Buzz was hanging out with the other toys when he got a paper airplane message to go to Quiznos near to discuss some things about what is going on in the Magic Kingdom. It's a letter from Mickey Mouse and he has to invite Rex to it as well. He talks to Woody about it and they both decide it is best not to ignore it because if they do it could be worse.

"I am wondering why they want Rex and me and not you and me, Woody," says Buzz.

Whenever anyone invites Buzz it is with Woody since they are best friends and an iconic duo.

"I'm not sure either but we might join you all later, for now, go to Quiznos and if you need to go to the Magic Kingdom just let us know and we will hold down the fort here," says Woody.

Buzz smiles at that they shake hands and decide that the army men will go with them to keep an eye on things just in case this letter was a fraud and the other toys have to go in and save Rex and help Buzz. Buzz flies into the Quiznos and sees Mickey who looks petrified which isn't like Mickey at all, he even has a hat and big sunglasses on. This means that he didn't want to be caught coming here. Mickey is looking around when he sees Buzz he waves him over and asks if Rex is coming. Buzz said yeah, he was just wanting to make sure the building was safe before calling him in.

"That's smart! I'm glad I called for you two," says Mickey, smiling.

"I am wondering why you didn't call for Woody as well," says Buzz.

"He will be invited later but there is a reason I called for you and Rex, but I need you two first," says Mickey.

"Alright," says Buzz, still confused.

He calls Rex and invites him over to Quiznos. Rex leaves his post knocking over some army men on his way as he goes over to the restaurant. He calms down and goes inside where he sits at the table.

"Welcome fellas! I know this is going to be a hard thing to do, um would you like anything to eat?" asks Mickey.

"We can't eat.," says Rex.

"Oh right! Sorry, I'm nervous...I can't stay long so I will get to the chase. Maleficent has taken over the Magic Kingdom and I'm going to need help defeating her magic in Astroland, you see it just isn't her fighting me in this it's all the villains," says Mickey.

"W-what does that have to do with us?" asks Rex.

"Well one of the villains is Zurg," says Mickey.

This makes him go into a panic and Mickey with Buzz has to calm him down.

"You two know how to defeat him so I need your help on this," says Mickey.

"It was more Rex then anything," says Buzz.

"What?!" says Rex.

"Rex… we need your help, I know it's scary but if you have an idea on how to defeat Zurg, we need you to calm down and help us," says Mickey.

Rex thinks about it for a minute but isn't sure about it because before it was a toy who had no idea where he was and who it was this time it is the real one, it's a lot different this time.

"I think we could defeat him," says Rex.

"Are you sure about this buddy?" asks Buzz, "It isn't just a toy you heard Mickey he has magic on his side this time."

"Yeah but we have numbers we should be able to beat him," says Rex.

"Alright! What do you think the plan should be?" asks Mickey.

"I think Woody should go with you and scope out the area then Buzz will go next and after a couple of days we will join," says Rex.

"I don't know if separation is a great idea, they got Minnie and others like them…" says Mickey.

"We will help you get Minnie back, I think this is a great plan. He won't see it coming," says Buzz.

Mickey thinks about it for a minute and nods knowing that he doesn't have much a choice on this but he always wanted to get help from his friends to get this started.

"Alright, I will go with you guys and stay for a few weeks then I have to get other people to help us. I have a feeling that this battle will need more than you and your friends. I'm not doubting your ability it's just that we aren't fighting one villain we are fighting many!" says Mickey.

He starts rambling and only stops when Buzz gently grabs his shoulder.

"We got it with Rex's plan this might work," says Buzz.

"Okay, sorry about that thanks for helping me calm down," says Mickey.

"No problem, I'll call Woody over," says Buzz.

Mickey nods and lets the boys call for their friend and Woody comes over ready for a fight but is shocked to see that Mickey, Rex, and Buzz are fine. He goes over confused and listens to what the others say and agrees that is the best action. Mickey does explain that if Andy needs one of the toys, the other toys can use a "Send Home" button that will be given to Buzz, then Rex, and so on. This button will send said toy home if they select the right name. The three high five and go to tell the plan to the other toys. The next day Woody is off with Mickey to start the adventure of defeating Zurg.

The End.

A/N: As this is a pre-qual to the game Magic Kingdom's and I want others to support the game. You don't have to play the game I just prefer if people find out the answers to "What happens next?" and "Do they defeat Zurg?" to the game.