This starts just after the return from the Crane compound. Ethan and Gwen are in for a surprise when they get back. Have the charges been dropped or did the DA refuse to? This is a rewrite of New Day Rises. It will combine that story and Lightening Crashes.

The DA stood before the judge as he signed the paperwork before him. I think that the Cranes are in for a big surprised, thought the DA.


Theresa stared disbelieving at the man she loved. Had he just said what she thought he said. "You're telling me that if I don't drop the charges against Gwen then you would take our daughter from me? You do not care about Jane at all. Gwen tried to kill me, she kidnapped our daughter, and I should just smile and say, "It's okay Gwen"", Theresa practically screamed at Ethan. A little stunned, Ethan told her, "Gwen wasn't responsible. You know that Theresa." "Get out," Theresa grinds out. Ethan sees the fury on her face and decides that he should leave. Walking to the door, Ethan turns to look at the woman he still loved. The look on her face tells Ethan that this might have pushed her too far.

Just after Ethan leaves, her phone rings. Answering Theresa says, "Lopez-Fitzgerald residence, Theresa speaking." "Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald, this is James O'Conner with the DA's office. I wanted to let you know that we are ready to proceed against Gwen Winthrop and her mother for the kidnapping and your attempted murder charges," the DA told her. "Mr. O'Connor, I need to tell you something. Ethan Winthrop, my daughter's father, has told me if I don't drop the charges against his wife, he would take my daughter from me. I really want her to face charges, but don't want to lose my child either," Theresa tells him. "Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald have your attorney file for emergency custody of the child, and I will continue with the case against. Mrs. Winthrop and her mother. I will also be reporting Mr. Winthrop to the bar," O'Connor tells her. Theresa said she will as soon as they are done with the call. Theresa thanks him and they hang up.

As soon as Theresa and the DA were done talking, Theresa calls her attorney. She no longer has Woody as her attorney, but a new attorney by the name of Jared Casey. "Casey," he answers up simply. "Jared this is Theresa, I need to get emergency custody of my daughter Jane," Theresa tells him. "I have the papers ready and I have talked to judge Stanford. The papers are getting filed just as soon as we are done talking. The emergency custody has already been signed and I will bring it too you after filing the papers," Jared tells her. They talk for a few more minutes than Theresa hangs up. She sits down on the couch in the living room. Just as she sits, Theresa hears a cry from Jane's room. Getting up quickly, Theresa sees that Jane crying in her crib. Checking the baby, Theresa sees that she needs to be changed. Changing her quickly, Theresa then sits down in the rocking chair to rock Jane back to sleep. As Jane returns to her slumber, Theresa makes a silent vow to both her children. She would make sure that Gwen finally faces up to her actions along with Rebecca.

Just as Theresa was rocking her daughter, Ethan arrives to the mansion and is greeted by the sight of his wife and mother-in-law being escorted to a waiting police car. Walking up to the officer, Ethan demands, "What's going on here? Why do you have my wife and her mother in handcuffs?" The officer turns from getting Gwen into a police car and tells Ethan, "The DA has an indictment against your wife and her mother. There is a signed arrest warrant for both women. You really need to talk to James O'Conner. He can tell you what is going on," says the officer. Ethan runs a hand through his hair. He just hopes that Theresa didn't press the issue with the DA. Ethan was sure that Theresa will call the DA and drop all charges against both Gwen and Rebecca in no time. Yelling to Gwen and Rebecca, he tells them he will bail them out as soon as possible. He then gets back into his car and heads to the police station. He hopes that his father is at the station and can correct this mistake.

Arriving at the station within minutes, Ethan seeks out Sam. "Sam why was Gwen and Rebecca arrested. I thought the DA dropped all charges." With a heavy sigh, Sam looks forlornly at his eldest. "The DA refused. He is determined to see that Gwen and Rebecca are made an example of," Sam informs him. Just as Sam finished, in walked O'Connor. Walking quickly up to the man, Ethan demands, "James, you need to…" Just as Ethan started, O'Connor interrupted him. "Mr. Winthrop, I am not your colleague that you work with. As for your wife and her mother will stand trial. Also, I know what you threatened Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald with. A complaint has been filed with the BAR," O'Connor tells Ethan. "Now they will be booked and in front of the Judge either tonight or tomorrow morning. I must warn you; we will be seeking remand for both," the DA informs Ethan. Seeing that the DA wasn't budging, Ethan asks Sam, "Can I see them at least." "I'm afraid that's not possible," Sam tells him. With that Ethan spies a chair near the booking area. He takes a seat and settles into it to wait.

