Screen Title: #Sam&CatVacationCross-A-Rooney

Sam, Cat, and Dice are planning a week long vacation to Wisconsin

Cat: I can't believe we're going to Wisconsin.

Dice: This is going to be so much fun.

Sam: You're welcome.

Cat: Who's going to watch the apartment?

Sam: I asked Jade.

Jade walks in

Jade: I'm here.

Sam: Thanks for watching over our place.

Jade: What are friends for.

Cat: Bye Jade.

Dice: See ya.

Jade: Have fun on your vacation.

Sam: Thanks.

Cat: Don't destroy anything while we're gone.

Jade: No promises.

Sam, Cat and Dice get in Cat's car and drives off

Sam: Wisconsin here we come.

We now cut to Stevens Point, Wisconsin outside the Rooney house where Parker and Joey are playing football

Joey: Parker go long.

Parker: Okay.

Joey throws a football and Parker catches it

Joey: Nice catch.

Liv: It's nice to see you two getting along.

Maddie: You're like best friends.

Parker: Joey think fast.

Parker throws the football but it hits a window

Joey: You hit the neighbor's window. Run.

They run inside

Karen: Parker what have we told you about playing football?

Parker: I didn't throw it in our window.

Joey: It's my fault. I meant to throw it to Parker but I missed.

Pete: Well I'm afraid you're going to be grounded.

Joey: Man.

Karen: Unless, if you do the chores for tonight, you'll be off the hook.

Joey: Okay.

Karen and Pete walk away

Liv: Joey that was sweet to stick up to Parker like that.

Maddie: Yeah.

Joey: He would have done the same for me.

Parker: Thanks for sticking up to me.

Joey: No problem.

We now cut back to Sam, Cat, and Dice

Dice: How close are we to Wisconsin?

Cat: 5 more miles.

Sam: I heard Wisconsin is a wonderful state.

Cat: Don't they get a lot of tornadoes?

Dice: No that's Oklahoma.

Sam: And other states including; Texas, Kansas, Tennessee, and Florida.

Dice: Doesn't Sikowitz teach you that?

Cat: No he's an acting teacher.

Sam: Why does he never wear shoes?

Cat: I don't know.

They have entered Wisconsin

Dice: We're in Wisconsin.

Sam: Damn, it's beautiful in person.

Cat: Where are we staying at again?

Sam: At Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Dice: That's where Maddie Rooney lives.

Sam: I've heard of her. She's so popular.

Cat's engine starts to buffer

Cat: What's happening to my car?

Dice: I think the engine buffered.

Cat: Man what'll we do now?

Sam: How about we ask that house for help?

They go up to the Rooney house and knocks

Karen: Hi can I help you?

Cat: Hi our car broke down?

Pete: That's terrible.

Dice: Can you help us get it towed and fixed.

Karen: Of course we can. In the meantime, you can stay here with us.

Sam: Sweet.

Cat: I'll go unload our stuff.

Pete: What's your names?

Sam: I'm Sam. She's Cat, and that's Dice.

Karen: I'm Karen. This is my husband Pete.

Liv: Hey what's going on.

Maddie: No way you're Sam from iCarly.

Sam: And you're the famous Maddie Rooney.

Joey: What are you doing here?

Karen: Their car broke down.

Pete: They're staying here with us.

Parker: I'm Parker.

Dice: Dice.

Cat: Okay I got all of our stuff.

Cat sees Joey and opens her mouth ride

Sam: Cat? Cat? You okay?

Cat: Huh Oh yeah.

Karen: Dice you'll stay with Parker and Joey. Sam you and Cat can get the guest room.

Parker: I guess we're roommates.

Dice: Sweet.

Joey: Our room is the best.

Sam and Cat go to the guest room

Cat: Nice guest room.

Sam: Eh it's okay.

3 hours later, they're eating pizza and Cat is staring at Joey as she has fallen in love with him

Joey: Why is red head staring at me?

Karen: Cat please stop staring. It's not polite.

Cat: Sorry Karen.

Sam: So Dice how you liking being with Parker?

Dice: Great. He and I became fast friends.

Cat: That's nice.

Cat is still staring at Joey

Sam: Cat let me take you to the guest room.

Cat: Kay Kay.

In the guest room

Sam: Why do you keep staring at Joey?

