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Chapter 10: Cluster Fluck ( Part 1 )


Standing in the middle pod Chancellor Palpatine was addressing the agitated crowd with his hands held together behind his back with a gentle look in his face with Mas Amedda and a pale skinned female wearing a large formal grey robe with a stoic look on her face

" yet again an attempt to further disrupt our democratic process has occurred but this time it was right here on Coruscant and if it was not for the creative forethought of Senator Amidala she would have been the one who perished and while what happened to her double was nothing short of tragic we can work to ensure occurrences like this do not happen again with the help of Senator Amidala"

After he said this the crowd slowly started to grow a little restless and muttering could be heard around the chamber but before it could grow out of control another pod moved forward a bit to show a green skinned male Ishi Tib that was wearing gold colored formal robe

" Chancellor, I as well as everyone else hear understands why you wish to wait until she has recuperated and brought up to speed with the bill but I fear the longer we wait for her to return more of these terrorist activities will take place, I believe this unique circumstance requires us to bend the rules and push forward the vote on the Freedoms Act"

After he finished speaking his hover pod moved back until it was in it's original spot while the senate room erupted with voices, some shouting while others were talking quietly with others in their pods reacting to the suggestion of the Techno Union senator and while some looked angry at the prospect many looked like they were ready to vote and were shouting in agreement with their arms waiving wildly in the air.

It was almost complete chaos in the chamber for about half a minute before Mas Amedda slammed his pole to the bottom of the pod a few times loudly to gain the attention of the room


It only took a few moments for the room to go silent again after Mas Amedda spoke and the room then turned look at the ever patient look on the Chancellors face, the Chancellor then took a few brief moments to look around the room before sighing

" I understand how you all feel, the fear of the growing instability within the galaxy and the Republic but if we truly wish to make the Republic great once again we can not lose what makes the Republic what it is and that my friends is following the democratic process to ensure everyone in the Republic has a voice and can be heard no matter how long it may take "

The majority of the crowd looked pleased with his response and responded with applause but there were those who did not look pleased with this outcome and as the applause came to an end the Chancellor then turned his head slightly back towards Mas Amedda as the blue skinned Chagrian took a step closer to Palpatine to whisper something into the Chancellor's ear

After Mas Amedda stepped back the Chancellor then turned his head back towards the crowd while bringing his hands together in front of him with his finger tips touching together

" it has just been brought to my attention that Senator Amidala will be ready to vote on the current scheduled day for the vote so there will be no need to worry about a delay of the vote as it will be held as scheduled"

The Chancellor then paused for a moment to allow cheers to grow throughout the chamber with applause growing but before to long he gently raised his right hand to calm the crowd before allowing a small but noticeable frown on his face

" but this latest incident does still draw some concern especially since it happened so close to home but with the senate deciding on such an important bill that may change the galaxy as we know it I believe that we should ask the Jedi order to investigate the situation with the bounty hunter to allow the senate time to decide on the future of the galaxy"

The crowd applauded but this time it was more reserved then before while Palpatine closed his hands behind his back with a smirk on his face as he placed his next move.


Green and red laser fire continued to dance between the five Chelandion cruisers and the three SCC-1707 battleships but while the five Hutt cruisers were spreading out there fire between the three battleships, the three SCC-1707 battleships were concentrating their fire on one cruiser at a time starting with one that was to the left of the center most ship.

In the space between the two fleets a few dog fights were occurring with X-wing and F302 star fighters making sure to keep the enemy fighters at a distance.

Sitting in the captains chair in the bridge of the middle SCC-1707 battleship was Malcom Reynolds while standing a few feet behind him was a dark skinned woman who was wearing a blue colored formal naval uniform with a determined look on her face.

They were watching threw the view port as the two fleets exchanged fire with the ship shaking from time to time but the shields were holding thanks to the Hutt cruisers spreading their fire.

Each of the five cruisers were lit up on the main viewport with the two cruisers beside the center ship having a thin but clear red circle around them while the other three had thin white colored circles around them with small blue and red dots in between the Hutt fleet and the Sky Order battleships.

The ship shook slightly a few times before Captain Reynolds turned his head a little bit to his right to look at a Mon Calimarian officer sitting behind a console

" how long can we keep taking this?"

The Mon Calimarian officer started pressing buttons on the console in front of him for a few seconds before looking back to Reynolds

" Well Sir, even if they continue to spray between the three ships it won't last to long just sitting here sir, maybe an hour or two at most and again that is if they don't smarten up"

the woman standing a few feet behind Reynolds looked to the captain with a single eyebrow raised as the ship shook slightly again with a few alarms starting to go off

" well Sir with you in charge I will say at least we only need to hold them off long enough for the supply drop"

He placed his hand over his chest with a fake look of shock on his face before it turned into a small smirk

" well I see, it's mutiny then, here you can take the reigns lieutenant but know you won't have nearly as much fun time with the hubby eh"

The ship shook slightly for a few seconds this time which got both of them looking forward while wiping the grin off their faces, Reynolds turned to the woman again

" we will finish this later,"

Reynolds started to look back towards the Mon Calimarian officer but before he could say anything he was interrupted by another male voice

" Sir the shields on the first cruiser are almost gone they are ready for a beam fire"

Reynolds looked straight at the front viewport to see the shield of the Chelandion cruiser to left of the center ship was very weak before turning his head slightly to the human male sitting behind another terminal

" Alright Wash, tell the others to start firing on the secondary target and to get ready for a fly by, we will take two of them out to even out the odds a little here, also send out another wave of fighters"

The three SCC-1707 battleships quickly stopped firing at the Chelandion cruiser to the left of the center ship but before long started firing at the cruiser just to the right of the center ship while releasing several squadrons of F302 star fighters into space.


