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Protocol: Retail Therapy

Tony swept into the common room of the Avengers compound with all of his usual flair and style. The only difference was a deep scowl had replaced his semi-permanent smirk. The man let out a low growl as he sat onto one of the couches. "FRIDAY, initiate protocol: Retail Therapy." The A.I. replied with an instant "Yes boss" before displaying a large holo screen in the center of the room with numerous buildings, houses, and mansions presented as Tony began swiping through the images after reading the specifications on each building like some kind of realty tinder.

Natasha walked in after a few minutes and plopped down next to the man and began shooting off opinions on each one, "That one has a nice color to it" or "Not that one, it's in a bad part of town." Sometimes she'd make a suggestion, "What about a house with an elevator in it?" and "An apartment building at most five blocks away from a park." Each suggestion Tony would have FRIDAY adjust the filters before continuing to scroll through.

After 15 minutes of this, Steve walked in. He stood in the doorway as he tried to understand what was going on. Unable to piece together what he was seeing, He cleared his throat, "Uh...what exactly is going on here?" Natasha looked over her shoulder at the super soldier and motioned him to come over, "Someone made him upset, so he's doing a little bit of retail therapy to calm down."

Steve looked between Natasha, Tony, and the screen and back again, "But, those are buildings. I thought this retail therapy was usually done for clothes...and by women." Tony laughed at this, "That may be so Cap, but most people aren't billionaires that have to put up with the likes Fury, Ross, and Hammer. Not to mention the whole superhero gig on top of that."

Natasha turned to Tony, "So who was it this time?" "Ross," Tony growled the name and spat it out like poison, "The man has the audacity to try and demand that I hand over both Big Green and the blueprints for my suits." He let out a mocking laugh, "Like hell, I will."

Steve pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed, "Stark, you can't just buy a house every time someone pisses you off." The billionaire turned to the man out of time and smirked condescendingly, "Watch me." He pressed a button on the holograph, and the screen closed. "Purchase complete Boss. 1614 Connecticut Ave is now your property."

Steve startled for a moment, "Wait a minute, 1614 Connecti- Stark, did you just buy my apartment building?" Tony paused for a moment and shrugged, "I guess I did." He turns and walks out of the room towards the lab/garage that only he has access to.

The super-soldier turned to Natasha, "Did he really just-" The Russian assassin and spy cut him off, "Shouldn't have told him he couldn't. Now come on, I need a sparring partner, and you're a decent punching bag." Steve allowed himself to be dragged towards the training room as he struggled to comprehend what just happened. "Wait? Punching bag?"

TFR's Writing Prompt 332

"You can't just buy a house every time someone pisses you off."

"Watch me."

A/N: Credit to enechelon on Tumblr for the address. They did a bit of investigative work and found Steve's Canon address from The Winter Soldier. I know the Avengers Compound was from after TWS, but I like it a bit more than the Tower, so I used it.

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