Chapter 2: I Want To Change

The long walk wasn't bad as Gaz was enjoying the peace around the neighborhood. It was even better when she was listening to some music on her phone. Her band favorite was Motionless In White and it soothes her inner soul to listen to the best band around. But still, she was thinking about how to approach Zim without saying anything that might make him lose his calm persona.

Gaz was still thinking about what made him be like that. Over the past month, Zim was never social and boasted about taking over the world. But he actually talked to a few people and kept himself occupied with schoolwork. Hell, Zim even spoke to Keef, the boy who idolized him as a Friend God for some nonsense. And, of all people, Zita! Talking to a girl and smiling! Smiling! A real one at that!

This was getting too confusing in her head as Gaz that it might be one of his clone projects he was working on. Or maybe he must've had a device to trick everyone that he turned over a new leaf? Or maybe he-

[SFX: Slap!]

'Whew! Thanks, me. I needed that. For a minute there, I thought I was acting like...Dib.' Gaz shuddered at the thought of being her brother. Now that would be a nightmare she'd never want to be in. Her cheek may have suffered damage, but it was worth it as she needed to focus on what she had to do. It was lucky that Gaz texted her brother that she was going out for a walk. Otherwise, Dib would constantly bug her and find ways to spy inside Zim's base without any hesitation. No, Gaz needed to do this alone and get answers.

After walking for quite a bit, Gaz made it to the house and it was still the same as it usually was. But then, she noticed that the tubes that were connected to both houses were gone and it looks as if Zim's house was getting some energy somewhere. But where? As if things were weird, the gnomes were gone and replaced with a robotic guard dog!

Upon stepping a little closer to his lawn, Gaz carefully walked on the porch to make sure she wouldn't disturb the beast. She wondered how Zim had the idea of creating something like this instead of his gnomes to do the job. But as Gaz was walking, the dog was still sleeping and unable to budge. She sighed in relief and rang the doorbell to see if anyone was home.

However, she heard one voice shouting, "I'M COMING!"

The door was opened and inside revealed to be Zim's S.I.R. unit named GIR. Although the same little robot with his disguise on, the hood was off as he flashed a smile towards Gaz.

"Hi, scary lady! How are you doing?" Gaz raised an eyebrow. GIR was always full of energy and raised his voice to a high level. Instead, he was speaking normal and less...annoying. Although the 'scary lady' part needed to be worked on.

"Um...hey. Um, GIR, right?" The robot nodded as Gaz continued. "Okay. First: Call me Gaz. Only Gaz. And 2: Is Zim home? I need to speak to him."

GIR nodded. "Of course! He's actually down the basement just fixing his spaceship. Care to come in?"

Curious to what made GIR like this, Gaz shrugged her shoulders and went inside the house. Once entered, the house inside was looking the same as it was. The only thing different was that there was a staircase leading to the other rooms and a new portrait about a futuristic cyberpunk city. In her mind, Gaz loved the art.

The two were in the kitchen and Gaz was seeing new decor and it added a breakfast nook. GIR soon stopped and pointed to the way to the underground base. "Here you go, Gazzy!"

Gaz gasped and saw a tube elevator that replaced the toilet one. It was big enough to fit three people and it leads up the roof and down to where Zim is at. "Wow."

"Zim will be a little busy down there making stuff. Make sure to be safe." GIR warned with concern.

Gaz turned to the robot and stated, "Hey. I'll be fine. I've been through worse."

"But not Zim." GIR said while looking down on the ground. "He's been through much stuff and it was great to see him better. I don't want him to be angry anymore."

Gaz was stunned to hear this from GIR. She was curious to why Zim was the way he is, but wanted to know what would make him angry like last time. Was it big? Did it lead to an argument? Gaz didn't want to jump to conclusions and bent down to face the robot.

"Ok. I'm going to check up and see how he's feeling. And when I'm done, I might bring you something back when I come back here. Is that fine?" Gaz said.

Upon hearing that, GIR looked up to her and smiled with a nod. He turned to leave and watch some television. Gaz sighed as she headed towards the elevator. Once she was inside, it was as if the computer knew where she wanted to go and sent her down to the lower level. While slowly going down, Gaz was amazed to see the lab with a new look and a change of decor. The lab itself had the same computer monitor, three extra rooms with an unknown symbol on each of them, and a repair bay for just about anything.