When the Five Falcon dropships, each carrying a M808 Main battle tank entered the planets atmosphere being escorted by X-Wing fighters things seemed calm for a few moments but as the final Falcon dropship fully entered the planets atmosphere red laser bolts started flying towards the dropships with more than a few laser bolts hitting a couple of the dropships.

It was a few moments before the X-Wings were able to get into a position to return fire as several Z-95-AF4 Headhunter star fighters came from below to start a heavy dog fight between the X-Wing escorts and the Hutt star fighters, before to long the dropships started to return fire while trying to maneuver around the enemy fire.

As the dog fight intensified between the star fighters the Falcon dropships were able to maneuver and continue their trek towards the surface of the planet while using their own guns to fire on the few strays that had followed them.


Aurra as laying down, wearing a large white winter coat that was covering from her shoulders all the down to her white boots about one hundred meters away from the small town and appeared to be looking down the scope of a SLI-28 rotary sniper rifle.

After she began looking down the scope of the gun she began to use her antenna to tune into a small radio located in Embo's hat so she could hear what was happening while watching and waiting for her moment to attack.

While she will always loath Jabba for forcible putting the antenna in her head during her short stay under his care it really has helped her tremendously in the past.

She watched through the scope as Sugi and Embo walked toward the small bar that had far to many guards standing around and on top of the building for such a small backwater planet.

As Sugi and Embo walked within a few feet of the door two Nikto guards quickly stood directly in front of them with one of them bringing up their blaster rifle to aim at them while the other looked at the two with a stone look on his face silently for a few moment.

As he was about to speak Sugi took a quick step forward towards him to get right in his face before pointing to his friend

" You better tell your friend to back off before I rip those arms off of him!"

This only made the Nikto holding up the blaster angrier as was now grinding his teeth and was about to move forward on Sugi when Embo quickly elbowed the Nikto in the gut and grabbed the blaster right from his hand before bringing it back up and beating the soldier in the head with the butt of the rifle before using his right hand to aim it at another Nikto soldier that appeared while using his crossbow in his other hand to aim at another that appeared from around the corner with a few others coming around now as well.

Sugi used this time to quickly punch the Nikto soldier in front of her a few times before kicking his now lose blaster rifle away and before he had time to react she was behind him holding a knife up to his throat before putting her mouth next to his ear

" Look here you monkey, my friend and I have just spent weeks on a swamp world hunting down a target so we found the first back water with a bar to sit, have a drink and you my friend will not stop us from doing so, we are a little grumpy now you see so we will kill any and all of you to get to our drink"

After saying this she removed her knife from his neck took a quick step back in order give him a good push him forward with her foot and laughed as he fell forward on the ground while more Nikto soldiers gathered around and prepared to shoot but the one she pushed got back up quickly and held out his hands with his palms out

" Stop!, Let them in, they are not the enemy we are looking for"

The other soldiers looked at him a little funny but slowly lowered their weapons while backing off slightly before Embo lowered to two in his hands and threw the blaster rifle on top of unconscious Nikto guard in which he took it from and placing his bowcaster on his back.

Sugi had a proud look on her face as Embo reached her before they walked into the bar while she wrapped an arm around Embo and laughing as the Nikto Soldiers watched with rapt attention.

Aurra watched as the Nikto guards went back to their positions while taking note of how many of them there were and where they were positioned while she thought of a few ways she could deal with these idiots while Embo and Sugi distracted Qin inside the bar.

While she was doing this she also made sure to conceal her life signature with the help of the force as while she was out in the open a bit she did not want to attract any wild life as some worlds in the galaxy came with some pretty strong and diverse ecosystems in place.


Located at a spot on the outskirts of the Si'Klaata Cluster where reinforcements could be easily dispatched to deal with any who went into the cluster without permission from the Hut families was one of the largest fleets currently in the galaxy.

This fleet currently consisted of ten Chelandion class cruisers that were lined up in two lines of five, one slightly behind and above the other with groups of Z-95-AF4 Headhunter star fighters flying around the fleet.

In the center of the rear row was a unique Chelandion cruiser that was colored green with red stripes and golden stars along the sides.

Inside the main Chelandion cruiser sitting at the captains chair was a Khaki skinned Phindian that was wearing silver colored light armor with an annoyed look on his face while he had his hands interlocking on his lap and a few feet in front of him was a hologram of a protocol droid speaking on behalf of the Hutt council

" We have received reports that the Sky Order will soon make another attempt at taking the cluster from Hutt control and the Hutt council wants to know if you require additional support to push them back when they do, the Hutt council would be happy to dispatch another Admiral to assist you Admiral"

The Phindian face turned quickly to anger while turning his right hand into a fist before slamming it on the right side of his chair

" ANOTHER ADMIRAL!, do you not realize who you are talking to here droid,"

As he was saying this he stood up from his chair to take a step forward while using his right hand to point to the droid

" I AM THE LEGENDARY GRAND ADMIRAL OSI SOBECK, I have been holding back those blue miscreants since before you were off the assembly line droid, I don't need reinforcements to hold them back again!"

