An Sudden Unforeseen Complication.

The sun was slowly rising and in the tent most of the gang were still sleeping after setting up camp so they could rest up and avoid the Daemons before they track down that Dualhorn. Prompto woke up and noticed that Asuka wasn't in her sleeping bag. He carefully got out of his own bag and checked outside the tent and noticed Asuka was doing some morning stretches. Even while stretching, Asuka still found a way to look beautiful. Prompto shook his head before putting on his boots and headed outside. Asuka sure was a work out fanatic, she always took the chance to work out every time she got the chance. Prompto couldn't say he blames her, working out feels good sometimes.

"Up early as always I see" He commented.

Asuka stopped stretching and smiled at him "Given how long Noctis sleeps, I figured I'd use the chance to get some training in. Want to spar?".

"You do know you would ground me within seconds in a fist fight" Prompto reminded. He knew some close combat moves, but he was more of a range fighter, and pretty much all of his friends completely outclassed him in close combat.

"Another reason why you should learn more hand to hand combat. Weapons won't always be able to save you" Asuka pointed out "Now suck it up and put em up".

"Alright alright" Prompto said as he got in to a simple stance.

Asuka smirked and got in to her won. The spar went about as well as one would expect. Asuka was in full control of the whole thing. Sending Prompto on his back over and over again. In the end he just didn't bother getting up again and just laid there.

"What did I tell you?" Prompto said with a sigh.

"No one becomes a master in just one day. It's constant trial and error. For now, I say you need to work on not being so straight forward. My fighting style if mainly focused on turning my opponent's strength against them. If you wish to have a chance you need to rely less on head on attacks and be more unpredictable" Asuka said as she pulled him up "Alright that will be it for today. We still have a hunt to complete".

"Yeah, and the others should be awake soon" Prompto agreed.

Once the others woke up they had some breakfast to give them energy for the day. After that they resumed their hunt for the Dualhorn. While they were looking, they had some small talk.

"Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever sit inside that beautiful car again" Prompto said in a sad tone.

"Sitting most of the day was pretty nice" Gladio agreed.

"Napping was even better" Noctis added.

"Lazy butt, if you sleep all day you will never reach your potential" Asuka said.

"Yeah yeah I know" Noctis said with a tired sigh. Asuka dosen't bug him nearly as much on his bad habits as Ignis does, but she do join in when she can "There's only so far a man can walk".

"Our Crown City upbringing didn't prepare us for this" Prompto said.

"Pretend you're walking to the car" Ignis suggested.

Finally they arrived at the spot the Dualhorn was last seen, and it was still there... but something was wrong. It didn't look like a normal Dualhorn. It seemed to have been effected by some dangerous energy which triggered the mutation. It was a Bloodhorn now and clearly far more dangerous than any normal Dualhorn. No wonder hunters were having problems with it.

"Over there! That's it, right?" Prompto asked.

Gladio looked at the creature and noticed how different it was "That's a dualhorn?".

"Yes, but not your run-of-the-mill breed. We'd best make quick work of it" Ignis said.

"I can feel the dark energy from here. Perhaps this will be more of a work out than I expected" Asuka said.

As they get closer a smoke-like energy can now be observed emanating from the dualhorn's horns; the creature paws the ground as though preparing to charge like a bull; Noctis is rushing it head on, but Gladio and Ignis grab him.

"Wait a sec!" He ordered.

"What, scared, big guy?" Prompto teased.

"You oughta be, too. Thing's vicious" Gladio gets between the dualhorn and the others, then stabs his sword into the ground.

"You sure? Looks tame to me" Prompto said.

"Yeah" Noctis agreed.

"Uh yeah I don't think it wants to play fetch!" Asuka said as the The dualhorn begins charging toward them.

"Look out!" Ignis shouts.

Gladio pulls his sword out of the ground and cuts into one of the large beast's front legs as it nears him, causing it to fall over due to the lack of balance.

"Yeah! Show him who's boss!" Prompto cheered.

"Nice one" Noctis agreed. But the dualhorn just got right back up.

"It's not over yet!" Ignis warns.

Gladio smirked "Ready for round two? Bring it!".

Asuka smirked as well "Oh yeah, finally a good fight!".

