Stuck In Time



I thought about the plan but before my mind could process my plan and shout out all the ways my plan could be a total failure, we were teleported back to Perce's house.

Now, if you think that Ms. Jackson's house would be the same as it was before, you are wrong. The house now looked like a garbage dump, we found the reason soon enough; the pig! Nope, there was no actual pig in the house, it was Gabe Ugly-ano. That guy is a monster! What we saw wanted me to kick the pig out of the house. He did not deserve to stay in the house! But what we saw later made me want to send the pig dragging down the fields of punishment!

We saw little Percy standing on the doorstep of the main door, peeking through the keyhole. We didn't know why Percy was doing this, but we got to know when he mumbled to himself, "Okay, calm down Percy, just tell Gabe that they were not selling his beer to me. Just tell him that." His voice was quivering and was full of fear. Artemis gasped, "That pig sent the boy to buy beer! How could he! I swear if he tries to do anything-" She said a thousand curses which I won't like to repeat, but that pig deserved them.

Percy slowly opened the door careful not to make any noise, he closed the door and turned his back on it only to stifle a soft scream. Gabe was standing only a few inches away from him, smiling like a drunk maniac. I wanted to beat Gabe so badly that he won't recognize his face in the mirror! "Where is my beer, you idiot?" Said Gabe. "Is he sure, he is not talking to himself, cause I will never give a fowl creature like him a worthy gift as a brain!" said the one and only wisdom goddess. For the first time, Poseidon who was enraged smiled slightly at Lady Athena!


Poseidon seemed like he would burst anytime! But at the same time, it seemed as if he felt ashamed. Well, I wouldn't be proud if I was a father, and my son was living with an abusive maniac! That pig should have been the one down in Tartarus, not my friends! Thalia and Nico were shouting a range of curse and way-worse than death threats at him! Hazel and Frank who seemed easy-going were literally shouting at the top of their lungs! Piper was checking if Gabe had died in her blade and Jason was griping his coin as if he wants to use it on the pig, I couldn't blame him. Reyna and Rachel had been giving the pig death glares that could have killed him 50 times already. Zeus couldn't be less bothered and Hades was probably thinking of his punishment in the fields of punishment. Athena and Artemis were already talking strategies on how to kill that pig while Hephaestus had started to make a death-machine for Gabe.

Third Person POV

Next what we saw was a seven-year old Percy with Sally going on a walk. Everyone now felt relaxed, better to be on a walk than to be in the same house with the pig! Sally told Percy, "Okay, so Percy sit down on the bench, ok? I will get some ice-cream!" Percy who was more than happy, immediately obliged.

Then, a seven-year old girl with blonde hair and cold and calculating grey eyes approached near the bench. Her hair were tied in a messy way and it looked like she hadn't had a bath in a week, seeing the scratches on her t-shirt, she just fought a monster. Everyone gasped, knowing the girl was none other than Annabeth, daughter of Athena!

Annabeth sat a little far from Percy, yet Hazel laughed for some reason the past Gods didnt know, but the demigods knew very well. Percy then eyed the book Annabeth was reading and asked, "What is the book about and how can you read such a big book?" Athena seemed very proud that Annabeth had been reading a 500 paged book, while some demigods like Leo, dramatically fainted seeing the weight of the book. "Well, its a book about Architecture..." And she went on and on explaining what was in the book until Percy interrupted her, "Okay!" trying to stop her Architecture rant. Seeing Annabeth's reaction she didnt like to be interrupted but she said, "Okay, I will stop and to answer your question on how do I read the book; I can't, I have dyslexia." "But, if you jave dyslexia you vannot read at all." Percy objected. Annabeth said, "Well, there are different sensitivity levels for dyslexia, mine is not that sensitive so I can read a bit!" she ecplained it as if she was explaining to a three year old child.

"Its getting late, I should go back to the safehouse! Bye, whatever your name is!" And Annabeth ran on cue Sally came and handed Percy an ice cream and they also headed towards their 'home'.

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