After saying this he sat back down before taking a few deep breaths with his hands holding the chair tightly while looking back to the droid

" now why don't you back to the council and tell them that everything is fine"

The hologram of the droid that had been up to know watching and listening to the angry Phindian spout off nodded

" Noted, however the Hutt council wanted to ensure that things here go smoothly because once they fail again and their moral is low the Hutt council will begin sending out small fleets into D.O.O.P space to cause general mayhem and disorder but this plan requires you to have a decisive victory here at the cluster"

Osi reacted by silently placing his right hand under his chin while closing his eyes for a few moments before looking back the hologram of the droid

" well then, there is no need to worry because if they do come I will destroy them without mercy as I have done many times before, I just sent eight cruisers to deal with a small breach in the cluster and I still have the largest fleet in the galaxy and when they return in short order I will begin planning for an assault to occur"

The protocol droid nodded

" Then I will report to the council that to get their fleets ready to head into D.O.O.P space, good luck Admiral"

After saying this the droid faded away just before Osi stood up in anger again with his right fist out


He quickly realized the way he looked right now before turning to a Nikto sitting behind a console not to far away


As the Nikto got to work a silver colored T-series tactical droid holding a small data pad walked up behind him while Osi sat back down into his chair and as the droid got within a few feet of him he turned his head back a bit for a moment before looking forward again but with a smirk on his face.

" so you finished looking over the data on my new ships, how do you like them?"

The T-series droid handed Osi the data pad in his hand before placing his hands behind his back and taking a step back, now being only a couple of feet behind and to the right of Osi.

" I must say very impressive even by my standards, your new overhaul keeps the ship almost completely identical but were able to increase the power of the weapons while adding in the cloaking technology"

While the droid spoke with it's neutral male voice Osi smiled while looking over readings on the small data pad for a few moments and was about to respond

" Sir!"

Osi looked over to the Nikto at the communications console with a look of complete anger on his face


The Nikto soldier looked to Osi and the droid with a nervous look in his eyes

"something is wrong with our communication system we can not reach the fleet we sent out"

Osi stood up quickly before briskly walking over to the Nikto with the tactical droid close behind and once he got within a foot or two he stomped his foot while crossing his arms in front of his chest

" What do you mean we have no communications, WE JUST USED THEM!"

As Osi yelled out he grabbed the sides of the console the Nikto was using, the Nikto responded by pressing the console several times only to hear a loud error noise come up on the console itself

Osi noticing the look on the console quickly ran back to his chair to press a few buttons rapidly on the right arm rest only for more loud error messages to come out.

While this was happening the droid was watching with rapt attention but now placed his right hand under it's chin

" Curious, so somehow we are being jammed but with no one around"

Osi had a quick look of realization on his face before he pressed some buttons on the arm rest again, this time allowing the front view screens to magnify just in time to witness several ships coming out of hyperspace in front of his fleet.

As he spent a few moments making out what kind of ships they were heavy blue colored laser fire started to rain upon his fleet with great accuracy and firepower even from a decent distance away and before long even his ship started to take fire, causing the ship to shake a bit as Osi began to grind his teeth in anger.

After the ship shook for the third time Osi stood up in anger before stomping one of his feet down while

" Target their Dreadnaught!… target their escorts!, TARGET ALL OF THEM, SOMEBODY FIRE!"

The ship shook a forth time before the weapons systems were able to get online to begin firing red colored heavy laser fire back at the unknown enemy but once it did the rest of the fleet began to open fire on the oncoming ships as well all while Osi grew angrier and angrier at the display his fleet was giving him at the first moment of surprise.


Commander Krell was now standing on top of the main gate to the city with his four hands behind his back and standing behind him was the female soldier in red armor that had blue stripes going down from her helmet to her boots with her A820 blaster rifle slung on her back

As the troops around them finished getting ready for the enemy fighters they watched as the transparent shield that was protecting the city evaporated into nothing.

While he knew everything would not go according to the plan, he truly believed strongly not only in his own skills but that of those under his command and the Weequay fighting for their freedom as well so he knew no matter what the Hutt's would throw at them they would come out on top.

As the shield fully opened up Krell moved his top right hand to press a button on his wrist comm which then glowed green to open his channel

" This is Commander Krell, remember when the enemy arrives I want the missile teams to focus on the bombers and the E-webs to focus on the fighters themselves"

" Yes Sir "

" Roger!"

" Roger Sir!"

Various teams around the city reported in and he could feel the anticipation in the air, all the beings in the city including the droids fighting on their side were prepared to die to ensure the freedom of tomorrow.

After a few minutes of teams reporting in he then pressed the button to activate his wrist comm again

" Very well now remember when the battle begins you need to remain as calm as possible, do your duty, trust in your fellow soldiers to do theirs and together we will push back the enemy to prove we are closer then ever before to liberate the system, may the force be with you"

A few moments after he finished his short speech he was able to feel how close they were and soon enough they could be heard coming from over a mountain before he could start to see numerous Z-95-AF4 Headhunter star fighters alongside several M12-L Kimogila heavy fighters making their way towards the city

As the first wave of fighters got close enough to the city green laser fire started up from a few spots among the outer wall of the city while missiles started flying towards the heavy fighters but while many of the wave were being shot down it wasn't long before they began to fire and shoot torpedo bombs at the city.

As a few explosions could be seen throughout the city Krell's eyes narrowed while he watched the city defend itself from the numerous fighters, knowing this was only the beginning.


In a training room in the Jedi temple Ahsoka Tano was in the middle of a spar with a dark skinned human female who looked to be a few years older than her when while a few other students watched with a few masters supervising the training duel from above.

