Written for The Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition

Wasps, Chaser 3: Andromeda&Narcissa

prompts: 7. (plot point) holding a baby, 9. (spell) lumos, 12. (word) eternity

a/n: title taken from 那女孩对我说 (its english name) which i first heard on chuang 2020. it's on youtube and it's so beautiful! you won't regret it if you listen to it :)

also i feel like narcissa would call ted his full name just bc she's like that

Word Count: 1401

that girl said to me

Narcissa is nothing.

She is but a whisper in the wind.

Her bare feet tread lightly on the floor, avoiding the spots where the old family manor is known to creak and groan.

She makes it all the way to the back door of the kitchen, far from her parents´ room. Not that it really matters since her parents sleep like the dead, but better safe than sorry. She opens the last cupboard (sometime ago she specifically forbade any of the house elves from touching it) and takes out a small bag.

Her clothes remain folded, only slightly wrinkled from being in the bag for days, and her shoes still sparkle. She puts on her gown and coat then slips on her shoes. They make a sharp sound on the floor and she recoils, but a quick glance around assures no house elves came to investigate. It'd be awful if any of her parents' house elves catch her sneaking around. The ones under her control know better than to run and inform her parents. The old house elves though, the ones who've served their family for centuries, are stubborn and loyal and would give her out in a second.

A simple spell opens the door and she slips out soundlessly.

Her heels are dulled by the dirt ground and she walks as far away as the manor as she can.

Once she's a good distance away, she Apparates, the loud crack too far even for the batty ears of those horrid servants to pick up.

The streetlights are dull, offering just enough light to make out figures if one were to look closely. She looks around the muggle neighborhood and no one seems to be looking out their windows this late at night. She could kill them all if she wanted and they wouldn't know a thing. Narcissa blinks. Surely, Andromeda and Edward would have proper defenses around their own house. Especially with their unborn child that's due any day now.

She steps out of the dim alley and begins to walk down the street, her heels clicking softly on the cement.

She lets out a sigh of relief when she can feel the presence of wards over the property. The protective wards prohibit those with malicious intentions so they let her through without an issue.

She knocks exactly two times and waits. She hears the hurried footsteps and is greeted with Edward's haggard face. She raises her eyebrows. He's always so put together every time she sees him, so this is certainly out of the norm. Of course, one can't present an image 100% all the time, despite so many of her acquaintances who try to. It's also her fault for coming so late. She won't comment on it.

"Oh, we weren't expecting you, but it's always nice to see you," Edward says, ushering her inside. "You came just in time too! Dora's still awake."

Her hand stills from where she's begun to hang her coat. "Dora?" she echoes.

"Yes, Dora! She's so incredibly tiny and playful! C'mon, Dromeda's been waiting for you to see her."

Andromeda hadn't sent her a word that she went into labor. It must've happened so suddenly. She hasn't even brought flowers, a card, or anything! How is she going to meet her first niece without any present?

She swallows, following Edward around the house, nervously patting her hair down like a baby would know any better if she had a few stray hairs or not. They get to the nursery and Edward informs the pair of sisters that he'll be in the living room should they need anything.

"Cissy, I'm glad you're here."

Andromeda looks tired as most new mothers do, but she's also glowing in a way she's never seen her sister glow before. Even with her hair haphazardly thrown into a bun and vomit on her nightgown, she looks radiant. In her arms, there's a tiny bundle making the smallest of noises.

"Is this her?" she asks, hesitantly stepping further into the room.

Andromeda laughs, beckoning her closer. It sounds so light and free, the way Andy should always be. "Yes, this is Nymphdora Tonks, my little angel. You can hold her, you know; she's not going to bite!"

She nods and takes the small bundle from Andromeda's arms.

And, oh.

Nymphadora is so, so tiny. She weighs practically nothing. Her skin has settled into a soft pink and her eyes are so big and alert. She has a small tuff of brown hair that peeks out from her white cap. She squirms slightly when she realizes her mother isn't holding her anymore, but there's no mistaking the curiosity in the big eyes. She can feel the small puffs of breath in her hands when she goes to poke at Nymphadora's cheeks.

Her heart softens when Nymphadora smiles at her.

"Oh, Merlin, her hair!"

Andromeda gasps, taking the small cap off her baby's head revealing the now blonde hair. "She's a Metamorphmagus! Incredible. Teddy, come here!"

Nymphadora looks like her now.

Like a mini Narcissa.

She blinks away the tears because this is not her child, this is not her baby, this is not her flesh and blood.

I want one, she thinks, cradling the baby closer to her. I want one.

Edward bursts into the room, wand ready, but lowers it at the sight of no immediate threat. "None of the wards detected anything; is everything alright?"

Andromeda giggles, gently taking Nymphadora back into her arms. "No, silly, look at our baby girl!"

They coo over her together, excitingly talking about the possibilities and the mischief their baby would get up to in the future.

She stands a few feet away, her arms still loosely hold the position the baby was in. Ridiculous. She puts her hands behind her back.

For a moment there, she didn't want to give the baby back. Nymphadora looked so much like Narcissa, she had forgotten the baby wasn't hers.

"I should get going," she manages to say, shaking Edward's hand and hugging Andromeda tight, yet briefly. She smiles down at Nymphadora who's still sporting her blonde hair. The tiny darling only giggles back.

Narcissa excuses herself and goes back to grab her coat. She closes her eyes and lets the familiar sensation of Apparition wash over her. When she opens her eyes, she's back on the grounds of the Black Manor.

This time she walks slower, navigating through the darkness with her head full of thoughts that she just can't seem to shake away.

Andy had looked so happy and blissful. Is that what marriage and a baby was like?

Narcissa wants that; she wants what Andy has.


She opens the kitchen's back door, taking off her shoes outside to not make any noise. She quickly and quietly hides her things again in the cabinet. She makes sure to loosen her hair until it's flowing freely behind her.

"What are you doing?"

Narcissa gasps, turning around. "Lumos," she says, coming face to face with her mother. She thanks Merlin she's in the hallway right outside her bedroom. The light of her wand casts an eerie shadow on her mother's face. "You scared me. I only went to get a drink of water."

Druella Black stares at her unimpressed. "Oh, is that so?"

She nods, trying to control her frantic heartbeat. A thought comes to her mind then so unexpectedly but, surely, a blessing in disguise. "I've been thinking, mother, and I want to accept Lucius' courting offer."

Her mother's eyes widen and she lets out a shriek of delight. "Oh, of course! It was about time! Such a handsome young man, and I can't believe you still had reservations! Now you know where this leads, don't you? A Malfoy in our family! He's from such a respectable lineage. This is even better than Bellatrix's fiancé."

She lets her mother drag her into her bedroom together to discuss more.

"This is so wonderful! I'm so excited for you, dear! I need to remind you, marriage is forever, for eternity, until death does you apart! Oh, your names would look lovely in the tapestry together!"

Narcissa closes her eyes, and for a second, she can still see Andromeda's and Edward's forms huddled over their baby girl, radiating love and happiness. She opens them again and laughs quietly.

"I know, mother. The sooner the marriage, the better."