Beckett was standing in the petunias.

Ianto didn't know why this pissed him off so dammed much but… it did. Finally he grabbed the man's collar, yanking him to one side. "Not the feckin flowers!"

Beckett looked stunned, looking down at his feet for the first time. "Oh. Shit, sorry mate."

"So. The family that live here … you board with them or something?" Rex asked as he turned in a slow circle. "Why not in the city?"

Ianto was about to answer when Daniel finally squirmed free from Rhiannon, running forward "TADDY!"

"Oh boy. Really?" Rex asked, then his smile faded as the little boy came into the light and that unmistakable Harkness glow shone through. He watched the little boy run to Ianto's arms and then he saw Jack making a beeline for them both, stepping between them to eyeball Rex.

"This was to get my attention. If that is what they want… they got it. They have my undivided attention!" Jack said in a low tone that showed his anger.

"wait…. Is this… is this your son?" Rex asked loudly. Too loud. Everyone froze as Ianto slowly rose, his son on his hip.

"Technically he is MY son. Jack is his other parental!" Ianto said angrily "My sister and her kids are in the house that belongs to me."

"So … how the hell does that work?" Rex demanded.

"Well … it rather doesn't. Why me and Ianto still have things to sort out between us but really, that is our business right? Nothing to do with you ya nosey prick!" Jack snarled.

"Hang on … I am as confused as everyone else here. Ianto… how the hell can this be your child. Clearly it's Jack's." Rex said with a finger pointed at Jack as If no one might know which Jack he meant.

"I birthed him … he grew inside me. Jack was the other half of his DNA" Ianto said calmly "I can't explain it more than that except to shrug and say Bloody Torchwood a few times. There is no real explanation. Ask Gwen. She's been preggers to a Nostrovite. On her wedding day no less. Nothing is safe, nothing is natural and sometimes… briefly… everyone is OK."

"This is why you hid" Andy said as he looked around, seeing Rhiannon in the doorway still "This is why it was better to stay dead. If they had known about him when they were hunting Jack during Miracle Day … man."

"Yes. I don't want my child dissected or treated like some lab specimen. Also … he is Jack's. That makes him a target for anyone who would like to harm him and knows they can't physically do much. Can't kill him ... kill his child. Didn't my own death prove his ability to retaliate in a cruel manner?" Ianto said, then turned away, not wanting to say Stephen's name and bring further annoyance to the moment.

"Jack saves the world" Rex said firmly, a rare moment of unity between then as he stood straighter "He has saved it countless times and this was kept from him! As if his life is not hard enough, his daughter alienating him … all this time…"

"If you knew anything about us you would know that this is nothing new. It's sort of like a running gag between us. Lies. Half truths. Hidden secrets. Seriously Rex, Jack and I have many, many years to sort out this relationship, whatever it becomes in the end, it will not be helped or hindered by outside influences. Believe it or not, Jack and I are a bit more connected than people think. I know when he is upset, hurt, angry, amused. As he does with me. Don't' worry… although I am surprised to see this level of it, I am glad to know he had friends. Even if they rarely show it."

"Now, now Eye Candy" a voice purred from the darkness and Ianto froze with horror "we are all fiends here."

Ianto sighed, known this was going to happen sooner or later (the moment he stepped foot back into Jack's eye line this would all happen) and he turned to face John, letting him see the child clinging to his legs. John looked down with the usual jaunty sneer which faded as he looked at Jack's little replica.

"Wow" he finally said softly "Look at you gorgeous"

Daniel looked up at him and frowned "Are you one of Daddy Jack's friends?"

John crouched so he was the same level as the child and looked at him more closely then said as gently as he could "I am, and I would like to be your friend too."

"I am Daniel. But I like Danny" the child said firmly.

"I am John."

"OK" Daniel said, nodding then looking over at the commotion still going on by the flower beds "A bad thing wanted to hurt me. Are you a bad thing tht wants to hurt me? Or a good one that will protect me?"

"Protect. Always dumpling" John smiled as Daniel placed a little hand on John's wrist. Ianto glanced over their heads to Jack who was equally tense, watching as their child showed his talent for gleaning. It was subtle, but they could both feel it. Daniel was trying to connect to John, to read him.

Ianto felt strangely proud, as well as alarmed as he knew sooner or later John would feel the prodding at his firewalls. He did. Laughing as he rose and wagged a finger "Now, now. So much like your daddy! He likes to peek too. But I do not share."

Daniel smiled "OK. I'm cold, I am going in now."

The child took off and John watched him go, then swung to look at the two men standing together now, connected by their shoulders.

"He's got the gift."

"He IS the gift" Ianto whispered softly, watching the door swing shut "My greatest treasure and if anyone or anything threatens him I will rain down hellfire!"

John shivered "Wowwww. Goosebumps. By the Gods, he's yummy Jav."

"Mine" Jack said calmly "Why do I have to keep examining this? Ianto is MINE! Clearly now you've seen our child you can see, I am his?"