A script by Maili Wilkins

Scene 1

Great bend, Kansas

Jordan Reynolds walks in the house, throwing her backpack on the floor. She runs to the pantry and grabs a cupcake.

Jordan: (Shouting) I'm home, mom!

Mom: Shh! Randy is sleeping.

Jordan: Sorry! (Whispering) I'm home, mom.

Mom: How was school?

Jordan: It was great! There was a food fight in the lunchroom today. Danny Prince threw peas in my hair, so I dumped apple juice on him.

Mom: I meant what did you learn?

Jordan: Huh? Oh, I didn't do any of that.

Her older brother Max walks in and ruffles her hair.

Max: Mom, you know Jordan doesn't have enough room in her brain for that stuff. It's too full of karate knowledge and boy band lyrics.

Jordan: Good to see you too, fart-face.

Max: Come practice with me! Heaven knows you need it.

Jordan: Oh please. I'll kick your butt, just like yesterday.

Max: Only because I let you win.

They go outside to start practicing karate. Jordan Stretches while Max ties her hair up.

Max: Remember-

Jordan: Keep your toes pointed. Yeah, yeah. I know more than you think I do, Max.

She spins around and clocks Max in the stomach.

Max: Nice one! Next time, try to go in for the kick a little earlier. True green belts give their enemies the element of surprise.

Jordan tries the kick again and kicks Max in the stomach again.

Jordan: That belt is as good as mine.

Max looks up and sees all the birds flying away. The sky has grown weirdly green.

Max: What happened to all the birds?

Jordan: They must be running away from your outfit.

Max: Shut up!

Jordan: You shut up!

Mom: Guys, I need you to come inside.

They run inside.

Max: What is it, mom?

Mom: We are getting reports of a tornado warning.

Jordan: Okay, let's just go down to the bunker. This is nothing new.

Mom: No, you don't understand. This is something different. No one has ever seen readings like this before. I just wanted to warn you that this could be different than what we've experienced.

Jordan: Okay, let me just grab my skateboard.

She runs outside and grabs her skateboard. Then she notices something on the ground.

Jordan: Oh, my old Walmart bracelet! I thought I lost this. What in the Sam hill?

The world suddenly goes silent. Jordan looks behind her and sees a huge twister speeding towards them. It doesn't look like a normal tornado.

Mom: (Shouting) Jordan!

Jordan: (Shouting) Mom! Max!

Before she can run inside, the tornado comes into her and absorbs her. She can't see anything and is trying to dodge pieces of debris. She screams as she tries to fight the wind. Her arm slices against the side of the twister, and she starts feeling dizzy before passing out.

Scene 2

Police 1: Wake up.

Jordan is on the ground surrounded by debris. A police officer is shaking her while holding her bleeding arm. Jordan sits up quickly.

Jordan: What the- Where is my family? What happened to them?

Police 1: Honey, I know that this might be hard for you to understand, but-

Jordan: Where are they?

Police 1: None of them made it, sweetie. I'm sorry. We think the rubble crushed their lungs. Do you have anyone we could call? An uncle or something? Sweetie?

Jordan: No, no. You're lying.

She looks down in anger and sees that her hands are turning cold and glowing.

Police 1: Hey honey, you have to stay with me here.

Jordan: (Shouting) That's not true!

She stands up and throws her hands out in anger. Suddenly, a blast of wind comes from her and pushes all the surrounding people back. Jordan looks at her hands in shock.

Police 1: (Scared) What was that?

Police 2: She's dangerous! Detain her!

Men run up to her and put Jordan's hands behind her back, trying to push her to the ground.

Jordan: Stop! Let me go! I am not a criminal, darn it!

A man walks up calmly and puts his hand out as if to say "Stop".

Police 3/Clint: (Calmly) Hold on, Gentleman. I'll take her from here.

The other men do not argue and release her, just to have Clint grab her and throw her in the back of a military truck.

Jordan: My cousin's friend's uncle is a lawyer. I can sue the emotions out of all of you.

Police 3/Clint: Calm down. We aren't going to hurt you. Let's go!

He knocks on the wall closest to the driver area and the truck starts lurching forward.

Jordan: You don't look like a police officer.

Police 3/Clint: What makes you say that?

Jordan: Well, for starters, your pin that says "police aren't always right." And the bow and arrow. That's not very police officer like.

Police 3/Clint: Well, what am I, then?

Jordan: I don't know, an assassin?

Police 3/Clint: You are smart.

Jordan looks confused and lays her head against the wall, crying softly.

Scene 3

New York City, New York.

Police 3/Clint: Wake up. We're here.

Jordan wakes up with a start. In her fear, she throws up her hands and sends Clint backwards with the same wind as before.

Jordan: Sorry! I don't know how I'm doing that!

Police 3/Clint: Yeah, we could definitely use you.

Jordan: Use me for what?

Men grab her and bring her into a room, restraining her wrists and ankles on a chair.

Jordan: Use me for what?!

A man comes into the room. He is wearing dark clothes and has an eye patch. He looks at Clint disapprovingly.

Nick: Please tell me this is a joke.

Clint: Nope.

Nick: You aren't still mad that I put you on search and rescue, are you?

Clint: I am very mad, but that's not the point. You need to examine her.

