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Chapter 4: The Witch Visits the Sorcerer

Satoru didn't know how it came to this and he didn't care for the details. All he knew was that he now sat on a chair in his little apartment above his shop with a diabolic smiling princess in front of him, enjoying the cookies and tea he had summoned. The worst thing, above all else, was that they were alone. The guards didn't dare to oppose her when she vehemently ordered them to remain outside.

'Is this truly fine? To leave your princess alone with a man 4 times her age? Someone she barely knows?' He asked himself in confusion, but the most important question remained there. Why the hell was she there in the first place?

He surely would not ask and give her the occasion to start a conversation. He was happy to remain silent and wait for her to leave without having to speak a single word.

Unfortunately for him, the princess didn't have the same idea.

"These cookies are really delicious and the tea's flavour is magnificent. I didn't even know such things could be found in the capital. Or maybe it was you who made them?"

She innocently asked. This time her smile lessened and a curious expression replaced it. To his displeasure, Satoru noticed how cute she was with that curious expression on her face. Some seconds passed before he realized she was waiting for his answer. He panicked and said the first thing that came to his mind. Unfortunately, that specific thing was the actual truth.

"Ah, uhm… I used my magic to summon it."

He immediately noticed the princess' expression changed to a surprised one. 'How in the world can someone so scary make such cute expressions?' He couldn't fathom the answer to his own question, but then a more pending thought graced his mind. 'Wait, why is she so surprised? Isn't creation magic a thing in this world? I hope I didn't mess up again. I already have a lot of attention on me. If people learn I am the only one able to use a new form of magic, I don't want to know what could happen…' As he followed that train of thought, the princess' expression changed again into an inexpressive one.

"I see. I never heard of such magic, but to have such an impressive unknown ability, you must come from far away. How did your first week go here?"

Satoru's mind went immediately back to reality. 'I'm grateful she changed the subject, but this reminds me… You made all my clients leave!' A bit of irritation returned to him as he slightly glared at the girl. Not that she could see him behind his mask and even without that, how could a skull glare?

"Well enough. As any other business, I must first build a certain level of reputation and it seems the adventurers took a liking to my products. After all, everyone likes something cheap and effective."

He surely hadn't been a manager in his old world, but he knew the basics of economy, market policies and customer service. The young girl seemed to listen to his words with an exaggerated attention when compared to the simplicity of the topic.

"I see… so you are taking that route after all… may I know why exactly?"

'What kind of question is that? Why does a 7-year-old princess concern herself with economy? What's the problem with this world?' He asked himself before returning to the most pending matter of how to answer her question. Saying the truth would make her see him as a greedy bastard, but he couldn't use the false passionate speech he used with the adventurer. Time continued to pass as silence reigned in the room.


She asked with a worried tone.

"Ah… umu… you see, princess. The truth is that… I really love collecting. It is my hobby to collect any kind of rare and unique things. This world may not seem that great from outside. I would describe it like a pile of rocks. My objective is to find precious gems between those rocks. Or to be less metaphorical, talented people. People who are able to do something no one else in the world is able to, no matter how hard they try. A collection of talents is worth all the work that's behind gathering it."

'The hell am I saying? I'm looking like a psychopath, who would kidnap children from their cribs only to see if they are talented?! Please scary princess, don't call the guards! Don't throw me into a cell now that my business is beginning to flourish!' In his panicked state he didn't notice the princess' expression morphing from one of curiosity, then confusion and then again understanding.

Unknown to Satoru the word talent had a different meaning in this world from what he previously used it for.

"That's truly… a magnificent goal I think."

She said as her eyes seemed to pierce his non-existent soul. Satoru's mind had just calmed down through his Emotional Suppression, before she said those words, which caused a new burst. 'AH?! I just said the most misunderstandable things since I arrived to this world and all you have to say is that it is magnificent?! I never studied psychology, but is it possible for a child to be a psychopath?' He screamed internally.