And by the sound of music coming from that area, her guess would be that Zim is there working on the Voot Cruiser. Gaz left the elevator and went straight for Zim's direction. The only thing bizarre about it is that while the alien was fixing the ship, the music he was playing sounded familiar. It was something close to her playlist. Gaz shook her head and concentrated on why she was here.

The goth girl was now near the alien as she was seeing him underneath the ship doing some work. She couldn't help but hear him singing something from the radio as she needed to get his attention. Gaz simply knocked on the ship and caused Zim to stop what he was doing.

"GIR, is that you?" The alien spoke in question. "I told you I promised to get you tacos once I'm done! I'm just about finished!"

Gaz sighed and said, "Wrong person, genius. It's Gaz."

Suddenly, she heard a tool dropped on the floor as Zim replied, "Gaz?! What are you doing here?!"

"Ms. Bitters forced me to be here. She wanted to know some progress on how you are doing during your suspension. Plus: I also felt like coming here since I wanted to ask you something." Gaz answered.

"Hmm. Fair point." Zim complied. "I'm surprised that Ms. Bitters would actually care for one of her students."

"Meh. She's weird like that." Gaz retorted. "Anyway, I need you up here so I can talk to you better."

" Not going to happen." Zim stated while fixing up a pipe.

Gaz raised her eyebrow and started to feel annoyed. "Explain why you can't."

"Well...something happened to me a while back while making a batch of paste for my skin to resist liquid substance. Unfortunately, GIR mixed in the wrong chemicals and had made an explosion go off." Zim said.

"I see," Gaz replied, still unamused. "What happened next?"

Zim sighed and spoke with an uneasy tone. "Gaz...what I'm about to show you is kinda surprising. Think you can handle it?"

Gaz scoffed. "Zim, I've faced and watched a lot of weird things happening for years now. Whatever you show me couldn't possibly be much difficult."

And with that statement, Zim sighed in defeat and said, "Okay, Gaz."

Zim put his tool down and used his hands to grab the back of the Voot Cruiser to pull him out. But as he did that, Gaz noticed something from his hands that they were a different color. It was a little tanned, but fair to the touch. Before she would observe more, Zim was rolling out underneath and Gaz was beyond shocked that her eyes were wider than dinner plates.

Zim's new appearance was breathtakingly stunning as he was looking slim, yet gained some muscle and a 4-pack ab structure. His height was about three inches taller than Gaz and gained an emo-styled look with a small spike mohawk. His eyes were normal with ruby red color and his facial feature was like that of a young rockstar. All that while wearing black jeans and black shoes.

Gaz was speechless and in shock as to how Zim was looking like a real human! And the proof was that his PAK was no longer attached to his back! She gazed at his upper torso and couldn't help but blush at his abs. Gaz was never a fan to why boys have them, but that changed when she gazed at Zim's.

"Told you it was a shock."

Gaz shook her head quickly and turned her gaze at the former alien. "! And when did you…?!"

Zim shrugged as he reached for his dark green tank top. "It happened right before I got suspended. It was slowly starting to change my skin color as to yours as I was feeling the effects kicking in. It was to my legs and working its way to my upper body. It was raining one day and raindrops started to hit me. I thought I was doomed, but I wasn't burning. I didn't even suffer and I casually tested it out. Soon after, my head was changing and my complexion was rearranged into something more pleasant. By the time the week was over, I fully became human!"

Gaz couldn't think of anything to say at this point and thought Zim was lying. But it was real as she poked his arm and felt real muscles. "My gosh! This"

"See? I told you." Zim shrugged.

"Does anybody else know about this?" She asked.

"Only Zita and Keef. Those two were shocked after I told them that my skin disease was gone." The former alien said.

"Yeah, speaking of that: How DID you befriend those two? And what made you change?!" Gaz stated.

Zim raised his eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"I haven't been your other self lately. You never shout about how humanity is a disgrace and should be destroyed, finding ways to take over the world, and you stopped bothering my annoying brother. You've hung out with people and sometimes quiet. This is all weird and...I want to know what made you do all of this? Are you really planning something?" Gaz asked while looking straight at the alien.