Nick: Absolutely not. She's an irresponsible child.

Jordan: I- That's fair.

Clint: You didn't see what she did. Show him.

Jordan: Show me what?

Clint: You know, the thing with your hands and the wind.

Jordan: I'm still not sure it was me who did that.

Clint: Yes, that was you. Now do it again.

Jordan: Okay, but just to prove that you're all idiots.

They loosen the restraints on her wrists and Jordan raises her hands to eye level. She concentrates, and wind comes streaming from her glowing hands.

Nick: Holy crap. Hill, bring her in for assessment.

Jordan: (Whispering) That was so cool.

Hill: Come with me, please.

They walk Jordan down a dark hallway.

Jordan: You look like a spy. A tough feminine spy. Have any of these losers hit on you yet?

Hill: The annoyance is strong with this one.

Jordan: Dude, I love star wars too. But the newer ones can go die in a hole, along with cat-woman.

Hill: Sit, and don't speak.

She thrusts Jordan into a chair. A man in a doctor's uniform comes and pricks a needle into her arm, drawing blood.

Jordan: Ow! Could you be any more brutal?

The doctor puts the vial under a microscope and looks at it in awe.

Clint: Just as I thought, they're mutated.

Jordan: I'm what?

Clint: I've never seen something like this before.

Jordan: Something like what before? I am not in the mood for being left in the dark.

Nick: Allow me. I'm good with kids.

Clint: (Mocking) Say that again?

Nick kneels in front of Jordan and slaps her in the face.

Jordan: Ow! You son of a-

She sends a wave out of herself, blasting Nick onto his back.

Jordan: Sorry! I hope I didn't hurt you. Wait, yes I do! Kidnappers can go burn for their sins.

Nick: Good find, Barton. What's your name, soldier?

Jordan: (Hesitantly) Jordan. Jordan Reynolds.

Nick: Well, Jordan Reynolds. You seem to have stumbled upon quite a gift.

Jordan: What do you mean?

Hill: It means your cells are mutated. You now have special abilities.

Jordan: Like Spider man?

Clint: Hopefully not just like Spider man. He got distracted too easily.

Hill: That's only because I didn't train him. I offered, but Tony just couldn't let another youth be killed in training.

Jordan: Say what now?

Nick: Ignore her. Now, you have an important choice to make. Do you want to go home, or do you want to learn how to become a superhero?

Jordan: I-I don't have a home anymore.

Nick: That settles it. Welcome to the team, Agent Reynolds.

Jordan: Thanks. What team are we talking about, exactly?

Scene 4

6 months later.

The team is fighting some people in the streets of New York.

Jordan: Target on the top of the bank.

Nick: Barton, take him out.

Clint: Way ahead of you.

Clint shoots an arrow and a man in dark clothing falls to the ground.

Hill: Is that all of them?

Jordan: Nope. There's the leader, to your right.

Nick: Does he have the plans?

Jordan: I think so. Is it safe to take him out? Wait, what is that?

She points out a figure flying down to the leader.

Clint: Something just entered the atmosphere! It doesn't look human.

Nick: That son of a butcher.

The figure grabs the leader and throws him down to where the team is standing. Then he comes down and stands in front of them.

Jordan: What in the Sam hill? Is that War machine?

Rhodey: In the flesh.

Jordan: You are so cool! I've always wanted to meet you. My friend was paralyzed from the waist down, too. She had your poster in her room. Oh, my gosh! I'm totally fangirling right now! This is not ideal of me, I promise.

Rhodey: This must be your new recruit. She seems experienced already.

Jordan: I am experienced! I used to take karate classes and gymnastics.

Clint: Guys, we still have a villain to take care of.

Rhodey: You should come have coffee with me afterwards, kid.

Jordan: (Smiling) Best. Day. Ever.

They start fighting the leader and the remaining men. A man pulls out his gun and pulls the trigger on Jordan. Before she can get shot, Rhodey pushes her out of the way.

Clint: Jordan!

Jordan: Great. He made me rip my outfit.

She escapes Rhodey's grasp and charges towards the man, knocking him out.

Hill: Good job, Reynolds. Are you okay?

Jordan: I'm good.

Clint: Wait, where's the guy with the plans?

Nick: Son of a butcher. Let's go back and pinpoint him. We can't let him make that Weapon.

Scene 5

They walk into the compound.

Clint: Me and Jordan will go give the report.

Rhodey: Fury, can I speak with you?

Clint and Jordan walk away as Rhodey pulls Nick aside.

Rhodey: So, you are recruiting toddlers now?

Nick: She has something special. She's way more powerful than you've seen.

Rhodey: Yeah, not powerful enough to detect when someone is shooting at her.

Nick: I would watch your words. That girl can conjure a tornado with her bare hands.

Rhodey: Well, I hate to be the grumpy Gus, but do you remember what happened last time we let a kid go on missions with us?

Nick: Parker would have been snapped away whether he was with us or not, Rhodes. He's fine now, anyways.

Rhodey: But did you see what went wrong? She could have been shot if I wasn't there. A regular kid definitely would have been killed today.

Nick: Yes. A regular kid. But she is not. Jordan lost her family on a very tragic day, and she gained something that changed her life. That gives her determination and willpower. Also, she can be a pain in the butt if we don't let her come.

