Asuka Kazama Amicitia.

Years ago, a special little girl was born and her name, was Asuka Kazama. Born outside the Crown city of Insomnia, Asuka's early days weren't nearly as safe as those who lived behind the protection of the great magical wall. But she never really complained much about it, since she did manage to make her life livable. She lived with a single father and never knew her mother. A simple but pleasant life... well it wasn't quite as simple, given her father just so happened to be a very good martial artist. Growing up, Asuka would grow to love martial arts and spent a lot of her free time training. He training routine was at first made out of: 100 laps around her home, 500 push ups, 500 sit ups, 500 pull-ups and 800 squats. Something that even impressed her father sometimes. And she did not stop at that, as she grew stronger, she would look for more ways to test her limits, she never liked it when things were to easy.

Still, life was not all training and fun, she had to make time for the boring stuff too: Education. Right now, a very young Asuka was on her way home after school. It was always a rather risky walk since if she didn't hurry, it would get dark outside, and dangerous monsters came out at night, making it very dangerous to linger to far from populated areas. And Asuka's school was located a fair bit away from her home due to the area she lived in wasn't flat enough for all of all the buildings to be close to one another, forcing her people to spread out a bit. Asuka hummed to herself as she was on the road leading home. She looked to the side and could see The Kingdom of Lucis in the distance.

"Wonder what life in the big city would be like. Dad always told me the strongest warriors lives there. Would be fun to test myself against those type of fighters" Asuka mused to herself. But then she realized she was moving to slowly "Oops! Better get a move on or my dad will give me a earful".

Asuka began to do a slight jog the rest of the way. She finally reached the small town her home was located in... but once she arrived she immediately noticed something was very wrong. The town was smoking... like it had been attacked. But that's impossible, the Daemons didn't come out while it was still some light outside, sure the sun was currently setting but it wasn't night time yet. And even then, Asuka's home town had a lot of lights on during the night, the Daemons would never come close.

Asuka ran down to the village "Hello! Is anyone out there!? Hello!? Anyone!?".

No one answered her, and Asuka was growing nervous, something she rarely did. Then she saw something that almost made her faint... bodies... a lot of dead bodies. Asuka covered her mouth as the urge to vomit hit her hard. But then she realized something that made her gasp in fear.

"Father!" She said as she rushed towards her home. As she got closer she could hear something, which meant her father was still alive.

She rounded the corner leading to her home but the moment she got close she was sent back by a powerful blast of wind. She felt pain shoot through her back but still forced herself to stand back up only to gasp at what she saw... her home was destroyed... nothing but rubble and fire.

"DAAAAD!" Asuka screamed and with no concern for her own safety, she rushed through the burning rubble, desperately searching for her father.

Finally she saw something. She had found her father... but she came to stop when she noticed something else. Her father was still alive, but barely... and he was being held by the neck by a dark tall figure with red eyes. Asuka's father was bleeding all over, a clear sign he tried to fight the creature... and lost.

"Dad!" Asuka called out, making both her father and the monster look at her.

"Asuka... run..." Was the last thing her father ever said before the monster snapped his neck.

"DAD!" Asuka screamed in horror.

The monster dropped the lifeless corpse of her father before looking at her with a cruel smile. Asuka felt rage in her whole body, and with an enraged scream she charged at the monster who took her father from her. He fist made contact with his chest, but did nothing. She screamed again as she kept hitting the monster with everything she had. But no matter how hard she tried, her punches were about as effective against the monster as a wooden sword would be against a giant war machine. The monster soon grew tired of the little mosquito and Asuka gasped as he lifted a hand, she backed away to avoid the blow, but even though the monster's hand never touched her, the cheer force to the swing sent her flying in to away and was burried under some rubble. Last thing Asuka saw was the monster walking away before she blacked out.

Suddenly, Asuka could hear the words of a woman in her head... she couldn't quite make out what she was saying, but it was rather calming. Then she heard two word "Wake up". Asuka gasped as she woke up, it was hard to breath but she was alive, but still trapped she looked around and noticed it was night time. She tried to move only to hiss in pain as she could feel a nail was jabbing in to her shoulder. For the first time in her life, Asuka was scared.

"Hello! HELLO! I'm over here! I'm stuck! I can't move, I CAN'T MOVE!" Asuka cried out in panik but she couldn't hear anyone responding. She began to cry, she didn't want to die like this.

