Almost a week had passed since that nightmare, and Michael decided to not tell anything to neither his wife or mother, after all, it happened just one night, he didn't want to woey them, besides, he thought that dream could be his own imagination and a way to better accept his son´s current condition. Not that he had did it in the first place.

Instead, he decides to occupy his mind with the preparations for his wife´s birthday party and his son´s needs nowadays.


The day of Hanna´s birthday party, Michael woke up earlier than usual, to prepare a breakfast for her. Then, just as Jonas began to stir, he hush to his son´s room, to change him and get him ready for a small breakfast surprise. Sure, since he couldn't hold his son and the tray at once, Michael decided to take Jonas to give his mother a good morning kiss and let her taking care of him for a bit, while he pick up the tray downstairs.

''Look who came to wish you happy birthday!'' the father laugh, wheeling his son´s chair into their room. ''Son, what we tell Mama? Happy…''

''…B-day Mama!'' he exclaimed clapping his hands.

''Thank you, sweetheart, came here'' the mother smiled, letting her son hop from his wheelchair into the bed and then, she kissed him all over the face.

''Happy birthday, dear wife'' Michael give her a kiss and left to grab her breakfast in bed.


After breakfast and making sure Jonas was distracted with his toys and cartoons, husband and wife clean the house, making sure everything was ready for tonight.

''Michael, I do not understand why you want to throw a party today…'' Hanna said at the lunch time. ''Jonas, I'm counting, two more spoons to finish… eat up, to be strong like a tiger'' she said but the boy turn to the other side, refusing to eat.

''Jonas, obey Mama, it's her birthday, behave to her!'' Michael said firmly and in response Jonas placed a hand on the food and put everything inside his moth, making the father laugh.

''Danke'' the woman said annoyed trying to clean everything ''And you didn't answer me''

''Its isn't a party… big party, I just invited the Nielsens for a little gathering, to celebrate, you deserve it sweetie'' Michael replied, making her blush ''My Mother will bring the cake and deserts and I will take care of the appetizers…'' he start ''Just after give this big guy a bath!'' he giggled pointed to Jonas, who were having a delightful time, exploring his food and the mess he made.

''Mama, look!'' he exclaimed and Hanna shock her head.

''You need to be more gentleman at the table sweetie, don´t act like your father!'' she said giving him a kiss on the forehead, making him giggle.

The rest of the day went smooth, as promise Michael took whole charge on Jonas´s care for the rest of the day and after bath time, both father and son, went to the mall, to buy a gift, which the mother loved.


As the hour approach, just a few minutes before the guests arrive, the rain start to pour and to keep Jonas distracted, the parents let him watch his cartoons while playing with his toys at the living room, so he wouldn't be scared with the storm.

''You think its better if you put him to bed?'' Frau Ines asked.

''And made him lose his mother´s party? Nonsense, Mama, he will be fine'' Michael smiled as the doorbell ring.

''They are here!'' Hanna said coming down the stairs and opening the door with a smile for her friends ''Welcome, thank you all for coming!''

''Happy birthday!'' Chief Ulrich give her an old smile which she retribute.

''Happy birthday, sweet friend!'' Katherina came from behind her husband and give her friend a hug. ''Ah, look at Jonas, he seems doing well'' the principal said awkwardly as the boy on the living room, looked curious to toward the visitors. ''Sorry for not having visited earlier''

''Its ok, we have been busy as well. Michael, come greet the visitors, please!'' the wife called.

''Coming!'' the husband said from the kitchen.

''Thank for invite us!'' Chief Ulrich said shaking Herr Michael´s hand.

''Yeah, nothing better than a night with friends.'' The other man said ''Come on, the house is yours!'' he said and the guests followed them.


For an hour or so, conversation went smooth. The five adults talked about life, school, their town, and their children, laughing, while eating and drinking.

''Why don't Fraulein Martha and Herr Magnus didn't come?'' asked the teacher.

''They are studing, they wanted to come, but have test tomorrow, so they stayed with my father-in-law'' said Katherina.

''Martha had come to visit sometimes, she brought Jonas a book and read to him, she is very dedicated'' Hanna commented.

''Thanks, she mentioned other day that she desires to be a special needs teacher'' the chief said with proud.

''that's good! Oh, by the way, Magnus did a great job in my class'' Michael commented

Meanwhile, in the living room, Mikkel, who had come with his parents, was traying to make Jonas say the toy animals names, however, the 16-year old, was more interested in giggle and place the toys on his mouth.

''Come on Jonas, what animal is this?'' he said annoyed, showing Jonas a toy lion. ''Come on, you know it!''

''Mikkel, he doesn't know how to name it, sweetie!'' Frau Ines laugh at the scene.

''Here, imagine you are talking with a 1-year old, you have to say the name and ask him to say it as well. Jonas, can you say Löwe?'' Michael said.

'' L-Löwe!'' Jonas repeat.

''Very good'' 11-year old boy nodded.

''Michael!'' Hanna scold him, but he give her a kiss.

After a minute of awkward silence, it was Chief Ulrich who broke the silence again, seeing how the older boy interact with his son, he got curious.

''Did… Did the doctors said anything new about his condition?'' he asked, but before the parents could even process the question, a loud thunder echoed the house, making all the power go off.

''Oh, great, another blackout!'' Frau Ines exclaimed annoying ''I will get some candles.''

''I will help you, Mama'' Michael said.

Suddenly of course, Jonas, who was afraid of the dark, immediately start to cry and try to hid away, so Hanna get out the table and rush to her son, holding him on her arms.

''Its ok sweetie, Mama is here'' she whispered to him, trying to calm him down, in vain.

Calmly then, since she could not scoop her son on her arms anymore, Hanna help Jonas on his feet and go back to the table, next to her husband and let Jonas sit on her lap. His eyes were a bit shadowing again, as he had probably gone back to his own world for a bit.

As she set down however, facing the window, another thunder echoed again, making Hanna swear she had seen a person looking to her from outside the window.

''Honey, are you alright?'' Michael asked confused, bringuing his wife back to reality.

''Oh…yeah… sure…'' she said trying to adjust the 16-year old height on her lap ''I think I had a dream about this last night, so, I just had a dejavu, I think''

''Dreams are strange… other night, I dream I was walking trough Berlin, dressing in a rabbit suit'' Chief Ulrich commented making his wife blush.

''Oh Ulrich, you and your dreams…'' she slap his head.

''Can I bring the cake?'' Frau Ines changed the subject ''You think Jonas will eat a bit?''

''I think he is more sleepy than wake now'' Laugh Hanna looking at the half-sleeping boy.

''I will take him to bed after the cake'' said the father

''Mikkel, you want some cake?'' asked Frau Ines

''Yeah!'' he exclaimed, and the old woman gone to the kitchen, coming a minute later with the cake.

Once everyone congratulated Hanna for her birthday, Michael get up and give both his son and wife a kiss. ''Before we cut the cake, you have a wish to make?'' he asked and she smiled, grabbing his hand and kissing Jonas hair.

''No, I have everything I wish right here, and I don't want anything else.'' she said looking at the window again.

The rain had stop and there no one was outside. The night was clear and peaceful for a typical November night.