The human female was wearing the standard robes of a padawan learner while Ahsoka was wearing her usual unique style of clothing that suited her style of fighting, adding an extremely complicated Ataru-Shien reserve grip style to the typical Jar'Kai tactic.

While her lack of experience was showing throughout the duel as it went on it was impressive that she was able to keep up with someone a few years older than her who has had more experience in live combat.

The duel continued on with each Padawan taking the lead from time to time while doing flips and jumps from time to time to get distance between each other but even after a good time spent on this duel neither are ready to give in as both jumped towards each other from opposite ends of the floor to begin another bout.

For about a minute they exchanged blades with quick movements with sparks flying from the heated exchange before they were deadlocked again with the older Padawan holding back both Ahsoka's blades with her blue one.

It was this scene that Obi-Wan first saw as he joined a few other masters watching from above and he couldn't be more proud watching his student take on an older opponent and hold out for such a time.

He placed his hands together inside his robe in front of his gut as he witnessed the two students jump away to begin a new bout he was beginning to understand why she being still so young would have been deemed ready to become a Padawan.

He was so enthralled in watching his new student he didn't even notice the door behind him open with a swoosh to allow Quinlan Vos threw and walk up behind him with a smirk on his face

" She is rather good for being so young wouldn't you agree Kenobi "

Obi-Wan didn't reply or do anything to acknowledge his friend other than to move his right hand under his chin while a smile formed on his face and did nothing else for a few moments but before Quinlan lost his patience Obi-Wan turned his head back slightly to look at him for a few moments before looking back to the training floor.

" Yes Vos I quite agree, the only true thing holding her saber combat back is her inexperience"

Just as Obi-Wan finished saying this Ahsoka was sent flying back after losing a bout with the older more experienced Padawan but managed to right herself to land in a crouch and jumped right back into the spar with renewed vigor, starting another fierce saber fight between the two Padawan learners.

Vos now walked up to the railing overseeing the training floor to place both hands on the railing itself before looking to Obi-Wan

" So I hear Qui-Gon flew the coup"

Obi-Wan looked to Vos briefly with a bit of a solemn but accepting look before looking back to the training floor

" Yes it's true I'm afraid, it seems after reading your report and meeting the Young High Commander he has become interested in the War of Independence in the Outer Rim and wants to see it for himself"

Quinlin then crossed him arms in front of his chest

" I don't entirely blame him Kenobi"

Obi-Wan then looked over to Vos with a single eyebrow raised asking a silent question

Quinlin uncrossed his arms in order to lean on the railing as Obi-Wan watched on

" forget the war itself for a moment Kenobi to picture just how much has changed in the Outer Rim, many pictures, and videos of what some of these Outer Rim worlds look like even that we have in the temple are now outdated, the worlds in the Diplomatic Order of Planets have changed dramatically and honestly the best way to experience it I say is to see it for yourself"

Obi-Wan then looked back down to the floor as he placed his hands onto the railing

" Well maybe when I have some time I will have to make the trip myself but for now it seems my path lay here, training Ahsoka"

Vos turned slightly to look at Obi-Wan

" Ahh No need to sound so glum my friend, give it some time and I'm sure you and Ahsoka will get along great together and go on to achieve great things together"

Obi-Wan, watching as the duel came to an end, both Padawan learners bowing before each other before turning to Vos with a sigh

" I want to be a good master to her, a master that she deserves and even after knowing her for only a short time I believe I have come to see why the council deems her ready to be a padawan but this was all suddenly thrust upon me and I truly don't know were to begin"

Vos chuckled for a few moments aloud with Obi-Wan turning to look at him again with a curious glance

" I believe you are over thinking this a little, look this is obviously not how a Padawan learner is usually given to a master but you also should remember that everything happens for a reason Kenobi and if I remember correctly your being placed with Master Qui-Gon was an unusual occurrence as well eh?

Obi-Wan brought his right hand to scratch his beard

" your right, actually that has been on my mind a lot as well and I remember what brought us closer together as Master and student were the missions we went on together so I believe I may request a mission off world and see how it goes"

Vos than stood up before placing a hand onto Obi-Wan's shoulder with a huge grin on his face

" now there is an idea my friend!, now while I would like to stay and chat a bit more I am supposed to see the council for a mission"

After saying this Vos turned towards the door while Obi-Wan watched with a grin on his face

"Same things will never change it seems"


In an area of space located just inside the boarder of D.O.O.P space was a small fleet consisting of two blue colored Keldabe-class battleships with red accents following behind a green colored Teroch-class cruiser.

The small fleet also contained a Harbor-class mobile Space Dock which was painted dark blue with red accents adorned with the Sky Order symbol on the top of the dock itself.

The Sky Order depended on this and similar stations that were normally placed with larger fleets in Orange Zones so as to provide needed service for ships without having to return directly to a green zone for repair as these space docks were not only mobile but capable of repairing the Sky Order's bigger ships and were even modified to work with the newer models of ships coming out that were of new design.

While adaptable and mobile, the space docks were expectantly cumbersome which meant it was required to be part of a fleet that would be able to hold off any would be attackers long enough for the station to escape into hyperspace, which is why the few they have active were spread thin and placed in areas where they could provide maximum effectiveness.

Currently docked at the station was a blue colored Nebulon-B Sky Order frigate alongside the SHMI with a few squadrons of X-wing star fighters that could be seen in formation flying around the station.

Anakin was hovering slightly off the ground in a meditative stance in the bridge of the SHMI with the viewport open in front of him, thinking about the past few years, all that has been accomplished up until this point while knowing that his days of fighting on the front lines were far from done and while he was good at commanding space battles he knew that it would truly not be long before he returned to the head of landing force.

