Chapter 12: Frenzied

Hekapoo had been watching herself for a few days, trying to focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about Marco. She had taken residence in the sandy beach cove behind her clone to keep an eye on her. She figured he would have been back by now but she knew he could handle himself. The boy she once knew that was naive, brave and kind of stupid. Was now cunning, strong and as she recently came to understand dangerous. Thinking back to their playful sparring sessions now took on a new meaning as it became quite apparent he could have killed her at any point. While she couldn't bring herself to think about Marco as a killer, it also didn't help to think of him as a saint. In a sort of dark way he was actually an adult now, none of the choices he made were necessarily good or evil.

While she had been in many battles over the millennia none of them really brought her to a point of fear. No matter how bad things got she always found a way out and it only made it easier when she had the High Commission backing her up. This was something completely different though, she had seen a side of him she didn't think existed and it was building fear in her. The coldness in his voice, the lack of his familiar warmth, it was like a total stranger replaced him for a brief moment. For her assassination attempts were nothing new considering how old she was but something about finding out they were after her change him. While she wasn't one to run from a fight, especially one that would threaten the lives of innocence she wanted nothing more than to convince him to just run away with her.

Hekapoo took a hold of sand from the beach and tossed it to her right across the ground. Being on guard duty for herself was starting to get to her. Though she was grateful nothing was happening, it didn't distract from the fact that she was even further away from Marco then she started.

"I guess you were right Glossaryk" she stated watching him near the dancing waves

Glossaryk was sitting on the sand patiently next to Hekapoo's clone as he tugged slightly on his fishing rod. He had managed to catch eight or so fish in a span of an hour to satiate his hunger. Next to him was a large wicker basket Hekapoo's clone used to hold her caught fish.

It had been a few days since her clone even went back to check up on Marco. She would continue her daily ritual of attempting to summon her powers, fishing for food and attempting to use her power again. This usually went on the entire day until she tired herself out from exhaustion. Though it was abundantly obvious she was still upset with Marco, Hekapoo would catch her looking longingly at the makeshift hut where she thought Marco was. Everyday no matter what happened she would take a basket of fish down to the hut and leave it outside. After the second day of not seeing him and the basket she provided the day before still being there it was pretty obvious he was gone.

Hekapoo's clone took a deep breath as she watched the waves crash on the sandy beach in front of her. In her mind each wave represented the minutes she waited on him to return. When she got a sync from the prime Hekapoo her new memories revealed that Marco was missing. He had blown out another one of her sister clones months prior and had vanished. At the time she was in the middle of the dark forest setting up a trap for him to fall into. The last fifty clones he faced were all taken out in less than a few seconds. He had gotten a lot craftier since they started the whole game. Before he would do his favorite karate movie impersonations and jump out of bushes screaming the whole time announcing his 'surprise attack'. But a year after his seventh birthday for a brief period of time he disappeared for months. When he returned something about his demeanor had completely changed. He was a lot less talkative in battle. Their usual playful banter had turned into an actual battle. Usually she would start with the usual hero, villain banter and he would play along before but after his disappearance he was completely silent. The same attacks he would fall for before were suddenly being countered before she even made a move. Somewhere along the way he had figured out her weakness was her footing. As long as he could sweep her off her feet her fighting style and magic didn't mean much because the range of motion she had was severely limited. Before she even knew it the clones had actually come to respect his new fighting style and learned to adapt. They could no longer hide out in plain sight because he would be watching and taking them out before they even knew what was happening. This drastic change in his fighting style had changed her too, while normally she would be very blatant with her moves she learned to telegraph less and delay until the absolute last minute. Even with all those changes it didn't take long for none of them to mean anything as soon nothing she did combat-wise even mattered, he would counter it well before she even thought of it. With no options left hiding was the only efficient way to delay him.

The clone smiled to herself as she came to understand how significantly he had become in her life in such a short amount of time. It had been six years since she last saw him and now he was a grown adult. That had to make him around twenty-seven now.

She closed her eyes as she pictured the scrawny teen he was when he first entered her world. Slightly chuckingly to herself, he had always been a funny looking teen. Without warning her thoughts changed to the memories he had recently made of him. His large frame, the muscles stacked on his body, the hair on his face and that jawline.

The clone's face gradually turned red as she tried to focus her thoughts on something else. This turned out to be an utter failure as her thoughts seemed to focus even harder on his abs. Covering her face with her hands, she couldn't bring herself to acknowledge that she liked what she saw. She still wanted to be mad at him.

"He left me for six years, stop thinking about him!" she shouted, abruptly standing and kicking sand into the water in front of her.

"He didn't even care enough to find me…." she stated sadly

She turned toward the direction of the hut and noticed how empty it seemed. Just like that he was gone again. Just as quickly as he came he just left again leaving her behind.

Seating on the sand again she tried her hardest to remain mad and to not forgive him but the longer she gazed at the hut the worse her longing got. Truth was there wasn't a single part of her that hated him. The anger that she tried to keep aflame was a thinly veiled excused for how much pain she was in all those years. All that time wasted and not a single explanation of what happened or why he was gone for so long.

