The Sky Order

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Chapter One: Prologue

" I still have a hard time believing they have came this far in such a short amount of time" thought Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos, As he could feel the transport ship come out of hyperspace over Coruscant. "Although It will be nice to get back to the temple most of the other's should be back from their missions if I remember correctly" he continues his thought as got out of his meditative stance and stood up to leave his temporary quarters to head to disembark and return from his long journey across the Galaxy.

While he walked through the corridors of the ship towards the landing floor he thought about his first reluctance to go on the mission but now he completely understood why the council wanted a more thorough report on the growing situation in the Outer Rim.

For the past thirteen years slave revolts have been taking place in areas of the galaxy that were owned and run by the Hutt clans and the Zygerrian Empire. At first no one had really noticed what was going on but it started with a revolt on Tatooine, lead by a 15 year old boy by the name of Skywalker. No one knew exactly how but he did the impossible and united the different peoples of Tatooine together to assault Jabba's Palace and take control of Jabba's wealth and took all his possessions. He united the moisture farmers, the slaves, the Jawa's, the priests that were living in Jabba's palace, and was even able to convince the sand people to join in the fight and help take down Jabba.

Vos stopped for a moment as he exited the ship and took a deep breath. He had spent the last six months traveling around the systems that were in the territory of what was now known as The Diplomatic Order Of Planets in order to see how the systems have changed over the years and hopefully to get a better understanding of the capabilities of the new Governments military. Which if you would believe the screams of the Trade Federation is planning to conquer the whole galaxy with their new empire of slaves.

"Well…" he said as he sighed and started to walk towards the Jedi Temple " The sooner I get this report over with the sooner I can see who else is around" He mumbled as he threw his hands up behind the back of his head and started towards the temple. He was not looking forward to seeing Master Yoda's face when he admits he enjoyed this mission more than he believed he would.

When the Jedi Order first heard about the first revolt of Tatooine they did not believe it would be a lasting victory as they believed another Hutt would take Jabbas's place and re-take Tatooine, if not for the hyperspace lanes but to prove once again that Hutt's are the top of the food chain in the outer rim. A few standard months later and it was none other than Zero, Jabba the Hutt's uncle who decided to remind those on Tatooine that their place was to be nothing more than playthings for the amusement of their superiors. Vos certainly remembered how shocked he and the other younglings in his class were when they heard how the free beings of Tatooine not only defeated Zero's forces that he hired from pirates and mercenaries but was able to kill Zero during the fighting.

The reports that came back from that battle are few and far between, it was hard to believe any of it happened but the most believable story at the time was that Jabba had a hidden bunker underground filled with a couple hundred Star-Fighters and while they were not the bet pilots they were able to use their knowledge of the area to their advantage and caught Zero's forces off guard. It became speculated as well that Skywalker was able to use the Force and use it quite well.

Vos starts up a hover car he picked up at the Spaceport and started heading towards the Jedi Temple as he contemplated on how the senate and the Jedi order will take the news on the current shape of the Diplomatic Order Of Planets and their military ally The Sky Order, they had broadcast themselves as separate entities yet working toward the same goal of creating everlasting freedom for the beings that had their basic freedoms ripped away from them.

The Sky Order would use its ever growing navy to help enslaved systems overthrow their oppressors and then after the Diplomatic Order of Planets would help them start recover with food, water, medical supplies and help them rebuild their own society and chose their own leaders. Some systems then chose to join D.O.O.P and help support the Sky Order, some chose to join D.O.O.P but refused to support The Sky Order, and some chose to support The Sky Order military but not D.O.O.P, and some choose to join neither and wanted to be left alone. That was their choice to make and it was respected by D.O.O.P and The Sky Order because the freedom to make their own choice was what the fight was all about.

As Vos witnessed the Jedi Temple come into view a smile graced his face as he was happy to be home, don't get him wrong he loves a good adventure as much as ever before but he has had to lay low while traveling throughout D.O.O.P space and keep his head low. While the Sky Order and D.O.O.P had gained an impressive amount of territory in the time since the first revolt years ago it was easy to remember they were still at war with the Hutt clans and the Zygerrian Empire.

Vos had wanted to travel as a civilian as to avoid prying eyes. Travelling through D.O.O.P space was limited because of the war, Civilians going into D.O.O.P space were only allowed to travel to certain systems depending on the danger level of the area you are going and if the individual systems were allowing visitors. Each area of D.O.O.P space differentiated by the color zone, each color representing the level of danger in that area.

"Green Zones", are areas of space that were completely cleared of hostile forces. Systems here are beginning to flourish with trade, commerce , little to no homeless and no starving beings. With newly elected leaders that which were given limited power, just enough to help the population grow without to much as to corrupt new leaders. Some systems chose to allow The Sky Order to set up training bases in order to properly train new recruits, some do not want a military presence on their planets at all and that wish is respected. These systems are able to run almost completely without the support of D.O.O.P or the Sky Order. The rules in these systems for civilian visitors varied from system to system but generally all civilians were welcome.