While he was wrapped up in his thoughts he didn't hear a door to the bridge open with a blue colored T-series tactical droid with yellow trimmings stepping through before making their way to Anakin at an even pace with a data pad in her hand.

The droid made it's way to where Anakin was levitating in the middle of the bridge with other crew members walking around performing various duties but as the droid came to a stop a few feet him and was about to speak up Anakin beat her to it

" Hello, how are things going?"

The droid chuckled for a few moments before bringing the data pad out about chest level before pressing a few buttons on the screen until it showed a small scaled representation of the SHMI spinning in circles on the corner while data and information filled the rest of the screen.

" the repairs have started but even with the SHMI taking priority it will take some time to complete the repairs due to it's newer technology needing more care and attention as it's being repaired"

Anakin did turn his head slightly towards her with his eyes open as she presented the pad to him for a few moments before gently taking the pad and looking straight again without a change in expression

" that's to be expected but I thank you for taking care of this matter for me Mav1s"

Mav1s nodded while bringing her hands together behind her back as Anakin looked at the pad, going through the reports on the expected time of repair of his personal battle cruiser with some vigor but still had a somber look in his eyes as he was doing so

After a few moments of silence between the two K8LE looked to Anakin as he read the report

" Might I ask sir what has you in a bit of a somber mood, is it due to the visit of Admiral Greedo while I was getting the ship ready for repair?"

Anakin placed the data pad on his lap before placing his hands atop the pad and looking up towards Mav1s

" Well there are other things contributing but yes that currently the highest thing on my mind at the moment, it seems that my old friend and I will never truly see eye to eye on everything and this seems to be one of them"


Anakin was standing near an open viewport watching as the SHMI docked with the mobile space dock so that repair could take place, thinking about his excitement at getting back into the field more as soon as the Si'Klaata cluster is firmly under the control of the Sky Order while also looking forward to getting some time to spend with Padme as well.

" High Commander Sir!"

He looked behind him to see a human male wearing a formal blue officers uniform with black pants walking up behind him only to stop a few feet to salute with his right hand

" At ease Lieutenant, how can I help you?"

Anakin made sure to use a gentle but firm voice as the officer looked rather new with a nervous look on his face as he fully turned around to meet the younger looking officer as the lieutenant separated his feet and placed his hands behind his back

" Sir Admiral Greedo is requesting a visit with a hologram"

Anakin nodded

" patch it through please"

The officer nodded while standing at attention while saluting again

" Yes Sir!"

As the officer walked away Anakin turned back around to watch as the ship finished docking with the station but before to long he heard the familiar sounds of a hologram forming a few feet behind him.

" Greeting Ani"

Anakin turned his head slightly to see the life size hologram of Admiral Greedo standing a few feet behind him

" Hello Greedo, how go the preparations for the battle?"

The hologram of Admiral Greedo walked forward until he was standing next to Anakin while Anakin himself started to look out the viewport again as he crossed his arms in front of his chest before the hologram of Greedo placed his arms behind his back

" they are going well, I have managed to find a few escort vessels and right now I am just making final preparations before heading out to join Esdeath in battle at the cluster"

Anakin looked over the hologram of Greedo for a few moments before sighing and looking over to his old friend who looked to Anakin with an unspoken question so Anakin decided to ask

" if I didn't know any better Greedo I might say you were a little to eager to support Esdeath for this battle?"

Now it was Greedo who sighed but stayed silent for a few moments as he seemingly was looking out to space, it stayed silent for about half a minute before Greedo looked over to Anakin

" Look Ani, you may be able to forgive and forget what that woman has done in the past but it's going to take a good amount of time before I fully trust that woman and believe without a doubt her loyalty to our cause"

Anakin was looking Greedo in the eye during while he was talking but once Greedo finished his thought aloud he turned his head again to look out into space for a few moments before looking back to Greedo

" I understand your concern my friend but believe me I have not forgotten what she did before joining us and it's not about forgiving or forgetting what she did but helping her forge a new brighter future and the Sky Order I believe has already done so, before she joined us she was just killing for the sake of killing with no true purpose, I truly believe that she is making connections and while we may not always see it on the surface she has begun to care for those underneath her"

Greedo once again sighed

" I would like to believe you are right Ani but as you have told me many times you are not infallible and it's up to me as one of your oldest friends to make sure you don't stumble off a cliff so while I will not hold her back I will keep an eye on her"

Anakin smiled while looking back to Greedo

" That is really the best I am going to get from you eh, that's fine"

He saw the hologram of Admiral Greedo smile a brief moment before turning back to a neutral look and fading away.


Anakin closed his eyes before sighing after he explained about the previous conversation with one of his oldest friends while Mav1s stood silent for a few moments before looking down to Anakin

" I can understand the Admiral's concerns, we have seen the repercussions of what can happen if a random officer betrays us, I can only imagine the chaos that would ensue if Esdeath were to find a better challenge elsewhere, even with the new safeguards being put in place by the Sky Intelligence Service"

Anakin opened his eyes to look out the viewport again in silence for a few moments before looking to Mav1s

" You are right… if Esdeath betrays us in a similar matter as to what Qin did then the result would be catastrophic, but I will continue to have faith that she will make a life for herself and not just to satisfy her need to be strong"


Coming out of hyperspace just outside the system were two green colored Falcon transport ships that were being escorted by two blue colored X-Wing star fighters.