'I didn't mean too…' the sound of Marco's voice echoed in her mind.

Falling to her side she laid still on the sandy cove ground, a mix of pain, confusion and worry. She couldn't bring herself to acknowledge that despite everything he did, the six years he disappeared and the lame brain excuse he gave she still wanted him there. She felt more alone now then when she didn't know if he was alive or dead. The idea that he was ok and there wasn't a real excuse to his absence was unfathomably painful to her. Nothing would hurt more than to hear he just wanted to be away from her. She was having more fun than she ever thought possible in all the years she was alive but for the first time she started to think about from Marco's perspective. What if he didn't want to be here anymore? What if she took it too far and ended up trapping him in this game? What were they really trying to prove by doing all this?

Pushing herself off the ground the clone moved a few feet away from the cove onto the open sandy beach. This was her usual spot for trying to summon her powers again. It had been a very hard six years without them and at some point she forgot what it even felt like anymore. The last time she summoned her powers was when Marco was creeping on her. But even that power felt wrong as it drained her almost to the point of death. Something was very wrong and it all started with Marco going missing. The emotional turmoil that put her through destroyed her productivity with scissors and closed her access to her magic leaving her a shell of herself.

Taking deep breaths and closing her eyes she focused her mind on her inner flame, building it in her mind until it exploded into a righteous fire. Opening her eyes she thrusted her hand forward as a few embers flew out.

"WHAT WAS THAT!" she screamed irritated with her situation

Hekapoo sat quietly watching her clone knowing fully well she would never actually get her powers back. Opening her palm and trying to summon the flames herself, she strained to make anything happen. After a brief moment five mezzly embers emerged.

"Looks like your powers still aren't back" Glossaryk stated, suddenly appearing next to her

"What the heck Glossaryk, I faced Marco, I decided I care alot about that idiot why aren't my powers working", she yelled with her cheeks a flush red

"Hhhhmmm….I thought it was pretty obvious" he said smiling at her as she gave him a look of confusion.

"Tell me Hekapoo, does he love you?" he questioned knowingly

Hekapoo sat quietly as she wore a worried look on her face. In the rush of everything happening she hadn't really given much thought about what Marco felt. She was confident in her resolve for him but the question still burning in her heart was did he feel the same way. Sure he gave her a unprompted hug before he left but friends hugged right. He would have done the same thing with Star so that didn't mean anything, right?

"Why does this have to be so complicated…"she said pull her knees closer to her chest

"Love is the most complex force there is. It doesn't make sense and it doesn't have to. Are you telling me that you would rather not experience all this?" he asked

"Of course not, I just…..I just want him…" she remarked, eyes now locked on her clone.




The next day Hekapoo watched as her clone got up bright and early to gather supplies for the day. She always started with the firewood as it usually took the most amount of time to find the correct sizes and hull them all back to the campfire she built near the cove. She then collected water in the crude metal cauldron she crafted a few days prior to boil for purification. With all kinds of deadly animals and insects in her world there was no tell what was in the water. Shortly after she would attempt another few hours of trying to summon her powers followed by working in her makeshift mini forge near the inner part of the cove. While her smithing skills were garbage compared to when she had access to her power it calmed her mind when she had something to do. Trying to stay active despite the fact that she was substantially worried over Marco.

Hekapoo stood up to stretch when she noticed black smoke coming from not far in the forest immediately behind her. She and Glossaryk gave each other a knowing looking as they raced toward the billowing smoke overhead.

When she arrived on the scene to her surprise she noticed forty wolf-bear troops by her count defeated all over the ground. Many were burned to a crisp as others seemed to be impaled in the chest but there was no signs of a weapon doing the damage. Toward the outer edge of the battle grounds was a stacked group of wolf-bears laid deceased on top of one another. Whoever did this was not only strong but it looked like they had a good deal of fire power with them.

"Well that wasn't so bad!" a jolly voice stated

Hekapoo sharply turned toward the voice she heard behind her and in her shock she could not speak upon seeing the mysterious voice.

Before her stood a very tall bulky man with a king like white cloak around his shoulders. Gold tassels lined the cloak and matching white pants as they gleamed against the overhead sunlight. His hair made of orange flames danced in the wind as his two rather large yellow horns sat firmly on his head. His red eyes surveyed the area as he smiled at his good work. Next to him stood a young girl with red hair and shorter horns the same color as the man, her jacket just as white as his with golden buttons lining the front seams. Her face was white as snow and her red eyes seemed to gleam with what appear to be distant star galaxies.

"Mommy doesn't like when you kill people Heptus!" the little girl yelled

"Yeah I know sis, but these guys were going to kill Mom so I had to" he said folding his arms

"It's still bad Hep, why can't you be more like Mira!" she said storming off toward the direction of the beach hut

"Maryloo wait!" the man replied chasing after her

Hekapoo fell to her knees as tears streamed down her face, those were….




"My kids…."

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