"Umu… I'm honored that a princess like you thinks so."

He said once the Emotional Suppression kicked in. She flashed him one of her smiles, that sent chills down Satoru's bony spine.

"Please Satoru, when we are alone, call me Renner. It would be unfair if I'm the only one using names."

It seemed more like an order than a request and Satoru wanted to avoid any problems with this child, so he complied without protesting.

"As you wish… Renner."

As he said those words the princess' face flushed red as the fire in the fireplace. She lowered her gaze to avoid his masked face and looked at the tea.

"This is the first time someone outside my family called me by name. I'm truly happy it was you Satoru."

As she said that, something that Satoru thought impossible actually happened. Her lips curved slightly into a shining and perfect smile, that seemed to spread golden light all around her.

'Beautiful' That was the only thing that came to Satoru's mind in that moment. Unfortunately, it lasted just an instant before her lips curved even more and the smile became more like an evil grin. The golden light disappeared, replaced by what seemed a dark miasma. Satoru knew that if he wasn't an undead, his mind would have shut down from the traumatic change.

{Renner's P.O.V.}

She couldn't stop smiling. It just wasn't possible. She could feel her blood pump at max speed through her body. That sensation of ecstasy only comparable to when he touched her. Her body needed it. It craved for it. If she could have it all day long, she would gladly sign a contract with the Demon Gods themselves.

Yes, now she was sure of it. All she needed in this world was Satoru. The kingdom, the empire, the gods and everything else in the world could burn to ashes for all she cared. What started as a warmth was now a blazing hell that consumed her soul. 'I will do anything to have you Satoru. Everything to be at your side forever. Everything to see you happy and make you love me back as much as I you' She said in her head.

"I-it is getting pretty late. Wouldn't everyone be worried for you, if you stayed here any longer?"

Satoru interrupted her thoughts 'Yes Satoru, you are just like me. Someone who is far superior to anyone else. The loneliness of being on the top of the pyramid. With you, I will no longer feel that loneliness, but for now I will have to stay true to my position as a princess.'

"Yes, I truly should go now before someone gets suspicious."

She said rising while standing up and making herself presentable as a true princess should.

"Umu… pr-Renner could I burden you with a small request? Can this conversation remain between the two of us?"

'Is this a test? Common sense? Etiquette after finishing a conversation with a member of the royal family?' She was puzzled by his request. Obviously, this would remain between them. No one should violate her privacy. Then a thought came to her. 'Is someone spying on us though magic and he sensed it? He seemed to be on edge a couple of times during our conversation, but I thought it was just a wrong impression… or maybe he is cautious because of the new environment he is in? It may be so, but I should check for every possible spy in the future' She told herself before deciding to play along with Satoru, but before she could speak, a more sinister and selfish thought invaded her young mind. She internally smiled.

"I will happily do so, but I would like something in return…"

She said, a mischievous grin on her face. Satoru stayed silent for few seconds 'He didn't expect this, after all it is an illogical move' She thought.

"I don't know what I could have that interested you so much, but fine. Ask away."

"A hug."

Several seconds of silence passed.

"A… hug…?"

Repeated Satoru. This was the first time she heard the great magic caster sound so uncertain. She nodded in confirmation and even took the initiative by walking up to him and trying to embrace him with her tiny arms. She couldn't even reach his abdomen. It looked more like she was hugging his legs.

Nothing happened for several moments. Then, she felt the body she was hugging move and felt two hard arms close around her. In that moment, she felt like her body was burning. Her cheeks flushed red out of her control. She felt a strange sensation envelope her body. Almost like excitement but coming from deeper inside her. It took a few seconds for her to noticed she was beginning to salivate. She needed to use all her self-control to stop and avoid drooling all over Satoru's majestic robe.

If 10 days ago someone told her she would feel such emotions, she'd have called them mad, but now she felt like it was only natural.