These transport ships heavily resemble the Falcon dropships that were used by the Sky Order and D.O.O.P however more designed with a little more luxury by sacrificing storage room for bigger rooms for guests and windows in various areas of the ship to allow guests to see outside should they choose.

Inside one of the falcon transports was Qui-Gon-Jinn who was sitting in a cafeteria holding a cup of tea in front of him as he watched Ganthel come into view while taking note of the planetary shield covering the entire planet with a small gap where ships could be seen coming and going at a reasonable pace.

As the ship grew closer to the planet directly he began to think on his current journey, the night before he left the temple he had a dream of going to the Coruscant transport station and getting on this particular ship, so as he was guided by his dream he found the ship that was in his dream that lead him here to Ganthel.

he was interested not only in meeting the young High Commander again but experiencing the changes that have been going on in the outer rim since the beginning of the war for independence and while he could have taken a more straight forward approach to finding Skywalker with the coin he was given, he believes this approach allows him to see more of the outer rim.

He brought the cup of tea up to finish off as static filled the air for a few brief moments before a female voice filled the room

" Welcome everyone to Ganthel, a few ships will be leaving the gate before we are able to enter but we will be landing in approximately thirty minutes, please ensure to gather your belongings before departing as we are not responsible for any left behind luggage, we thank you for choosing Hondo transport for your travels and hope to see you all again"

After the female voice finished he placed his empty cup on a table behind him before standing up to turn and leave the cafeteria before he felt something, something he had not felt in a long time and quickly turning back around to look threw the window as the transport got close to the planet directly to see a Punworcca 116-class interstellar sloop leaving the planets atmosphere and going through the shield.

As the Punworcca 116-class sloop passed by the transport he was on he could clearly sense who was inside making him feel a little nostalgic and while he may not be able to see or speak to his old master, it was reassuring to know he was still alive as while they drifted apart many years ago he still held a good amount of respect and admiration for his old master.

As the small vessel went into hyper drive and the transport he was on started to descend through the shield he began to think on the next part of his journey while pondering on where the force would take him next


Several Nikto soldiers were standing around the small bar with one now even standing on the roof with a blaster rifle slung on his back while using binoculars to look around the area to ensure no one else was able to sneak up on them.

While he was looking around he noticed a small glare coming back from about a hundred meters out and after focusing in on it he believed he saw a being laying down, he quickly dropped the binoculars to bring up his blaster rifle to look down the sights only to see nothing where the prone figure just was.

He then looked around again with the scope of his rifle for a few more seconds before slinging his rifle again before picking up the binoculars again as they had a better range then the scope on his rifle.

After about thirty seconds he noticed the figure again but it was about a hundred yards out but this time it was from behind the building, he then brought up and down the binoculars again a few times to make sure the being was still there before bringing out his rifle again to look down the scope but just as he was about to fire

" HEY!, what you looking at"

Surprised by the shout he shook a little making his shot miss the figure laying down a few feet but as he recovered and tried again to shoot, the figure was gone again


The soldier on the roof brought down his rifle before walking to the edge of the roof to look at the soldier on the ground

" Sir, I saw an intru"

A green laser shot came from the distance hitting the soldier in the head from behind forcing his fresh corpse to fall down the side of the building to land in front of the Nikto leader who responded by unslinging his rifle before looking to other Nikto soldiers that had witnessed the shot

" we got an enemy out there behind the building, let's go get the bastard!"

The other soldiers raised their guns before following the leader around the building but as they got a few feet out the leader turned around and pointed to four soldiers

" you four stay and guard the client, we will make short work of this"

The four nodded before walking back to the back to the bar with one of them climbing up a ladder to the top of the building as the leader alongside four other guards walked forward with their guns raised to their shoulders while spreading out a bit in a line.

As the leader and his four soldiers got about thirty meters out it started to snow, bringing the visibility low but they continued on even with freezing winds, although once they reach about fifty meters out they could barely even see each other.

The five soldiers were seventy feet out now, well out of sight of the bar now due to rushing snow and the soldiers could only barely see the outlines of each other so they came to a stop to look around for the intruder but after spending a few minutes looking around they believed it to be impossible due to the snow storm.

After they noticed their leader turning around to start walking back towards the bar they decided to follow and as they got to within fifty meters the snow started to clear up, allowing them to see each other clearly but they still could not see the bar ahead.

As they were about forty meters away from the bar they all stopped after hearing what sounded like a laser being turned on before turning around quickly with their guns raised only to see a figure silently land down just in front of their leader while swinging a blue colored beam horizontally to quickly cut off the head of the Nikto leader.

They noticed a smirk on her face as the body of their leader fell to it's knee's as the head of the Nikto leader fell backwards onto the ground before rolling around a couple times while the headless body fell forward onto the cold ground with a small thump.

The remaining four soldiers took a few brief moments to recover from watching their leader die so suddenly before they started to fire upon her from two different angles but using her light saber with one hand she effortlessly deflected them.

Two of the red laser shots were redirected to two of the Nikto grunts while she quickly used her free hand to grab her blaster pistol from her hip and shoot the other two before they could keep firing.


Sitting at a metal table with a small circular device on top in the center while in a medium sized conference room aboard the Defender was a human male, looking to be in his twenties with short blue hair with brown colored light armor and siting across from the man was Major Payne who was wearing his red colored light armor.

Major Payne leaned forward a bit towards the younger man while his face turned a little apprehensive

" I wish to thank you Sargent for finding the Jawa's a hospitable location to spend their time digging around for useful tech, now is there anything out of the ordinary you need to report for the safety of the mission ahead?"

