Author Note

Well, here goes a new story I have been thinking about and that was mainly because there are no good stories so far about FSN Good day ending.

Every story I have read ended in nothing but tragedy, drama and not at all what should have been, at least in my humble opinion. There was even one story that I will be frank…it traumatized me somewhat. I will not say the name of the story, but yes It traumatized me to see how twisted some people can be out there. And ever since reading it, or rather stopping once it became too much, I was stuck with the idea of giving at least my view of the events that would happen after FSN Good Day ending. I will be blunt…I am against the entire idea of writing what many have written…a three-way relationship, even if the VN reported it would occur. So, if you're reading this, hoping for the story to go that way, you will be slightly disappointed.

Also, before everyone asks, this will be a Saber x Shirou story. Sorry for the Rin fans out there.

But unlike my other one, this will be based solely on Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works. I will not divulge more right now, as the work will progress, but I feel like I should start explaining this, so no one would get the wrong idea. Also, I do not care much about writing drama, I am more a fan of romantic comedy. Also, I am a fan of the adventure in Fate universe, so expect lots of training sequences and fighting. I will be attempting to create some new adventures here that does not involve grail wars or even anything remotely connected to the grail. It will be new ones as Shirou will embark on his life mission. Well, that and a few other things I best not spoil right now.

Some will hate, some will like…I will like it either way, because I am the one writing. Criticism is always welcome, though. But I do ask to keep the criticism about the work and not what you wished to read about.

This is not for that.

Fate: Avalon Bond

Chapter 1 – Training and Awkward Conversations

Emiya Shirou had been sleeping in his bed when he heard the noise of a couple of trucks stopping close to his house.

The boy quickly ran outside his house to see the whole commotion as indeed there were two trucks stopping in front of his gate. A middle-aged bald man soon dropped from the first truck and said that he was in the service of one Toshaka Rin and that the truck had her boxes. Shirou released a sigh in dismay at that as he remembered the conversation from last night. He nodded at the worker, before seeing another four of the man's crew appear from within the trucks and unload Rin's boxes. It was at this point that Saber appeared from within his house and he could see that she was alarmed just as he was.

"Shirou, are you okay? I heard a loud noise and came to see what it was."

"it's nothing Saber…Tohsaka said yesterday that she would send some of her stuff here, I just did not realize that she would pack her entire house…"

The servant nodded as she got out of the way of the moving men who were delivering Rin's boxes inside the house and left right there by the entrance.

===Flashback - Yesterday===

Yesterday was the first day after the ending of the Fifth Grail War when Shirou faced the strongest servant ever while Rin and Saber destroyed the Grail. It was yesterday when Shirou was told that Rin decided to maintain Saber as her familiar and that she would be teaching him about magic while Saber would be focusing on his battle training. Of course, Shirou had no clue how they would go about their daily routine, since their main focus was on the war and how to survive it. Now, Shirou would receive training from both Rin and Saber, yes, but training about what exactly. Rin had told him that she needed to get home to make some arrangements, living him and Saber alone inside his house at night.

After Rin left, Shirou then went to clean the dishes, leaving Saber sitting on the house's table. The servant looked at the boy in wonder as she could see that he was worried about something.

"What is it Shirou?" Shirou turned from the dishes and looked at the person who once was his servant.

"Oh, it's nothing…I just wonder how our lives is going from here…I think I'm still caught up with the events of the fifth grail war and can't really think about much else…" When he received no answer from the golden-haired girl, Shirou stopped the dishes and turned to see Saber still kneeling on her cushion but with a thoughtful look on her face. It took only a second for him to kick himself for being so selfish. Saber had said yesterday that she wished to be by his side protecting him until the very end. But she must be feeling at a loss about this just as much as he did. He then quickly made some tea for her and some late-night snacks and placed them by the table, surprising the servant. Saber, for her chance, found that she was looking aimlessly.

"Sorry there Saber…I should have counted your feelings in this, I apologize…" She smiled, gladly accepting the tea.

"You don't have to apologize…the events of the war are still fresh in all of us, I also wonder how life is going to be like now that we no longer have to worry about the grail war. For so long, my mind was focused only in winning the grail and thus having my wish granted. Still now, when we know about its true nature from Gilgamesh, I still wonder about the past…the pain…the trauma…those I lost along the way…once I stop and think about them, about my family…about the knights…about my kingdom and how I failed them. And now, we are here and it was my choice to remain here with you and Rin, Shirou. But, like you said, we are entering into unknown territory." Shirou nodded at her, remembering the dreams he had of her of that time. Yesterday, she sounded so sure of her choice in remaining with them, that Shirou wondered if she even had time to truly think about it.