Zim took a moment to absorb all this in and took a deep breath to speak clearly. "Well, you are very observant. So I guess I owe you an explanation. But let's chat in the other room."

"Um...sure." Gaz replied as Zim led the way to one of the rooms she saw. They approached the third room and Zim opened it up for Gaz to go inside first. Once she was in, her eyes were wide again to see it was a personal game room Zim made. It came with a lounge chair of two, snacks from both Earth and Space, a 42-inch television set, and the PowerStation X console with two controllers.

"Whoa!" Gaz exclaimed.

"Yeah, just build this room a while back when going through some stuff. I got bored and needed some entertainment." Zim explained while sitting down on the lounge chair. "Take a seat."

Gaz did so and took a liking to how comfortable his chair is. Soft with a little leather and great for total gaming. She spotted some pizza and took it upon herself to take a slice. Zim didn't mind as he started to explain his story. Gaz soon stopped him and asked, "So...explain."

"Very well," Zim said. "About two months ago, I thought I would do something to prove my loyalty to my Tallest. That stands for my leaders." Gaz nodded. "Anyway, I thought things would go well after the Florpus incident caused a lot of damage to my credibility. I thought I could reason with them. But instead, they cut off my transmission and let me suffer for my failure."

"Ouch. They must be really pissed at you." Gaz stated.

"Oh, it was far worse than that after I failed to bring Earth to its knees. But as the time goes by fast, I was starting to question my leaders. I haven't received anything from them for months and I was unable to get in contact with them. But...I finally did. But truthfully...I wish I didn't." Zim's tone changed to an upset kind.

Gaz noticed this and wondered what made him feel down. "What happened?"

Zim took a huge gulp of his soda and sat it down on the table to answer Gaz's question. "The Tallests told me something that Inever thought to hear…"

Zim's P.O.V. Flashback

"Your mission was a lie."

The moment I heard that, I stopped everything to hear what I thought was a joke. But it wasn't as I was speaking to them on the monitor. Tallest Red and Purple were looking at me like I was a disease and didn't bother to care about how I reacted to the news.

"But...what...I-I…?" I stopped again as Red continued.

"Zim, we thought that it was the time we told you that your 'mission' was nothing more than a huge joke to the Irken Empire. Like we would EVER give you a special mission to conquer something we cared less about."

Purple added, "Yeah! I mean, we basically banished you to that planet for a reason. We never even heard of Earth and thought you would've died there."

"If Foodcourtia didn't work, then I hope this planet will serve as a place for your exile. And *laugh* to think you would become an invader for the Irken Empire?!" Red laughed and Purple followed. Along with a few guards as they ridiculed me as a failure to my own species.

I was unaware that GIR was behind me as I was feeling crushed that my own Tallests would do this to me. Inside, I was downright upset that they kept this from me for years until it was that moment that they showed their true colors. In front of my own face!

"Face it, Zim: Everything in your life is a huge failure! You have nothing but the rank of a food drone, your plans are ridiculous that it made a fresh smeet seem smarter than you, and...that pathetic S.I.R unit you have is nothing but garbage and a stupid malfunction that's better off in the furnace! Something useless as that shouldn't be online and sold for scrap because, my Irk, he's defective as you!"

Before I would speak, something broke and I turned to see in horror that GIR was behind me the whole time. But I felt so hurt to see him in tears that he left quickly to the tube. The Tallests witnessed this and laughed more while I took a look at what GIR brought me. It was a snow globe. A nice one where the little robot made it for me. It even had some words saying 'Keep Trying, Master!' on a banner with him holding it. He was going to give it to me after the Florpus incident and wanted me to keep trying.

Something snapped inside of me as I could hear the laughter from the screen as I felt betrayed and lied to by the ones I used to serve and they treated me like filth. Soon, I had on a wicked smile and activated something from my wristband to pinpoint the coordinates of a specific target. One that could destroy anything without a trace. During my space travels, I stumbled upon a satellite ship where it was mildly broken and needed some upgrades. It now became a super weapon to take down any intruders nearby. I was about to present it to The Tallests, but I decided to test it out on an Irken fleet.