It takes a few hours, but soon Gwen and Rebecca were in front of an arraignment judge. After the bailiff called them the judge asks, "Pleas." Both say loud and clear, "Not Guilty." "People on bail," the judge then asks. "We ask for remand. Mrs. Winthrop has already fled this court's jurisdiction once. Mrs. Crane has the means and helped her daughter flee the first time. With that in mind, the people feel that remand is the only recourse," says the ADA. Rebecca and Gwen sputter at this. Mother and I did nothing wrong, ran through Gwen's mind. Both she and Rebecca protested the ADA's position. Gwen was practically pleading with the judge to release them ROR. Hearing all he wanted to hear, the judge says, "The defendants are remanded to custody. Call the next case."

Just then the bailiff comes up. Gwen looks to the back of the courtroom, there Ethan sat. She silently pleads with him to get her and Rebecca out of this. Just as the door closed behind the women and bailiffs, Ethan turn to leave the courtroom. Just as he stepped out of the room, Ethan hears a voice call out to him. "I'm Ethan Winthrop," he tells the young man he didn't recognize. "These are for you, consider yourself served," the young man replies as he hands him a sheath of papers. Talking the papers, Ethan begins to read. They are for sole custody of Jane. Temporary custody had been granted to Theresa until the court date in two weeks. Feeling like a noose was tightening around his neck, Ethan made his way out of the courthouse back to the mansion. But not before going to the clerk's office to file a motion to dismiss all the charges against his wife and mother-in-law.


It had been two weeks since Gwen and Rebecca were arrested. Ethan was informed that since he was Jane's father and her and Theresa were the victims, he would not be able to represent Gwen or Rebecca. He found an attorney to represent them. The attorney, Stanley Walters, filed a motion to get the charges dropped. This day found everyone before the judge that would hear the case.

The room became silent as the judge entered and took her seat. Scanning the room, the judge asks, "I read that we are here today for the defense's motion to dismiss the charges. Mr. Walters, would you state your case." Standing, Walters says, "Your honor, I move to have the charges dropped on the ground of a drug interaction that caused my client to do what the DA alleges." He goes to continue, and the judge cuts him off. "Mr. Walters, I afraid that the prosecution has a solid case. I know that your client was hoping that the charges would be dismissed, but as a matter of law, your client must proceed to trial. With that jury selection will begin in two weeks." At this the judge dismisses the courtroom. As the DA was gathering his papers, Walters walks over and tells O'Connor, "My client will be pleading not guilty by reason of insanity." At this O'Connor tells Walters, "She will see our expert." With that they both left the courtroom.


This jumps three weeks. Gwen has seen experts and the jury has been selected. Though an obstacle will happen that throws Gwen's freedom for a loop.

It was the first day of Gwen's trial. The DA lays out his argument. Then after Walters had his say, the first witness was called. It was Chief Bennett. "Chief Bennett, can you describe the day in question," asks the DA. "Me and my fiancé Ivy Winthrop were at the hospital where Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald was giving birth to my granddaughter. After Jane was born, Theresa told them that she filed for a DNA test on the baby. She claimed she was the biological mother." "What happened when the results were read?" "My daughter-in-law Gwen Winthrop, suddenly pulled a scalpel from somewhere and stabbed Theresa in the back." "After that what happened," the DA prodded. Sam went on to say that Gwen kept saying that she had to do it, that she couldn't let Theresa get away with taking another one of her children. Then Walters asks Sam if this was out of character for Gwen. Sam got quiet suddenly. After prodding from the judge, Sam admitted that it wasn't. Seeing that any more questions would just hurt his client's defense, Walters told the judge that he had no other questions. This was a pattern for the rest of the trial. Over the next week there were numerous witnesses. A toxicologist testified that there were no drugs in Gwen's system. Soon it was Walters' turn.