The Dualhorn roars as it charges again, forcing the group to avoid. Asuka took the chance to deliver a barrage of punches to the beast's side, hitting it's ribs with several strong blows. The creature roars as it swings it's horns at her, causing Asuka to flip back to avoid loosing her head. She was still smirking, enjoying the challenge. She never liked it when her opponents went down to quickly. But as the Dualhorn was focused on her, it left it's back completely exposed to an attack from the rest.

Gladio and Ignis struck it from behind as Prompto dashed around and delivered a perfect shot to it's face. This managed to stun the beast, allowing Noctis to deliver a powerful blow that managed to break of one of the creature's horns, causing it to roar out in pain and fury. As the charged again, Asuka tried something else. She jumped and landed on the Dualhorn's back, making it stomp and kick in an attempt to shake her of. But Asuka violently kicked it's sides like she was trying to get a very stubborn horse to move. The Dualhorn began running and was so blinded by it's rage that it ended up running straight in to a rock, stunning it and allowing Asuka to leap in to the air before coming back down and delivered a powerful ax kick to the Dualhorn's back.

A loud crack was heard from the Dualhorn's back as it fell down in pain, allowing Asuka to jump back and shout "He's all yours guys!".

With the new opening, the guys each delivered a hit on the Dualhorn, before Noctis finished it of by stabbing his sword deep in to it's heart, killing it on the spot. The beast was finally down for good and the hunt was a success.

"Booyah! That was a satisfying fight!" Asuka said as she fist bumps with Gladio.

"Got to admit, that was a nice work out" Gladio agreed.

As they celebrated for a bit, Noctis' phone rang, had to Prompto joke a little "Ring ring!".

Noctis answers his phone "Hello?".

"Hey! Dave just called an' said he's safe. Thanks for findin' him" Cindy said.

"'Kay" Noctis replied simply.

"Nice work, y'all. By the way, the old girl's looking good as new. She'll be waiting at the garage. Oh! While I got ya, if y'all wanna fix 'er up before ya roll out, let me know" Cindy said.

"Sounds good" Noctis said as he remembered his said he left something in the trunk for him.

"She'll be waiting at the garage" Cindy said.

"Gotcha" Noctis said before he hung up and they finally began heading back to Hammerhead, hopefully Cindy would be done with the upgrades when they get back.

"So, who's up next behind the wheel?" Gladio asked.

"Ignis should take it and never let go" Prompto declared.

"It helps that he can keep four eyes on the dash" Gladio said, making a light joke of the fact Ignis was the only one who was wearing glasses. Luckily Ignis wasn't offended by it at all as he was mature enough to know it was a harmless jest.

Prompto chuckled "I couldn't even keep one".

"Not sure I'd do any better" Noctis added.

"Don't look at me. I prefer to walk or run to wherever I'm going, so I never bothered learning how to drive" Asuka said.

"Put me in the driver's seat" Ignis said.

Gladio nods in approval "Good, 'cause I need the legroom in back".

"And I prefer the middle. If I can't see the road, I get motion sickness" Asuka said.

As they walked, Prompto decided to have a privet chat with Noctis "So…you thinking to fairy tale Lady Lunafreya back to the Crown City?".

"Nah, no need to rush to happily ever after" Noctis said.

"Wow. Still can't believe you're actually tying the knot, dude! How does it feel now that it's finally happening?" Prompto asked.

Noctis shrugs "Fine, I guess?".

"C'mon, you can't fool me. Any guy would be over the moon to marry her!" Prompto said.

"No big deal" Noctis said.

"Yeah, whatever" Prompto said.

"Well then what about you? Going to get hitched to Asuka anytime soon?" Noctis asked.

Prompto blushed as he looked at Asuka who was walking ahead "I still find it hard to believe she acctually wants to date a guy like me... but someday, maybe".

Noctis smiled as they continued on. Soon enough they neared hammer head.

"It's rude to keep a girl waiting. You'd better apologi— What is THAT!?" Prompto suddenly shouts as he points to the sky.

The five look up to see an enormous bird in flight descend toward them then pull up not far from them and pass on by. The wind nearly knocked them over as they shielded themselves from it.

"A live hurricane!" Noctis said as they watch as it flies away.

"That thing's like half-bird, half-storm, half-airship!" Prompto said in amazement.

"You realize that's three halves…" Gladio deadpanned.

Ignis fixed his glasses "Would explain its size".

"Awesome in every sense" Noctis said.