Cat: I think I'm in love with him.

Sam: You're what?


Sam: Why are you in love with him?

Cat: I don't know. The moment I saw him, my heart went pounding.

Sam: If you're in love with him, that means you're cheating on Robbie.

Cat: I don't know what to do.

Sam: Try to get over it. You don't want to lose Robbie do you?

Cat: No.

Sam: Then stop having a crush on Joey.

Cat: Okay I'll try.

Liv and Maddie have heard the conversation

Liv: Did you hear that?

Maddie: Yeah. We got to get Cat to stop falling in Love with Joey or she'll lose her boyfriend.

Sam and Cat walk out which causes Liv and Maddie to fall

Liv: Hey how's it going?

Sam: We're you eavesdropping?

Maddie: Yes. We're here to help Cat get out of her crush with Joey.

Cat: You're really going to help?

Liv: Of course we are.

Maddie: You must really love this Robbie guy so we're going to help you get out of your crush with Joey.

Cat: Thank you.

They go back to the living room

Joey: What took you so long?

Cat: We got lost.

Parker: It's not that small of a house.

Sam: Where did your parents go?

Dice: They went out. They said Liv and Maddie are in charge.

Cat: Oh okay.

Cat is starting to drool

Parker: Uh she's drooling.

Maddie: Oh what a coincidence.

Liv: I'll get the mop.

Sam: Come on Cat. Let me get you a drink.

In the bathroom

Cat: I'm sorry I couldn't help it.

Maddie: If his girlfriend sees this, she's going to get mad.

Sam: He has a girlfriend?

Liv: Yes. Her name is Willow Cruz.

Sam: He should invite her over.

They walk back in

Joey: I invited Willow over.

Dice: Who?

Parker: His girlfriend?

Dice: Ahh.

Doorbell Rings

Cat: Ding dong.

Joey: Why'd you do that?

Cat: Do what?

Willow walks in

Willow: Hey baby.

Joey: Sup cutie pie.

Sam: That's his girlfriend?

Maddie: Yep.

Willow: Whoa you're Sam from iCarly.

Sam: Yeah hey.

Joey: Their car broke down so they're staying with us.

Cat: Sam can I talk to you, Liv, and Maddie in the back.

Sam: Whatever.

Liv: Okay.

Maddie: Sure.

In the back

Maddie: What did you want to talk about?

Cat: I don't think I have a crush on Joey anymore.

Sam: You sure?

Cat: Yes. He doesn't seem attractive anymore.

Liv: Of course. Willow must have cured you.

Cat: Thank goodness.

Back in the living room, Karen and Pete walk in

Pete: We got your car back.

Karen: It's fixed.

Cat: Yay.

Sam: Now we can go home.

Parker: Do you have to go so soon?

Dice: I'm afraid so. It's a long drive to California.

Cat: Thanks for having us stay here.

Karen: No problem.

Pete: Anytime.

Liv, Maddie, Joey, Parker: Bye.

Cat: Bye.

Dice: See ya.

Sam: Later.

Sam, Cat, and Dice leave

Willow: What is cool having an iCarly star at your house?

Joey: Did you forget that Maddie is a star?

Willow: Yes.

Sam, Cat, and Dice are on their way back home

Sam: That was a great vacation.

Dice: I really hit it off with Parker.

Cat: Same with Liv and Maddie.

Dice: I heard you were in love with Joey. I was nearby.

Cat: Oh.

Sam: We got her to stop being in love with him.

Dice: Good. I don't think that Robbie guy would have liked it. Remember when he thought Freddie was fadoodling with her?

Cat: Yeah.

Sam: Overall, this was a great adventure.

Dice: I don't think we'll ever forget this.

Cat: I sure hope not.

The End

Note: This is a 45 minute crossover between Sam & Cat and Liv & Maddie

Note #2: Jade briefly appears in the beginning meaning this takes place after the Sam & Cat special #TheKillerTunaJump. However, since she only appears for a few seconds, it's not enough to make it a crossover with Victorious

Note #3: The title is a reference to each title of Liv & Maddie having the A-Rooney in it

Note #4: Erwin Sikowitz and Robbie Shapiro from Victorious are mentioned

Note #5: Freddie Benson from iCarly is mentioned

Note #6: This is taking place during the summer of 2014