After what felt like only a few seconds for her, the embrace ended, and she was released from her bliss.

"Next time you visit, princess, tell me in advance so I will be able to prepare something adequate for you and at the same time, not interfere with my business."

She could only dumbly nod. She didn't dare try to speak when she had almost no control over her own body.

{Satoru's P.O.V.}

'What. The. Fuck. Just. Happened.?' To say Satoru was confused was an understatement. His mind simply couldn't register what just happened in the last few hours. He sat down on a chair magically created by him to sustain his weight.

He tried to reorganize his thoughts to make sense of his current situation. First the princess arrived without any kind of warning, then she had requested a private meeting with him. She asked him how he was doing and the reasoning behind his actions. She agreed with him on very questionable points. She insisted on being familiar with him and when he finally thought her dark side was coming out, she simply asked for a hug.

No, he couldn't understand her behaviour. He understood she was very smart for her age and it was exactly due to that fact that he couldn't understand her childish choices when she seemed an aged politician only a couple seconds before. 'Children will be children, I guess. It's too much of a trouble to try and understand her thought process'.

But why a hug? He still wanted to understand that. In that moment, something came back to his mind. Their first interaction in the alley. Back then she told him of her family situation and relationships. She lacked any kind of family love and she probably felt a hug was a truly valuable thing for her.

Guilt engulfed him. He shouldn't judge a child who lacked any parental love so harshly. He was probably one of the few people she interacted with outside of her family. 'She must truly feel lonely.' He thought. The symptoms were already showing with her twisted personality.

He was no saviour, but if she wanted to continue their relationship, he would try to give her an example and some advice for the future. 'Yes, if I left a lone child by herself, Yamaiko would be really mad at me.' As he made his decision, he went back to his shop to see if there were still customers to serve.

{Renner's P.O.V.}

It was late in the evening when she was finally summoned by her father. 'As expected,' she thought, while rising from a chair in her room. 'Actions have consequences, but for visiting Satoru every consequence is worth the action'.

She was escorted by a guard through the almost empty castle's corridors till they reached her father's private study. Outside stood all her siblings. The first princess Carine, the second princess Alysanne, the crown prince Barbro and the second prince Zanac.

Her sisters scowled at her as soon as they saw her, the younger prince simply had a stoic expression on his face and, as usual, her older brother was the only one foolish enough to open his loud mouth.

"You truly outdid yourself today sister! You couldn't bring our name any deeper in the mud if you tried! To interact with a commoner like this. Who would have thought you would go as far as to directly speak with such filth!"

He said as he laughed. Renner had an emotionless expression on her face even if she was fuming inside. Her eyes sharpened on her elder brother.

"I'm sorry, dear brother. I didn't know our name could be shamed more than it already was since you began visiting the city brothels. I would have avoided my actions if I knew there was something lower than that."

Her brother stopped laughing as his expression changed to one of rage, but before anything could happen the door to the king's study opened and Gazef Stronoff strode out.

"Princess Renner, the king is ready to see you."

He said as Renner walked inside leaving a fuming crown prince and confused royal siblings, who never saw that side of her.

The study was as luxurious as anyone could expect from the private room of a king. Her father seemed tired as always.

"Good evening Renner, please take a seat."

She obeyed as was expected. She sat on a chair in front of him. They were alone in the room except for the Warrior Captain. They remained silent as if her father expected her to make the first move.

When it became clear she had nothing to say, her father sighed.

"I was informed of your activities today. You are a smart girl, so are you aware of what your actions caused?"

Her father asked, she nodded.

"The noble faction will see my action as disgraceful to the royal family name and will try to get the upper hand from this situation."

She said emotionlessly.

"So, you are aware we are risking an open rebellion. We are traveling on thin ice here. What were you thinking?"

Her father asked, a bit of irritation in his voice. 'So blind. The rebellion has already started. You just aren't seeing it yet.' She thought.