Still, he at least was happy that she made the choice and he would make sure that she got everything she needed to make her life a lot easier.

"Well, Tohsaka must have some plan for me in terms of magic training and we also can have our morning spars like we used to, remember." Saber saw Shirou smiling at her for reassurance and she did enjoy their spars. "I don't want to be a burden to Tohsaka, but I really need to increase my mana capacity if I am to help her sustain you Saber, however that mean. She, for some reason, was skittish trying to explain. I can see that you are feeling lost, but I guess we can find our way together, I guess. I was happy when I woke up today and saw you again in my dojo." Saber could not find within herself to worry as she saw that friendly smile on his face for as she was glad to be able to see him once more. Throughout these dark times, it was nice to have a friend to count on and even someone who went through similar paths and even had similar ideals.

"Ah, you're right Shirou…we can face this together. Now, please tell me how the fight with Gilgamesh happened. I'm quite curious to know."

Shirou was glad that the girl had stopped worrying as he told her about the fight. How at first it appeared that he would be able to face the man just like he did against Archer but found that Gilgamesh had simply too many weapons. Shirou had managed to trace a great load of weapons from the Gate of Babylon, but in the end, it was both his realty marble with Rin's engraved magic crest and then Archer's arrow that sealed the deal. Still, in the end, if Shirou was against any other servant, he knew he would not last long and Saber concurred. While she found that Shirou was quite strong, he would not be a match against herself or even Lancer in a straight fight. Still, in the end, to her winning was the only thing that mattered. In a war, it does not matter who side is the strongest…just who turned out victorious in the end. Saber even came to know from Shirou that if it wasn't for Archer, then Shirou would be taken by Gilgamesh and the Grail.

"So, with your Realty Marble, you have increased the speed in which you traced the swords, nullifying his own. Yes, training to increase your mana capacity will benefit you Shirou and I can teach you about a personal skill of my own I utilize in battle called mana burst. It will certainly aid you in battle and with Rin's training, you will be able to increase the speed of your tracing magic. However, do not expect me to go easy on you…now that you have acquired a style of fighting from Archer, I will increase the pace." Shirou looked on in determination at Saber.

Eventually, each went to their own respective bedrooms to sleep.

===Present time===

Once the moving crew left, Shirou and Saber were curiously looking at the boxes, but all that Shirou could see inscribed in the books were the words 'books' and 'miscellaneous'. Though they were four boxes with books, so Tohsaka was not kidding when she would initiate his training in magic. Still, if Shirou really wished not to have a morning headache, in the name of Taiga, he asked Saber to help him move the boxes to Rin's room. Shirou and Saber were now in the kitchen as Shirou was busy preparing breakfast for them…and usually it was quite a party. Saber he knew ate for two at the very least and even now with her no longer sustained by the Grail, she needed the energy of food and the sleep to conserve. Taiga ate a lot as well and perhaps Sakura and Rin will come along for the ride.

In no time, the door to the kitchen opened and Rin appeared, already changed for school.

"Morning Tohsaka…"

"Morning Rin…"

"Morning Emiya, Saber…" Rin dropped her bag as she casually sat next to Saber.

"Tohsaka, your boxes are already here, so Saber and I had already placed it inside your room." Rin nodded as Shirou distributed the dishes around the breakfast table with Saber already serving herself obviously.

"Thank you, after school, I still need you to help me bring my clothes here…" Shirou looked up at her and nodded, wondering why the girl have decided to move in like that, certainly he did not recall talking about it.

"Say Tohsaka, wouldn't you be more comfortable in your house…" Rin snorted.

"Why Emiya, do you not want me to live here with you." Saber was just happy that she was there eating Shirou's breakfast while listening to these two talking like this. Rin would Always make snide comments and Shirou would become embarrassed.

"No, it's not that...I'm happy to have you, it's just…well never mind." Rin just smiled at him, before accepting a dish from Saber.

"After school, we will start devising your training Emiya and the reason I went home last night was to gather a few things we need to better prepare you. I won't say more, because it appears that Taiga and Sakura are arriving." In fact, the table was now complete as Shirou was busy now feeding four women, five if you count that Saber ate for two. He was simply glad to watch each of them busy conversing with each other, even Saber quickly got along in the conversation, much to his delight. He needed to make sure that she had everything she needed and perhaps even make some friends. Now that he realized, Saber would be here in his house all alone without nothing to do while they were at school.

