Disclaimer, The following is an unofficial Omake/ Epilogue for the story "Fate-In Time" by Parcasious. This is not canon to his story, but was made with his permission. Feel free to read the above story, as it's much better than the simple ramblings of a novice fan.

With a gasp, Shirou Emiya's eyes flew open and began shifting around in a panic. A few moments passed as he calmed himself. Sitting up, Shirou noticed three things almost instantly,

Firstly, he no longer wore the plate armor Arturia had convinced him to wear,

Second, due to the lack of armor, he could feel both the cold tiled floor beneath him, and the lukewarm puddle of blood that he sat in.

For a minute, Shirou looked around at the hallway around him, an odd sense of familiarity tingling at the back of his mind. He pondered for a moment before realization struck him, he knew where he was.

"I'm….back?" he wondered aloud to himself when he suddenly noticed a silver chain laying by his hand. Picking it up, he held it up and studied it for a moment.

"Tohsaka's gem?" He nodded to himself, recognizing the familiar red hue, and shield like shape.

"So, I'm back here. Was it all a dream?" Shirou stood and, as he had a lifetime ago, staggered home, all the while, wondering how those he had left behind were, he worried about Arturia, Mordred, Artus and Annabel, and the other Knights of the Round. As he staggered through the door and collapsed, a memory flashed through his head like lightning and with a gasp, he rolled to the side, doing so just in time to dodge the achingly familiar spear that buried himself into the floor where he had just been.

"Damnit. Almost forgot about you." Shirou grumbled as he sprung to his feet, much to the surprise of the blue clad lancer before him.

"Nice reaction time, kid." Lancer complemented with a grin before redying himself to impale the redhead once again. "Let's see how long it will last." he said before thrusting forward, forcing Shirou to dodge backwards

"Rho Aias!" he yelled as Gae Bolg sparked against the flower-like shield that appeared before him. "Arturia." he suddenly whispered before running quickly over to the shed.

Lancer watched in confusion, "So, you're a mage huh? Guess that makes sense." he called out before running to the shed after Shirou.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned mage silently pondered to himself as he prepared to call in some help.

"Will she even be my Arturia? Or will she be the Saber I summoned first?" he shook his head. "Doesn't matter now." he corrected himself as he poured prana into the summoning circle. "Arturia, I need you." is all he said before a flash of light blinded him.

Outside, Lancer saw the flash of light and almost every alarm bell was ringing in his head. A Servant? Was all he thought before a figure flew from the now open door of the shed, forcing him to dodge. Taking a moment, he saw his opponent, long, blond hair tied in a bun, a frankly beautiful figure, only emphasized by the armor that clung to the woman, for what else could she be? And lastly, Lancer saw her hands, curled around the unseen hilt of a weapon.

"Saber, want to handle him alone?" came a voice. Lancer looked, and saw the red haired mage standing outside the doorway of the shed. In response, the woman, Saber, only nodded.

Shirou watched with a faint smile as once more, Arturia fought Lancer with apparent ease until, like it had been before, Lancer used his Noble Phantasm, Arturia flinched as the Spear pierced her shoulder, then shrugged it off. Once again, Shriou watched as Lancer complained about his unblockable attack missing, before fleeing back to his master. A moment passed with Arturia simply watching Lancer's retreating back before turning to Shirou.

"Ar...Arturia?" he began hesitantly, only to wheel back in shock as Arturia practically squeed and tackled him in a hug.

"Shirou !" she cried out happily, tears welling in her eyes. "I've missed you so much, It just wasn't the same without you, in life, or in Avalon." she said, nearly crying.

"It's okay, Arturia, I'm here. I'm here." he said softly. His words seemingly opened a floodgate as Arturia began to cry openly into his chest, almost like a kid again.

"Don't worry, Arturia. I'm not planning on leaving you again. Not anytime soon." he soothed, slowly and lovingly stroking her hair as his lover's cries slowed, then stopped. With red eyes, she looked up at him with a shaking smile.

"I'll hold you to that, then." she said.

The two of them simply stood there for a minute or two, enjoying each other simply being close, before Arturia's head snapped up.

"I sense another Servant. Shall I engage?" she asked in a serious tone, her eyes narrowing as she stared at the gate.

"No need. I think I know who that is." Shirou said with a small smile. 'Time to make some waves.' he thought as he led Arturia inside and sat with her on a cushion to wait.