"Yellow Zones" were areas of space that were only recently cleared of hostel activity but there was still a risk of attack for differing reasons. Systems here are currently focusing on rebuilding their homes and cities on their planets, some were building homes for the very first time. Trade is essential during this time as many of these planets need to focus on building homes for all their population and making sure that everyone has a roof over their head. These systems still require heavy assistance from D.O.O.P and The Sky Order for protection and necessary supplies such as medicine, food, water, and other essential supplies. Civilians born onto these systems were allowed to come and go as they please, however civilians born outside these systems required permission from the systems Parliament.

"Orange Zones" were areas of space that were still being contested, that does not mean that every Orange Zone is just space filled with constant battles between the two sides. These areas are known informally as gap zones, and the reason for this is that neither The Sky Order or the army's of the slavers had complete control over these areas. The Systems in these areas are still in the heat of battle for control over their lives, these systems were often favorites of the Hutt clans or Zygerrian Empire. These systems completely rely on The Sky Order and D.O.O.P for supplies needed to hold out until the battles were over. Refugees and civilians were allowed out of these areas but no civilians or outsiders are permitted to enter these areas.

"Red Zones" These areas are the most labelled as such because these are hostile areas even for The Sky Order navy. They are most often designated as such because of what is located in these areas, such as the space around Nal Hutta was designated a Red Zone as it was home to the Hutt council and as such would be heavily protected. These areas also included the Zygerrian home world and any known slave processing facilities. The Sky Order did do mercy missions when possible, such as intercepting ships with slaves aboard going to a processing facility, and bringing in humanitarian supplies to systems caught in a red zone which did include weapons and ammunition.

Although he quickly realized into the trip that travelling as civilian seemed to draw more eyes than as a Jedi, because it seemed that most people loved it where they currently were and did not travel very much between systems. A random civilian travelling from system to system without looking over their shoulder constantly had many giving him weird looks, but it did not stop him from being able to gather enough information to complete an in-depth report on the current state of the Diplomatic Order of Planets and The Sky Order.

While he probably won't admit it aloud it turned out to be one of his favorite assignments, He got to meet some interesting beings out there in the outer rim. Even met a few members of some species that were thought to be extinct. Traveling as a civilian brings a unique perspective to a Jedi Knight on being able to see how different species interacted with one another as some he believed he would probably never see again."

Bringing the hover car to a stop as he lands Vos jumps over the side of the car and gives a small wave to some younglings walking by. "Well well well…. Look who showed up out of the blue mister disappear for months without telling anyone" chided a female voice from behind him as he feels someone lightly punch his arm. He turns to meet the blue eyes of one his oldest friends Siri Tachi a woman he has known since he could walk standing with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bant Eerin both with grins on their faces.

Siri starts talking again "So how was the trip into the Outer Rim you never really explained much before you left?" she asked as they started to walk more inside the temple followed by Bant and Kenobi " yeah Vos normally your pretty excited to get out of the temple for a long term assignment I am guessing it may have to do with the location am I right?" asked Obi-Wan while he holds a hand up to scratch his beard. " Yeah something like that" Vos replied as they walk towards the council chamber " I spent the last six months hanging out in the territory belonging to The Diplomatic Order of Planets gathering information on them and The Sky Order" he continued during the walk.

" Ahh yes they have been causing the Trade Federation problems lately with them controlling more and more of the hyperspace lanes in the Outer Rim from what I have heard" said Bant as she joined in the conversation for the first time," Also" she continues " I have heard stories how Tatooine has changed remarkably since the first revolt and they have become more modernized as well is there any truth to these claims?" she asked.

" Well it is true that they have been giving the Trade Federation a hard time as its them that have demanded the investigation" Vos replied as they got closer to the council chambers " but I have no idea about Tatooine" he continued while they got into an elevator. " You see… each system has the right to choose if they will allow outsiders, whether it be for tourism, or trade, or even for military matters, and the current Governess of Tatooine Beru Whitesun Lars who is also Tatooine's representative in D.O.O.P has place Tatooine on the no fly list" he explained as they stepped out of the elevator getting closer to the chamber he continues " so what that means is that only citizens of Tatooine are allowed to come and go as they please, so that means for example that the High Commander of The Sky Order Skywalker can go when he pleases but Grand Admiral Thrawn would need to get permission from Governess Beru before stepping foot on the planet." He finished as they made it to the chamber door.

" Well sounds like an exciting time, you will have to tell us more about it after you are done here with the council." Stated Obi-Wan as the others nod in agreement " yeah as long as this guy over here stays long enough to have a conversation" teased Siri as she gave him a light punch in the arm as they walked away laughing.

Vos stands before the council doors waiting for them to open so he can go in and get this over with, he doesn't know how long all his friends will be together like this and for how long it will be before they see each other again. They all came to realize years ago that they would have to go their separate ways to follow their own paths, but when the force brings them together they can't help but hoping to get at least a small bit of time to relax and chat like the old days. Just as he was able to relax himself through the force the doors open he takes a brief moment to sigh before stepping through the door.