I pushed the button and I fired the first shot. Soon after, Red and Purple stopped laughing and their alarms went off. One of their ships exploded as a few Irken scattered to escape. Red was asking what happened as I fired another shot. Another fleet was destroyed and I loved it. They were panicking and I watched the madness as I kept firing. I was blinded by my rage that I couldn't stop until they all fell. Years of lying. Years of hate. Years of believing that I could become an invader. It all changed when they confessed to me that I was nothing but a worthless food drone defect. But what they said to GIR, they were dead Irkens.

Once I spotted the command ship, it was my chance to make sure they will all pay for their lies.

"Please! Z-Zim! Enough of this!" Red shouted, but feared for what I can control.

"W-W-We're sorry! We're very sorry!" Purple stated while sobbing; knowing that they were next.

Their plea meant nothing as I was blinded by rage and wanted to make them pay. But before I could press the button, I took a look at the destruction I've made around the Irken fleet. The carnage of ship debris flying around space with so much of little resistance. But the worst that I've witnessed was the bodies of other Irkens; lifeless and torn apart from the blast as some were new. They never expected this and I killed them. Young Irken soldiers and invaders who were just starting something new.

I felt something deep inside me that knew that I crossed a certain line to what I have done to them. My past destructive ways have come back to haunt me for what I did to the Irken Empire and the previous Tallests. I felt guilt. I felt so much more and I was becoming more like the Tallests themselves. Although I was still riddled with guilt, I faced my former leaders with anger and disabled my satellite.

Once I was done, I told them to listen to what I had to say and said, "I'm done with you cowards. I've done so much for you and this is what I get for what I tried to help you with. I wanted acceptance. I wanted respect. I wanted to be remembered. But guess what? You've played with my goals and dreams and broke them for your amusement. Well then. You got your wish. You won't be hearing from me again. But you ever try to call me're dead. All of you."

To end transmission, I threw my chair and smashed the screen. Soon after, my rage was all over as I was destroying my own base and tearing down anything that was Irken. I lashed out for 20 minutes until I just stopped. So much hurt was inside me that I couldn't head towards the living room. So I sat down by the computer and...cried. Cried for my mission to be lies. Cried for the lives I've killed. Cried...for being Life's fool.

End Flashback

After finishing his story, Gaz was appalled and hurt about what the former alien had been through. Even though he was one of them, Zim was devastated that he crushed the lives of new Irkens after going through a bloodlust of revenge. Deep down, Gaz knew the feeling as she was about to reach that line with Johnny after the incident. And she was grateful that she realized her actions before she ended someone's life.

"I'm...I-I'm sorry to hear about that. But Zim, that was an accident. You didn't know." Gaz said softly.

"I told myself that," Zim replied, "but I really went too far. Those bastards took me to my breaking point that I wanted to just end them all. I had nightmares about that day and I...wished to take back those lives. I didn't mean to. I just…"

Gaz understood as she saw a tear coming down Zim's left eye, but swiped away before Zim could let more come out. "What made you change?"

Zim said, "Well...I actually had Keef come over one day since he was recovering from some incident. I thought he died, but he was wondering how I was doing. I would've told him I'm fine, but I didn't feel like it. So I told him about some people lying to me about my life and I kinda snapped. Keef was apologizing, but I told him I was fine. But still, he insisted on helping me out and took me to the city for fresh air. GIR stayed home and was quiet after Red and Purple's comments. Me and Keef went out to have a little fun and I guess I was feeling a little better."

"And Zita?" Gaz questioned.

"Well," Zim complied, "We actually saw her in the park one day and she was crying her eyes out. Keef and I started to approach her and asked what was going on. It appeared that her boyfriend dumped her for one of the popular girls at skool and called her an 'ugly freak of Satan'. That was low and Keef comforted her for that. I was literally pissed, but I decided to let it go. After calming her down, we invited her to the group and started to enjoy ourselves.

"I was wondering why she was down." Gaz stated while drinking her soda.

"Oh, and she's dating Keef." Zim added, earning a spit take from Gaz.

"WAIT WHAT?!" Gaz shouted.

