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Back at Loguetown, Smoker looked out at where the Straw Hats' ship had sailed off. As angry as he was, he appeared calm as he stoically stared off into the horizon. None of his subordinates dared to speak, afraid of what might happen if they interrupted his train of thought.

"Years ago, Gold Roger took the world by storm, and now, on the anniversary of the day of his execution, this kid appears and stirs up the same kind of trouble", he said to himself, "And on top of that, now he's added one of the greatest bounty hunters I've ever seen to his ranks. Only a man similar to Roger could ever draw in such powerful allies".

This didn't bode well for anyone and Smoker knew it. As he chewed on the ends of his cigars, he knew what he had to do.

"Set sail", he ordered, turning to one of his men, "We're going after them. We're heading for the Grand Line".

"But Captain"! One of his men said, "You can't abandon your post on this island! What will command think of this"?!

"I don't care", Smoker replied.

As his men stood there speechless, Tashigi stepped forward.

"I'm going with you"! She said, "I have to hunt down Roronoa Zoro"!

"Are you sure that's not the only reason you're going"? Smoker said, turning to her, "Or do you also plan on going after Holliday"?

"My only reason for going to is find Zoro! Zoro is mine, and mine alone, to capture"! Tashigi insisted, "Please, Captain Smoker".

"Very well, just try not to slow me down", Smoker relented.

Tashigi nodded as she gripped her sword. As Smoker left with his men to make preparations for their inevitable departure from Loguetown, Tashigi stared off at the horizon.

"I'm going to find you, Autumn", Tashigi muttered, "And the next time we meet…I'll make sure that I'm the stronger one".

Meanwhile, the green hooded man who had witnessed the fight between Autumn and Smoker stood on the roof of one of the tallest buildings. He smiled as he thought about the events that had transpired today. Destiny sure was strange; first a lone pirate proclaims his dream, without any regard to the backlash it would lead to, and then a powerful youth came to his rescue not once, but twice. Whatever fate had in store, one thing was for sure, he was rather eager to see what would happen next.

As he continued to think, he pulled out a small transponder snail.

"Hey, pick me up, I don't think this storm's going to be letting up anytime soon", he said into the receiver end of the snail.

"And who's fault is that"? came the reply, "Just hang in there for a minute, I'll be by in about 10 minutes".


As the man placed the snail back in his pocket, he continued to ponder on the recently transpired events. Meanwhile, a few miles away from Loguetown, a shadowed craft hovered above the ocean. A lone figure wearing a black hooded cloak stood atop the ship, looking out into the horizon. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small crystal about the size of an apple. It was clear and see-through like a diamond and began to shine as he held it out in front of him. A beam of light shone from it, pointing out into the distance like the needle of a compass. The man smiled beneath the hood, knowing that his suspicion had been confirmed.

"I knew it", he thought, "This thing started going crazy about three years ago, and now, the light it's emitting is pointing me towards what I'm looking for".

"Looks like your adventure has just began", he said to himself, "When we see each other, will you even recognize me? We've both been through a lot since we came here. I wonder if after everything the two of us have gone through together, you'll still be able to tell it's me? I guess we'll find out, won't we…Autumn"?


Back on the Going Merry, Autumn looked out at the raging sea as she leaned against the ships' railing. Though the waters were choppy, and the sky above was covered with storm clouds, she couldn't help but feel excited. Here she was, on the adventure of a lifetime, in the world of one of the greatest animes ever. She had a feeling that here knowledge of One Piece, though limited, would serve her well, especially in the particularly sticky situations they would find themselves in.

As her mind raced with all kinds of thoughts of what was to come in her time with the crew, she still thought of Sam.

"I wonder if you're really out there", She said to herself, "I wonder if you'll even be able to recognize me. I've had to change a lot so that I'll be able to survive everything that's waiting in the Grand Line. You've probably done the same though…..I'll find you, bubby. Whatever it takes".


She looked up to see Hooter fluttering down from the crows nest. Holding her arm out, she smiled as her aviary friend landed on her jacket sleeve.

"Come on, baby, let's get you inside", she said, nuzzling the owl, "Storms like this call for a hot drink".

As the pair headed back to the galley, Autumn knew that no matter what happened, her friends would be there to help her through and she would do everything in her power to help them, all the while keeping true to her mission of finding Sam.

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