In the official wiki, Cav and Twitch apparently had a thing. It was never specified what that thing was so I wrote this shit. Enjoy, I guess :/


"Shit, shit, shit." Twitch whispered to herself as she ran to the hangar, nearly throwing up the breakfast she basically inhaled when she was hurriedly eating onto her wrinkled clothes that she just threw on. Of all the times her alarm didn't go off, it had to be on the day of her first ever assignment since joining Team Rainbow.

Her scary new boss stood by the plane she was supposed to be on five minutes ago and she was about to explain herself when she stopped her.

"I don't care about any excuse you have." Six said. "Just get on the plane and make sure this never happens again."

Twitch nervously nodded. "Y-yes ma'am."

She threw her stuff in the plane before getting aboard herself, feeling a pang of guilt as she watched Six walk away, shaking her head in disappointment clearly aimed at her. She didn't have much time to cringe at herself though, as the other passenger on the plane laughed at her situation.

"Our first assignment here and you decided to show our new boss how unreliable the GIGN is. Good job."

Twitch only just realized that she had someone coming with her and not only did he not wake her up, he even ridiculed her for being late. The audacity on this bitch.

"Oh shut up Julien." Twitch snarled. "If you didn't want me to be late so badly, why didn't you wake me up?"

"That's your responsibility, not mine." Rook said. "And in case you forgot, I called you the minute I got up and you told me to fuck off before hanging up."

Twitch was about to deny this before remembering that she did hang up on someone who called her earlier without bothering to check who it was and what they wanted. The realization made her bury her face in her hands and groan.

"That's why my alarm didn't go off, I turned my phone off after you called."

Rook scoffed in victory. "And you were blaming me? Some friend you are."

"I'm sorry Julien." Twitch said, not a single hint of her words being genuine in her voice. Rook laughed at her.

"No you're not." He said. "You're also usually not irresponsible. You're taking that breakup pretty hard aren't you?"

"Thanks for reminding me of that Julien, its not like I don't think about it every waking moment I have."

"That's why going on this assignment will be good for you. It'll take your mind of that cheating bastard."

Twitch gave him a humorless chuckle. "Its funny, I told you to fuck off because I got mad that you weren't him." She said. "Even a month after he's gone he still finds a way to hurt me."

"We could always do the thing I suggested."

Twitch shook her head. "Scaring him with a fake positive pregnancy test wouldn't work since the most we did was oral. Something he didn't forget to leave out when he explained his infidelity."

"Hey, if he can't deal with the fact that you're not yet ready for sex then that's on him." Rook said. "In fact, you're better off without him."

Twitch smiled at Rook. "Thanks man." She said. "You know what helping me with my breakup without asking for anything in return makes you?"

"A good friend." Rook answered. "If you had called me a simp, I would have bitch slapped you. That word gets thrown around so much that hearing it pisses me off."

"Don't worry, I wasn't going to." Twitch said.

Rook eyed her up for any hint of her lying. He found none. "Well good." He said. "The flight to Rio will take a while and I'll be sleeping for most of it. I suggest you do the same, you look like shit."

"Way ahead of you."

"We're preparing to land, you two. Rise and shine."

Rook groaned awake before giving Twitch a shake. "Don't tell me I didn't wake you up this time."

Twitch waved him off as she sat up, rubbing her eyes then painfully remembering how rough the gloves she had on were. After a crisp fuck out of her mouth and a chuckle out of Rook's, she then moved on to neatly tucking her shoulder length brown hair under her balaclava, paying no mind to Rook's comment on how she looks better with her face covered that he was convinced would be funnier the hundredth time she heard it.

"Try to be more professional than that, fatty. We're representing Team Rainbow to possible recruits."

"This is coming from someone who still uses the word fatty." Rook said. "Gotcha."

Waiting for them on the tarmac were a few presumably BOPE agents, one of which stood out for the patch over his left eye and the aura around him that said he was way too old for this shit, but is still better than most of the new recruits. Just looking at him made it clear why Harry chose him as a possible candidate, even without knowing what special gadget he brought to the table.

"Harry really has a good eye for possible recruits, huh?" Rook said.

Twitch rolled her eyes. "Julien, you-"

"That wasn't on purpose." Rook said, though the smile creeping on his face gave him away.

Twitch sighed. She loved working with her best friend as much as the next person, but when your best friend was Rook, cases like these weren't exactly suitable. No matter, if there was only one reason Harry chose her to go along, it was most likely damage control.

