It has been a few months since Lyn escaped the clones and even found out what happaned to the jedi temple by a message from Kanobi telling them ordered had fallen and by the end trust in the force.

Along with that she found out the republic now the galactic empire had made lies on lots of the jedi and why they where exacuted. The Padawan even found out what lies was made on her master as she was watching a hologram on it in a abadoned apartment she was living in.

"Former General Ayra was killed because clones discovered that she was sabotaging there efforts and slowing down there progress along with that she was planning to blow up the station. "He says as Lyn was watching this as she drinks some water she had." We are thankful that the Clones discovered this and put a end to the treachery of this Jedi her men must have felt so betreyed when they found out about this" the imperial announces.

In some Anger Lyn throws the holodisk againts the wall breaking it to pieces.

The empire where making the jedi sound like backstabbing monsters and made her master sound like General Krell she heard of that dark jedi deed to his men and what she sees the empire was comparing her to him.

Lyn then grabbed her head she really hated how stuff turned out but she knew there was nothinh she could do she needed to hide for now and stay away from clones and imperial forces since she knew if they find her and finds out who she is they will shoor her down on sight or worse thats why she picked this planet it had no forces of theres here...for now.

But then her stomach growled she needed to buy some since she ran out yesterday.

With that she gets up then, grabbed a cloak she got and puts it on and walked out she had some cradits to buy food on this world shes hiding out on so far there was no imperials here which was good. But still she had to be careful there could be spies anywhere or people who would be willing to call a jedi out for cradits.

Eventually she got to a store but the store owner saw her and saw what clothing she has on so instead of charging her. he decided to be generous to who he assume is a homeless girl which he was not completely wrong about

"You can have it, Free of charge." He says with a kind smile.

Lyn looks at him but returned the smile. "Thank you." She says giving him a polite bow as she takes the food she got and began to leave then, and walked back to the abadoned apartment she was staying at for now.

But unkown to her a small flying droid was fallowing her it was searching for someone it did nit see her face but someone ordered it to fallow Lyn and report back if it got anything useful.

As for Lyn her temporary home was on a part where there was not much people. But she stopped when she felt a blaster pointed at her head from behind. "Hello there." He says Lyn could tell by the tone of his voice that this guy did not have Pleasant in mind for her.

"Leave me alone." She did not want to fight but if she had to she will.

"Well, i wilo let you pass if you will give me some cradits...or i let you go for free if you come with me somewhere." The human Thug said with a sick smile.

Lyn now was disgusted by the man as she walked away still from him. "Get away from me." Shw says as she walks still.

As foe the thug he aimed his pistole at her still. "Big mistake." He says as he fired then.

Lyn sensing the blast coming avoided it before it hit her in the head she then time to the man with a glare she then dropped her bag and ran at him she kicked the gun out of his hand when he tried to fire again making him Miss fire Heathen elbowed him in the face hard making a tooth come out and then kicked him in the gut with a strong kick sending him falling to his back.

"Wh-what the!" The thug says crawling back at the teen that glared at him still as she spoke. "Go...and i hope i never see you again." Lyn said.

The thug did not need to be told twice as he gets up and runs Lyn sighs as she goes back to her bag, picks it up and began to walk to her walk back then hoping nothing else bad would happen.

Shame for her the droid that followed her saw this and the place she was staying at. It then files away then heading ti a location where its sender is at.

At another part of the area the droid flown back to its Master and landed on her wrist. "Did you find anything?" The helmeted masked covered women asked the small droid.

This wimen was a inquisitor, a group made to hunt down Jedi that survived order 66 and finish what clones had failed to do with the Jedi that escaped them.

The droid showed a red hologram recording causing the women to smile under her helmet as it soon opens up to reveal a female mirialan that had yellow eyes. She watched the recording and saw the girl avoid the blaster bolt when her back was turned and beat him with ease she must be a Jedi that the clones missed she even saw the droid even recorded where she was staying.

"Good so I was right when i sensed something here." She says as she turned. "You all know what to do right?"

Behind her where six black armored looking clones better known as purge troopers and the lead one nodded.

"We do Seventh sister." The Purge trooper said addressing his superior whos smirk never left her face as she chuckles then darkley this will be a good hunt.

"Good." She says. "Now head out." She says as the obayed and followed her then. Seventh sister had plans and also was curious on this jedi skill and had the perfact way to test it out with tools...six easily expendable and replaceable tools.

Seventh sister really felt this will be entertaining when she sees all this. And when shes done having her fun she will take the jedi down...or have her join there side she dose not mind which really both will be painful for Lyn.

If Lyn thought the Clones that turned on her trying to kill her was bad...these people are worse.

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