A couple of ideas surged in his mind that she could do while waiting for them.

While, Shirou was uncomfortable with the fact that her life became dependent on his own and Rin's, at least for the time being, he would try introducing her into town. Eventually, Shirou took out the dishes with the help of Sakura, while Taiga and Rin conversed with Saber. Shirou then opened his fridge and grabbed bread, cheese and ham, together with his own special sauce. He then quickly made some sandwiches while Sakura looked at him funny. Their school had a cafeteria, so she wondered why Shirou would bother to make sandwiches. Still, by the happy look on his face, she could not help but smile. Her senpai was always like this when he cooked. Sakura then went to the bathroom to clean herself, while Shirou finished placing the sandwiches inside a picnic basket.

Rin was with Saber alone talking when Shirou appeared by their side with the picnic basket.

"What is that for Emiya? The school has a cafeteria, you know."

"This is for you Saber…there is a nice park close to the school…I figured you could hang there while we go to school today and here are some sandwiches for you." Saber looked at the basket and then at Shirou, before beaming at him for the food. She was surprised to realize that they would leave the house and she would be alone here with nothing to do. While she was content with simply being inside the house, it felt good that she at least had something to do to pass the time. Rin looked at the sandwiches and nodded at him with a smile. She could even visit Saber in the park in between classes. Still, Shirou was right. Saber had to be able to occupy her free time while neither she nor Shirou were nearby. Well, when their training commenced, then Saber would be quite busy, but for the time being, they could help her acclimate better.

===After school===

Shirou, Rin and Saber walked together towards Rin's house as they grabbed a couple of bags with her clothes.

After that, they went back to the Emiya's household, where Shirou's training would commence. On the way, Shirou and Rin were talking while Saber walked on ahead.

"So, is there anything you wish to improve Emiya? I have written a couple pointers, but it would be best to hear from you first." Indeed, Shirou had something he wished to talk about.

"In terms of spells, I guess the only types of skills I wish to learn are what will complement me in battle. Aside from training the basics of mage craft, perhaps knowing how to perform healing mage craft would be ideal. Also, Tohsaka, I remember you saying about my magic circuits not being ideal. I wished to see what we could do to improve the number of magic circuits to be at least able to help you in maintaining Saber." Rin just listened as Shirou progressed. "After my fight with Archer, my mana capacity improved and I appreciate the magic crest you supplied me for the fight against Gilgamesh, but if I am to stand by your side and help you maintain Saber, I need to increase the number of magic circuits."

Shirou heard a sigh in resignation from Rin and saw her serious look.

"I thought along the same lines, though it surprised me about the healing mage craft, though considering you wish to be a battle magus, it's appropriate. Also, runes craft can be quite a tool to have in the field. Also, Emiya, I do believe it is imperative to improve your magic circuits, though there is no other way than artificially implanting a magic crest on you." Shirou looked on in surprise. "Normally, a magus is already born with the magic circuits and thus rely on his own to use mana. While yours are of considerable quality, it is not sufficient for what we are to attain. The Tohsaka Family have many magic crests and I had selected one that my father first received from his father and before you ask, no, I'm not giving you my family's magic crest." The one on her arm was the collection of the entire knowledge of her family and her own heirloom.

"Nice, thank you Tohsaka…"

"You won't be so considering of me tonight, Emiya. I can tell you that the procedure to implant a magic crest on you is quite risky and will hurt…a lot. Normally, I would not even consider this procedure as it could kill a normal person." Shirou looked at her in slight surprise. Saber was even looking back at them. She was hearing the conversation intently as soon as she heard that this procedure would hurt Shirou. "Passing down magic crests is normally done when you are in infant…your body is still in growth and thus able to acclimate to the foreign energy and knowledge. To be frank, this is the first time ever it will be attempted on an adult. Also, magic crests work better when there is a blood relationship. It's not unprecedented to implant a magic crest in someone without relation to the magus. But, the pain will be larger because of it. For it to work, after the implant, you will be forbidden from using magic for at least a week."

Shirou looked below for a while and then looked up to her in resolve. But, before he openly declared to go through with it, Saber slowed down.

"Shirou still have Avalon with him. It can help him better handle the pain, Rin. And the closer I am to Avalon, the more powerful it becomes." Rin turned pensive at that, remembering how Shirou told her that Saber's noble phantasm helped him in their fight with Archer and even against Gilgamesh, she reasoned. Avalon was able to heal all of Shirou's injuries throughout the fights.