After asking his question the Major leaned back in chair as the young man reached held up a finger for a moment as he used his free hand to reach inside a small back pack that as leaning next to his chair to pull out a small flat device no bigger than his thumb with a small prong at the end before sticking the prong into the small device on the table.

As the small device powered on it began to show numerous small pictures displayed above it, while some showed what looked to be Nikto soldiers walking around, others showed them carrying a large hover dolly with a cage and one or two showed a grotesque looking individual with a green alien beside him with the soldiers close behind.

" while I don't believe this next report will directly affect the safety of this mission I believe the Sky Intelligence Service would like to know who we spotted pulling salvage from the wastes"

The young man used the hand he was previously holding up to press a few buttons on the circular device before the picture showing the grotesque looking man and the green colored alien standing next to a cage on the hover dolly with a red skinned body on the floor of the cage while a few Nikto soldiers pushed the hover dolly around.

Major Payne leaned forward on the table with narrowed eyes at the picture of the individual for a few moments before his eyes widened in realization before looking over to the young man

" your right soldier, and what ever he has planed for that body can't be good as not even death has been known to stop Cornelius Evazan from making his new toys"


The three SCC-1707 battleships were moving quickly in a close triangle like formation around in an arc so that they would be flying in a line directly in front of the five Chelandion cruisers. The heads of the battleships facing the cruisers directly with the Serenity being the closest to the cruisers.

The Chelandion cruisers being more bulky and less maneuverable were working on turning towards them while adjusting their fire found it to be to late. The three SCC-1707 battleships got close enough to begin a massive barrage of green laser fire from the many small but effective guns placed on the roof of the ships as they reached the first in the line of cruisers.

The first in the line was able to barely hold it's shield as the three battleships were moving to quickly to completely wreck the ship. As they were nearing the second cruiser the Endeavour pulled forward of the pack before firing a skinny orange beam which quickly tore through the second ship like butter, causing explosions to rock the ship as the three battleships continued down the line.

The Chelandion cruisers were now also pouring everything they had back at the three battleships but their momentum could not be stopped with them still pouring green laser fire into the Hutt ships.

As they were reached the fourth cruiser in the line the Freedom pulled forward of the pack to fire a small orange beam which again tore through the weakened shield and ship to cause multiple explosions and the ship to break apart into pieces. The three battleships moved forward continuing past the filth cruiser while still raining green laser fire onto the cruisers.

After moving past the filth cruiser the three SCC-1707 battleships were able to quickly begin to turn away from the Hutt fleet to make their way back to their position closer to the planet while the Hutt fleet recovered from the barrage and repositioned itself as while only two of the ships were destroyed the other three were pounded by heavy laser fire.

As the Hutt ships began a slow pace towards the planet the three SCC-1707 battleships began to arc around to get back into position to ensure the dropships finish uninterrupted. The got a little closer to the planet as to gain some breathing room to recover a little as there was clear indication on the three ships that they received a fair amount of damage themselves.


It has been about twenty minutes since the battle began and so far things seem to be going relatively smoothly for the Sky Order forces.

Smoke could be seen flying high in a few parts of the city but more wreckage was seen outside the city as a couple dozen small star fighter ships were scattered throughout the desert with more then a few M12-L Kimogila heavy fighters around as well.

A burning flame that was up until a few seconds ago a M12-L Kimogila heavy fighter was careening over the main gate of the city, falling down into a heavily populated area was about to crash into a few residential buildings before it came to a sudden stop with the Weequay people living there able to see it only about twenty to thirty meters above their house while looking out a window in fear.

The giant flame ball then was levitated back up and then moved quickly being thrown back outside the gate into the swarm of oncoming fighters.

Commander Krell who was standing atop the main gate suddenly threw out two fists in front of him before two wrecking flame balls of differing sizes were sent flying out towards the Hutt fighters with the female soldier standing behind him using binoculars to watch as the flaming balls Krell sent out hit two other Hutt fighters with loud and big explosions.

The female soldier brought down her binoculars before looking over to Krell

" That one was close, are you ok to go on like this sir?

Krell was starting to sweat a little as he turned back slightly looking at the red armored soldier behind him

" I will be fine captain, the dropships should be here any minute now and when they come we will be.."

Krell stopped talking suddenly before he fully turned his head slightly towards the city itself and narrowing his eyes

The captain followed his eye as he looked into the city for a few moments before looking back to Krell

" Sir?, do you sense so.."

She was interrupted by the radio in her helmet turning on with static for a few brief moments before a male voice came on

" Captain Rose! We are being attacked hard at the south gate!, I say again we are being attacked heavily at the south …"

She had to wince as a loud explosion played in her ear before the sound went to static again and she used her right hand to tap the side of her helmet

" Lieutenant Hill, what is your situation?"

" Hshhshshhshshshshshshshs"

"how many are attacking the gate?"



" Hssshshshshshssh"

" Someone over there better answer the damn question, WHAT IS GOING ON?"

" hshhshhs…. Ma'am this is Sergeant Baker, I read you, Lieutenant Hill is dead, we are being attacked heavily at the south gate, I can't be sure how many exactly Ma'am but I am sure we need support here or else we will lose the gate"

While the male voice reported the situation she could also hear the battle raging on in the background and she looked over to Krell who had been listening but returned his eyes towards a new oncoming wave of Hutt star fighters coming while folding his arms in front of his chest.

As the report finished Krell looked over to her briefly, locking eyes with her for a few moments before shaking his head lightly and looking back out towards the oncoming fighters.