As he enters and steps into the main chamber he looks around and sees the council but two were here as holograms. Sitting in front of him were the beings that were said to be the wisest and strongest force uses in the entire order. There sat Grand Master Yoda, Master Mace Windu, Master Ki-Adi-Mundy ( Hologram ), Master Yaddle ( Hologram ), Master Saesee Tiin, Master Skaak Ti, and Master Even Piell.


" The Trade Federation claims that The Sky Order navy has been allowed to grow to strong" stated Mace Windu as everyone turns to look at the Master's stony expression as he continues " The war for Independence as its being called has slowed considerably in the past few years yet The Order continues to expand it's naval capabilities." He finished with bringing his hands together on his lap. " It is something that the Trade Federation has continuously brought to the attention of the Republic

" The Diplomatic Order of Planets has made a statement saying that this is the most crucial part of The Sky Orders War against slavery in the Outer Rim" Stated Even Piell " They say that the Hutt clans and the Zygerrian's are waiting for the Diplomatic Order of Planets or The Sky Order to show weakness, and that this is not the first time the slaves have fought back against these two monstrous regimes and they refuse to fall back into chains as they have in previous failed attempts to end slavery in the Outer Rim." He finished stating the response they received from The Diplomatic Order of Planets after the Republic asked for an official meeting with D.O.O.P in hopes with getting them to join the Republic and have The Sky Order de-militarize and cool down tensions starting to grow in the Mid Rim worlds.

" The question remains that what we should do next?" Asked Ki-Adi-Mundi leans forward through his hologram" The Parliament of the Diplomatic Order of Planets has officially stated that they support all actions taken by The Sky Order navy and trusts the Order to protect the worlds that have already been freed. Even though they provide and update holo maps showing areas where it is safe to travel, if civilian ran transports, Trade Federation ships, or Republic vessels get attacked while in their territory they most likely believe we will hold them responsible and declare them enemies of the Republic." He finished while leaning forward

" Before we do anything it is prudent we gather more information, we should send a few knights into D.O.O.P controlled space to gather information on their comings and goings." interjected Even Piell.

" I agree with Master Piell " stated Mace Windu, " Thus far we have not interfered with the war for several reasons. The main one being that the space lies outside the jurisdiction of the Republic and since the senate has a standing treaty with the Zygerrian Empire, that means that as long as they don't take slaves from Republic systems we are not to interfere in there affairs". Mace moved forward in his chair and placed his hands together " Now that the war for meantime has come to a stand still we can use this time to gather information on both the Diplomatic Order of Planets and The Sky Order, and gather must needed intelligence before making any big decisions on what we are going to do next". Mace finished his thought aloud.

" It is a wise idea, however would the senate allow for us to take that much time for a true investigation?" asked Master Ki-Adi-Mundi " from what I understand the Trade Federation is getting impatient regarding the Hyperspace lanes that they lost control of during the war of Independence in the Outer Rim. If they are forced to wait longer they may make a rash decision act out… we all know how they become if they do not get their way" he finished

For the first time since the meeting began Master Yoda decided to speak up. " for a short investigation, time we must find, with the chancellor, I will speak." he finished. Master Windu spoke up as he placed his left hand under his chin and turned his head to look at the other Masters " then is everyone around the room in agreement in sending some Knights into D.O.O.P space to gather intelligence on the capabilities of the Diplomatic Order of Planets and The Sky Order?", he asked as he looked around the room towards the other Masters. As he met each of the of the other councilors eyes they all agreed until he came across Master Shaak Ti's eye. " do you have anything to you wish to bring up Master Ti?" asked Master Windu

" yes…. While I agree that we should investigate, I believe that we should only send one Knight instead of a team." Master Shaak Ti replied " While the Diplomatic Order of Planets has claimed they do not have any grievance or issues with the Jedi, it may be wise not to push any boundaries before we have had an opportunity to speak with them in an official capacity as it may taint any future relationship we may try to have with them." She finished her thought aloud.

" With Shaak Ti , I agree" spoke Yaddle for the first time since the meeting began. One by one the others started to nod their heads in agreement. " Who we send, the next question is hmm.." Finished Yaddle. " This is an unorthodox mission to say the least, maybe we should look an unorthodox Jedi" stated Shaak Ti. " Someone in mind, you already have Master Ti? Asked Yoda as he turned his head to look at Master Shaak Ti with a chuckle as he closed his eyes.


" So essentially you want me to travel throughout Diplomatic Order of Planets space without prying eyes and gather an in-depth report on the changes they have gone through and their current military capabilities?" asked Jedi Knight Quinlin Vos, as he looked at the council with a dry look on his face and had a single eyebrow raised as he continued " is that all? … no … oh … a time limit of six month's as well…. And by myself as well… which is what I believe to be the only part of this idea I agree with but is the rest of this really necessary? He finished.

" That is the idea" Stated Mace Windu "with your proficiency in using Psychometry it should make it easier for you to gather information throughout D.O.O.P space" He finished while placing his hands together above his lap. Master Shaaki Ti joined in " We chose you first to ask to undertake this mission because we believe that not only are you able to easily slide under the radar but because we thought you might like to have free roam to do as you wish with little restrictions as to how you conduct your investigation." Stated Master Shaak Ti.

