At one of the Republic's largest stations, deep in the Outer Rim, the clone forces were engaged in warfare with the Separatists' droid army that had invaded the base. Lasers flew and enemies fell. The many droids outnumbered the clone platoons, so they were forced to send a cry for help. The first ones to answer the distress call were Jedi Master Ayra and her Padawan Lyn, along with their clone legion.

The clone transport landed with a thud on the planet, clones pouring forth from their innards. Blasters ablaze, Master Ayra's troops dashed into the fray. With the new reinforcements, the clone armies quickly gained the upper hand.

Come, Captain Lock, let us end this," Master Ayra says as she points her 'saber at the droids.

Lock is Commander of the 307th Battalion, under the supervision of Jedi Master Ayra. His armor design is similar to that of Obi-Wan Kenobi's Commander Cody, but in green paint instead of yellow. Lock has served in the Clone Wars since the Battle of Geonosis, the battle that began it all. His former General was Jedi Eeth Koth, until Eeth went missing many moons ago. He was then transferred to Ayra's command, and has been there ever since.

Lock looks to his General and nods.

"Yes sir!" He turns to his troops. "All units charge!"

As the clones burst forth in formation, a sniper aims its rifle at the clone Captain's helmet. The trigger is fired in one quick movement and the laser bolt comes fast. Lock turns just in time to see the red bolt of light streaking towards his head, and then a flash of Jedi robes as the 15 year old padawan Lyn hurtles in front of him, blue blade painting a wave in front of them. She deflects the bolt as quickly as it had been fired, sending it flying back towards the sniper nest. The droid's head explodes with a bang.

"Thank you, Commander Lyn," Lock says with gratitude.

Lyn smiles at Lock. "How many times have I saved your butt now?" She quips with a smirk.

Lock rolls his eyes under his helmet but smiles. "We can count all the times after this battle is over, okay?" Lock says as he shoots a super battle droid without looking.

"Okay, but remember you owe me," Lyn says with a wink as she backflips back into the fray.

She joins her master at her side, and together with their troops, defeat the droid army. There were casualties on both sides, but the clones came out mostly okay.

Ayra puts away her Lightsaber, and offers her hand to a wounded clone struggling to stand up. He gives her a nod of thanks as he limps to the medbay.

"Captain Lock," Ayra calls. The Captain, standing to the left and slightly behind his general, steps forward.

"Yes, General?"

"When our wounded are treated, we will leave. We need to return to our sector," Ayra informs. Lock nodded.

"Yes sir. I assume you will continue Lyn's training when we get back to the ship?" Lock asks while holding his helmet to his side.

"You are right. As skilled as she might be, I still have a lot to teach my padawan," Ayra says as she looks at her Padawan, who is talking to some of the clones. It seems to be a friendly talk and Lyn is enjoying it. She even gives a clone a high five. She smiles.

"Yes, I'm sure she will do well," Captain Lock says. "Would you like me to tell her you wish to speak to her?"

Ayra nodds and with that Lock heads to Lyn. As Lock leaves, Ayra senses a disturbance. I will speak to my padawan about this, she thinks to herself.

As Lock steps closer to Lyn, he catches the tail end of her conversation.

"Well, kid, looks like you beat me again. Maybe next time I'll get more droids than you," The clone says, challenging her.

"We will see about that next time, Crest," Lyn says, accepting his challenge.

The clone, Crest, is Lock's right-hand man, along with the second most-trusted clone out of the whole platoon. He and Lyn have always had a playful rivalry with one another. Lyn has always won every time, but the two have fun with each other regardless.

"Lyn." The two's discussion stops and they turn to see Lock. "Your master wants to have a word with you," Lock informs the young girl.

"Okay, I'll go, "Lyn says. "Bet my master later has something special to teach me later." Lyn has high respect for her master and is close to her as well.

Lock gives her a thumbs up. "I'm sure you will do well in it. Good luck, kid," Lock says, giving the kid support. Lyn smiles as she walks back to her master.

"Thanks, Lock."

Lock smiles as he puts his helmet back on just as a soldier runs up.

"Sir, it's for you. It's important," the clone says, pressing a holodisc into his gloved hand.