She couldn't die like this, there was still so much more she wanted to see, so much more she wanted to do. Remembering one of her father's lessons, Asuka tried to get some of the rubble of her. If she could just get the nail out of her shoulder, maybe she could crawl out. She pushed against it with all her might and thankfully it worked, she got the nail out and managed to crawl out of the rubble. She looked around for her father's body but it was nowhere to be found. More tears streamed down Asuka's face, but despite being so young, she knew she couldn't stay here.

Question was, just where would she go? She looked and saw Insomnia in the distance. She almost wanted to laugh at herself. Like she was going to be able to just walk all the way to Insomnia during the night. And even if she somehow managed to make it there, why would they welcome a random orphan in to their home? But then again, she literately had nowhere else to go. Forcing herself to stand up, Asuka began walking towards the city. All odds where against her, she might just drop dead before she even makes it halfway there, and that is if the Daemons didn't kill her first. But if there was one thing that could be said about Asuka, she was insanely stubborn, and she was at the very least going to try. Besides, it's not like she had anything left to lose at this point.

She walked for hours, her legs barely managing to keep her up. With each step she took, she felt herself growing weaker and weaker. She was hungry, thirsty and injured. She heard a roar, she looked to the side and saw a Daemon in the distance. Asuka somehow managed to speed up her steps before the Daemon had a chance to notice her. But doing this spent what little energy she had left. She reached a road, but halfway over it she finally collapsed. She couldn't move anymore, she was done... she was never going to make it to the city now.

Suddenly light hit her and she could hear a car approaching. As the car got closer it suddenly swirled to a stop. The sound of a car door opening was heard, followed by the sound of someone running up to her. Said someone quickly knelt down next to her, and carefully turned her over as they held her in their arms.

"Hey, are you alright?" Came the voice of a man.

Asuka looked up at him "Who...".

"Clarus, what is going on?" Came the voice of another man.

"Excuse me your Majesty. I found a child, I think she could be a survivor of the destroyed town" The man now named Clarus spoke.

Asuka struggled to stay awake as she saw the other man walk up and look down at her with a gentle look in his eyes "What is your name, little one?".

"Asuka... Kazama..." Asuka managed to get out.

"Kazama..." The man spoke, as if he was familiar with the name "We are not leaving this poor girl out here. Clarus, you will let her ride with you".

"Of course your Majesty" Clarus said as he carefully picked Asuka up "Alright Asuka, let's get you to safety".

Asuka could feel herself being carried towards a car before she fell asleep. Finally, she was safe.

Asuka suddenly woke up to the sound of knocking on her door "Asuka, wake up. We need to leave soon".

An older Asuka sat up in her bed rubbing her face. Years had passed since Asuka lost her hometown and father. She was now 18 years old, and during those years she was adopted by Clarus, one the Head of Crownsguard, Ruling council member and Shield of King Regis. Asuka wasn't entirely sure why such a powerful man would adopt her, but she wasn't complaining. The man who just woke her up was her adoptive older brother Gladiolus, or just Gladio for short. Like most people, Asuka was nervous that she might not be accepted by her new siblings, but Gladio welcomed her rather quickly. Sure they needed time to get to know each other, but once they did, they acted like they had been brother and sister since the start.

"Be out in a minute!" Asuka called back as she got out of bed. She did some morning stretching, like she always did. She then went to her closet and looked at the clothes she would be wearing for a while.

Clothes she never would've expected that she would wear someday. A Crownsguard outfit. A lot of things happened during her life in Insomnia. She got the chance to train more and ended up becoming one of the protectors of Noctis Lucis Caelum, son of King Regis, and the crown prince and heir to the throne of Lucis. Asuka's opinion on the prince? Well she was not to fond of him at first, for mostly the same reason Gladio was. But as time went on, and she got to know him, they became friends.

Asuka put on her clothes and headed out of her room before going down the stairs "You two leaving now?".

Asuka stopped and smiled at the owner of the voice "Yes, Iris. We won't see each other for a while".

The voice belonged to Iris, Asuka's adoptive younger sister. Just like Asuka, Iris preferred martial arts above using weapons, allowing them to spar together whenever they had the time. Which was not often given Asuka was very busy most of the time. But she bonded with her sister very quickly, and they became precious to each other.

Iris smiled back "Don't talk like that, we can still talk over the phone. Still, I bet you are excited for this".

"Heading outside the city in order to get Noctis hitched? Well, that will be an adventure to say the least" Asuka said "Which you could come along, but you know how dad is when it comes to your safety".

"He is not the only one who worries about that" Gladio said while standing against the door "I was against even you joining the Crownguard, Asuka. But for some reason, dad allowed you to go through the training and join. But both he and I agree and Iris should not be part of such a dangerous life".