Rhodey: Whatever. Just, maybe consider that she would be better off doing what Peter is doing. The friendly neighborhood superhero thing.

Nick: Butcher please, he went to space.

Scene 6

Clint starts shaking Jordan, who is asleep on the couch. Jordan throws her hands up and shoots Clint with her hands again, throwing him back.

Jordan: Sorry! Sorry. Oh goodness, that was my bad. What's up?

Clint: We got a hit. We know where he is going next.

Jordan: Where?

As they are traveling in the jet, Maria explains where they are going.

Hill: One of our old S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters in Florida. That's where the next part of the weapon blueprint is.

Jordan: You mean, he didn't have the whole plan?

Clint: Of course not. We wouldn't put both pieces of the instructions together, we're not stupid.

Jordan: I beg to differ.

They land on the ground in front of a dark, seemingly abandoned building. The agents start to gather their weapons.

Nick: Okay, let's pan out. Reynolds, stay here.

Jordan: (Angry) What?! Not fair.

Nick: This is going to be dangerous. You should be lucky I let you come in the first place. You can stay back with me and cover coordinates.

Jordan: Ugh, fine. We can still have coffee after this, right Colonel?

Rhodey: If we survive, then sure. Why the heck not.

Jordan grabs some small devices and hands them to her teammates.

Jordan: Wait! You should wear your trackers. You never know.

They shrug and put on the trackers and leave the jet. They sneak into the building.

Clint: Any hostiles in the hallways?

Nick: Just one, from what we can see. He has a rifle, be careful.

Clint: Careful is my middle name.

Jordan: Yeah, and my middle name is Patient.

They quickly knock out the man.

Hill: Where to now, Fury?

Nick: The blueprint should be down the stairs to the left. If it isn't there, notify me immediately.

They walk down the stairs and into the room quietly.

Rhodey: Oh, crap.

Nick: Is it gone?

Clint: No, it's there. Among other things.

Mannet is there, holding the plans and smiling evilly.

Mannet: I've been expecting you.

Clint: Here we go again.

They start fighting him.

Nick: Quick, what do we know about this guy?

Jordan: Well, we know he's a guy.

Nick: And? Any weaknesses?

Jordan: Total blank. He looks like someone who would be lactose intolerant. I can usually tell, because I've been allergic to cheese since I don't even know how-

Nick: Shut your pie-hole.

They listen for the others, but it is silent.

Jordan: Guys? Hello?

Nick: I'm going in. Stay here.

Jordan: (Angry) Oh, come on!

Nick sneaks in and calls for his teammates.

Nick: Barton? Rhodes? Hill? Hill, answer me.

He notices a shadow in the corner.

Nick: What the-

His comm suddenly goes to static.

Jordan: Fury! Fury, do you copy? This is why they should never go into battle without me.

She runs out of the jet and into the building.

Jordan: Clint? Fury? War machine?

She runs down the stairs and notices a light. Hesitantly, she goes towards it.

Jordan: Where did everyone go?

She finds the source of the light. It is a circle shaped portal, leading to an abandoned field.

Jordan: Whoa.

She walks in.

Scene 7

Cochem, Germany.

Jordan: Aw man, it feels like the Utah desert in here. She cools herself down with her wind. That's better. Nick? Hello? Anyone?

She flies over to a town and starts asking people for help. But people don't seem to notice her.

Jordan: Excuse me, oh, OK. That's fine. Hi, I was wondering if you had- OK, We'll talk over lunch later. Hey, watch it, I'm Claustrophobic. Goodness.

Jordan gets pushed into an alley. She catches her breath before seeing some men walking towards her.

Jordan: Oh, I am so sorry. Is this your alleyway? That's my bad. I'll just go. What are you doing?

The men start pulling out weapons and walk slowly towards her.

Jordan: Well, I tried to be nice.

She starts warming up her hands.

Mugger 1: Was macht Sie? (What is she doing?)

Mugger 2: Hol sie dir! (Get her!)

They fight and Jordan knocks them all out except for one, who corners her against the wall and bashes her head into it.

Jordan: Ugh!

She falls unconscious.

Scene 8

Jordan slowly wakes up.

Jordan: What happened?

Jordan is on the couch in a nice house. Helen Cho is holding a wet rag down on her forehead.

Helen: Lay down. That was a pretty hard hit you took back there.

Jordan: Where am I?

Helen: My house. Those guys were beating you up, and I'm a doctor.

Jordan: Holy cow, you're Helen Cho! I have read all your books. When I was in 7th grade, I had to do a report on one of our heroes, and I totally chose you, dude! Danny Prince made fun of me, but he chose Einstein, so I clearly had the upper hand. What an idiot, that Danny.

Helen: Well, I'm honored.

Jordan: Why are you here, and not in New York?

Helen: Let me tell you, kid. These last five years have been exhausting. I needed a break. I'm heading back to America tomorrow, though. Why are you here?

Jordan: Yeah, that's a long story. I'm looking for some people.

Helen: Where are your parents?

Jordan: Yeah, that's another long story. Let's just say they would be here if they could.

Helen: I see.

Jordan: Thanks for getting me out of there Ms. Doctor Cho.