They stepped off the plane to meet with the agents, Rook walking more briskly than what was normal so he could shake hands with them first.

"I'm Julien Nizan, this is my subordinate Emmanuelle Pichon, we were the ones sent by Team Rainbow to meet with you." Oh, that was why.

"Vicente Souza, pleasure to meet you. Follow us please."

Rook nodded and they went along with the agents, allowing enough space between them so their whispers can't be heard.


"Hey, don't talk back to me like that. We have to be professional."

Twitch silently elbowed him in the side. "Dick."

Rook shushed her before speeding up so he can be next to the agents. "Harry has talked to you before we had met, right?"

"He said you'd explain it further to us, but I got the message." Capitao responded. "I see no reason to decline the request, but as for the other one, she may need some more convincing."

"Will we be meeting with her today?" Twitch asked, joining in on the conversation.

"When we get back to the precinct she's in."

The fact that whoever the other agent Harry had picked wasn't there with them didn't sound to good to Twitch. Still though, she tried to stay positive. "I hope we're not bothering her work."

"Oh, she's not working." Capitao reassured. "She's in the holding cell."


"Yep, she's definitely in a holding cell." Twitch said, only needing a trip to the precinct to actually believe it. "Why is she in an holding cell?"

"Things between her and a suspect she was supposed to be getting information from got way too physical." Capitao said. "She was put in here to calm down while the higher ups try to salvage the case."

Rook took a step close to examine the woman sitting there silently. "So she got put in a time out, huh?"

The woman glared at him, just her gaze was enough to make both of them never want to be the one on the end of her interrogations. Rook understandably took a step back.

"Taina." Capitao called out. "These two want to talk to you."

The woman raised an eyebrow at Rook and Twitch. "Then why are you speaking for them?" she asked. "Come in here and talk, I won't bite."

Capitao led them in, surprisingly they left the cell unlocked, which kind of defeats the purpose, but neither of them commented on it. They sat across from her, and Twitch started speaking before Rook had the opportunity to call himself her boss again.

"I'm Emmanuelle Pichon, this is my friend Julien Nizan and we were sent by Team Rainbow." She said.

"Taina Pereira."

"Ok Taina, do you know why we were looking for you?"

Caveira took a few seconds to answer as she examined the two people in front of her. "Yeah, Vicente told me about the offer." She said. "I haven't made a decision yet though, so if you're here to come pick us up already, I'm afraid things won't go that smoothly."

"Don't worry, we're not." Twitch said. "We were sent here to answer any questions you may have in person."

Caveira raised an eyebrow. "Shouldn't your boss be doing that?"

"That was her plan at first, but Harry thought it would be better if she sent actual members of Team Rainbow." Twitch said. "He said you might be convinced more if you saw things from our perspectives."

"I'd join if I were you." Rook said, seemingly having overcome his fear of her only now. "Just the people you'd be working with would be reason enough."

"I don't like people." Caveira said, no hint of sarcasm in her voice.

Rook looked dumbfounded. "Well…uh…"

Caveira just looked at him, waiting for what either of them would say next when an officer peeked his head into the holding cell, telling them that the higher ups wanted a word with both of them. Capitao nodded as a response and excused themselves to Twitch and Rook before going with the officer.

Watching as another officer took Twitch and Rook somewhere they can wait for them, Capitao turned to Caveira. "I thought you said you were taking the offer. What did you say that for?"

Caveira shrugged. "I wanted to see if it was fun messing with Rainbow operators."

Capitao shook his head as he opened the door to their boss's office and let Caveira in. He shut it behind them before offering a greeting to him, and to the head of human resources that was there with them, setting up the footage of the interrogation a while ago.

"Pereira." Their boss acknowledged. "Do you know why you're here?"

Choose your words wisely Taina. "Because you think I did something wrong." Perfect.

Her boss saw right through her. She had no intention of admitting that what she did was wrong. "I'm not the only one that thinks that Pereira. Our director is on my ass right now for what you did."

"Hey, my methods were never pretty and he knows that. What happened a while ago wasn't any different from what I usually do."

The human resource head played the footage from the interrogation room, and it showed Caveira repeatedly slamming the suspect's head onto the table.

"This is the twenty minute mark. You haven't asked him a single question yet."

"I ask the questions after I'm done beating them." Caveira said defensively. "When they're good and scared of me."

"You broke his jaw, how can he answer any questions?"

"I didn't break his fingers for a reason."

