She did it

She caught up with the kunoichi who left their village without permission

From its higher ups all to avenge her brother

That came with a price of being hunted down

As their village doesn't have tolerance for deserters even if she became one for a good reason

She and her master cornered her and strike her down without hesitation

To have her life paid as the price for her desertion

But they knew whom they fought wasn't really her

It was a clone

She knew the secret

Yet she couldn't help but have feelings for it

As if the clone itself was different from the others

Perhaps it had feelings like her template?

The feelings of her original?

Who knows?

As far as she knows

To clone is human

Author's Note: Can you believe the plot twist in Dead or Alive 5? Just when you thought that Ayane and Hayate caught up to Kasumi in the oil rig where they kill her for being a runaway ninja, it is revealed that it's just a clone. That's right, the Kasumi that we've been following in its Story Mode wearing her main blue outfit is actually a clone. Ayane and Hayate knew about it, yet did you see how Ayane reacted after the clone is destroyed? She looks shaken from the looks of it. One of her moments of being emotional towards Kasumi, even though it's a clone at the time.

Anyway, what do you think of the plot twist when you first got to know it? Post your review.