Where there's a Will…

Summary: ... there's trouble! New lives are started, the new Underground Sanctuary is ready to start business. But as with all endeavours, something puts a spanner in the works... a little bit of history comes looking for Will and the team are hard pressed to fight it. Especially now that they're on their own.

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Authors Note: So I discovered this gem of a show a few weeks ago and am obsessed. failing to find a decent fan-fiction that would sate my need for more, i decided to create my own. hope you can enjoy.

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"No secrets," Magnus' voice echoed around the rocky corridor as Will neared the ageless warrior for life. "I broke our deal, didn't I." It wasn't a question. Truth be told, Will was just relieved the old woman was still alive. He couldn't even begin to imagine how she'd pulled that off. He paused to collect himself before responding.

"Several times." He settled with, because her status of being alive all this time had also been a secret well kept. Deep down though, he'd known that if anyone could have survived the explosion that had so utterly destroyed the Sanctuary, it would be Helen Magnus. He should have known. Magnus gave him an apologetic smile.

"Can you ever forgive me?" She asked, her tone hopeful yet reserved. Truthfully, Will wasn't sure of his answer. He did owe her a lot. If not for Helen Magnus, Will would still be largely unaware of the extraordinary world of Abnormals. Knowing about it was breath-taking enough, but to be able to learn it, study it, and live it… it had been an opportunity of a lifetime. He was beyond grateful to her. His first steps into the bowels of the old Sanctuary had been the start of an adventure he just couldn't walk away from. And everything since then had been a kaleidoscope of being saved from one peril or another; learning new ways of living and who to trust; and discovering a new perspective every day. But the secrets… the aversion to trusting him with the whole picture… it had caused a lot of unnecessary heartache. Was he that untrustworthy in her eyes? What would it take to earn that trust? Could he meet those demands?

"I wish it were that easy." He replied, in insecurities flying around his mind as he waited for her response. He could see her mind working hard, but it was the look in her eyes that held his attention. She was remorseful. Truly remorseful. He could see it in her behaviour and body language; the way her smile halted a little, her hands clenched just a little tighter; her weight shifted as she'd made to step closer but thought better of it, unsure of where she stood with him now. One thing was clear; she hadn't expected that to be his answer, and it truly upset her. But she hid it well again behind her ever-present mask of confidence that her hundred odd years had granted her.

"What if I offered you the chance to explore a world that you've been trying to see, since you were a child?" She went with, in an offer reminiscent of their first proper encounter. He smirked at the reference. "Oh right, you already have a job." She continued with another equally well-placed reference to their first conversation. He couldn't hide his grin this time. She was good.

"Had a job." He replied, emphasising the word had. "I quit SCIU last week." He admitted. He didn't need to add why; it was fairly obvious at that point. Her eyes held a glint at his words, which meant she obviously already knew about it.

"Well then…" She began, the knowing smile was back on her lips and it was in that moment he knew that she had him right where she intended for him to be. "You might want to see this." She added and with her knowing grin still firmly in place, she turned and lead him around the final corner of the rocky labyrinth. What met his eyes was beyond anything he could have imagined. It was a paradise. Will couldn't hold back the disbelieving huff of awe that escaped his chest.

"Magnus…" He just about managed but beyond that, there were no words he could use to describe what he saw.

"Do you like it?" She asked, and it was the first time Magnus had appeared to seek his approval. Her tone wasn't bragging or prideful; it was peaceful. Will took a quick second to study her before gazing at what the timeless woman had achieved. There was nothing to consider in that moment. There was no way he could pass up on an opportunity like this, and she knew it.

"I get a raise, right?" he half joked, knowing that to run and maintain this haven was going to cost a lot. Magnus confirmed that idle guess with her response.

"Absolutely not." He had to smirk at that. But the awe overtook his attention again, and for the first time in a long time - certainly during the past few months - he felt like he was finally where he needed to be.

Magnus gave a sigh of contentment, "Shall we begin?" she asked. She didn't wait for his response as she led the way forward.

From a concealed shadow in one of the many rocky alcoves, a pair of golden eyes watched as the two walked down the main pathway of the intricately designed architecture that had been built into the hollow-earth's walls. Her sole interest studied the man walking next to the mockery of an Abnormal. She whispered to him across the wavelengths of their minds, as he passed her position.

"Durga…" He paused for just a millisecond but shook his head and carried on. She grinned. They were still connected. But now was not the right time. She would wait for the opportune moment. Time was short, but this had to be executed with the utmost precision.

If not, he might refuse the calling…

…and that would spell the end of the world.