Hearing that made Capitao embarrassed for suggesting to take Caveira in all those years ago. He didn't regret it one bit, but moments like this are almost enough to change it.

"I'm trying my best to cover for you here Pereira, but I'm running out of excuses." Her boss said. "And if I have none left, you're out of here whether I want or not."

"Don't worry about it." Caveira said. "I'm out of here no matter what happens anyway."

Capitao saw the reaction on their boss's face and he chuckled. Caveira knew damn well that information wasn't disclosed to anyone other than them and their director, but still chose to fuck with their boss one last time.

"She and I applied for a transfer." He explained.

"What he said. Don't worry about the details, the director took care of everything." Caveira said. "We'll be out of your hair by the end of the day."

With that, Caveira nodded at the two people in front of her before getting up to leave.

"Wait." Her boss called out. "If today was your last day, did you go too far on purpose?"

Caveira shrugged. "He was a dick."

"Hey Marius? Yeah, we're on our way back." Twitch told her phone.

"The recruits?"

Twitch looked at Capitao and Caveira walking behind them, carrying their gear on their backs. "They're with us. Both of them." She said. "You good to go?"

"Yeah, about that." Jager said. "There's a huge storm on the way, its too dangerous to fly."

"So we're waiting it out?"

"I mean, we don't have much of a choice do we?" Jager said. "Earliest we can leave is tomorrow morning."

"That's still a pretty long wait Marius."

"Hey, I don't like it either." Jager said. "Can you ask the new recruits if there's a place we can stay the night?"

"Yeah, sure. We'll come get you in a bit, don't go anywhere." Twitch said, hanging up so she can break the news to the others.

"Flight's cancelled guys, too much rain. We should be good tomorrow though, so we'll only be spending the night."

"Do you need a place to stay?" Capitao asked. "I don't live too far from here."

"Oh, we don't want to be a bother. A motel would be fine."

Caveira rolled her eyes. "Do you even have any money on you?"

"Vicente's house it is." Rook said. "Thanks a lot man, we really appreciate it."

Capitao chuckled as he gave Twitch a pat on the back. "No need to be shy Pichon, we're colleagues now."

He wasn't lying when he said his house wasn't far, since it took less than ten minutes for all of them to be standing outside Capitao's front door, waiting as he went through his keys. He let them all in and told them to make themselves at home, something both Rook and Cav took to heart, almost as if they go there everyday. In fairness though, it may have been that way for Cav, but Rook definitely had no excuse.

"Someone's a little too comfortable, eh Julien?"

"Hey, when someone offers you hospitality, it would be rude not to accept it." Rook said. "In fact, you not looking comfortable is pretty rude itself."

"I agree with him." Cav joined in. "You might even come off as ungrateful if you keep looking like you'd rather be somewhere else."

Twitch pouted, unhappy about giving Rook the satisfaction of him being right as she took off her balaclava and tactical vest and putting them in a neat pile on the empty chair next to her. She ran a hand through her hair before giving Rook and Cav a gesture that said There, are you happy now?

It was around that time that Capitao joined them, offering them drinks as he asked Twitch and Rook what they were going to do about their pilot.

"I told him we'll come get him once we find a place to stay." Twitch said. "He's still at the airfield we met at a while ago."

Caveira looked around. "It looks like you already found a place so I suggest you go get him before it gets any darker."

"He's at the airfield right?" Capitao asked as he stood up. "I'll go get him, bring dinner on the way back."

Rook stood up as well, rubbing his hands. "Well shit, if its food we're talking about I'm coming with you."

"Alright then. But I'm driving." Capitao said. "We'll be back in an hour or two. You two are responsible enough to be left alone right?"

Caveira shoo'd them away. "Just go already."

The time it took for the awkward silence to set in after they heard the door shut was way too quick in Twitch's opinion. She looked across from her where Caveira sat, mindlessly scrolling through her phone, nowhere near as bothered by the silence between them as Twitch was. She thought about talking to her, but nothing came to mind as to what they could talk about that wouldn't end up into back and forth one word replies.

"Awkward conversations are worse than awkward silences if you ask me." Cav said seemingly out of nowhere.

"Where did that come from?"

Cav shrugged. "You were about to waffle about anything you could think of just so things between us wouldn't be quiet. Don't worry, we just met so things being awkward at first is completely normal."

Twitch rolled her eyes. "I get it, you can read people."

"I'm supposed to, its my job." Cav answered. "Besides, that wasn't me reading you, you were just obvious about it."


"Reading you would be me knowing that you recently had a break up."