"It will help, sure. However, it is my guess that Avalon will help ease the pain but will not prevent it. Shirou, it will be quite excruciating. You will feel the new magic circuits grind alongside your own. And even if you have already my own mana inside the makeshift magic crest on your shoulder, it is still a alien energy invading your body. Avalon can work as an anesthetic to ease the pain. But, if we are to do this, if we wish to survive against whatever crazy stunt, we know you're prone of doing…" Saber nodded concurring at that and Shirou looked embarrassed, but not apologetic. "then, this is necessary. If we're successful, then you will have enough magic circuits to be considered a first-rate magus…well, not in my level, but still…better than average." To this, Shirou sweat dropped.

Still, he knew that in battle, he would be able to beat her.

They soon reached the house and Saber helped Rin unpack, while Shirou stood at the garden in deep thought. He knew he needed to be stronger for what's to come. He knew he needed this not only to be stronger, but also to better aid Rin in maintaining Saber. He realized something when both Rin and Saber emerged from the house.

"Tohsaka, about Saber…I wanted to help you better maintain her. As such, is it possible for both of us to maintain her together?"

Rin looked startled at that, but turned to think.

"Yes, I could extend the contract I have with her with you, though that would only be possible once I finish the implantation of the magic crest. As you are right now, you may be able to sustain half of what she needs, but you would not be able to do much else." Truth be told, Rin was rather thankful that Shirou had approached her with this. Yes, she needed his help to maintain her, but at least this way, they could share the burden and if Shirou improves, then Rin could have ground for improvement herself. However, there was something else they needed to talk about…something that she was dreading, hence why she did not have the will to freely talk about it. "However, Emiya, even extending her contract with you may not be enough, at least in the short term."

Both Shirou and Saber could see the heavy blushing on Rin's face, but she needed to talk about it.

"What do you mean Tohsaka? Is this why you were so nervous yesterday." Rin nodded and cleared her throat.

"Eventually, there will be the necessity of mana transfer between the three of us so that Saber can receive stronger mana." Saber instantly knew what the woman was talking about and was quite averse to the idea, but she waited for Rin to finish. "Magical energy is prone to merge with the magus's fluids and the fluids are better at holding magical energy for some time even after leaving the body. And the better way to transfer fluids is from…" Shirou has heard enough and waved his hands frantically for her to stop…frankly, Rin was not at all comfortable, but she understood the necessity. She could see though that Saber and Shirou had the same outraged look on their faces. While she thought that Saber would indeed be against it, with Shirou being a male teenager, then he would show a goofy look. She had to say she was pleasantly surprised that he was averse to the idea, even if it would be pragmatic to happen. Shirou had already shown her on more than one occasion how different he was than the rest.

"Are you mad, Tohsaka? How can you say that…Saber chose to remain here with us…someone of her status does not need this, not after what she's been through."

"I have to say Rin, that I'm quite uncomfortable with what you're leading on." Rin could not help but took a step back at their responses back at her.

Wait, why am I the bad guy here…it's just basic magic procedure…though come to think about it, even when I gave him some of my mana, I was close to fainting with embarrassment.

"I know, I was not comfortable about it either." Both Shirou and Saber still looked mad at her for even suggesting it and Rin released a sigh, dismissing the subject entirely. Just the thought of having intercourse with him, even if for pragmatic purposes, was enough to her to lose sight of her thoughts.

"Wait, you said fluids in general, right?" Rin looked at Shirou and nodded. "Does that mean that blood is also a good candidate?"

"Well, it would not be as powerful as semen…as through semen, we would be transferring mana directly. In your blood, there is no mana, but Od, which is considered a lesser source. Od is the life-force energy found within living organisms not only in humans, but also animals and magical beasts. Mana transfer does work better, but if you were to give blood to her, then it also works, though you would need to supply her regularly, even twice a day." Shirou remembered how Rider had bitten Ayako in the grail war and figured that at least he could better sustain Saber by sharing the contract with Rin and also grant Saber access to his blood. However, by the look on Saber's face, this was still not a sound solution to their problem.

"Shirou, while I am not averse to your method…which is way better than what Rin had suggested…" Rin flinched at the look she was receiving from the king of Britania. She had just suggested, damn it. "Not only do I do not wish to be a burden to you, but I will be hurting you by doing this…I have made an oath as a knight to protect you. The amount of blood I would be taking from you would be substantial." Shirou looked at his once servant and smiled. While it would indeed hurt, he figured it was very little he could do to ease her stay. And by doing this, he could better help Rin sustain Saber in this time.