Helen: Call me Helen. And you're welcome. Are you feeling better?

Jordan: Yeah, much better. Thank you, but I should really be going. I have to find my friends as soon as possible. You could say it's a matter of life and death.

Helen: I don't want you to be out there by yourself.

Jordan: Don't worry. I have a way of making people leave me alone.

Helen: Be careful, kid. Oh, and you might want this.

Helen hands her a small device.

Jordan: My tracker! I can't believe they didn't turn those off. Thank you!

Helen: No problem. But, may I ask why you have technology made by Nick Fury?

Jordan: If I told you that, I would have to kill you! I'm kidding. Except i'm not.

She flies away.

Helen looks up at her in awe as she flies away.

Helen: Holy crap.

Jordan hovers in the air, looking at the device.

Jordan: They can thank me later for making them take their trackers. Okay, where to?

She starts following the directions.

Scene 9

After Hours of flying, Jordan drops down in exhaustion. It is almost noon already.

Jordan: Water. Need water.

She walks into a shop.

Jordan: Excuse me, could I have a quick cup of water?

The man behind the counter doesn't reply.

Jordan: Right. No English. She tries to act out drinking a cup of water. Um, Do. you. Have. Drink?

The man seems to understand and hands her a black water bottle.

Jordan: Thank you.

She takes a sip and throws the tip away from her mouth in disgust.

Jordan: What the ever loving- either you have a really bad sewer system, or this is alcohol. Do I even want to- no. Jordan, no. I'll try again in 6 years. Or never. Um, Gracias.

She leaves the shop and flies up.

Jordan accidentally flies in the path of a bunch of birds.

Jordan: No! Stupid birds! Get out of the way!

The birds make her lose focus and she starts falling.

Scene 10

Meanwhile, the others are starting to wake up.

Rhodey: Guys, wake up!

Clint: Where the heck are we?

Hill: Where's Reynolds?

Nick: I left her in the jet. Hello? You better let us out of here or so help me-

The man who stole the weapon plans comes into view.

Mannet: Calm yourselves. You won't be in there for long.

Hill: You're the guy who stole the weapon plans! Who are you?

Mannet: Robert Mannet, in the flesh.

Clint: I've never heard of you. What do you want with us?

Mannet: Not much, Agent Barton. Not much.

Clint: How do you-

Mannet: I've been watching you all for a long time. I figured you would be perfect for my plan.

Rhodey: We would never help you.

Mannet: You won't have a choice.

He starts walking away and turns to the guard before leaving.

Mannet: Watch them. We start training tomorrow.

Scene 11

Klotten, Germany.

Jordan wakes up on the ground.

Jordan: What the crap? Stupid birds. She notices that the tracker is gone and starts looking for it. Wait, where's the tracker? No, No, No. Come on. Crap. Now I'll need a computer. What is that?

She sees a large, white building in the middle of nowhere.

Jordan: What the heck?

Struggling to walk, she enters the building.

Jordan: Hello? Is anyone in here?

Hank Pym walks up.

Hank: How did you get in here?

Jordan: I, um, just walked in.

Hank: You aren't allowed to be here.

Jordan: I'm sorry. I was just wondering if you had seen some spies being taken through here.

Hank: Some spies? Like Nick Fury or something?

Jordan: Yes, Nick Fury! How do you know him?

Hank: It's complicated. Come with me.

They walk up to a desk where Hope is working.

Hank: Hope, this young lady is looking for Nick Fury.

Hope: How do you know Nick Fury?

Jordan: I work with him.

Hope: Are you like his secretary or intern?

Jordan: No. He trained me. I work with him.

Hank: Are you an Avenger?

Jordan: Of sorts. I'm just a spy in training.

Hope: My goodness! I didn't know he was still recruiting people!

Jordan: He isn't. Clint convinced him to make an exception.

Hank: Scott will want to meet you. He loves kids.

Hope: Scott! Get your butt over here!

Scott Lang runs over, concerned.

Scott: What did I do this time? Oh, Hi! You're Jordan Reynolds!

Jordan: How do you know me?

Scott: I know everyone who works with the Avengers! You could say i'm a bit obsessed.

Hope: A bit?

Scott: What are you doing here?

Jordan: I'm looking for Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Maria Hill, And War Machine. They were taken from Florida where they were doing a mission.

Hank: I think I can help. Come with me.

Hank gives Jordan a small tour as they walk.

Hank: We recently set up our lab here in Germany because it had more resources that we needed. It's been marvelous to see what we have created in such a short amount of time. Among other things, we have created a map of all the possible hostile locations on the earth. It is still incomplete, but it could be helpful in your search. What do you need?

Jordan: Just a computer, for now. Thank you so much.

Scott: Anything for a fellow Avenger.

Jordan: Wait, you are a superhero?

Scott: Yes, I am. Antman, at your service.

Jordan: I've never heard of you.

Scott: Nobody has.

Hank: Here you go, Ms. Reynolds.

He shows her to a computer and Jordan sits down.

Jordan: Thank you.

Jordan starts playing with the computer, trying to find her friends.

Scott: Wow, you're better with computers than I am!

Jordan: Well, I have been taking summer coding classes. And Clint always wanted me to be prepared to hack a hostile company.

