Harry felt a jerk behind his navel and arrived in front of a huge mansion. Harry pushed the doors open which had a huge phoenix door knob. As soon as the doors opened, a pop sounded and a house elf dressed in an uniform marked with the potter crest appeared.

"Master Harry, is that you?" asked the elf. Harry nodded.

"I was wondering when you would come. We all elves were waiting for so many years. Now you have arrived, we will serve you as we served your ancestors." The elf almost said jumping up and down. Harry guessed that this elf must be well trained since he spoke in proper English and could contain his excitement unlike Dobby. Harry smiled. "What is your name?"

"Bruce sir. I am the head elf for the Potter family. Under you there are currently forty seven house elves. Ten are here at the Potter Mansion, and rest care for your other properties around the world, operate your wine yards, take care of your profits and other numerous jobs are undertaken." Harry was shocked by this piece of information and imagined Hermione's reaction to it. "Are the elves well treated Bruce? Are they given sick leaves?" Harry questioned. The elf smiled and replied "Master Harry, you are very much like your mother. When she came here for the first time she asked the same questions. And yes, we are well cared for by each other and if someone is sick, they are cared for till they become fit." Harry smiled.

"Bruce, I am in a bit of hurry. I need to establish a blood ward here first, and then I will meet the House elves who are here and finally have a quick tour of the house before I leave. I promise to return soon." Bruce nodded and took him outside toward a huge statue of a Griffin and instructed Harry to put a few drops of his blood on the base of the statue and claim the potter mansion. Harry followed his instructions and as soon as his sentence ended he felt a surge of magic throughout the property.

"The blood wards are placed Master Harry." Bruce said.

"Please call me Harry." Bruce shook his head and murmured "Just like Mistress Lily and Master James."

"Harry, Let me introduce you to the elves." The elf gave in.

After an introduction to all ten elves Bruce led Harry throughout the house. It had 32 bedrooms, 50 bathrooms 2 duelling rooms, 2 potions lab, a play area, 2 dining rooms, 3 parlors for greeting guests and several miscellaneous rooms. Harry was impressed by this. He could not believe he had so much wealth and such a big house. Just then a griffin patronus arrived and said "Hurry up! We have a lot to discuss."

He hurried to the floo and shouted "Hogwarts Headmaster office". Arriving back he got sprawled on the floor and then heard laughter. "Pup, we need to teach you to floo." said Sirius. Harry picked himself up embarrassed about his landing. "Tell me how you got into contact with Daphne, Tracey, Susan" asked Robert.

Harry shrugged and said "It was after my name came out of the Goblet. Hermione and I were in the library when Daphne and Tracey approached. They said that they believed me about not entering my name and offered a deal about us helping them with spellcasting for their help in research for Triwizard. As for Susan she heard me telling Cedric about the dragons and then felt sorry for her behavior towards me and apologized. We also danced at the yule ball. Sadly I could not dance with Tracey and Daphne due to house boundries."

"Then you should write them a letter asking if they are interested in training and fighting against Voldemort. I guess the Greengrasses won't have a problem as Cyrus, Daphne's father was a hitwizard during the first war. Even Amelia Bones should approve. I am not sure about the Davises." Replied Sirius.

"But will we be ready within two weeks?" Harry enquired.

"No" Robert smirked "It will be 14 months under the time compression feature of the room of requirement. That will be good enough."

"Time compression? You mean that in two weeks real time we will train for fourteen months in the room?" Robert nodded.

"You should write a letter to all your friends now. So that this weekend we can start training." Sirius said.

"Well if that's all I will take my leave. Meet you on Saturday." Robert declared and left. Sirius and harry spent the rest of time writing letters and talking about various things before harry returned to privet drive.