware that if someone else had found the man, the alcoholic would've likely been charged for violating the statue of secrecy.

He sped the rest of the way back to the house and shot into his 'room,' if anyone could seriously call it that.

If anyone had been looking in the room, they would have seen a storm of lightning flash from corner to corner, packing away all of Harry's belongings.

Once the room was bare apart from the furniture, Barry nodded in approval and sped out of the house, trunk in one hand, box in the other.

A streak of lightning shot through the streets of Little Whinging until stopping at the town library. Quietly entering, Barry made his way to a public computer. He set down his trunk and box, and then sat, cracking his knuckles.

His fingers were a blur on the keyboard as he searched the web for Hermione's home address, mentally bemoaning that Harry hadn't even thought to ask where she lived in the past.

Bloody idiot.

Oh, hell. Just half an hour as a Brit and he was already picking up the slang.

After quite a bit of searching, he concluded that she lived in Crawley. He couldn't find her exact address but figured he could search the town fast enough.

As he shut down the computer and cleared his history, he got an idea.

Once out of the library, he reached inside again and shrunk his box and trunk. They both fit in his pocket. Cool, he thought.

Suddenly, a memory jumped to the front of his mind.

Shit! he thought, I'm not allowed to do 'magic' out of school!

Looking around, he quickly realized that he had done 'magic' nearly half an hour before, and still hadn't seen any owls. Maybe they could only track the foci… Yeah, that makes sense. Everyone bought from Ollivander's, so it would be pretty easy to get all the wands outfitted with the trace.

But that meant… The Ministry couldn't really detect general energy usage, only the foci! That meant that Barry could use the energy whenever he wanted, as long as he avoided using his 'wand'!

As Barry pushed aside the stray thoughts, the world slowed down once more, and unimpeded by a trunk, he sprinted down the street, running past cars and dodging pedestrians.

Running was the best feeling in the world. It was total freedom.

Very quickly, Barry entered Crawley, darting past the frozen cars and avoiding pedestrians who were frozen mid-stride.

Flashing from house to house, it took him a little while to locate Hermione's.

As he took a long look at the house, he decided that it was almost unnaturally clean-looking. The walls were white, and without a hint of dirt. That didn't make much sense. The windows were the most transparent glass he'd ever seen. The yard was immaculate, with no sign of any weeds or nuisances whatsoever.

This feels off.

Barry straightened his posture, flashed into his shoes that he quickly dug out of his trunk, and time sped up again.

He calmly walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.

After just about thirty seconds, Barry heard some shuffling, and finally, the doorknob twisted and the door was pulled open by a middle-aged brown-haired woman.

"Hello," she said kindly, "what can I help you with?"

Barry smiled. She seemed perfectly pleasant. "Hello to you as well. My name is Harry Potter, a friend of Hermione's. I just took the bus over, and I was wondering if she wanted to hang out, or something? She hasn't written in a while, and I miss her. I would've gone to my other friend as well, but he lives much farther away."

Mrs. Granger stiffened at the name Harry Potter, but quickly schooled her features back into a friendly smile, but not before Barry noticed.

Internally, he was a bit confused at the reaction, but outwardly, he was still smiling.

Frowning slightly, Mrs. Granger backed up a bit. "I'll be right back. Just wait there for a minute."

After the door closed, Barry sighed, moved back a little, and slowed time until everything seemed frozen. He phased through the door and walked down the hall. Mrs. Granger looked to be in a very spirited argument with Mr. Granger next to a staircase. Barry phased into a nearby closet to remain unnoticed. Time sped up again.

"-telling you, Robert, they're all bad news! Didn't you hear what Hermione said? Just last year, that mass murderer escaped! But now, Hermione is defending him, saying he's innocent! And don't even get me started on the whole "magic" business! Complete blasphemy! We are faithful Christians, it must be some sort of advanced technology, and now they've converted Hermione…" as Mrs. Granger continued her rant, Barry tuned her out and phased out of the closet, moving beyond the perception of the human eye. Looking up, he noticed Hermione sitting at the top of the stairs, eyes full of tears. Barry frowned. This was very bad. Hermione was a 'witch,' and her parents were religious. This was very bad. Granted, they were sort-of right, seeing as magic probably wasn't actually magic, but this situation could be dangerous for Hermione.

Barry massaged his temples before flashing back outside.

He only had to wait around another minute before Mrs. Granger came back outside with a smile plastered on her face. Barry noticed that it didn't quite reach her eyes. "I'm sorry, Harry, but she's really focused on her work right now. Wouldn't hear of anything else. I'm sure she's looking forward to seeing you at school, though."