He first called Ethan to the stand. After being sworn in, Walters starts his questioning. "You told the grand jury that your wife was having trouble sleeping? Do you know if there were any medication prescribed to your wife?" "Yes, Dr. Russell gave her some medication to help her sleep." "The day your daughter was born, can you describe the scene?" "After Jane was born, she had some trouble breathing and was taken to the NICU. While we were waiting for the doctor to tell us anything when Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald and her attorney stated they had an order for a DNA test on the baby." "What happened next?" "The test was done, and it turned out the baby wasn't my wife's. Next thing I knew Gwen had stabbed Theresa in the back." "Thank you," said Walters. The DA asked some brief question, then a big one. "Mr. Winthrop, did you try to get Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald to drop the charges or you would take Jane?" Ethan was stunned. After he had not answered, the DA asked again. He still wouldn't answer. "Your honor," said the DA. "Mr. Winthrop you have to answer the question. "Yes," Ethan says grudgingly. "No more questions."

Then Walters called Gwen to the stand. After she was sworn in, he asked, "Mrs. Winthrop, what do you remember about that day?" "The first real clear memory I have is being in a cell. They told me I stabbed Theresa and took the baby" Gwen starts out. "How were you doing in the weeks leading up to the birth?" "Not sleeping well, hardly eating," Gwen says. "Mrs. Winthrop, you say that you weren't sleeping, did you seek out any medical help for it?" "Yes," she starts, "I asked Dr. Russell for something to help me sleep." After a few more questions, it was O'Connor starts to question Gwen. "Mrs. Winthrop, you claim that you remember nothing, but all the doctors who examined you found that you remember that day clearly. How come?" "III," Gwen stammers out. The next question really catches Gwen off guard. "What happened to your first child?" She sat there stunned for a few minutes. "Don't you blame Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald?" "Yes, she pushed me and didn't get help when I was having contractions." "That's odd, as background we requested the footage, you do know it exists, don't you?" Gwen just sat there dumbfounded. "Your honor the people present exhibit 23." A TV and DVD player were wheeled to the middle of the room. While this was happening, Walters objected. The judge overruled it after O'Connor pointed out that this shows a pattern of violence towards one of the victims. The DVD was played to many a stunned observer. "Now Mrs. Winthrop, the DVD shows a great level of anger towards your victims. You hate Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald more than those you love." Gwen starts seething at this. O'Connor then asks her when the last time that she had taken any of the medication prior to the day in question. She had no answer.

At this he had no further questions. Walters felt that this alone would convict his client. After Gwen sat back down at the defense table, Walters rested. The judge told them that closing arguments would be after lunch. The court broke for lunch. The reporters that were present quickly called in the testimony of that morning.

When the court resumed, Walters went first. He tried to paint Gwen as a woman driven mad. Constant worry about a person trying to sabotage her marriage and the worry of losing her last chance to be a mother. O'Connor gave his. He outlined the people's case. Pointing out that no doctor claimed that the defendant was not in her right mind. That she didn't even care if the first child's life, just making Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald pay. Then at 2 pm that day the jury got the case.

As the jury was deliberated, Gwen was taken to a holding cell. After 45 minutes, the jury was back. Everyone gathered to hear the verdict. "Jury foreman, as to the first count of the indictment, how do you find?" "We find the defendant guilty," says the foreman. "On the second count," asks the judge. The foreman replies the same. The color drains from Gwen's face as the realization that the jury found her guilty. They believed that little slut over me, though Gwen. Outraged gasps echo in the still courtroom. Rebecca screamed out no. O'Connor requests Gwen to be remand til sentencing. With that request the judge ordered the bailiff to take Gwen into custody. The judge set sentencing for the next day.