"Do not worry Saber…just like you made a vow to protect me, this is the least I can do to help you. Plus, you don't need to worry about hurting me, compared to being on the receiving end of Berserker's axe sword, this is nothing."

"Only you would consider taking on Heracles's attack as if it was a normal occurance" Saber could not help but concur with Rin's statement.

"Okay, I guess I can accept that, though I can tell you two that it won't be necessary twice a day…once my bond with Shirou returns, I believe that it won't be necessary to have it twice a day, though that will depend on how much mana you're supplying me Shirou. I also don't want to be a burden on Rin too much, especially when we start facing enemies once more." Shirou and Rin nodded, and Shirou lifted his sleeve and gave Saber his wrist. The servant looked apprehensive but complied as she grabbed his wrist with both her hands and brought it close to her mouth. Using her canines, Saber quickly pierced his wrist, earning a sharp pain from Shirou and Saber looked at him with concern. Still, as she began to suck his blood, she was surprised to see the amount of energy she was receiving. As much so, that she felt less of Rin's energy because of it as her body regulated between both her masters. She could taste the sweetness of his blood as well as the energy from Avalon.

When Shirou became light-headed, Saber stopped sucking blood from him instantly. The wound on his wrist was quickly closed because of Avalon.

"Are you alright, Shirou?" The concerned look on Saber's face was too much for him.

"I'm fine…just not used to this, that's all. I will be better next time." Rin could feel less of her own energy being used to supply Saber and she was glad that it worked well. It appeared that Shirou's former bond with Saber as her master also improved the level of the transfer and with Avalon inside Shirou, then she guessed that in the future, Saber will be able to depend on both equally to sustain herself, without weighting either of them down. Perhaps, even more from Shirou than her, considering Avalon.

"How are you feeling, Saber?" Saber looked up and became introspective.

"Much better, Rin. With Shirou providing me his blood and once my bond with him returns, I think I will be close to full capacity." The Tohsaka heir was surprised at that, wondering how strong her bond is with Avalon.

"I am glad to be of assistance to you, Saber. You have always saved me back then, it's nice to be able to help you." She offered his hand for him to get up, which he appreciated. Shirou once told her that he was not a good master to her, but she disagreed wholeheartedly.

Rin looked at the scene with a smile before she walked towards the shed on his house. Looking inside, Rin extended her hand and closed her eyes before a bounded field was formed.

'"Oh, and one more thing. Seeing as I will be living here, we will be using this warehouse for you to practice your magic. I will be placing my library here as well, as I need to practice my own."

Shirou did not have a problem with that, as long as he had his own personal space for his hobbies.

"Your first pile of books is already selected. You will have a week to read through it, as it is quite basic material. Also, we will be implanting the magic crest tonight, so be prepared. Lastly, Saber, you two can begin your fighting class tomorrow, but Shirou won't be able to use magic for at least a week. That said, it can only be regular fighting spars as he will be forbidden to use magic." Saber nodded. She wanted to fight him to see how his Archer style of fighting matched hers, though they would have to shorten the shinai to resemble Archer's. "Shirou, by my estimate, your training should last at least until we graduate, so please no funny business for two years at least, alright. After both me and Saber state that you are ready, we can begin planning the next steps."

Shirou frowned at that, but looking at Saber, he could see that the servant agreed. A part of him wanted to go out there right now and save people, but he guessed that doing so, it would not be ideal. He needed to get stronger and that took time. He acknowledged Rin, knowing that right now, he would not be able to face someone on Rin's level and he knew that eventually, he would have to face enemy magus across the world. Thus he needed every training and knowledge he could get his hands on.

===At night===

It took Rin a total of five hours to complete the procedure as she implanted the magic crest on his chest.

Right now, Saber and Rin were inside Shirou's room as both flinched at his screams of agony. Saber had enough experience not to turn her eyes away as she was used to seeing the medics of her time heal the wounded warriors. Rin had the magus experience, but even she wondered if he had what it took to withstand such pain. As she stated, Shirou's body was on fire as the new magic circuits were spreading throughout his body, together with his own. He could feel as if he was being cut by a sharp knife in every part of his body. This pain would last for a long time, but it was tougher at the beginning. By tomorrow, Shirou will still feel pain, but not so extreme as right now. Avalon was working its magic on him, but like Rin said, it did not prevent the pain, but numbed it instead.