Barry nodded with a carefully constructed facade of a crestfallen expression. On the inside, however, he was seething. His best friend's mother was deliberately trying to ruin their friendship. No matter how much he wanted to rant and rave, though, he refrained. "Okay, Mrs. Granger. I'll be going now, then."

With a relieved smile, she shut the door, and his mask fell. A scowl marred his features and he clenched his fists.

Once more, time slowed to a crawl. Barry phased inside and flashed up the stairs, picking up a crying Hermione and phasing her into a bathroom."

He sat put the lid down and sat her comfortably on the toilet seat, and time returned to normal.

Hermione squeaked.

"Harry! How did you get in here? Actually, how did I get in here?" she whispered fiercely.

Barry stepped forward and put a finger to her lips, muting her ramblings.

"Hermione, I'm not Harry Potter, yet I am. My real name is Barry Allen."

She was silent for a moment, before breaking down into hysterical giggles. "S-sorry, Harry, but really, Flash? Couldn't you do better than a comic book character?"

Barry was stunned. Comic book?

"Oh, I know," he realized.

She looked at him quizzically. "What?"

"Look at my hand," he said simply.

He brought his hand up and began to vibrate it, then phased it through the nearest wall.

She gaped for a moment. "You… really are the Flash?"

He smiled. "Yes, but I prefer Barry."

"Alright… Barry," she said, testing the name. "Where's Harry then?"

Barry tapped the side of his head. "In here. I'm Harry Potter and Barry Allen."

Hermione looked confused. "How does that work?"

Barry showed her his ring. "This had my essence in it. When Harry put it on, I merged with him."

Her mouth took on an "O" shape. Barry fished the box out of his pocket and resized it.

She looked at it. "What's that?"

"The box that held the ring, and still holds the necklace. I mean, there's also a bracelet, but that's for someone else."

"Necklace?" she asked.

"My fiancée's necklace," he clarified.

"Who was your fiancée?"

"Caitlin Snow, though probably known to you through whatever comics as Frost."

She looked stunned again. "You were engaged to a supervillain? Killer Frost?"

It was Barry's turn to look stunned. "Villain? Never! Cait was one of the kindest people I've ever known! Only her alter-ego, who we called Killer Frost, was insane, but we eradicated it. She was actually part of team Flash, and I gave her some of my speed."

Hermione still looked stunned, but quickly recovered. "What's the point of this?"

Barry took out the necklace. "If you put this on, you'll become a speedster and you'll have cold powers, which is an interesting combination. But also, you'll merge with Caitlin, and she was an MD and a Bioengineer, which is hopefully another plus. Of course, you don't have to put it on, but you can, and it would make you more powerful then you'd ever imagine. Also, you seemed like the best candidate. You're pretty similar to her, though she's a bit more laid back," he finished with a chuckle.

Hermione looked totally overwhelmed. "So… you want me to become your dead fiancée."

Barry grimaced. "You make that sound much worse than it actually is." He sighed, noting her now impassive expression. "She was erased from existence, actually, not dead, but so was I. Also, another plus might be that Harry has a crush on you, and because he does, so do I apparently."

Hermione gasped, though to which part of the statement, he wasn't sure.

She took a deep breath. "I'll do it," she said, sounding quite determined.

Barry looked suddenly nervous. "Are you sure? There's no going back."

"Yes," she simply said. He held out the necklace in response. She took it gingerly, noting its unnatural weight and running her fingers over the white snowflake before tracing the silver chain. She lifted it over her head.

"Barry," she said awkwardly, clearly not used to the name.


"I know that Harry's in there somewhere, he just needs to know, before I do this…" she took a deep breath, "...I love him."

Barry felt something deep inside him yell out for joy.

Hermione, without waiting for a response, dropped the necklace, and it fell, landing around her neck, the snowflake landing on the exact center of her chest.

The snowflake glowed blue, and Hermione collapsed. Barry caught her and noticed her hair begin to turn white.

He smiled. "Oh, Cait. How nice it'll be to see you again." He laid her gently down on the floor as white crept from the roots of her hair to the tips. Her tan vanished, and the natural color of her fingernails turned blue. "Always thought that was weird," Barry muttered, referring to her new nail color. Blue sparks ran down her arm and her eyes snapped open, crackling with blue lightning.

"Barry!" Caitlin rasped with her slightly modified 'Frost voice' as she scrambled to her feet. "Where-"

He cut her off. "It worked."

"Oh," she said, glancing down at the necklace.

As she adjusted to her new body, her tan returned, white hair became brown, and her blue eyes were once more chocolate.

He frowned, looking at her nails. They were still blue. "What? I like it," she said defensively, noticing his expression.

He wordlessly gestured at the door.