Master Piel Spoke up " during this mission it is crucial that you do your best to refrain from getting caught, the reason we are only sending one knight instead of a team is so that we do not run the risk of tainting a future where we may meet officially with The Sky Order on friendly."

" Alright, while not my favorite mission but definitely not the worst I have been assigned" Vos stated as he brought his left hand under his chin and accepted the mission.


" Welcome back Knight Vos, Stated Mace Windu. " you have impeccable timing, the senate was recently asking for a response to our investigation, how ever right now the Trade Federation is currently occupied with a bill which allows individual systems to place a tax on trade going through their space. But that is neither here nor there did you have enough time to accomplish your mission?" He asked after the councilors have had a chance to greet him.

" Yes" replied Vos " I was able to gain a lot of intelligence about the workings of The Sky Order Along with D.O.O.P. I was able to get information on some of the leading Admirals in The Sky Order along with some of their background information along with it. Also plenty of good stuff about the Diplomatic Order of Planets as well, to be honest with you I don't know how you are going to take it all and there is a lot of it".

" First and foremost in regards to the High Commander of The Sky Order, Skywalker, I can confirm he is indeed sensitive to the Force. I had a chance to speak with some soldiers that were off duty in a bar, and they explained how it's no secret among the people of The Sky Order and D.O.O.P that Skywalker can use the force. Early on in the beginning of the revolts he was known to meditate in silence for anywhere between three to seven days, it was believed that he was taking the time to envision the battles ahead determine the best possible path so to avoid as many casualties on his side."

" Hmm, troubling this, news is, more questions, this will arise" Stated Yoda. As he sat holding his small cane with both hands. Mace Windu speaks up before other councilors can get a chance to react. " Knight Vos, what more can you tell us regarding this High Commander Skywalker?" He asked wanting to know more about this new mysterious Force wielder.

Vos cleared his throat before continuing " I will tell you what I was able to find about him as I never had the chance to meet him face to face". "He is well respected among his troops and officers, civilians love him and many feel inspired by his efforts in freeing the slaves in the Outer Rim". "Whenever he is on a campaign he is always in front leading his troops, and he sits with his troops during meals, he tells jokes, and provides entertainment and refreshments after every battle won". " He is charismatic , knows what to say and when to say it, it's said that he has turned many of his enemies into his friends with words alone". " He is a mechanical genius who helped create the blueprints for many of The Sky Order and D.O.O.P current ships, he enjoys building new droids as a hobby as well it seems".

" Skywalker throughout his journey did encounter other force sensitive beings and offered them the opportunity to be brought to the Jedi Temple. The majority denied his offer because they were older children that believed they would be turned away because of their age". "Ten being the youngest known that they have found". " Some declined the offer because they did not want to learn to use the force at all and some declined just because they felt that they could not trust the Republic." " He offered them training in how to use the Force, some accepted, and some did not". " A couple of them only learned the basics before going on their own path, for example I have heard that one went on to become a field doctor, and another has become a high ranking member of The Diplomatic Order of Planets Parliament, to be honest I don't know to much about them as they are both usually busy individuals". He paused for a moment to catch his breath and let the council members absorb the information he provided. After a brief pause he continues " I was able to gather a bit more information on some of the Force sensitives that did get more training and have joined in the fight against oppression and tyranny".

" First and foremost we have one Aurra Sing" He states as he holds out a small holographic projector for the council to see and enlarges it to show one grown up Aurra Sing around twenty five – thirty by her looks, wearing a blue tank top and orange pants, with a long sniper strapped across her back and a blaster pistol in her right hand, you can also see an antennae sticking out from her head. " She was actually once a Padawan learner here in the temple, but during a mission her Master was killed and she was captured by pirates and wound up being sold to Jabba the Hutt".

" Jabba had wanted to have a Force sensitive assassin under his complete control and was planning on sending her to an assassin academy in the Outer Rim". " He had left her to rot for a time in a cell before he was planning on sending her, but the revolt took place before he had a chance to send her". "Skywalker offered to return her to the temple but she refused because she felt betrayed and forgotten by the Order". " since then she has become extremely loyal to Skywalker, they treat each other as brother and sister". " Although her favorite pastimes include hunting down traitors to The Sky Order, and bounty hunting she prefers to keep a low profile". He finished telling them what he knew about Aurra Sing.

Vos puts away the holographic projector with Aurra Sings image and pulls out a new one as he says " The next Force user I was able to learn about is a female known as Commander Esdeath." He says as the projector brings up a young woman looking to be in her twenties with long light blue hair and dark blue eyes, wearing body armor that was completely black except with a long blue stripe going down either side ( imagine the body armor of the inquisitor Kestis from Jedi fallen order including the lightsaber but Esdesth's are blue not red and no helmet either ).