The week passed by the residents of Harmony. The day for Gwen's sentencing was here. The bailiff calls the courtroom to order and the judge comes out. After taking her seat, the judge says, "We are here to sentence Gwen Winthrop for the crimes of attempted murder and kidnapping. Does the victim wish to say anything?" "Yes," says O'Connor. Theresa walks up to the podium. "Your honor, I stand before you today to ask that you give a sentence to fit the crimes. I live in fear that this woman would come and try to harm me or take my daughter." At this Gwen scoffs. Continuing without acknowledging the outburst. "Mrs. Winthrop has repeatedly attacked me and my family. She blames me for something she should look to herself for. She says I owe her a child. I owe her nothing. Please give her the max sentence allowed so that my children can be safe from this danger," Theresa finishes. O'Connor reiterates to the judge the viciousness of the acts committed and the fact the doctors found that she knowingly committed them. Only sorry about having to finally face the consequences of her actions. Then the judge asked if Gwen had anything to say. She stands and says, "Your honor I am not by nature a violent person. The supposed victim has hurt me in ways I can't describe. I would have had my Sarah, if this, I can't even call her a woman, left my husband alone. I lost my only chance to be a mother. Please show mercy." At this the judge makes a face. Angry at the characterization of her victim and what was presented in the trial, the judge announces the sentence. "Would the defendant please stand." Gwen and her attorney stood. Everyone was on pins and needles waiting for the next word. "Mrs. Winthrop, what you said troubles me. Even when you were faced with the cold hard facts, you cannot admit that your actions harmed others in any way. This shows a callousness. You have been found guilty of attempted murder and kidnapping. On the count of attempted murder, I find a sentence of no less than 15 years but no more than 20 years in a facility to be determined by the department of corrections. The charge of Kidnapping, I give you a sentence you to a term of no less than 15 years but no more that 25 years. Both sentences to run consecutive to each other." With this the judge bangs her gavel, then orders the bailiff to take Gwen back to jail to await her transfer to state prison. There is outraged yelling from both Gwen and people sitting in the courtroom. Reporters quickly left to let the news know what happened in the courtroom. Rebecca is screaming and threatening the judge DA and everyone for doing this to her daughter. Ethan is slumped in his seat. Theresa walks toward the courtroom door, but her arm is grabbed by Rebecca. Pulling Theresa to face her, Rebecca hissed, "You won't get away with this." Theresa simply pulled her are from the red-head's grasp and left the courtroom.


It had been three weeks since Gwen's sentencing. In that time Rebecca had been tried and convicted on her charges. She to was sentenced to consecutive jail terms. This morning finds Ethan in his room at the mansion. He was packing. Ethan had been told that he had until the end of the week to leave the mansion. Suddenly there was a knock on his door. Ethan answered and it was a maid. "Can I help you," he asks. "Mr. Winthrop, there are some men downstairs wanting to talk to you," she tells him. Dread suddenly fills him. Ethan slowly walks downstairs and is greeted by two detectives. "Are you Ethan Winthrop," asks the older of the two detectives. "Yes," Ethan responds shakily. "We have a warrant for you arrest. Please put your hands behind your back," instructed the other as he came forward with his handcuffs. He is guided out to the waiting police car.

Arriving at the station 15 minutes after taking Ethan into custody, the officers walk him into the station. As Ethan is taken back to be booked, he sees his wife and mother-in-law being booked themselves. Spotting her husband, Gwen shouts out, "Ethan, tell these people we did not kidnapped Little Ethan or bribe anyone." "Gwen say nothing else, wait for Walters," he tells her. While this exchange was happening, Rebecca was threatening the officers booking her with anything under the sun. Hissing to her mother to shut up, Gwen also stopped talking. After they were booked, Ethan called Walters. Walters told him he was on his way.

Arriving in less than ten minutes, Walters was escorted to an interview room. Minutes later, so were Rebecca, Gwen and Ethan. In walks the DA and a different detective. There is silence for a few minutes, before O'Connor says, "Mrs. Crane, Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop, do you know why you were arrested?" "Because someone trumped up false charges against us," answers an angry Gwen. "We had received a tip saying that the judge and CPS worker in the custody case against Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald were bribed. Looking into we found the money trail and when questioned both the CPS worker and Judge Reilly both confessed to the bribery. MR. Crane also admitted that you Mrs. Crane, threatened him to give custody of his son to your daughter and son-in-law. Are you aware the Crane mansion is monitored 24/7? We also have footage that supports the claims made," replies O'Connor. This just floors Gwen, Ethan, and Rebecca. Walters asks talk to his clients in private. The detective and the DA both leave the interview room. "This is bad. Until I can do discovery, say nothing," Walters. With that Walters leaves the room and tells the DA that he would have his discovery motion by the close of business the next day. With that he leaves. Ethan, Gwen, and Rebecca were guided to separate cells. They waited fuming to be brought before a judge.