She talks while she hacks, and soon she is finished.

Jordan: Great. Now I can pinpoint their location within a couple of miles. Didn't you say you had a map of all possible locations?

Hank: I thought you'd never ask.

They walk over to a room with lots of papers that they look at for a while.

Hank: According to this, There are three buildings which my men have decided are hostile or undetermined.

Jordan: Great. I'll just have to check all of them.

Scott: Sounds foolproof.

Jordan starts to pack up.

Hank: Are you leaving already?

Jordan: I have to. My friends could be dead already. I can't leave anything to chance.

Hope: I'll come with you.

Scott: Me too.

Jordan: You would do that?

Hope: Of course. We don't want to see you get hurt.

Scott: And I still owe Hawkeye some coffee.

Jordan: Great. I hope you can fly!

Hope: Psshh. Can we fly?

They both shrink.

Jordan: Where did they go?

Scott: We're here! Just lead the way!

Jordan: Oh. Antman. That makes sense.

Scene 12

Meanwhile, the others are working out a game plan.

Hill: What are we going to do, Fury?

Nick: I don't know.

Rhodey: Wait. Something just came up on my server. Someone is trying to find our location via computer!

Clint: That's Reynolds, no doubt.

Nick: Oh, great. She's going to end up killing herself.

Guard: Boss, someone has found the prisoner's whereabouts.

Mannet: Do you know where they are?

Guard: We placed a tracker on them.

Mannet: Go take care of them.

Clint: You don't have to do this.

Mannet: Oh, but I do.

Scene 13

After flying for a while, Scott starts complaining.

Scott: I'm hungry! Can we stop for lunch!

Jordan: Fine, but quickly. I don't want a burger to be the reason we don't reach the others in time.

They go to the ground and find a restaurant.

Hope: Amerikanisches Cafe (American Cafe). They have American food here.

Scott: Sweet!

They go inside and order. Soon, a waiter comes with their food and they dig in.

Hope: This is surprisingly good.

Jordan: Yeah. We should really be going, though.

5 men walk up to them.

Man 1: Not so fast.

Scott: Oh, great.

Man 2: Get them!

Jordan: You guys know how to fight, right?

Hope: Do we? Watch and learn.

She shrinks and knocks one of the men out. Then she resizes.

Jordan: Nice!

Hope: You're not so bad yourself, Kid.

Scott: Hate to break this up, but we still have company!

They knock out all the men, destroying the cafe in the process. They walk out after it is all over. On their way out, Scott hands the surprised cashier some money.

Scott: Sorry for the damage. You have great milkshakes.

Scene 14

Back with the villain:

Guard: Our men aren't responding.

Rhodey: Ha! You guys are screwed.

Guard: What do we do, boss?

Mannet: Let them come to us. It will be easier that way.

Scene 15

That night, the 3 are resting next to a fire and talking.

Scott: So, what's your M.O?

Jordan: What?

Hope: He means your motive. Why do you do superhero work?

Jordan: I'm not a superhero, really. I just want to make sure everyone is safe.

Scott: Fighting battles for those who can't. Fury always liked that kind of determination. How did you get your powers?

Jordan: It's a long story. But if I could redo that day, I would.

Hope: Why would you want that?

Jordan: Let's just say I was the only one in my family who got something good out of it.

Scott: I see. I'm sorry.

Jordan: It's okay. It's in the past, I guess. We should keep going.

Hope: No way. You need sleep.

Jordan: But-

Hope: No buts. We'll go that much faster tomorrow if you are well rested.

Jordan: Fine. I guess I am tired.

Jordan quickly falls asleep.

Scene 16

In Jordan's dream, she relives the tornado that claimed the lives of her family. But this time, it is red and demon-like.

Scott wakes up Jordan by shaking her.

Scott: Jordan, wake up!

Jordan shoots him back.

Jordan: Sorry! I'm still learning how to not do that.

Hope: Are you okay?

Jordan: Why wouldn't I be okay?

Scott: You were screaming in your sleep. Were you having a nightmare?

Jordan: Yeah. I have those a lot, though. It's okay.

Hope: Do you wanna talk about it?

Jordan: Not really.

Hope: Are you sure?

Scott glares at her as if to say "Don't".

Hope: Never mind. It's okay.

Scene 17

Pommern, Germany.

The next morning, they reach the first building.

Jordan: Okay. This is the first building.

Hope: We have to be careful. We don't know what's in there.

Scott: Yeah, yeah.

He runs in and the others follow.

They walk in and look around. They hear a weird sound and look down to see that Scott has stepped on a booby trap. He ends up stuck midair in a net trap.

Hope: Scott!

Scott: Oh, crap.

Jordan: Are you okay?

She tries to walk towards him when she steps on one, too.

A rope snaps as Jordan gets trapped in one, too.

Jordan: Crap.

Hope: Son of a-

The same thing happens to Hope. Now, they are all trapped.

Scott: What are we going to do?

The other two look at him in fear. They can see a shadow in a crouching stance behind him.

Scott: There's someone behind me, isn't there?

Jordan: Yep.

Suddenly, something gets thrown onto Jordan's face.

Scott: Gross!

Hope: Are those webs?