" She was already an assassin when she met Skywalker, working for Gardulla the Hutt." " rumors are that she was ruthless with her targets, she lives by the motto that the weak die and the strong survive." " In the past Gardulla would send her to discretely deal with those who displeased the Hutt, Esdeath would be free to deal with her targets as she saw fit as long as there were no one to witness and no evidence to lead back to Gardulla." " I can't bee one hundred percent but I believe she was somewhere between the ages seventeen and nineteen when she was sent to infiltrate The Sky Order and kill Skywalker". " They did fight one another using lightsabers and the Force one on one, I don't know the full story of the battle but Skywalker won and she wound up joining The Sky Order afterwards". " She is his second in command the few times she is not with him she is able to speak on his behalf." "I don't know the full extent of their relationship but the rumor is that she is infatuated with him."

Vos sighs as he pulls out one more Holo-projector and puts away the previous, it comes to life as it shows the yellow eyes of a Besalisk that stood at 2.36 meters tall with black facial hair and brown skin and had four arms. "This is Pong Krell, he was once a Knight of our order but he went missing on a mission in the outer rim, it was suspected that he was captured by Zygerrian slavers but we never found any evidence to point to a location or even if he was alive."

" From what I was able to discover is that he was indeed captured by Zygerrian slavers and sent to a processing facility specifically meant to break Jedi, this was about a decade ago when it happened." " It was early on in The Sky Orders revolution when Skywalker had heard about a Jedi Knight being held in a processing facility and spent a good amount of time planning and breaking out Krell." " The Sky Order lost three heavily armored drop ships and about three squadrons of star fighters but was able to rescue him, he was so impressed with Skywalker and The Sky Order he decided to join with them." From what I understand he has taught Skywalker more in the ways of the force but respected his leadership as well." " Krell is now ranked as a Commander and commands a small fleet of offensive style battle ships in the Orange Zones in the Outer Rim, he is a great strategist in guerrilla warfare." " When leading troops on the ground he has one of the lowest casualty rates but one of the highest success rates in the field."

" Next two we have hear are twins," states Vos as he places down another holographic projector that displays two people this time, a boy and a girl. They both look to be about eighteen to twenty years of age. The male is about five foot, ten inches tall with blue hair wearing a blue t shirt with a black jacket over the shirt with what appeared to be a pistol blaster by his hip and black cargo pants. The girl standing about five foot, eleven inches tall, with long red Hair wearing light armor that shines in the light with blue trimming and the silver sheen of the chest plate and a clear light saber handle on her hip.

" The male twin is known as Ezra and the female is named Erza." " They were taken from their home before Jedi had a chance to visit their home after their tests confirmed they were sensitive to the force." " They were taken by pirates and were going to be growing up as pirates and thieves if not for the Pirates being over confident and deciding to go through Sky Order territory while they were still a new power in the galaxy." " The pirates truly believed The Sky Order to be run by weaklings and fools that had more bark than bite, however they wound up paying the price with their lives when The Sky Order destroyed them their ship after rescuing the children."

" The Sky Order than found that one of the parents had been murdered by the pirates but the mother of the twins survived." " After he returned the children who were both four at the time, he told the mother that if she ever needed any help, The Sky Order and D.O.O.P would provide assistance without needing anything in return." " When the children were eleven the mother allowed them to start basic training in the ways of the force."

" Ezra.. the male is now a lieutenant in The Sky Order military in charge of his own platoon of infantry soldiers, He is an inspiring leader and able to remain calm while under fire from the enemy." " He has received a medal of bravery for saving the lives of his superior's while a briefing was taking place during the first campaign he was ever on."

" Erza.. the female twin is a captain of a platoon of shock troopers." " These shock troops are meant to be a shock an awe group, they go in quick and heavy, she is said to be one of the most strict captains in the shock trooper programs however she never went to far with her troops." " She expects the best out of herself and her troops, and they respect her for it." " She is able to use battle meditation to inspire her troops during battle which allows her and her troops to be a little more risky during their missions."

The Hologram disappears as Vos puts away the holographic projector as he says " That's all the information I have regarding the Force sensitives that serve in The Sky Order military, I know there are more that work outside The Sky Order but as they make it a point to stay under the radar I was not able to gather information on all of them." "I do however have some more information on some of the military and Naval officers to provide." As Vos pulled out a new holographic projector and placed it on the floor and it came to life it showed a blue humanoid being with red eyes and black hair, wearing a formal grey uniform with badges on his left side of his chest a set of wings sewn into the right side crossing his arms.

" This is Grand Admiral Thrawn, the leading Admiral in the Diplomatic Order of Planets Navy". "He is from a system is the unknown regions of space known as Csilla". " Until recently he was an Admiral in The Sky Order's navy and one of the best in the Order, his strategies and out of the box thinking lead him being one of the most effective Naval Commanders during the initial war of independence." " Rumor's are that the only reason The Sky Order came into contact with Thrawn's people was because some of his people were captured by Zygerrians who were starting to venture into unknown space as The Sky Order was preventing them from going to their usual grounds for slaves." " Skywalker rescued the Chiss people and they were so grateful they wound up eventually joining The Sky Order and the Diplomatic Order of Planets to help prevent other peoples from sharing the same fate."