Within 30 minutes they were before a judge. "Plea," says the judge after the case was called. "Not guilty," three voices ring out. "People on bail," asks the judge. "Mrs. Winthrop and Mrs. Crane are both being held pending a transfer to prison, so the matter of bail for them is mute. As for Mr. Winthrop, we ask $50000 cash only," says the DA. "Mr. Walters," asks the judge. "My clients know that Mrs. Winthrop and Mrs. Crane are not eligible for bail, as for Mr. Winthrop I ask for ROR," says Walters. "I set Mr. Winthrop's bail at $50000 cash or bond and no bail for Mrs. Winthrop and Mrs. Crane," orders the judge with a bang of the gavel. With that Gwen, Ethan and Rebecca were escorted to the holding area.

Ivy who was in the courtroom leaves to find Sam. She had to find a bail bondsman to post Ethan's bail. Making her way to the police station, Ivy walks in and finds Sam talking to one of his officers. Calling out his name to get Sam's attention, Ivy makes her way over to him. Sam turned when he heard someone call his name. Looking around he sees its Ivy. With a heavy sigh Sam asks, "What can I do for you?" "The bail hearing just happened. Ethan can get out on a $50000 cash or bond. Is there any way we can get our son out of jail?" Ivy asks. Sam tells her, "I know a bail bondsman, I can barrow from my pension to get the bond amount if the man agrees to it." "Good, Ethan needs to be with his daughter not in a jail cell. Theresa is just trying to punish Ethan and Gwen," replies Ivy. Sam goes into his office and calls the bail bondsman. He agreed to do the bond. Coming out Sam tells Ivy they should get the money and get their son out. They both leave making their way quickly to the bondsman. Within the next two hours, Ethan was released.


Five weeks had past. It was finally the start of the trial. Walters had tried to get the charges dismissed but was denied. Today was opening arguments. O'Connor went first. "Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today to prove that Ethan Winthrop, his wife Gwen Winthrop and Rebecca Crane bribed a CPS worker and a judge to be granted custody of Ethan Martin Crane. Mr. Winthrop and his wife knew that their adoption of the child was illegal. But they did it anyway. The defendants will claim that this is a witch hunt, that they had no idea. Mr. Winthrop violated the law and his duty as an attorney. They had no legal custody but keep Ethan Martin from his mother on false claims of abuse and neglect. We ask that you find them guilty." With that the DA sat down. Then it was Walters turn. Standing, Walters begins, "I know that the DA wants you to find my clients guilty, but the fact is that they did not know the claims were false. The proof is circumstantial at best. They only had the best interest of the child at heart. So, I asks you find the not guilty. My clients are the victims of a vindictive women. Thank you."

Then it was O'Connor's turn to start calling witnesses. The first up was the investigator who received the tip. He told of the money trail and how both the CPS worker, Allison Davies, and Judge Rielly both were bribed. Then it was the turn for the CPS worker. Allison was sworn in. The first question from the DA was, "Ms. Davies, can you tell me who first contacted you to falsify claims of abuse and neglect against Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald?" "I was first contacted by one of the defendants, Rebecca Crane. She asked what it would take to make Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald look like an unfit mother. At first, I resisted but then she started naming figures. The opportunity to pay off me student loan debt was to great. I finally agreed. Then I filed documents that stated I saw the proof. I gave these to Judge Reilly as I was told. He didn't even look at the before telling to remove Ethan Martin from Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald's custody." "So you lied to the courts then," asks O'Connor. "Yes. Afterwards I felt go guilty but was afraid to come forward." "What did you do when questioned by investigators?" "I just couldn't keep it secret any longer. I confessed." "Thank you," O'Connor.

Then it was Walters turn. He tries to counteract the testimony. He asks, "Ms. Davies, why should we believe anything you have to say? You admitted you lied." "I know I lied but Mrs. Crane made it clear that I was to keep silent or face dire consequences. I feared for my life. But the guilt just became too much." "Were you ever verbally threatened into remaining silent," asks Walters still trying to convince the jury that Davies testimony was not to be believed. "The words 'I will have you kill" weren't said but she did say if I told anyone I would pay a heavy price," she says. Giving up Walters retakes his seat, hopeful that he put doubt into the jury's minds.