Lock took it then. "Okay, let's see what this has to say." He turns the Holodisc on and sees a hooded man.

"Captain Lock." The figure began in a cold tone, addressing the clone by his name.

"Master?" Lyn asks. "Are you okay? You look distracted. Is something wrong?" She asks, concerned for her master.

"Lyn…," Ayra begins wearily, "I sense a disturbance in the Force," Her master says as rubbing her forehead.

"A disturbance? I sense no disturbance," Lyn replies.

"It is there, young one," Ayra replies.

"It will be done...Darth Sidious," Lock says as the hologram of the Dark Lord of the Sith flickered out. Within Lock's head, he feels a switch turn on as the Biochip implanted in his brain activatez. Then...for the dark deed.

All the soldiers' chips activate, and they raise their weapons.

"No!" Lock shouts. The clones lower their guns and look at the captain, confused. "I'll do it," he finishes darkly.

Lock raises his DC-15A blaster. His trigger finger shakes. He has some control over himself, and is fully aware of what he is doing.

He has to make a choice. One Jedi will live, but the other will die.

He has great respect for Ayra. She is a great general who has helped his men out of tough battles and would join her men in battle. She is one of the bravest Jedi he has ever served.

But Lyn has saved his life more than once. He also knows how much his general cared about her padawan. He was sure her master saw Lyn like a daughter.

Lock soon makes up his mind as he pulls the trigger and the shot rings out.

"Lyn I thi-" Ayra begins but before she can finish, a blue laser bolts strikes true through the heart as Lyn looks on in horror.

"MASTER!" she shouts as her master falls down, dead.

Lyn turns around and sees that it was Captain Lock who fired the shot. His gun is now aimed at her. She activates her lightsaber then, to defend herself.

"LOCK! WHY? WHY?" She yells. She is shocked, angry and confused. Why would Lock just kill her master in cold blood like that? "How could you do that to her?" She cries.

Lock, now under full influence of the chip, gives an order, one that fills Lyn with fear and a feeling of pure betrayal. "All troops, blast her!"

Reacting quickly, Lyn blocks the barrage of blue laser fire. She backs up as all the clones walk forward, pressing on. Lyn uses the Force to lift broken battle droids and debris from the ground, hurling them at the soldiers who were quickly advancing on her.

Lyn looks at her dead master, not wanting to leave the body behind, but knowing she must. Lyn ran quickly into the base, the automatic door closing with a hiss behind her. Lyn sliced the control panel with her blade, making opening the door electronically impossible.

Lyn looks at the automatic door that she had forced shut. She stares at it as she drops to her knees and buries her face in her hands. After seeing her master die, killed by the very troops she saw as friends…all she could do was cry right now. For the first time in a long time, she is afraid. Her head whips up when she hears the clones setting charges outside the door. She rushes to her feet and runs to hide, finding a small cabinet under a control panel. She folds herself into it, clutching her saber tight.

The door explodes with a bang, and the troops surge inside, blasters aimed and ready. They search every nook and cranny of the corridor, but they do not find Lyn.

"She's not here, sir. She's gone," Crest points out.

Lock does not say anything for a moment, but then turns to his men. "We know Lyn is on board the station still. She's been marked for termination by Order 66. Under this directive, any and all Jedi leadership must be executed for treason against the Republic. Any soldier that does not comply with the order will also be executed for treason and anyone who assists her sill be killed as well. Understood?"

"Yes, sir!" All the clones reply in unison.

Lock pulls up a hologram on his disc. A map of the station opens up. "This station is large but we will eventually find her. Gather up in search parties. We'll fan out and move section by section." He orders and all the clones nod and begin to form teams.

As the clones move out, Lock goes to the dead body of Arya. Her eyes are open, staring lifelessly at the smoke filled sky. He leans down and brushed a hand down her face, closing them. He then takes her lightsaber, going back into the base and passing it off to a trooper, ordering him to take it back to the ship. With that the Captain went to join his brothers in hunting Lyn.

Note: Well here's a story of Lyn so far experience with order 66 and how her Master died, also this is canon to venom rules all Fire emblem and star wars fanfic I asked first and I figured it be fun to do something like this on what Lyn went through.

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