Stuck In Time

An: Basically, Piper, Jason, Nico, Thalia, Leo, Rachel, Hazel, Frank, Grover and Reyna and the past gods time travel and they see Percy's life. I would be making some changes like a change of how Bianca died *sniff sniff*. I don't read authors note myself, so I know that you readers won't like to read them too. So, I won't be writing too many of them, but when I do please read them. Hope you enjoy! :)

Disclaimer: I do not own PJO and HOO.

Third Person's POV

To say that they were surprised would be an understatement. I looked over to all the Gods, no one could believe their eyes! Athena and Poseidon, one of the bitterest rivalry team ever, were having an argument. Now, that was normal, but the extraordinary thing was that Poseidon stayed quiet the whole argument with a dreamy look in his eyes and as if he was in a daze, he agreed to everything Athena said!

Well, Poseidon was thinking of his demigod son, Percy Jackson. He visited Percy yesterday night, but the two-year-old child was sleeping silently, with his thumb inside his mouth. He smiled at the asleep boy, he could not even imagine what his fate would be, and a hero's fate is very tragic!

Then to the surprise of the Gods something even strange happened. Nine mortals (or so they thought) and a satyr were falling from the sky! Hestia quickly made couches appear for all of them so they don't land on the hard marble floor.

Fortunately, they all landed on the couch. But before they could even come out of the shock of falling from the sky, Zeus, the drama queen as always, shouted "Who are you and how dare you interrupt our meeting!"

The demigods were outraged, all of them thought, first they don't help when Annabeth and Percy fall into Tartarus and now, they don't even remember us! But Thalia and Nico voiced their thoughts, they didn't care if they outraged the Gods, their best friends had been thrown into Tartarus! (Or crush ️)

The gods were shocked to hear such disrespectful comment and Thalia! Meanwhile, Hades and Zeus were shocked to see their children. Hera glared at all the demigods, because she had always hated them. Apollo and Hermes, North sending the mood of everyone, cheerfully said, "Introductions"

The demigods were not happy but introduced them anyway. (The people are mentioned in the author's note above, I am not repeating everything, because I am lazy but, when they heard Annabeth's title their jaws dropped and upon hearing Nico's parentage, they were not happy, but they got to know that he was born before the pact.)

Then a bright white light engulfed them all, and they found themselves inside a tiny but cosy house. On seeing the house, Poseidon and Grover gasped. Others were thinking why would they gasp, when they all heard a baby cry right behind them. Poseidon saw the child and a smile spread across his face, he spread out his arms and tried to hold the baby, but his hands just passed through him as if he was made of mist. That's when Athena, who had already figured that the boy was a son of Poseidon said, "I don't think anyone can hear or see us aside from us."