Iris pouts cutely "I could handle it, I am an Amicitia too".

"Don't worry sis, I'm sure you will get to kick some ass one of these days. Until then, I will be sure to give any monster we face a good beating from you" Asuka said while pumping her fist.

Iris giggled "I would like that very much".

"Alright Asuka, it's time to go of we'll be late. Try staying out of trouble, Iris" Gladio ordered.

"You are the last one who should be telling me that" Iris said with a teasing smile.

Gladio chuckled as he ruffled Iris' hair "Fair point. Take care Iris".

"You too, Gladio" Iris said with a warm smile "Take good care of each other out there".

"No worries, sis. As long as we are together, nothing can stop us" Asuka said before giving Iris a kiss on the head "See you again soon, little sister".

"Good luck, love you both" Iris said before her two siblings left the house.

Soon enough they arrived at the palace where the rest of their little group were waiting. There Noctis. The Hand of the King, Ignis Scientia, who Asuka always viewed as Noctis' baby sitter given how much stuff he does for he young prince. And last but not least, there was Prompto Argentum, Noctis' best friend and... well let's just say he and Asuka were close. Very close.

"Hey guys!" Asuka called out, catching their attention as she ran up "We're here. Good to see you again Ignis, it's been a while".

"Indeed it has, Asuka. Pleasure to see you again as well" Ignis said with a small smile.

Asuka smiled back before looking at Prompto and winked at him "And it's always good to see you again, Pompto".

Pormpto blushed a little as he smiled nervously "Yeah, you too Asuka".

Gladio cleared his throat "If you are done, we need to head inside and speak to the king".

"Come on Gladio, at least let them have a moment. Dad won't mind" Noctis said calmly.

"We need to leave before it gets dark. So hurry up" Gladio said.

"Alright alright, captain grumpy" Asuka said with a roll of her eyes before they headed inside.

Later, they all where gathered in front of King Regis, who had gotten much older over the years, thanks to the ring he was wearing.

He was sitting on his throne as he gave a speech "The decreed hour is come. Set forth with my blessing, Prince Noctis".

Noctis bows "Thank you… Your Majesty".

"Take your leave, and go in the grace of the gods" Regis said.

Noctis straightens back up "Right".

Noctis turns and walks past his friends, who look startled; confused, they quickly turn back to the king and bow before setting off after Noctis; Regis looks unhappy with the proceedings.

'Well that was awkward' Asuka thought to herself, she never learned to understand the noble life. Outside they were descending toward a car where Cor Leonis stands awaiting them

"Well, princes will be princes" Pormpto commented.

"So much for royal protocol" Ignis said with a sigh, he was all to familiar with Noctis' lack of royal formality.

"Not like you had to deliver a formal address…" Gladio said.

"Well, what can you do?" Asuka asked.

A voice suddenly calls out from behind them "Your Highness!".

Noctis stops and turns; his father is at the top of the steps, accompanied by Captain Drautos; despite his braced leg and dependence on a walking stick, Regis begins descending the steps to catch up to Noctis.

What now?" Noctis walks back up some steps to meet his dad halfway, not wanting his father to wear himself out more than he already had.

He went to help his father stand, but Regis held up and hand to tell him it was alright "I fear I have left too much unsaid. You place a great burden on those who would bear with you".

"You're one to talk" Noctis said in good nature.

Regis looks at Noctis's friends and begins to address them "I ask not that you guide my wayward son, merely that you remain at his side".

Ignis bows "Indeed, Your Grace".

"We'll see the prince to Altissia if it's the last thing we see" Gladio promised.

"Yeah, what he said" Prompto agreed, though he'd prefer if it wasn't the last thing they saw.

"And if he misbehaves, I will just knock the sense back in to him" Asuka said as she pounds her fist in to her palm, making Regis smile at her humor.

Noctis gave Asuka an annoyed look, knowing she was only half joking, before he spoke "Hate to break this up, but Cor's got the motor running" He begins walking away "Drautos, he's in your hands".

"And another thing" Regis said making Noctis stop "Do mind your manners around your charming bride-to-be".

Noctis walks back to Regis and bows with a deliberately exaggerated flourish "Your Majesty, as well. Try to mind yours around our esteemed guests from Niflheim".

Asuka snorts "Yeah, very esteemed".