" Although as The Diplomatic Order of Planets is a democratically elected parliament they do have their own standing Navy meant for defensive purpose and trade amongst systems freed by The Sky Order." " They seem to be at a crucial point where they are taking a step back from fighting in the war to ensure that what they have already freed remains free and focusing on creating a defensive line as they do not want to spread their resources to thin at this time." " When he transitioned from being an Admiral in The Sky Order to becoming Grand Admiral of the Diplomatic Order of Planets navy he became the Official liaison between The Sky Order military regime and the Diplomatic Order of Planets parliament, working with both Order's to protect what they have fought and bled for."

Vos replaces the holographic projector with a new one that springs to life as it shows a Harch male with gray skin, red eyes and brown hair, they also took note that his left arms and one of his eyes are cybernetic that stood at about 1.89 meters tall.

" This is Admiral Trench, he joined The Sky Order about three years into their revolutions in the Outer Rim." " The relationship between Trench and The Sky Order started out as a business relationship, Skywalker had just begun building a proper navy from the ground up and hired on Trench with a contract for five years to help train and grow a proper naval force." " Trench was so impressed with The Sky Order's will and motivation that after the contract expired he offered to remain as a naval officer permanently." " From what I understand he is in charge of making sure the Hutt clans and Zygerrian's don't get complete control of the space in Orange Zones across the outer rim."

The holographic projector comes to life as it shows a new being one that seemed to be mix of living being and machine. Standing at a height of 2.16 meters(4) with gold eyes and red skin ( well what skin they could see anyway ) the only organics they can see is a couple of the vital organs, brain, and parts of his head.

" Feast your eyes on General Grievous" States Vos as he narrows his eyes " You all may remember the incident which nearly cost tensions between The Sky Order and The Republic" Mace Windu narrowed his eyes and replied " You mean the incident between the Kaleesh people and the Huk do you not?" " Yes, the incident with the Huk people." Vos replied

" General Grievous was the warlord in control of the system Kalee, and after the Huk people attempted to kill the one he loved he became a warlord and raised his people to fight back." " while they did not have the numbers needed he had at this point already heard about The Sky Order and it's attempts to end slavery in the outer rim."

" The Sky Order accepted their plea for help and sent a small fleet of ships to gain control of the space around the system while ground forces were sent to the surface to aid them on the ground." " After a few standard months the final battle for control of the planet took place, Grievous was injured in an explosion during the final battle as a star-fighter was shot down and landed almost right on top of him."

The Sky Orders doctors were only able to bring him back temporarily with his body so badly damaged that the only way he was going to survive was to become a full cybernetic being." " His lover demanded he be saved at any cost so they built him a new body and placed him in it." " Word is he loved it, but he still wanted revenge after the Huk were forced off his planet." " Although in the end Skywalker and Grievous's lover Kummar was able to convince him the best thing to do was focus on other problems, as the Huk people had already been pushed back." " The Sky Order did leave a small fleet of ships in the system to make sure the Huk people did not try again to take Kalee." " Kaleesh people did not join D.O.O.P how ever they still decided to join The Sky Order."

" General Grievous has since helped The Sky Order tremendously since he joined." " While not the most level headed individual, you can't deny his effectiveness as leader and strategist." " He does have a reputation for losing more soldiers per battle then most other Generals, however it should be noted he spends most of his times in combat in the orange zone keeping the Hutt Clans and Zygerrian slavers on their toes."

As Vos replaces the holographic projector he states " These next two are part of Skywalker's inner circle, and have been with him since the first revolution on Tatooine." As the next one springs to life and shows a green colored, purple eyed, Rodian male standing at roughly 1.74 meters wearing a formal military outfit with a blue formal shirt with badges on his left chest and wings on the right and formal dress pants.

" This is Admiral Greedo, He was a part of the first revolution on Tatooine and has been one of Skywalker's most loyal officers since The Sky Order began." " While he is a great shot with a blaster he is one of the best Star Fighter pilots The Sky Order has, it is said that he can fly circles around almost anyone in the galaxy in a star fighter except Skywalker of course." " When The Sky Order started building their navy he was in charge of recruiting and training new star fighter pilots." " Now he is the Admiral in charge of star fighters training and placement. When he is not at one of the growing number of pilot academies he still takes place in operations from time to time in the field but it is rare occasion and it is usually only for operations taking place in a red zone in the outer rim." " it's noted that in what little free time he has he spends it on Tatooine, while it has not been confirmed it is rumored that he has a family on Tatooine but with little to no information coming directly from Tatooine it is hard to find out whether or not it is true."

Vos replaces the holographic projector with another as a new hologram appears this one being a human male with tanned skin with black hair and brown eyes standing at a height of about six foot, five inches tall looking to be about twenty-five to thirty years old wearing blue colored light armor that covered him head to two with a black body suit beneath the armor that reached his lower jaw ( please Imagine the clone suits but light blue ) his back covered with a long white cape with the symbol of The Sky Order planted on the back ( the symbol is a Triforce on a black circle with white wings covering it ).