Then it was Judge Reilly's turn. He told pretty much the same story as Davies. When questioned by Walters, Reilly stays firm on his story. That set the pattern for the next four days. Soon it was time for the defense to put on its case. He starts by calling Rebecca to the stand first. She is first asked if she had any prior association with Ms. Davies or the judge. "Of Course not," she exclaims while trying to look honest. "The DA has claimed that the trail leads back to you, daughter and son-in-law. Did you ever discuss any of these charges?" "No," Rebecca claims firmly. Out of questions, Walters sits down. Now it was the DA's turn. "Mrs. Crane, why was there a trail of money linking you to the payments to both Davies and Reilly?" "I can only guess that it was fake. There is no way I am capable of something this vicious." "Your husband has stated that you ordered it and for him to allow Mr. Winthrop and your daughter adopt Ethan Martin, how do you explain that," asks O'Connor. At this Walters object. But was reminded that this was said in the presence of Eve. The objection was overruled. "You blame Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald for the death of your granddaughter don't you," O'Connor questions. Stunned she tries to lie but gets angry at the memory of her dead granddaughter. "She killed my Gwennie's baby. She had to pay," she hissed out. With a smile, O'Connor had no further questions. They then break for lunch. Meeting with Gwen, Ethan and Rebecca, Walters tells them, "I don't think it would be a good idea if you testify Mrs. Winthrop nor should you Mr. Winthrop. The jury does not have the best opinion of your mother. They seem to have a stronger case then us. It would best to try not to give the DA any more ammo." Gwen was angry at this but remember what happened when she testified at her earlier trial. Both she and Ethan agreed not to testify.

The break was over and Walters told the judge that he had no further witnessed. Gwen and Ethan were both asked if the wished to testify on their own behalf. Both declined. The judge called it a day and said closing arguments would be first thing the next morning.

Gwen spent a restless night in her bunk. She couldn't believe that she was even on trial. Rebecca was trying to figure out how to get them out of jail. She knew that they probably will be convicted. Oh, how she loathed that Reilly and Davies opened her mouth. Theresa must have someone like Alistair on her side to keeping winning these things. Ethan entered the courthouse with a heavy heart. He could just feel that the verdict won't be in favor of them.

The courtroom is called to order. O'Connor went first. He laid out the whole case again. From the bribery to the illegal adoption. Then it was Walters turn. He said that the only evidence comes from admitted lairs. That the evidence didn't meet the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The jury then retired to deliberate.

Many waited around the courthouse, hoping to be there for the verdict. The consensus was that the three defendants would be convicted. Within two hours the jury was back with a verdict.

Everyone gathered in the courtroom as the jury filed in. The judge too says, "The jury has reached it verdict. Would the jury foreperson read the verdict?" The foreperson read out the verdict. Guilty rang out nines. Gwen, Ethan, and Rebecca were convicted on all charges. A no rang out in the courtroom. It was Ivy. The three defendants stood in stunned silence. The DA stood and asked, "Your honor we ask that all the defendants be remanded to custody pending sentencing?" The judge granted the order. Ethan, Gwen, and Rebecca were then guided to a holding then back to the Harmony Jail. The judge said that sentence would be that following Monday.


The time passed quickly. Soon it was Monday. Theresa was present. O'Connor asked if she wanted to make a victim impact statement she did. The courtroom was filled with people. The bailiff brought in Ethan, Gwen and Rebecca. They sat at the defense table dreading what was to come.

After the judge was seated, he asked if the victim would like to make a statement. Theresa walked up and said, "The impact of this has not only effected my life but that of my son. He fears that he will be taken again. Mr. Winthrop, his wife and Rebecca Crane claim that I had to pay for the death of Sarah Winthrop. Your honor they should look to themselves for that. I ask that you give then the appropriate sentence. Thank you."

After that O'Connor reminds the judge of the viciousness of the defendants' actions. Then Walters is asks if any of his clients wish to make a statement. The only one that does is Rebecca. She stands and says, "Your honor, the whole trial is a sham. Orchestrated by a vindictive petty woman. I fully feel that the truth would soon come out and the real criminal will be found."

Then it was the judge's turn. HE hands down a total of 60 years each. He also orders then to be served consecutively. Also, that Gwen and Rebecca's be served consecutively to the ones they are already ordered to serve. With that the three were taken back to jail. It would be two weeks until they were transferred to state prisons. Theresa breathe a sigh of relief that justice was served.