Jordan realizes who is doing this.

Jordan: Peter Flipping Parker?! Get us the crap out of these nets!

Peter comes into view, clearly scared.

Peter: Agent Reynolds?

Scott: Peter?

Peter: Antman?

Hope: Great. Spider man is in Germany, too. It's a party now.

Peter: I am so sorry! I thought you were the cops.

He helps the 3 get out of the traps.

Hope: Why are you running from the cops?

Peter: It's a long story.

Scott: I've been there, kid. Who did you rob?

Peter: No one! Mysterio framed me for his murder and exposed my identity. Nick Fury let me come here and hide out.

Jordan: Dude, Fury told me you were dead!

Peter: He told everyone that, for my safety, I guess.

Jordan: Once I save him, I'm gonna kill him.

Peter: What are you guys doing here?

Jordan: Nick and the others got captured. We think they are being held around here somewhere. This is the first building we've searched.

Scott: And we were doing really well, until you came and scooped us up like ice cream!

Peter: I'm sorry, Mr. Lang. I can help you find them.

Hope: It seems like we will need all the help we can get.

Jordan: Dude, we have to go bowling once we get back home.

Peter: Heck yes!

They high-five.

Hope: Come on, kids. The next building isn't going to come to us.

Scene 18

Back with the villain, the security cameras show that the heroes are approaching.

Guard: Boss, four people are approaching.

Mannet: Can you identify them?

Guard: Two of them look like kids. The other two have on metal suits.

Mannet: Does one of the kids carry a gun and have short brown hair?

Guard: Yes, sir. How did you know?

Mannet: Let her in. She's close with the prisoners. Take the other 3 on a field trip.

The 4 travelers look at the dirty building.

Peter: Second building. Let's do this.

Jordan: I'll go in first.

She walks in slowly and looks around.

Jordan: All clear.

The other 3 start to walk in, but a portal appears and transports them back to the S.H.I.E.L.D base in Florida.

Peter: What happened?

Scott: What the actual how?!

Hope: We have to get back there.

Now Jordan is alone in the building.

Jordan: Guys? Guys? Great.

Men run up and try to capture her, but she blows them all back without a second thought. She gets to the room where her friends are being held.

Mannet: Move the prisoners over to the experiment room. Training time has come.

Jordan: Hey! Let them go.

Mannet: Ha. This is your savior? A mere child? I don't think so.

Jordan: You didn't let me finish. You should let them go because they won't be useful to you. Let's be honest. They won't cooperate until you have to kill them. And dead people can't help you. But I will.

Mannet: Come again?

Jordan: Let them go, and I will cooperate with you instead.

Mannet: And what can you do that would prove interesting to me?

Jordan starts using her powers to blow Mannet back and fly up. Then she stops and looks at the villain seriously.

Jordan: Is that good enough for you?

Mannet: Very much. Release them.

The restraints on the others release and they fall to the ground.

Clint: Wait, don't. Jordan, he knew you would try and bargain. He's using you.

Jordan: That doesn't change my mind.

Mannet: What is it going to be? Their life or yours?

Jordan looks at her teammates and a tear slips down her cheek.

Jordan: Do it.

Mannet creates a portal back into the base and his henchmen push the others into it.

Hill: Jordan!

Scott, Peter, and Hope, look to see the others in the room.

Scott: Guys! Where did you come from?

Nick: Lang, Hope, Parker, what are you doing here?

Hope: We were looking for you.

Peter: Where's Jordan?

Clint: Son of a butcher.

After the portal is closed, Mannet grabs Jordan by the chin.

Mannet: Pathetic.

Jordan: I could say the same to you.

Mannet slaps her.

Jordan: Oh!

Jordan is thrown into a cell with a pair of dirty scrubs.

Guard: Put these on. Your training begins in an hour.

Scene 19

Back at the compound, the heroes are restless.

Scott: Do you have any idea where she is?

Nick: For the last time, we were unconscious on the way to the prison. We don't know where we were, much less where she is now.

Hill: What about-

Nick: No, we don't have her on our tracker! They turned it off. Guess they didn't want to repeat that mistake. It's times like this I wish Stark was here.

Peter: Well, he's not! You don't think I know that?

Clint: Don't make this all about you. We're all stressed.

Nick: We won't stop looking. Get all available agents out in the field. This is our number one priority.

Scene 20

Mannet and his minions start training Jordan. One guard is sparring with her and giving her tips.

Guard: What do you do if someone tries to attack you?

Jordan bites her lip.

Jordan: You kill them.

Guard: Good. Now, spar with me. And don't mess up.

They start to fight, but the guard easily overpowers Jordan and she is thrown to the ground.

Guard: You are weak! You fight like a girl!

Jordan: Thank you. She is punched in the stomach. Ugh!

Guard: You will learn, or so help me, we will kill you and all your friends. You little whirlpool.

Jordan: Whirlpool. I like the sound of that. I'll have to pitch that to my agent.

Guard: Shut up!

He pushes her down again.

Guard: Get up. Try again.

Mannet comes in.

Mannet: The testing room is ready.

Jordan is forced in a chair in another room. Wires are hooked up to her head and Mannet pushes a button. Electricity surges through her brain.

Jordan: Ugh!