" This individual is another from the first revolt of Tatooine, he is Major, Kitster Chanchani Banai." " Like Admiral Greedo he was friends with Skywalker growing up and helped him take Tatooine when they were young." " As The Sky Order grew he was always on the offensive on new worlds, he is a little hot tempered and reckless but he get's results done and with smaller casualties than you would expect for how reckless he is in battle." " He knows how to inspire his troops to fight to the fullest and does his best to keep his soldiers happy." He still prefers to fighting on the ground to doing paperwork and going to meetings all day."

" From what I have come to understand is that he is now in charge of a shock and awe company, basically they have different tactics in how to surprise an enemy such as a new program in The Sky Order known as Orbital Drop Shock Troopers." " These soldiers would be dropped into a zone in a single person drop pod launched from space, with this they can effectively disable anti air defenses and hit targets before a large assault team can be brought down the surface of the planet."

" These soldiers are trained to be able to fight almost as effectively alone while working their way to find other O.D.S.T soldiers as they do with a team of soldiers by their side." " Trained to cause trouble behind enemy lines as effectively as possible."

" Now" Vos stated as he put away the holographic projector " I was able get some information on the general layout of The Sky Order's navy and military, they have several branches that I was able to get information on and a few I was not." " First I will go over what I know regarding The Sky Order's general naval size and capabilities."

Vos pulls out a holographic projector and places on the ground as it springs to life you can see a ship that begins with a blue oval shape and has two engines coming out the back end written on it they could see the lettering NCC-1707 printed on the ships bridge.

" This ship class is known as the NCC-1707 battleship, they pack a heavy punch because of there smaller size they are more maneuverable then most ships and the shields are a lot better than most of the rest of the galaxy and they use energy weapons that can penetrate Hutt or Zygerrian shields in seconds." ( It's from star trek but with shields and energy weapon from the Stargate Asgard ships ) " These ships are pretty powerful but they are expensive and time consuming to make but definitely worth the time it takes to make them."

Vos swiped his right in front of him from left to right as the projection of the ship changed to a new one. This ship looked like a YT cockpit with starship hangers on either side ( please look up Daedalus from Stargate and that is what the ship looks like ) it is colored blue with black accents along the sides." This is the Daedalus class star fighter carrier." " It is light and highly maneuverable and can carry a surprising amount of star fighters along with having very strong shields and energy weapons that can pierce threw shields like a knife threw butter." " Along with the NCC-1707 class ships while very powerful these ships are in relatively short supply because of the time and money it takes to make them.

" The most common ships they make and produce are variant's of the YT class ships." Vos states as the holographic projector turned off. " They are able to mass produce these kinds of ships because there are many modifications made to compliment each of the different branches of the navy and military belonging to The Sky Order." " There are variants that were made to model gunships, dropships for troops, medical transport ships, basic transport vessels, even some smuggling vessels as well.

The holographic projector comes back to life and brings up what look to be different versions of Star ships , including older looking ships that were designed by Mon Calamari, Mandalorian designs, random ones as well " The Sky Order spends a good amount of time on junk worlds such as Bracca, Lotho Minor, Zoh and others to find old shells of star ships to bring back to repair and repurpose." " They take a good amount of time to repair but they are able to modify them with modern technology and equipment as they do."

" For their Star Fighter Corps they are mainly made up of a small fighter known as the X-Wing fighters" As he was speaking the holographic image changed to show the X-Wing fighter ( The X- wings from the original trilogy except these are dark blue ) " They are cheap to make and easy to mass produce, these star fighters are even able to go into hyperspace without assistance."

" The Sky Order currently is able to at least have a small defensive fleet based in each sector of space controlled by The Sky Order and The Diplomatic Order of Planets." "Green zones have less need for The Sky Order's presence and are primarily patrolled by either independent planetary defenses or by D.O.O.P ships, but even then The Sky Order will still have a presence there unless prohibited by the Parliament of the individual systems as they refuse to be taken off guard and placed back into chains."

" Most Sky Order fleets in green zones are pretty small usually only containing one or two NCC-1707 battleships, two Daedalus class ships and a Star Cruiser along with a small compliment of star fighters and gunships." " Fleets that are based in yellow, orange zones are a lot more packed with heavier ships as those locations are more likely targets for attack." " They keep the larger Star Ships and more experienced naval officers in the Orange and Red zones to keep the Hutt Clans and the Zygerrian slavers at bay."

" I was able to find out about some of the branches of the ground forces as well." " Being the fact that they help many planets without asking for anything in return, they have been able to get recruits even from systems that refuse to allow a military presence because while the systems Parliament may not want the military in the system they do not stop individuals from leaving and joining The Sky Order or D.O.O.P because they believe every being should get to choose how they live." " They have soldiers and officers that come from all over the galaxy, such as Wookie's, Mon Calamari people, they even have Bothan people decided to help and these are just a few examples.