"Tell me father, the empire was able to stand thanks to its amazing magic caster Fluder Paradyne, who is rumored to have mastered 6th tier magic and he is more than 2 centuries old. Now we have before us a magic caster, who mastered 5th tier at the age of 27. Who knows what he could do in the future? If the kingdom let go of such a possible asset, a similar opportunity will not return in the future. What is a rebellion compared to the might of the Warrior Captain and Satoru's magic together?"

As she spoke, she saw her father's eyes light up. 'As expected, you are too easy to fool father. Only Satoru can understand me…'.

"Renner, do you hear yourself? Speaking about putting down a rebellion in the bloodiest way possible after you were the one starting it? What are you thinking?"

She was surprised by the horror in his tone. 'I must control myself better in the future'. With that thought she faked an ashamed expression and looked away as to increase her act of fake shame.

"I'm sorry father. I should have known better."

She said, false sadness in her eyes. The king sighed.

"No, I understand you only want the best for our country. I also know I should spend more time with you as your father, rather than as your king."

'But you do not.' She thought. Her father made a sign for the Warrior Captain to come closer.

"I understand the merits in your idea and I will not stop you, but you shall be more discreet about it. Every time you visit Sir Satoru, you will disguise yourself and be accompanied by the Warrior Captain, who will say that he is there for his own business."

The king decided.

"As you wish father. If everything goes as it should, I am sure the kingdom will become the most powerful human country on the continent in the years to come."

She said with confidence in her voice.

"But we should find a way to make Sir Satoru loyal to the kingdom. What stops him from leaving for another country?"

This was the point Renner wanted to reach. She almost couldn't control her smirk 'This is it. This is how my and Satoru's future will be decided. I must be cautious'.

"I would suggest the most common and effective way, marriage. Not right now, but in the following years we could suggest a match. But to marry such an asset to any noble would be most foolish. They will use that connection to dethrone you and make themselves king. What I suggest is a royal match, something he can't refuse without having to deal with unpleasant consequences. At the same time, it would be the most effective way to ensure his loyalty to the royal line."

She said with the calmest voice she could master.

"In that case, what stops him from dethroning Barbro and making himself king?"

Her father asked concerned 'Shit he saw through it! I hoped he would be too entranced at the idea of a powerful warrior and magic caster working together but it seems I underestimated him.' As she was preparing an adequate answer the Warrior Captain spoke.

"If you could allow me to share my opinion on the matter my king, I don't think Sir Satoru would do such a thing. I may not have known him for a lot of time, but he doesn't seem power hungry. He truly feels more like a curious traveller with a talent for magic."

The Warrior Captain shared his opinion. Renner nodded in approval 'Good job Gazef. I will have to make use of you more often in the future.'

"I agree with the Warrior Captain. Our small talk today truly showed me he has no interest in political power."

Her father finally seemed to be convinced.

"I see. If you both agree on that, I can't really see any problems with that idea. I will refrain from marrying Alysanne off in the future then. She will be the perfect match for him if he is such an important asset."

As those words reached Renner's ears her mask almost cracked. She bit her lower lip so hard she could feel the metallic taste of blood in her mouth.

"I see. If you allow me father, I would like to retire now."

She said and didn't even let her father answer as she stormed out of the room ignoring everyone in her path. Once she reached her room she slammed the door closed and grabbed a chair before launching it at the wall. 'I WILL SOONER CUT HER THROAT AND POISON YOU THAN LET YOU BETROTH HER TO MY SATORU!'.

Lost in her rage, she locked the door and disrobed, leaving her body as naked as the day she was born, before jumping on her bed and covering herself with her used clothes.

'I can feel it! Satoru all around me! I love it! I need it! He is the only beautiful thing in this world! I will have him! I will!' With those thoughts and his scent all around her, her body finally relaxed. She fell asleep with a peaceful smile on her face dreaming about plots, possible futures and, of course, about a certain arcane magic caster.


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