Mannet: How do you feel?

Jordan: Is that a trick question?

Mannet: Do you remember anything?

Jordan: I remember I want to punch you in your stupid fat face!

She is punched again.

Jordan: Ow!

Mannet: I mean, do you remember your friends? The assassins and the so called superheroes?

Jordan: Of course. Why would I forget them?

Mannet: Pump up the volts. Let's try again.

Scene 21

It has been days since Jordan had been captured and the others haven't given up finding her.

Scott: Me and Rhodes are going to look in Egypt. We should be back in a couple of days.

Nick: Call if you get anything.

Scott nods and leaves.

Hill: Nick, we will find her.

Nick: I know we will.

Hill: But, we have to consider what could happen if we are too late. They clearly won't hesitate to kill her.

Nick: If something happens to Reynolds, I will stab everyone who ever laid their hands on her.

Hope: And We'll be right behind you.

Scene 22

A week and a half later.

Jordan is thrown into her cell.

Guard: We will be back in 20 minutes. Don't fall asleep, or there will be consequences.

Jordan: But it's what you do all day.

Guard: What did you say?

Jordan: I said Yes sir.

The guard leaves. Jordan lays on the ground and cries before noticing that the door didn't close right. She crawls over and forces the door open. Smiling for the first time in a while, she stands up and runs out. It is very hard to run. Men run up and try to get her. Jordan overpowers them and knocks them all away. She grabs the portal device and pushes the button, opening a portal back to the compound. Then she feels a stabbing pain in her back. Looks back and sees that Mannet is shooting darts at her. Jordan quickly runs through the portal and closes it. She then falls to the ground, the tranquilizers overtaking her.

Scene 23

One floor below her, the others are talking.

Hill: Nick, you need to sleep.

Nick: Go away, Hill. Where are the agents that were patrolling London? They were supposed to report back to me 5 minutes ago.

Hill: Nick, you aren't thinking straight. Let me handle the patrolling for a while. You go rest.

Nick: Go bug Barton.

Clint: She already tried.

Hill: He threatened to shoot me.

Suddenly, there was a thump coming from upstairs.

Scott: Was that Rhodes?

Rhodey: No, I'm right here. Something happened upstairs.

They all run upstairs and see Jordan on the ground. They run over to her.

Peter: Jordan!

Rhodey picks her up.

Nick: Get her to the med bay immediately. Call Doctor Cho.

Scott: Already on her way.

They start running to the med bay.

Clint: I'm going to kill someone.

Rhodey: What until Cho gets here, Barton! Then no one will stop you.

Nick: Put her here. Did anyone grab the device she was holding?

Hill: I sent it to the lab for examination. Something tells me it could help us find this guy.

Helen Cho runs up.

Helen: What happened?

Nick: One of our agents.

Helen: I-I know her! I saved her from muggers in Cochem!

Clint: So that's where we were.

Helen: She mentioned looking for some friends.

Hope: My goodness.

They lay her down on a hospital table and hook her up to all the machines. They all sit down, exhausted.

Helen: Fury, what the heck happened while I was gone? How long has she been missing?

Peter: Almost Two weeks.

A machine starts beeping, alerting them that Jordan's heartbeat is decreasing.

Clint: Son of a butcher.

Helen: Get me a crash card!

Scene 24

Jordan is in a beautiful forest. She looks behind her and sees a wooden door. She looks around in awe and sees a man sitting on the edge of the river.

Jordan: Max?

Max: Hey, Jordan. Come sit with me.

She runs over and hugs him.

Jordan: What- am I dead?

Max: Let's not worry about that right now. How have things been?

Scene 25

The others are in the waiting room, waiting for news when Helen comes up to them.

Rhodey: Is she well?

Helen: That depends on what you think "well" means. She has 3 broken ribs, a concussion, A ruptured spleen, and has been starved and dehydrated, among other things. But, by some miracle, she should be fine. We put her in a medically induced coma because we were worried the pain would be too much for her if she was conscious.

Hope: Thank the gods.

Helen: Who did this to her?

Rhodey: A man named Robert Mannet. We don't know anything about him. He took us prisoner, and, and-

Clint: She was an absolute idiot and tried to be a hero.

Hill: Well, she succeeded.

Another doctor comes up and hands Helen a file.

Helen: Oh, Thank you.

The doctor leaves.

Peter: What's that?

Helen: The results of her brain scan.

Scott: Are they good?

Helen: I can't tell. There are very high levels of electricity and unknown substances.

Nick: Like someone tried to fry her brain?

Clint: Or her memory.

Rhodey: Fry her memory? Like HYDRA did to Bucky?

Hill: That was different. They used the Winter Soldier book and a Cryostasis Chamber on Barnes. This seems to be an electrocution type method on her brain.

Hope: So you think there is another organization out there brainwashing innocent people?

Nick: I don't doubt it. The world is a sick place. Anything can happen.

Peter: They didn't succeed, did they?

Helen: We will not know until she wakes up. But I doubt it. She has a strong mind. Her determination kept her alive today.

Clint: We know. It can be really annoying. You should see her on game night.

Scene 26

Jordan and Max are talking near the river's edge.

Jordan: I feel weird.

Max: I know. It's almost time for you to go back.