Vos Continues " first we have regular infantry soldiers that are known as the S.M or Sky Marines they are trained in the use of modified A280 Blaster rifles as well as a variety of other basic weapons such as blaster pistols, grenades, and even missile launchers." " They are given hand to hand combat training along with basic vehicle driving and maintenance." While in the beginning of the war for independence they did not have the time to train them properly in class and many had to learn on the go, now that they have the time they are trained properly and given the time to learn."

" One feature about the weaponry they carry that many don't know about is the fingerprint scanner on all the handheld weapons they use." " If someone who is not apart of The Sky Order or D.O.O.P tries to use the weapons their hands will be blown off from a failsafe feature built into the blasters themselves."

" They do have vehicles to assist them in combat as well, many light fast moving vehicles as they prefer to remain as mobile as possible." " One of the most produced and used throughout The Sky Order is known as the M12 Warthog Light Reconnaissance Hover Vehicle." He states as the holographic projector shows what it looks like ( it's a regular warthog but it hovers ) with a heavy blaster canon on the top " They have other models like this one modified for other purposes, such as troop transport, anti-air, anti-tank" He states as the projector starts to show some of the different models ( Guass Canon, Rocket Hog, and the mongoose)

" Next we have the S.S.M or Sky Space Marines, these soldiers are trained to fight in ship to ship engagements." " For example when a full Zygerrian slave ship is caught by The Sky Order or D.O.O.P they launch fighters but focus only on disabling the ship with ion weaponry and then sending these soldiers onto the ship to take it over or get the slaves to escape in pods and then blow up the ship afterwards." " They are primarily trained in low gravity environments so that they have an advantage should they need to fight without gravity." " While they are used very much anymore they do have exo-suits that make single soldiers able to fight while in space." " These suits allow them to use different strategies when ambushing Hutt, or Zygerrian ships carrying slaves. " However while they are still maintained and taken care of, they have been made almost obsolete with the new X-Wing fighters with ion weapons that allow a squadron of fighters can take over a ship before they know what hits them."

" There is a division of The Sky Order that trains and sends out bounty hunters throughout the galaxy, not only are they able to gather much needed funds but they are also able to develop contacts throughout the galaxy." " I don't know exactly how it is run but they have it noted as a separate branch of The Sky Order, and is run by Aurra Sing ." " Aurra Sing is believed to be the leader of The Sky Order bounty hunters and is in charge of keeping up with the information they gather and passing it along to The Sky Order intelligence branch.

" Now I don't have a way to confirm this but from what I understand is that The Sky Order and D.O.O.P have a number of camouflaged satellites hidden throughout the outer rim that provide information on the movements of the Hutt Clans and Zygerrian slavers.

As Vos was going to continue with his briefing the door to the council chamber opened and in rushed another knight that he couldn't quite place as they came before the council, bowed and said " Master's there has been an incident!" " The Trade Federation has placed a blockade around the system of Naboo and are saying it's in protest of the new trading laws." They finished

" Alright, we will postpone this meeting until after we have dealt with this Naboo situation." Stated Mace Windu as they all nodded and Vos bowed and left the room.

Quinlin decided to walk down to Dex's Diner to see if his friends will be there maybe he can catch up. As he walks to the lower floors of the temple he can't help but be a little happy that something came up, as he stretched his arms above his head. He was not able to give his full report but he was exhausted after going through all that.

As Vos reached the doors to the temple about to head through the door he noticed Kenobi briskly walking towards the temple " Hey Kenobi man what's the rush, ditch those guys?" He askes as Kenobi walks into the temple while shouting over his head " MISSION … CAN'T TALK GOT TO GO!" Kenobi yelled as he passed by Vos. " And they say I leave abruptly " He chuckles as he walks over to a hover car.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was enjoying being able to spend some time with his friends after being out on missions for months on end, and got to enjoy Dex's food one of the best parts about coming back home. Than of course he gets an urgent message from his master to meet in the council chambers for a mission. He thinks as he makes it to the council chambers to see his old master Qui-gon waiting for him

" I am sorry master that I took so long to get here " Said Obi-Wan as he bowed before his master. While he is a full Jedi Knight, he will always respect Qui-gon. " It is all right Obi-wan we are not late however it is not wise to keep them waiting, lets go. " States Qui-gon as the council door opens they both enter together and bow before the council, Although after looking to his side Kenobi spots a young female Togruta silently standing off to the side

" Thank you both for coming on such short notice" States Master Mace Windu " We have a situation brewing between The Trade Federation, and the system of Naboo." He continued. " The Trade Federation has placed a blockade around the system of Naboo, they claim it is a legal protest against the new laws on trade taxes but the Chancellor believes they are going to do something rash and make a mistake that they can not take back." " The Chancellor has asked us to send representatives to speak with The Trade Federation discretely, and we believe the two of you may be able to negotiate with them before they do something drastic."

" Alright" stated Qui-gon " We will leave right away" he states as he turns to look at Kenobi, " Meet me in the hanger in one hour." Obi-Wan nodded in agreement as they both bow to the council and leave to go on their mission.


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