Asuka smirked "Screw the Dualhorn. I want to see if I can beat up a living storm!".

"I sincerely hope you never get the chance" Ignis said with a shake of his head.

They finally arrived at hammer head where Cindy rolls out the Regalia "Sorry 'bout the wait. Ain't she purdy?".

Gladio smiles "She's almost too pretty for the road".

"She's back! We should all get a picture with her!" Prompto suggested.

"Good idea! Let's do it!" Asuka agreed.

Prompto hands his camera to Cindy; the others the guys assemble in front of the Regalia, while Asuka stands up in the front seat and Cindy takes their picture. The picture turned out well, and they agreed they should save it. But they also said he should ditch some of his silly selfies. He had a bad habit of taking a lot of them.

"All the more reason to ride with care. Oh, and before I forget, Would y'all mind makin' a little delivery for me?" Cindy asked.

"No, not at all" Noctis answered, seeing no issue with it.

Cindy smiled "Perfect! Thought you'd say yes, so I already put it in the trunk. There should be a motel on your way to Galdin. If y'all wouldn't mind giving that to the owner, that'd be swell".

"Grandpa, like grand kid" Noctis muttered.

With that they entered their beloved car and finally got back on their journey. The hunt and the trip back took longer than they expected, so they might not make it to Galdin before the sun sets, and the roads are very dangerous at night. Thankfully, Cindy did ask them to stop by a Motel for the delivery, so they could complete her request and find a place to stay the night. After a while, they arrived at the Longwythe Rest Area.

Ignis parks the car in front of the motel "Well, I'd say that's enough for today. Might be wise to leave the driving to me until we've found our bearings out here".

"No arguments here" Asuka said as she jumped out

They then went to speak to the proprietor of the motel "Y'all came all the way out here to deliver the goods? Well, thank ya kindly. We'll take it outta the trunk, so y'all just sit tight".

Suddenly A soot-colored dog suddenly walks up to the group and Noctis noticed it "Hmm? Umbra".

Noct kneels beside Umbra and scratches the dog's head. Umbra was one of Luna's loyal dogs, who could track anyone, not matter how far away they might be. He was a very special dog.

"Bringin' us stuff, atta boy!" Prompto baby talked the loyal dog.

Gladio smiled, impressed by the dogs determination "That dog can really track a scent".

"Certainly "nose" how to find us" Ignis said.

"Ha! I knew you had some puns in you too" Asuka said.

"How do you always know, boy?" Prompto asked the dog.

"Just a sec" Noctis began flipping through a notebook that had come in a bag Umbra was carrying, he smiles as he has a flash back, while Asuka pets the super dog. She is mostly a cat person but she liked dogs too. Noctis's mind returns to the present, he reads what Luna wrote him before smiling and wrote something back before putting the notebook back in Umbra's bag and scratches the dog's head again "All set. Take care out there".

As Umbra leaves Prompto has a teasing smile "I know. You're not gonna tell me".

"Then don't ask" Noctis told him.

"What was that about?" Prompto asked anyway and Noctis gave him an annoyed look "Ya don't say?".

Asuka giggled "Come now Prompt. Don't bug Noct on his love life when you have your own to focus on".

"Don't worry, I can do both" Prompto said.

Suddenly the Receptionist walked up to them "Hold on a sec, sir. I found an envelope addressed to Meldacio inside the package".

"Meldacio? The Hunter HQ?" Gladio asked.

"Yessir. The Head Hunter oughta be around here somewhere. Mind makin' one more delivery?" The receptionist asked.

"Whaddaya say, Noct? Might as well while we're in the neighborhood" Prompto suggested.

Noctis nods and they began looking around and noticed Dave nearby who smiled when he saw them "Well, look who it is. I really owe you five one".

"Make that two" Noctis said as she hands over the delivery to Dave.

"Can't seem to catch a break" Dave said as he checks it out before shaking his head "Looks like they found another one".

"Wait, uh, found another what?" Prompto asked.

"Tag. Us hunters keep 'em on our person at all times as identification" Dave answered.

"What—in case you forgot who you are?" Prompto asked a little confused.

"More like so no one else forgets who they were" Gladio corrected.

