Chapter 3: The Fight for Fort Almond, and the Cape Coral Gym

Later that night my aura went off. I snuck outside, and followed using echolocation, and don't ask me how it looks or feels, i still don't know. But eventually, I make it to Fort Almond, where Jessie and James has the four tied up.

"Let them go!" I shout to the two who have put IVs into their arms. "Don't worry, you won't fall asleep. You'll feel the pain." Jessie said. "Alright, use Force Palm!" "Alright, stop him, Tyranitar!" James shouted. "Hyper Beam!" "Dodge, and use Aura Sphere!" Riolu slid to the right, throwing the blue ball of aura at Tyranitar, pinning him right in the face. "Alright, I'll handle it." Jessie said. "Xatu, I choose you!" "Use Psybeam!" Jessie exclaimed, as Xatu fired a Psybeam. "Alright! Full power now!" I yelled, as aura circled us both, revealing Riolu was now a Lucario. "Aura um… Beam!" I shouted, as Lucario actually blasted a beam of Aura at the two, leaving swirls in both their Pokemon's eyes. I feel a blue glow around me, as I wall run around the fort, dropkicking Jessie, and punching James in the stomach, leaving both of them knocked out. I run to them, and take out Shauna and Serena's IVs, but that's when the problem occured. Ash was writhing in his chair. Serena unhooks him from his restraints, and he immediately holds her up by the neck, against the wall. "Ash!" Shauna shouted. "Ash, stop!" I shout. Serena's hand barely rubs against Ash's cheek, before saying, "Please. It's me, Serena." She said. That snapped Ash back to existence. He dropped her, and ran to her side. "Are you okay?" Ash managed to get out, before Serena got up and ran, followed by the three of us. Ash was in first, and Shauna and I were tied for second. Then, we got near the cliffside near the beach. Once Serena had to catch her breath, Ash caught up to her. Shauna started walking over to her, but slipped on a crumbling rock down the cliff. I put my hand out, but it was too late. Or was it.

"Jakk!" I could hear Ash and Serena yell after I jumped down after her. I grabbed her, and put her over me to break her fall. So, when I crashed into the water, Shauna was fine, and I was too, surprising me. I let Shauna go, as we swam back to shore. Once we reached the shore, I felt a sharp pain in my back. I saw my Lucario, back as a Riolu, teleport to me. It must be a battle bond thing like Ash-Greninja. I was surrounded by a blue glow again, and I was perfectly fine. Shauna and I then start climbing the cliff, not having to walk all the way back. We make it back up, and Riolu scaled the cliff with ease.

I bring them to a secret room in my house, which is just a trapdoor that's camouflage, and the three decided to sleep there tonight.

Early in the morning, I snuck the three out of the house, and since it was a Saturday, I wrote a note saying I'd be at a friend's house for the weekend. Now, we had the whole city to explore. Okay, we found the gym in 30 minutes.

"I'm Ash Ketchum, and I would like to challenge you to a gym battle!" The leader smiled, and released a Mantine. "Choose your pokemon. It will be a 3 on 3 match." He said.

"Farfetch'd!" Ash released the Galarian Farfetch'd. "Begin!" "Mantine, use Ice Beam!" "Dodge, and use Quick Attack!" Farfetch'd slid to the left, and then started running at hyperspeed towards Mantine. "Mantine, dodge!" Farfetch'd landed a direct and critical hit, leaving Mantine almost fainting. "Recover!" The gym leader said. Ash's eyes widened in shock. "Recover!?" "Alright, finish it now with Energy Ball!" Ash shouted. Is that even legal? Who knows? But, it OH-Koed Mantine, so he sent out Croconaw next, at which Ash returned his Farfetch'd and called out his Pikachu. "Ice Fang!" The gym leader known as Hydro shouted. "Dodge, and use Iron Tail!" "Catch it in your jaws!" Hydro exclaimed. Pikachu was now stuck in Croconaw's grasp. Ash just smiled. "Electro Ball, let's go!" Hydro's eyes widened as Croconaw was knocked out. "Pikachu, take a rest!" "Corsola!" Hydro shouted. "Sobble, let's go!" "Pound!" Ash shouted. "Power Gem!" "Both Pokemon are unable to battle, Ash Ketchum is the winner, as Farfetch'd and Pikachu are still able to battle!" I'd like to say something interesting happened, but Luxray sweeped all three of the Pokemon. So, we healed up, and explored some more. Starting with returning to Fort Almond.