Gwen was not enjoying the day, mind you she was not enjoying the week as a whole so there ya go. Anwen had been in a fight at school, Rhys was away on a long haul and now she had been called in on to work on her day off.

"So … what have we got?" she called out as she approached Andy who was standing just beyond the crime scene tape with his face screwed up.

"Hey. A spooky-doo with your name all over it! Andy replied, turning to face her "Are you sure you should be here?"

"We are short staffed at the moment" she snapped, then looked away as Andy balked and finally acknowledged that Torchwood was down a couple of members as of yesterday's….ah… mishap.

"Right. Sorry, about that. How is his Lordship taking it this morning?" Andy motioned and she began to walk with him.

"Sulking as per usual. Already talking about replacements like it wss a fucking cell phone dropped down the loo or something. As per." She sniped, then stooped at the top of the bank because the car down the bank was at a steep angle that warned her the climb down might be too "Shit."

"Here, I'll help you" Andy offered his hand and although it felt so damned weak to do so, she accepted. After all .. she is six months pregnant ya know. She didn't need this bullshit on her day off. If Jack hadn't lost two team members in an 'accident' she might have had a chance of resting up after the stress of the loss. No… not Torchwood though. Right? No … suck it up buttercup and move on. You know … she hates that saying. Rex might get shot a few times if he does not stop saying it. Even Jack was starting to wince and glare at him.

"Right" she panted as she reached the bottom, dreading the climb back up. "What am I about to see?"

"A body" Andy said calmly "He's dead."

"Damn, died on impact?"

"Bo. That's the thing Gwennie … he's been dead for a while" he frowned and turned to look at the car "you know … you know the smell same as me. When they've been laying there a while undiscovered and a wellness check finds them decomposing into the carpet. That smell? That bloated scouring and … well … soapy look to the skin?"

She frowned at him and glanced at the car "So … the driver slid a body into the seat and took off?"

"No. CCTV catching this car along the bridge showed one person … this same one. Only… here look" Andy pulled out his tablet and showed Gwen the footage as the car passed under a series of cameras, the man behind the wheel very much alive and in good health, then another, then another, then the car being forced off the road. "So … I excepted to see the same guy… only … it is the same guy. Same jumper… same hair … but.. It's like he was there for a while."

Gwen shook her head and walked over to the driver's door which had been wrenched open by the first responders, bending over to look into the bloated face of the corpse. The unmistakable stench of decay hit her and she staggered back, barking with horror as she spun to relive herself of that pesky meal she had partaken an hour earlier.

"See?" Andy said with satisfaction "Spooky."





Rex was standing behind the chair of their latest Tech Wizard. A little weedy thing called Simon who makes things so easy even if Jack didn't like the name and often called him by his surname of Beckett instead for some reason he could not explain to them.

"Right… here is an earlier shot from a money machine across the street. Same guy… coming out of an office block. Walking… talking. Clearly fine" Beckett said as he pointed to the corner of the screen "Same car."

Rex let his fingers drum on the back of the chair as he watched then said "Follow him back will you? Any way of backtracking? Retrace his movements over the last few days?"

"Sure… might take a while tough Gov" Beckett nodded.

"OK" Rex patted the chair and looked up as Jack entered the large work space from a side door, a file in his hand as he stated to walk toward them "SO WHAT DID SHE SAY?"

"She said that the rate of decay is consistent with death occurring about two weeks ago. Thirteen days to be exact." Jack replied, coming to a stop at Beckett's set up.

"Right… can you go that far back kiddo?" Rex asked "Let's see if we can go as far as we can."

"Yes Gov."

Jack looked around, "Where's Gwen?"

"Shower. The smell really took her by surprise" Rex muttered, watching Beckett intently.

"Right. I will wait on her and then take her with me to check out his flat" Jack said as he pondered "Single right?"

"Yes Cap, apparently there is a girlfriend but she's an airhostess thingy… can we call them that now?" the young man asked "Sorry… flight attendant? Not in the country right now."

Jack stared at him for a while then asked "Find out her flight routes too. IF this is some sort of thing she picked up? Is she healthy?"

"Right" Rex pointed at him in agreement "Good idea. I will get onto that. I do remember how to do that at least."

As Rex took a chair at the next cubicle to start getting the needed information on the girlfriend, Jack turned to head for the showers. Gwen would want to come with. The baby thing making her cranky, like it did last time.

And this was intriguing as well.

How the hell was a corpse driving a car?