She placed her hand to the right side of her helmet again as she witnessed the next wave of fighters coming closer from over the horizon

" Congratulations Baker you are being promoted, you are a Lieutenant now, you need to take command there and hold them off as long as you can while I find a way to send you support"

After giving the soldier his order she waited in silence for a response but none came for at least half a minute but just as she was about to repeat herself the radio in her helmet turned on

" hssshshss… Yes Ma'am, I hear you loud and clear and will do what I can here to keep out the Hutt forces Baker out hsshsshss."

The captain watched as the newest wave of fighters got close enough to the city for several bursts of green colored laser fire to start flying towards the smaller fighters while missiles were seen flying towards the larger heavy fighters but before long bursts of red colored laser fire were flying towards the city.


The Sky Order and Hutt fleets were in the midst of a huge battle, each side pouring laser fire onto the other with extreme ferocity but for the moment the initiative was firmly in the hands of the Sky Order fleet, even with them being outnumbered by the Hutt fleet.

Two of the ten Chelandion cruisers were engulfed in flames while they were seemingly falling out of position with the rest of the fleet, one of these were from the bottom row far left and one on the top row far right.

The Sky Order fleet was being lead by a black colored Kandosii-type dreadnaught with red highlights while it was surrounded by six blue colored Teroch-class cruisers adorned with yellow accents being escorted by several squadrons of blue colored M3-A Scyk star fighters and YT-styled gunships.

Several dog fights were going on throughout the area with green and red fire being exchanged with YT gunships being used to support the smaller groups of star ships.

Standing aboard the bridge of the leading dreadnaught watching the battle take place through a large view screen was Commander Esdeath whom was wearing her traditional armor without the helmet with a smile on her face with a black colored HK-87 assassin droid that had blue accents standing a few feet behind her.

The ship shook a tiny bit as the battle raged on with the crew around her working diligently to keep the ship and fleet going Esdeath turned her head slightly to look behind her towards the assassin droid

" Look at this glorious battle going on here Star, this is the best test their can be for my newest ship"

The droid continued to watch the battle in silence for a few moments before looking to Esdeath

" it seems to be going well my lady, I will admit I am impressed on how well the battle is going as even with the element of surprise normally a fleet this size going against a fleet that size would be overwhelmed before any true progress could be made and yet you have effectively taken out two of their ships before they could put up a true fight, that being said the battle is still young"

While the droid was speaking Esdeath turned her head forward again to watch the battle continue with the heavy blue laser fire from her fleet poured onto the enemy ships with a satisfied look on her face but after the droid finished she took a brief moment to look behind her again before looking forward as her ship shook lightly again

" yes, the battle is still young but Star the thing here is the more of a fight they put up the better of a test this be for us, we will win either way but I hope to learn from this battle as well"


The Nikto soldier on the roof of the building was looking through a set of binoculars in the direction the team went of to find the intruder trying to find out what happened but because of the snow storm in the distance he could now only see about thirty meters out.

While looking out into the storm he noticed the outline of a figure coming out of the storm but after watching it walk closer for a few seconds he was able to tell that it was not his commander so he threw the binoculars to the ground before bringing up his rifle to aim at the coming figure.

Once he caught the figure in his rifle scope he noticed that there now was a blue light seemingly emanating from one of their hands he pulled the trigger a few times as quickly as he could but the figure used the blue light to deflect the laser bolts before crouching quickly and leaping forward with great speed.

He could only look up with enough time to watch with horror as the figure was descending upon him while the hood of the figure fell back to reveal Aurra Sings smiling face.


The two fleets continued to exchange green and red laser fire but as the three remaining cruisers got closer towards the three ships they released another wave of star fighters before the three SCC-1707 battleships released the last of theirs as well with many dog fights still occurring throughout space between the two fleets


Captain Reynolds had a look of determination on his face as he watched through the large viewport in front of him while the battle raged on with the ship shaking more and more with each burst of fire that made it's way to his and the other two ships sent to protect the dropships in Sriluur.

" Sir the shields are down to forty-nine percent, while the beam fire bought us time sir I can't say how much as we took a good beating ourselves as well"

Reynolds kept looking forward through the viewport for a few seconds in silence before looking over to the Mon Calimarian officer

" how are the Freedom and Endeavor doing?"

The Mon Calimarian officer looked down to his console before pressing a few buttons on it before looking back to Reynolds

" The Freedom is holding around sixty-five percent and the Endeavor holding around seventy, as was the intention while we took the brunt of the fire while going across the enemy line"

Reynolds stood up before walking forward a few feet closer to the main view screen and stood there in silence watching the battle take place as the remaining three Chelandion cruisers came to a stop close enough to pepper the three battleships with far more effectiv fire power

He watched with narrowed eyes for about half a minute before looking back to the dark skinned female officer

" with us now being a little more evened out our technological superiority should give us the advantage we need to finish this "

She looked at him with a single eyebrow raised as he walked back to his chair while the ship shook slightly before looking back to the view screen as new alarm sounded throughout the bridge as the main screen magnified showing another three Chelandion behind the others appeared to be de-cloaking.

The entire crew on the bridge all had wide eyes as they watched the three new Chelandion cruisers appear out of nowhere but these ones were colored different, instead of the normal straight gold these ones had two green stripes lined around the ship with black stars painted in the middle.

Before most of the crew were able to get over the shock of what happened the three newly visible ships began to fire with pure fury causing a few explosions to reign throughout the ship causing a few breaches and wide panic.



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