As Rin stated, normally, this procedure would happen amongst family relatives and the one who received was still a child. Shirou had no blood relationship to her father and also was almost an adult.

The pain thus was even more excruciating. Saber was busy using a wet cloth to ease his headache, but it was more for support than anything.

"Rin, why don't you rest for a while. I will wake you in case he gets worse." The Toshaka heir looked at her and saw her worried gaze for him. Rin could see how deeply Saber cared about Shirou's well-being and nodded.

"Thank you Saber…but you should rest as well. Come wake me up in 2-3 hours." Saber wished to say that she could remain by Shirou's side the entire time, but she needed the rest just as much, at least until her body received more energy on a regular basis. Once alone, Saber looked at her master in pain and frowned in concern. She had chosen to be by his side to protect him, but Shirou had chosen to suffer this much just for her sake and Rin's. Still, she was glad to be able to count on him for this. Her mission in this new life of hers was to be by his side, so that together with Rin, they could protect him…they could sway him from becoming like Archer. But that would not be possible, if Saber needed to be sustained by Rin the entire time. Rin also had her own life and goals to look up to. She was glad at the girl for the offer right after Saber destroyed the Grail. This way, she could fulfil her oath to Shirou, seeing as her wish would no longer happen.

"Saber, please go rest, I can handle this." Shirou murmured between grunts of pain, but Saber nodded in the negative. Her old master could be quite stubborn at times.

"The closer I am to you Shirou, the stronger Avalon will become and alleviate your pain." He mumbled in pain, now less than before. The pain was still present, but he was getting used somehow.

"I just don't want to trouble you…" Saber snorted and dried his forehead.

"You must allow others to help you Shirou. You will never be a burden to me or Rin." He frowned at that, still not used to getting used to treatment.

In the war, he was unconscious a lot, so he did not know that this situation was not new to Saber. A good part of him, however, still felt like he did not deserve it, but he did not find within himself to expose his way of thinking to Saber. She could have chosen to return to her timeline and rest. She chose to remain by their side in this time, so he could not and would not make things hard for her. As such, he nodded in appreciation to Saber, earning a smile from her. Still, he could feel his magical energy spark inside of him, but it passed through not only his own magic circuits, but also the new ones that Rin implanted. It was this process that was the most agonizing. His own energy passing through foreign magic circuits, which were slowly and very painfully integrating into his system. This new magic crest would double his existing 27 magic circuits. While it was nowhere near Rin's, it would be enough for a battle magus such as himself.

===Next day===

Eventually, the boy managed a few hours of rest as he opened his eyes. He got up from his bed and flinched at the constant but now more manageable pain. Rin was by his side as she helped him get up. Saber was resting.

"How are you feeling, Emiya?" Rin used her own mana to inspect the implanted crest and found that it was working nicely. She did not tell them, but this was the first time she ever attempted such a procedure. She had the brains to do it, but not the experience. Still, she guessed that Avalon had aided her in the end. Without it, she did not believe she would have succeeded.

"Better, thank you Tohsaka." Rin gave him a bottle of water and Shirou drank it all. "It still hurts a lot, but I am more used to it by now." Rin nodded, but Shirou could see that she was having trouble looking at him.

"I was worried that I failed it somehow…your screams of agony were too much, and I thought that I messed up somehow. I'm glad that you're okay." Shirou smiled at her.

"You did good, Toshaka…" Shirou was surprised when she screamed at him.

"Idiot, I was worried about you…once more you are taking too many risks and what I do…I simply enable such a procedure, it could have killed you."

"But it didn't…" Rin was surprised when Shirou embraced her and she embraced him back in comfort. While Shirou did confess his feelings for her throughout the war, it was something done in the span of the moment for them. Still, she had indeed feelings for him, just not in that way. After their moments together, she realized that in the end. He had become a dear friend to her and also a fellow magus to rely on. She had also remembered her promise to Archer to be by his side and she would keep her promise made to her servant and together with Saber, she would help him, just like Shirou will be there for her and Saber.

Author Note: I know I said that I would wait a while to publish my new story, but quite frankly, I have been meaning to write something like this for a while now. As such, I did not see a reason not to. I will cover both stories equally, at least with two chapter per month for each story at least, maybe more. About the story, like I said before, it will be more action packed than a romance like the other one. So, expect lots of training sequences, tutorship and then mission scenes. I will be researching a lot about some assignments that Shirou and Saber can participate in the future.

See ya next chapter.