Dave nods "Hunters lead a life of danger, and sometimes these tags are the only thing that makes it back in one piece. It's our job to deliver 'em to the families of the fallen. As it were, I came out here to do just that. If y'all happen to find any tags lyin' around out there, could ya do me a favor and send 'em my way?".

"Well we should have at least an hour of sunlight left. Maybe a quick trip to find the tag is possible" Asuka said.

"Yeah, sure" Noctis said.

"Word is somebody spotted a tag 'round these parts. Try askin' the local tipster; he'll point ya in the right direction" Dave said.

They did as Dave said. With the little time they had left they headed out in to the wild and managed to find the tag... but the one wearing it was not longer in the world of the living. Tragic, but they had found the tag and brought it back to Dave.

"Found one already, huh? Ya done good" Dave said.

"Just pickin' up the pieces, I guess" Noctis said a little somberly.

"Well, try to keep your spirits up. Even though I ain't one to talk. I beat myself up over the lives of the hunters I couldn't save. That's what each one of these tags means to me. They hurt. But if I let that grief keep me from lookin' for 'em, then their tags and their lives'll be forgotten forever. And that'd hurt more than anything" Dave said.

His words hit Asuka. She never forgot her old home and family. And she never will, at least one person needs to remember those who died that night.

"Yeah, guess you're right" Noctis siad.

"That's why I tell all my hunters to collect any tag they see—and I expect you boys to go out and do the same" Dave said.

"If we find any more, we'll let ya know" Asuka promised.

Dave nods a thanks before the group walks away. It was finally getting late, so they decided to spent the night at the Motel. They rented some rooms, and settled in. During the night Prompto was heading back to his room, before a door opened and a hand grabbed him and pulled him inside.

"Wow! Asuka?" He spoke in surprise as he recovered from nearly having a heart attack.

Asuka smiled "Sorry, wanted to catch you while I had the chance. Could you spend the night with me?".

Prompto blinked before he blushed "But the guys-".

"Don't worry about them. And if Gladio has a problem, let me deal with him" Asuka said as she wraps her arms around Prompto's neck "We never have any time alone together. Let's make the most of this night while we can".

"But-" Propmpto began until Asuka suddenly pressed her large bust against his chest.

"Prompto, are you saying no to me?" Asuka asked with puppy eyes.

Prompto shook his head "Of course not. Come daemons or an pissed of Gladio, I will stay with you for as long as you want me to".

Asuka smiled "Good, because tonight, it's just you and me".

Without warning, Asuka kissed Prompto on the lips before jumping and wrapping her legs around him, almost knocking him over.

Early morning, Prompto slowly woke up and felt something was on top of him. As he blinked himself awake he blushed when he saw Asuka sleeping on him, wearing nothing but her underwear, and he also noticed he himself was wearing nothing but his boxers. No they did not do the deed, but sleeping in their underwear was more comfortable.

Asuka woke up and smiled at him "Good morning my handsome choco head. Sleep well?".

Prompto was still blushing but smiled "Hard not to when you are here".

Asuka giggled and kissed his cheek "Good. Well we better get dressed and get ready to continue our adventure".

Prompto blushed even more as Asuka got out of bed. Her underwear weren't that revealing, but enough to expose a little of her butt cheeks. Prompto shook his head before getting out of bed and got dressed himself. Once again he had no idea how he scored a girl like that.

Later they were back in the car, driving towards Galdin. No one seemed to know about what happened last night. But given Gladio was a little grumpy was a sign that he at least had a clue about what happened, but didn't say anything about it. As they were driving, they listened to the radio.

"For our next story. Lady Lunafreya of Tenebrae has issued an official statement regarding the forthcoming treaty" The Newscaster said.

Luna's voice was then heard "Words cannot express the joy in my heart on receiving word of this coming peace. Nor the pride I take in my betrothal playing a part in this historic moment. On this joyous occasion, some have voiced cause for concern: The fear that I will be unable to fulfill my duties as Oracle. Please rest assured, my marriage will not stand in the way of my calling. You will find me in your towns and villages, as you always have. And I shall continue to bless you all".

Asuka had to admit, Luna sure had a way with words.

The Newscaster took over "Lady Lunafreya will set forth from Tenebrae for her wedding ceremony in the coming days. Please be advised that, during this time alone, her duties as Oracle will be suspended".

"It's in the treaty?" Prompto asked.

"Of course, simple formality" Ignis answered.