Jordan: Back where?

Max: You know where. They still need you.

Jordan: But I don't want to lose you again.

Max: You never did. I was there the whole time. By the way, you kicked those guy's butts back there.

Jordan: Will I ever see you again?

Max: Perhaps. Who's to say if there is life after death? All that matters is you living your best life before your time is up.

Jordan: But, I don't think I can. I'm scared.

Max: I know. And it's okay to be afraid. Tell you what. Whenever you feel scared, write in your journal to me.

Jordan: I don't have a journal.

Max: Maybe you don't. If you ever find one, I will read whatever you write. I can't promise I'll respond, but I will share your burdens with you.

Jordan: I'm not sure I understand.

Max: Life is a confusing thing. If it wasn't, then we wouldn't be here. Love you, sis.

Jordan: Love you, bro.

She stands up and starts walking towards a door.

Max: Tell Hawkeye I said hi.

Jordan: Will do.

She walks through the door.

Scene 27

Jordan wakes up and winces at the bright lights. Instantly, she looks over to see if her bracelet is still on.

Rhodey: Don't worry, we convinced Cho to let you keep it on.

Jordan: (Raspy) Rhodey?

Rhodey: Hey, kid. I finally brought you that coffee.

Jordan: (Raspy) Wha- What-

Rhodey: Don't waste your energy. I know what you want to say, I've been in your situation before. No, you are not dead, you are in the hospital. Yes, I am fine, and so is everyone else.

Nick walks in.

Nick: Hey, soldier. How are you feeling?

Jordan: (Less Raspy) Like I got hit by a bus with a bunch of overweight kids sitting in the front.

Everyone else ran in.

Clint: Did I hear an offensive metaphor? Hey, Reynolds.

Jordan: Hey, Birdbrain.

Scott: I'm so glad you remember us.

Jordan: What do you mean? (She is confused until she realizes what they mean.) Oh, that. Don't worry. I couldn't forget you guys even if I wanted to.

Peter: You are an absolute idiot, you know that? You scared us half to death.

Jordan: I know, and I'm sorry. I guess fear just overpowered me. I didn't want to lose more people I cared so much about. Mannet knew that, I guess, and he took advantage of it.

Clint: Don't worry, Kid. It's happened to all of us.

Jordan: Mannet! What happened to him? Did you get him?

Nick: No, we were too busy tending to your injured butt.

Jordan: Oh.

Hill: We will get him, Agent. Don't worry.

Helen walks up to her.

Helen: Look who's awake! I'm so glad. Now go back to sleep.

Jordan: Excuse me?

Helen: Sleeping will help you heal faster.

Jordan: Oh, come on. But I just was asleep for what, a day?

Hope: 5.

Jordan: 5? Wow. Yeah, I think i'm good.

Nick: Rest, Jordan. That's an order.

Jordan: Fine. You guys are lame.

Everyone leaves, except for Rhodey, who notices that Jordan looks sad.

Rhodey: You okay?

Jordan: I saw Max. I could have gone with him.

Rhodey: What changed your mind?

Jordan: You guys did.

Rhodey smiles as she falls asleep.

Scene 28

The next day, Jordan is showing Rhodey some funny videos.

Jordan: Rhodey, it's funny because they fall! How do you not get that? (She looks over at him and remembers his accident.) Oh, right. Um, let's watch a cat video.

She pulls up another video.

Jordan: Oh my Godzilla. That is the fattest cat I have ever seen.

Rhodey: Godzilla?

Jordan: Mom didn't like it when I cursed.

Rhodey: I know that look. That is the "my parents are dead now so I can do whatever I want" look. Tony did that often.

Jordan: May I?

Rhodey: Go ahead.

Jordan: Sweet! Son of a-

Clint, Nick, and Hill run in, interrupting Jordan.

Clint: Rhodes, let's go.

Jordan: Oh, come on.

Rhodey: What's wrong?

Nick: We got a hit on Mannet. We think he's going to Jersey.

Jordan: Oh, can I come?

They look at her in disbelief.

Jordan: I'm kidding. Birdbrain, Pirate, Gray iron man, Fellow Tough Feminine Spy. Go kick his butt.

They nod and leave.

Jordan: They're going to die without me.

She looks over and notices a journal. She smiles and starts writing in it.

Jordan (voice): Dear Max, I have so much to explain! OK, so we went to Florida to stop this guy who had plans for a super cool weapon. I actually helped design it, after convincing Fury that teenagers are smart enough to help build guns and stuff. So, anyway…..

Scene 29

A couple of months later, Jordan is back with the team. They walk out of the jet, looking for some thieves.

Nick: Welcome back, Reynolds.

Jordan: Thanks, Fury. It's good to be back.

Hill: Okay, the burglars should be in the building off to the left. Let's pan out.

Rhodey: Hey Jordan, I was wondering, what does the W on your suit?

Jordan looks over to her arm and smiles.

Jordan: Whirlpool.

Jordan looks at him Confidently.

Rhodey: That's a weird name.

Jordan: Don't ruin my moment! Your name is literally War Machine!

Nick: Enough chit chat, ladies! Hill said pan out!

They start to run out.

Jordan: If War Machine doesn't scream violence, I don't know what does.

The end