Zoey and Dustin are at their home in Louisiana as Pacific Coast Academy has been closed down due to a dangerous virus outbreak

Dustin: How long do we have to stay quarantined for?

Zoey: No idea.

Zoey gets a text message from Lola

Dustin: Who texted?

Zoey: Lola. She says my class has a zoom call.

Dustin: Well I'm going to go do my homework.

Zoey gets on her computer and joins the chat

Lola: Zoey.

Quinn: What's up.

Zoey: Hey guys.

Michael: Isn't this just awful.

Zoey: Yes it is.

Logan: Who knows how long we have to stay quarantined for.

Chase: This reminds me of the time where Quinn spilled her germs and we all had to be quarantined.

Quinn: Oh I forgot about that.

Coco gets on the chat

Zoey: Hey Coco.

Coco: Hey guys. This doesn't feel the same but it's the only way we can communicate.

Lola: When do you think we can go back to PCA?

Coco: I don't think we are coming back for the rest of the year.

Stacey gets on

Stacey: Hey guys.

Michael: Hey Stacey.

Zoey: How many houses have you made out of cotton swabs?

Stacey: I'm all out of cotton swabs and I can't go out to the store because of the quarantine.

Logan: Who even caused the virus anyways?

Coco: That's what I want to know.

Chase: Hey where's Dustin?

Dustin: I'm doing my homework.

Lola: Come talk to us.

Quinn: Yeah we miss you.

Dustin: Aw I miss you guys too. Even you Stacey.

Stacey: That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.

Zoey: This feels like we're all together again.

Lola: Yeah.

Logan: Things better go back to normal soon.

Michael: Yeah.

Quinn: Did everyone grab all their stuff before it shut down?

Coco: I think so. If not, Dean won't let us back in until September.

James hops on

James: Hey guys.

Zoey: James what took you so long?

James: It took me 15 minutes to log on.

Michael: Did you have time to shave before you got on?

James: No.

Zoey: You look kind of hot with that facial hair.

Chase: Zoey?

Zoey: I said kind of. Chill out baby.

Michael: I was really looking forward to prom this year.

Logan: Me too. I had my tux all ready.

Lola: Who ever caused this virus can suck my...

Dustin: Whoa calm down.

Lola: Sorry.

Stacey: Hey maybe Dean will be nice enough to invite us to prom the following year.

Coco: I doubt it. You know how Dean is.

Dean gets on

Zoey: Dean what a surprise.

Dean: I know what you said. I would be glad to invite all of you guys to the prom after you graduate.

Quinn: For real?

Dean: Yes.

Zoey: Would it be cool if I bring Dustin along next year.

Dean: I don't care.

Dustin: Sweet my first prom.

Michael: Aren't you in the 9th grade?

Dustin: I'm in the 8th grade.

Zoey: We're 3 years apart.

Michael: Oh.

Logan: Well next year, he'll be in high school.

Coco is eating her canned ravioli

Dean: Coco how did you get ravioli when there's none at the store?

Coco: Uh?

Chase: You took all of it didn't you?

Coco: I have a problem.

Zoey: Lola thanks for setting us this zoom call.

Lola: You're welcome.

Michael: I hope things can go back to normal pretty soon.

Coco: It probably won't happen until next year.

Zoey: I miss you guys.

Everyone but Zoey and Dustin: We all miss you too.

They all start signing off as the story ends

Note: This story is in response to the on going pandemic

Note #2: The title is an obvious reference to the show's name

Note #3: Since most of the story takes place in one location which is on zoom call, this can be considered a bottle episode

Note #4: Chase mentions the events of the Zoey 101 episode Quarantine

Note #5: Nicole and Dana do not appear in this story since they left after Season 1 (Dana) and Season 2 (Nicole)

Note #6: This is kind of taking place during Season 5 even though the show didn't get a 5th season as the characters (except Dustin) state they are in the 11th grade