This whole quest of theirs was part of a peace treaty between Lucis and The Empire of Niflheim, who they had been at war with for many years now. Noctis were to marry Lady Lunafreya of Tenebrae, a harmless part since they knew each other since childhood anyway, so it wasn't to bad for them. But the second part involved handing all the territories outside Insomina over to The Empire, something that must've triggered a lot of anger from everyone that lived in those areas. Some of the Crownguards where from outside the walls, and Asuka had a strong feeling they were less than pleased.

"You have no cause for concern" Regis assured.

"Nor do you" Noctis said.

"Take heed. Once you set forth, you cannot turn back" Regis said.

"You think I would?" Noctis asked.

"I need only know that you are ready to leave home behind" Regis explained.

"Don't know about you, but I'm ready as I'll ever be" Noctis said as he turns to leave.

But Regis stops him again "Take care on the long road" Noctis stops once more and turns; Regis continues speaking as he walks to Noctis again "Wheresoever you should go, the line of Lucis goes with you" Regis puts his left hand on Noctis's right shoulder "Walk tall, my son".

"I will, father" Noctis promised before he and the others finally left.

Sometime later, they got their own car to use for their long, long journey. It was called, Regalia, and was a fine looking car, with plenty of room for the five travelers. But not all cars where perfect, and good old Regalia ended up breaking down in the middle of a road. Gladio is standing beside the car and tries to wave down the approaching vehicle, but it just drives past them.

"I think we can forget about hitching our way there… Thought people were friendly outside the city" Gladio said.

"You can only go so far on the kindness of strangers" Ignis said in a tired tone from the driver's seat.

"Just gonna have to push her all the way" Gladio declared.

"I've already pushed myself…to the brink of death" Prompto said while laying down on the road, only to let out a cough as Asuka stepped over his stomach.

"You are laying on a hot road in the middle of the blazing sun you dummy head. You're gonna be a fried egg if you don't get up" Asuka ordered, making Prompto sigh as he stood up.

Gladio made Noctis get up "C'mon, car isn't gonna move itself"

Gladio and Prompto gets their hands in position on the back of the Regalia while Noctis and Asuka get in place on either side of the car. Ignis remained in the driver seat since someone needed to steer the car while the others pushed.

"I thought the car was supposed to move us" Prompto complained.

"Wouldn't that be nice" Noctis agreed.

"Can it. Ready… Steady… Push!" Gladio ordered and they began tp push, their vehicle being large and heavy, progress is slow.

"Un. Believable" Noctis complained.

"Not exactly a fairy tale beginning, huh, Prince Noctis?" Gladio asked.

"We let ourselves get carried away" Ignis said.

"Look, these things happen!" Prompto said.

"Let's just hope this isn't some omen" Gladio said.

"Don't jinx it bro" Asuka said with a grunt as she pushed the car.

"Gladio, do me a favor" Noctis said.

"What?" Gladio asked.

"Push this thing by yourself" Noctis ordered.

"All by myself?" Gladio asked in disbelief.

"What are those arms for? You could probably carry this thing on your shoulder" Asuka commented.

"Yeah. You won't even notice if we just let go" Prompto agreed.

"Prompto, don't even think about it" Gladio warned.

"Save some breath for pushing" Ignis said.

"Says the guy who isn't pushing. Maybe you could use the exercise" Asuka said.

"Yeah, Ignis, c'mon, time to switch!" Noctis said.

"Nuh-uh! We just switched back there!" Gladio pointed out.

"And it's my turn, Noct" Prompto reminded.

Ignis rolled his eyes "His turn".

"My hands are killing me" Prompto said after a little while.

"You rather I kill you with mine?" Gladio asked.

"Easy there, tough guy" Prompto said.

"You know Prompto, if you need some motivations. All you have to do is look forward" Asuka said in a teasing tone.

Prompto looked up and since Asuka was pushing in front of him, he blushed at what he saw "Ummm, yeah, that is one way to motivate me".

"Prompto..." Gladio growled out as a warning, making Prompto laugh nervously.

"Any luck?" Noctis asked.

Ignis had his phone to his ear "Only a busy signal".

"Hold the phone, is it just me, or was it supposed to be way closer?" Prompto asked.

"I assure you the map is correct" Ignis answered.

"The map said Hammerhead was right there" Noctis said.

"Literally next door" Prompto agreed.

"Looks that way on a map of the world" Gladio pointed out.

The five are quiet for a moment as they continue struggling to make their way before Noctis spoke "The world's a big old place".

"Filled with wonders" Ignis agreed.

Asuka didn't say anything to that. This was the first time in years that she had been outside the walls. She wondered how much the world had changed since she moved in to the city.

One thing was for sure. She was in for the adventure of a life time.


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