What she had just heard caught Twitch both off guard and speechless. Something Caveira smirked at.

"You may be wondering how I got to that." Cav said. "First of all, I wasn't completely sure but you're reaction confirmed it so thanks. What gave you away though was the fact that you look like there's something on your mind constantly, that no matter how much you try to distract yourself, you just can't get it off."

"Hey, that could have been anything."

"You were also a bit reserved around us, almost as if you were afraid of letting new people into your life because you're scared they'd hurt you like the last person did."

"Maybe I just don't like meeting new people." Twitch said, not giving in.

Cav scoffed. "You certainly don't look the type." She said. "Besides, like I said, I wasn't sure I was completely right, so I had you confirm it. Which you did."

Twitch pouted. Her pride wouldn't allow her to admit defeat to Cav, even though she had beaten her at every turn. Still though, as long as that was as far as the conversation got, it wasn't that bad.

"So what happened? Who broke things off?"

Ok, now it was bad. "Yeah, no."

Cav slouched forward so she was closer to Twitch. "Hey, you wanted something to talk about, here it is."

Twitch sighed. Hey at least she now had something to do. "I broke up with him."

"So you're the dumper?" Cav asked. "That's great, I don't see why you're so sad about it."

Twitch stared at her in disbelief. "You've never been in a serious relationship, have you?"

"Hey, we're talking about you here, not me."

"You're unbelievable." Twitch said.

"So why'd you dump him? He cheated on you?" Cav asked, to which Twitch nodded at. "What did you do to him?"

"I just said I broke up with him."

"That's it? You didn't burn his car or cut his dick off?"

Twitch eyed up Cav. Somehow she still found ways to surprise her. "I see why you've never been in a relationship."

"Hey," Cav called out, suddenly turning serious. "that bastard didn't deserve you. He hurt you while you two were together, don't let him do it even now when you're apart."

Twitch silently nodded. Even though being told that, as well as having told herself that countless times, it only went through her head now that Cav had said it. A scary, sadistic stranger that she had just met, and she takes her word for it.

Her head was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice Cav taking her jacket off until she called out to her again. She blurted out a response as she snapped back into the room, but Cav didn't comment on it.

"I have something that helps clear my head of any thoughts that I don't want."

"Is it alcohol?" Twitch asked. "I'd love to but I'm still on the job."

Cav chuckled. "No, its not. I keep it in the guest room so I can have access to it whenever I crash here. Its best if I just show you."

"Sure. Lead the way." Twitch said, getting up to follow Cav as they walked down the hall to a second bedroom. Curious as to what it was Cav was going to show her, Twitch went in first and looked around, paying no mind to Cav as she closed the door and locked it for some reason. By the time she realized that this was shady, she was already pushed by the person she so easily trusted.

It wasn't so hard that she got hurt, but it was enough for her to fall onto the bed. "Taina, what are you-"

Cav pressed a finger against her lips and shushed her. Before Twitch could get another word out, Cav already slipped her shirt off, leaving her in a bra that perfectly complemented what she was packing.

Twitch was speechless, partly because she had no idea what that fuck was going on, but mainly because of what was in front of her. She wasn't gay, Cav was just simply too fucking hot. She couldn't make up her mind on what to stare at, be it her toned abs, her muscular arms, or her…nevermind, she decided. Breasts it is.

"Hey." Cav said, pinching Twitch's chin and bringing her face up so that their eyes met. "Look at me."

Now that their faces were this close, Twitch only noticed now just how attractive she was. Her body was no doubt amazing, but she can't always see that. Her face however, that was a different story, and with a face like that, if she could only look at that, she'd have no complaints.

She then realized what she was thinking and she shook her head. Just what the fuck was she doing? "Taina, I-"

Cav just shushed her again. "Tell me to stop, and I'll walk away."

Thank god. There was no way Twitch was doing this. She wasn't gay. She only had a thing for guys, and right now, despite how gorgeous the woman was in front of her, that wasn't changing. Now all she has to do was say that, and they can move on with their lives.

"I-, I'm still a virgin."

Both of them were shocked at what Twitch just said, albeit for different reasons.

Cav just gave her a smile. "Its fine, don't worry." She said. "I'll be gentle."

She finally closed the gap with a kiss, sticking her tongue into Twitch's mouth as one of her hands went up her shirt, while the other went down her pants.

What happened the rest of the night was a blur to Twitch, but one thing was for sure. She went back to Hereford the next day a changed woman.