"They're dating. But they were doing it in secret and didn't want no one to notice it except me. And now you know. But still, I consider them my good real friends in ages. And I never regretted it." Zim smiled as he took a slice of pizza.

"Wow." Gaz said. "And it made you change how you are right now?"

"Of course. Due to the fact that my mission was a lie, I came to accept that I am completely exiled and banished. And I can accept it. Although I dislike some things around here, I consider Earth home to me." Zim stated with a smile. "And it only took me one day to do so."

Gaz raised an eyebrow. "One day?"

Zim nodded. "It took me just one day to change everything about myself: I became relaxed, learned a few things, being nice to other people, and becoming a responsible brother to GIR."

"Brother?" Gaz asked.

"I kinda like him as one. He can be a pain, but that's the way I want him to be." Zim said.

"Oh." Gaz was thinking on how Zim was able to make it happen. But in one day? That seems impossible. But because of what she had to deal with in life, Gaz needed to find a way to change her attitude and live a little without getting herself distracted mindlessly around a game and not talking to people as life goes on. She wants to change. She wants to be better. She wants to be the new Gazlene Membrane. "Hey, Zim?"

"Yes, Gaz?" He answered.

"Is it possible to change someone in one day?" She asked.

Zim shrugged. "It could be possible. Why?"

Gaz took a deep breath and looked at Zim with a little confidence. "I want to change."

Zim looked at her with a shocking look. "Huh?!"

"I want to change." Gaz repeated.

"No, I heard the first time, but...why do you want to change?" Zim asked kindly.

Gaz stated. "Zim, I have been antisocial my whole life since I was 6. My brother only cares about his paranormal crap and my Dad NEVER shows up unless ONCE in a year! I've been playing my GameSlave forever to ignore others, but I never got the chance to experience what to do with other people. I have hurt, abused, insulted, and nearly killed people because of stupid reasons. I want to be a better person and be...alone anymore. And...I want to know...what's it like to have...friends." She looked away with a sad look and hoped that Zim would help.

Zim was currently thinking over what Gaz had said to him. Normally anyone could change, but here was Gaz, the goth girl of nightmare and fear, asking him for help. But to have her be nice? That's challenging. Although, it could be interesting to see how Gaz could get along with others more and be open about herself. And it could be a chance to have her make good friends along the way. So with that, Zim made his decision.

"Okay, Gaz, I will help you." Zim answered.

Gaz looked at Zim and said, "R-Really?"

Zim nodded. "I can help change you into a new Gaz Membrane that can be more open and positive to others. And it can be something to get you active with other hobbies besides video games."

"When can we start?" She asked

"How about tomorrow? Just show up and we'll start from there. Deal?" Zim offered his hand to her so they could close the deal.

"You got a deal, Zim." Gaz shook his hand and smiled a little to know that she'll do whatever it takes to be a better person.

As soon as they let go, the alarm rang as both teens went out the room to head to the screen to see what was going on.

"Computer, status report!" Zim demanded. Instead of telling, the Computer sighed and showed Zim and Gaz the front yard. It turns out that Dib was trying to sneak into the base again, but was being chased by Zim's robotic guard dog. Zim sighed and said, "Again?"

"Again." The Computer replied.

Gaz shook her head while facepalming to say, "Idiot."

"Well, I better go get Thanos before he destroys your brother." Zim said while heading to the tube.

"Thanos?" Gaz questioned with her eyebrow raised.

Zim shrugged and answered, "Me and GIR got the idea of the name after watching that Marvel movie."

"Seriously?" Gaz said.

"Great villain of his work. But sad that I didn't get the chance to thank Mr. Stan Lee for his work. Too soon to go." Zim sighed.

"Same." Gaz replied.

"Hmm. Never pegged you as a comic book fan."

"Meh. Something to pass the time." Gaz said. "Also, when we get done with Dib, you still planning on getting GIR tacos? I could come along for the company."

"Sure, Gaz, I don't mind." Zim smiled. "It's nice to have a friend around."

"A friend?" Gaz stared at him with curiosity.

"After today, I would love to have you as a friend of mine." Zim stated.

"Cool." Gaz looked away, but suddenly smiled a little to know that once tomorrow comes, Gaz Membrane will be a new person to the world.


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