Gladio looked up, having stopping thinking about the night for now "One of those symbol of the peace deals".

"So it's more like a...marriage of convenience?" Prompto asked.

"Her Ladyship seems nevertheless amenable to the prospect" Ignis answered.

"And Noct here likes the idea" Gladio said in a teasing tone, making Noctis sigh.

"What's that? I do?" Prompto joked.

"Ahhh, so there is a man inside the boy" Asuka said.

"Buzz of" Noctis said in annoyance.

Soon the sea came in to view, much to Prompto's delight.

"Hey! I see the sea!" He said happily.

"I "sea" it too" Noctis joked.

"Boo!" Asuka said with a giggle.

"That's Galdin Quay" Ignis said.

"Kinda wanna go for a dip" Gladio said as he looked at the sea.

"Ah man, I didn't pack a swim suit" Asuka whined. She would love to go for a swim in the sea.

"That a big mountain behind it?" Noctis asked.

"No, it's an island" Ignis answered.

"Nobody goes to Galdin for an island, though. They go to kick back and get massages!" Prompto said.

"And savor the seafood. It's famously delicious" Ignis said.

"Sounds great" Noctis said.

"Oh we got to try that! Massages feels nice and I haven't had good sea food in years!" Asuka said in excitement.

Gladio smiled "Somethin' to look forward to".

They finally arriwed and began exploring. They found a newspaper on a suitcase in the parking lot that read: House Fleuret Goes High Fashion: Lady Lunafreya's Wedding Dress. Designed by Vivienne Westwood!

"A feature on the wedding" Ignis commented.

"Get a load of Lady Lunafreya's dress!" Prompto said.

"Eh, I've never been big on dresses" Asuka said, she was a tomboy, so she had a rather different fashion sense.

"That's some fancy fabric work. Bet the groom can't wait to see it on his bride-to-be" Gladio said.

"He's not the only one. She's gonna be an absolute knockout!" Prompto said before hearing Asuka crack her knuckles "B-but not as big as you honey".

"Nice save" Asuka said while rolling her eyes.

"The dress is bespoke, of course, and comes courtesy of one of Altissia's most foremost fashion designers" Ignis said.

"Bet the food's gonna be pretty damn fancy, too" Gladio said.

"Meh, as long as it's something I can eat" Noctis waved of.

"As opposed to dissect" Ignis added.

"Royally embarrassing. I can't wait to taste some Altissian seafood!" Prompto said as they began to look around some more.

"Galdin's famous for fish, too" Gladio said.

"Fish sounds good" Noctis said.

"So does a balanced meal" Ignis reminded.

"How 'bout we try some local surf?" Prompto asked.

"How 'bout we catch some ourselves?" Noctis said.

"We got bigger fish to fry" Gladio reminded.

"He's right. In case you forgot, we came here to cast off, not cast a line" Ignis said.

"We should have time for both. We just need to make sure when the next boat is going to leave, and have fun while we wait" Asuka said as they approached the main venue at Galdin Quay and was greeted by one of the staff.

Suddenly a man with unkempt hair and clad in multiple layers of dark clothing, attire that could oddly be described as both fancy and disheveled, approaches the five friends as they walk in "I'm afraid you're out of luck".

"Are we?" Noctis asked.

"The boats bring you here" Th stranger said, his tone was a little to polite.

"What about 'em?" Prompto asked.

"Well, they'll not take you forth" The Stranger answered.

"And what's your story?" Gladio asked, clearly suspicious of this strange man.

The Stranger smiled "I'm an impatient traveler, ready to turn ship. The ceasefire's getting us nowhere".

The stranger turns and tosses a coin at Noctis. Gladio snatches it out of the air before it can get to the prince "What's this? Some sort of souvenir?".

"They make those?" Prompto asked.

Noctis blinked "What? No".

"Consider it your allowance" The Stranger said.

"Yeah, and who's allowing us?" Gladio asked.

"A man of no consequence" The stranger said as he began to leave but stops to cast a glance at, he gave her a smile that made her very uneasy, almost as if he knew who she was "Just some advice. Not all bloodlines survives the hardships of this world".

"Wait what?" Asuka asked but the stranger simply walked away "Hey!".

The Stranger did not stop, only giving a small wave. To say he was he was strange was an understatement. But if what he told them was true, then the trip to happily ever after just got longer.


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