Caitlin scoffed. "Like they'd notice. Ever since I got my letter they haven't cared." She cocked her head to the side slightly. "Well, at least Mom hasn't. Dad still cares, he's just been a bit more distant. They even made me do more chores, and I already did almost everything in the house."

She froze.


She scanned Hermione's memories.

"Magic!" she whispered in awe. "Honest-to-god magic!"

Barry chuckled. "That was exactly my reaction, almost word-for-word," he said, deciding not to burst her magic-fueled bubble too soon.

Caitlin nibbled her lip, making Barry's heart beat faster. "I don't want to stay here," she said.

Barry frowned. "But… you're a kid-" she glared at him, cutting him off. "Sorry, I mean you look like a kid."

She looked pensive until her face lit up. "Aging potions! I heard that they-"

He cut her off. "Fast metabolism."

She deflated. "Don't know why I didn't think about that," she grumbled.

"Hey, hey," he consoled, "you've only been here for, like, two minutes, don't sweat it. You can get your genius on once you've got a good night's sleep."

She brightened again. "We'll stay at the Leaky!"

Barry dug through Harry's memories. "Perfect, but how do we get your parents to not report you as missing?"

Caitlin grinned. "Some Killer intimidation."

Barry barked out a laugh. "That was terrible."

Room of Requirement, Restroom Configuration, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

August 11th, 2008

Albus Dumbledore frowned. What was the source of that terrible itch?


No, it couldn't be, could it?


The wards at Privet Drive had fallen.

Oh, Harry. What have you done?

Kitchen, Granger Household, Crawley

August 11th, 2008

Jean Granger was washing dishes, because that was what she did when she was irritated.

She dried a plate.

It was pretty hard keeping Hermione away from those demons during the summer, especially when one of them, her friend Harry, was so darn cute and innocent-looking.


But, she had to stand firm. No child of hers would be involved with that… world.


She and Robert had planned to simply not send her at all, only to discover that it was illegal not to send a magical kid to a magical school.


She had to stay there until those bird tests or whatever they were called, owls or something. After her fifth year, though, Hermione would be taken out and sent to a proper school.


Three years was bad enough! She wasn't their cute little girl anymore! They must have been brainwashing her up there!


When she got home after each year, all she could talk about was Harry. Harry, Harry, Harry.

Stupid Harry.


It was all about Harry. She was losing her daughter because that damn boy was brainwashing her! She had to keep them apart!

She stopped suddenly.

She could feel it in her gut. Something bad was about to happen. She warily placed the sponge back on the rack and sat down at the kitchen table, looking around cautiously.

Her head snapped towards the stairs as she heard a crackle of what sounded like electricity and a quiet chuckle.

She heard quiet, slow footsteps descend down the stairs, and her heart thumped in her chest as she saw her - it. She refused to call it a her.

White hair. Cold, blue eyes. A devious smirk. But Hermione's face.

"Hello, mother," came the cold, metallic voice.

"Hermione?" she called in a trembling voice.

"No," it rasped. "I am Frost."

In an explosion of blue lightning, the newly minted Frost flashed behind Jean.

"I'm going to go. And, you won't say anything," Frost whispered with a grin.

Jean dug up some courage. "And w-why wouldn't I s-say anything…?"

At that precise moment, yellow lightning flashed into the room and circled Frost and Jean repeatedly, when it stopped, a man in a red full-body suit with a lightning bolt emblazoned on his chest appeared. The only holes were for the eyes; bright, green eyes, and a big one for the mouth and nose. On the sides of his head, around where the ears should be, were two lightning bolt symbols, not unlike the one on his chest. Despite the fact that it was all red, there were differences. Some parts of the suit were darker than others, but it was all symmetrical, excluding the lightning bolt emblem. In some places, there were thin, gold lines zigging and zagging. Around the waist, there was a golden lightning bolt belt. Frost smirked.

"You wouldn't want two speedsters mad at you, would you?" he asked, vibrating his vocal cords to disguise his voice.

That's when it hit her. Flash. There was a literal comic book superhero in her house, threatening her. And Frost. Frost! Killer Frost!

She was so out of her depth, it wasn't even funny.

Jean shivered. "N-no… just go…" she said weakly.

With identical grins, the two forms disappeared in a storm of blue and yellow lightning, both circling around Jean a few times before the yellow phased through the wall and the blue went up and down the stairs in the blink of an eye before joining its partner outside.

Jean let out a hollow laugh. "Insane," she whispered. "My daughter is an insane supervillain, teaming up with the Flash."

They were right. She wouldn't say anything. After all, who would believe her? Even she was doubting her own sanity.

And the sun shines on a new world…