"Shut up, you're wrong." Alex Mercer belittled as he plopped on the couch loosening his body. Tv's within Desmond's interests were posh, so Alex took note of it as soon as he sat. Another new one? It'd be risible to Alex if he could feel things such as humor.

"You know I'm right." Desmond Miles not afraid to backtalk as he replied smugly.

Alex Mercer could be held accountable for millions of lives if you could somehow punish him.

He sat along and picked up his controller then handed one to Alex. Alex, who still couldn't loosen his hold over the argument and his concept of the truth.

"How?" Alex asked.

"Assassin's Creed is better point blank. Has always been a critically acclaimed series. No one remembers Prototype. How you enjoying only having two games in your series? My series learned how to count past 2." Such a comment from Desmond earned an almost demonic aura from Alex. An aura pointed in Desmond's direction.

But then said feelings subsided. A return to a calm character was made by Alex. A person always had to strive to be a upstanding character in the world. Both literally and figuratively.

"We playing left 4 dead 1 or 2?" Alex asked. "By the way that didn't change my mind. Count pass 2? Your series should've ended after the third. How's it feel to be the series that learned how to count and couldn't stop because it wanted to show off. Series keeps pumping more games that are trash, series hasn't been good in years. People who do remember prototype to be good, people who remember AC only remember AC 1 through 3, and try to forget the rest." Alex said revealing pearly whites in a grin at Desmond's hurt face. "I know the truth hurts." Alex said.

"That's fucked up you asshole. Don't joke around like that." Desmond said in a feeble and anointed voice.

"Wha-what?" Alex said revealing a raised brow at the unexpected. "You know what your problem is Desmond?" Alex asked.

"What? Let's here this ground breaking social commentary from Alex Mercer. King of over analyzing." Desmond said in a dark and sarcastic voice.

"You love to make rough jokes or roasts, yeah ok you wanna be closer cause of it. But sometimes you go too far. When it's your turn, you assume its just negativity. I dunno if that's because of past experiences, mental illness, or what not but you gotta get that in line." Alex said.

"I guess..." Desmond said booting up Left 4 dead 2. He looked to Alex. An apology was always something that could mend a relationship. "So when's Prototype 3 coming out? Oh yeah your company got shut down and you'll never have another game. Explains why you're moody. Gonna file a resume for McDonalds now with your lover boy Heller?" Desmond asked.

"I dunno actually. But hey, when are people going to realize they only miss your character because the series had purpose then. Not because your character was good or memorable. 'Thank god I can play as Ezio again, fuck Desmond' people used to say. How's it feel to be the main character and SIDE CHARACTER." Alex responded.

"Fuck you Alex, you're a dick." A grip was tightened on Desmond's controller as he said this.

"I rest my case." Alex said with a serious look, all before laughing in his cohort of social activity's face.

Another night spent playing videogames after a tight work shift from 9 to 5. Not to mention a lifeless, and barren week spent working. Barren in that it wouldn't amount to any sort of key success, joy, and enlightenment. Long hours meant many things. For Alex it meant he'd get paid, and learn to tolerate people. For Desmond it was similarly to earn money, and help the environment.

Soundless, and lacking enough concentrated light, was how you could describe the house right now. As a result of their sleep of course. How else would it be this quiet with them inside the house? 3 am was as far as they could push themselves after waking up early for a strenuous work day.


The blast was so powerful Desmond and Alex's earbuds exploded. Although Alex's ear drums regenerated, Desmond wasn't so well fortunate to have a healing factor. Alex could hear car alarms outside the houses threshold. Feeling nauseous Alex still brought himself to his feet with a grunt. He saw his buddy on the ground holding his bleeding ears, with a scrunched up look on his face.

"What the fuck?" Alex said before being pounced on. The intruder clawing at Alex's flesh and tissue. "Get the hell off me." Alex said grabbing the creature's hands before they could reach Alex's eyes.

Sending the unannounced visitor flying by the boot, Alex rolled back onto his feet.

"Step into the light. Don't listen to me, and I'll give you a 270-degree massage on your neck." These were lines that Alex fully intended on staying true to as he said them.

All this aggression and ferocious temper almost blinded Alex to the fact that this man before him broke code. To break code and not disappear was impossible!

"GGGGGGGRRRRMMMMMM." The humanoid let out, which ultimately tipped Alex off that he wasn't dealing with anyone he'd get an intelligible conversation with.

The being launched itself claws first at Alex. Right as the thing got to almost face to face level, Alex punted the thing back with a newly formed shield. Funny how Alex's arms instinctively knew how to shift and shape to offensive or defensive weaponry by instinct.

The creature retreated into the houses more starving of light areas of the house.

The door was kicked open, from what looked to be a lady. Alex could make out a crowd outside on the street. From the light invading the house via the opened door the woman was able to see Alex and Desmond who now rose.

"Alex you genocidal maniac you're alive! You too Desmond" Jill Valentine greeted before she fixed her beret that nearly fell off. Desmond turned on the lights. "I thought you killed the dumbass in white after dealing with his shit for so long." Jill admitted.

"Get Desmond to a hospital, his ears popped. We've got an unwanted guest." Alex said.

"That caused the boom, but that doesn't make any -" Jill's eyes zoomed to the left mid-sentence. She round house kicked the thing right in the jaw mid-air. It crumbled to the ground, motionless.

"Is that who I think it is?" Alex asked.

"I'm an expert at the undead, and viruses. So knowing my enemies and my future enemies wasn't new to me. It still stuck with me after all these years, so I can tell you without a doubt, that the mother fucker who did all this… On the ground… Is a Hunter from Left 4 Dead." Jill said.

"Looks like they finally handed one down." Alex agreed.

Sometime after making statements for the law, partaking in interviews, and dealing with conspiracy theories, and more the four amigos sat down watching a tape an insider gave them. A public figure was issuing statements and answering questions at a local town he was visiting. His name was Oxen Nor, and many knew it well.

Beside him was a translator.

"Before we answer any questions addressing the conspiracies we've been hearing. I'd like to clear a few things up for our foreigners who aren't in the loop. FP's stand for Fictional People. A God's have let us know they'd be entering the world for us to benefit. They appear in certain public areas. The Gods told us from the middle of the night to early morning is when they'd appear in public areas. Usually when an FP from a series is created, the next few are from the said franchise, not all but a few, all occurring within four weeks. They assimilate to the culture and the ways of the real world via programs we've created. Showing up with only their abilities. In the event they'd ever try to harm someone innocent, or someone without self-defense they would be returned to non-existence before they could exert their harm to reality. Nor would it be able to appear in FP communities." Oxen said.

A reporter was picked later on.

"What if the Gods decided to finally drop one by unannounced?" A woman asked.

"We're currently investigating and have found no Hunter from the Left 4 Dead franchise. The Gods have stated that they've chosen those times for a reason. Even if this were the case why weren't there any signs of others from his franchise appearing as expected during his four-week appearance." Oxen said. He pointed towards another.

"How do you feel about people who've been rejected by society, and most of their claims being shot down merely because they're FP. This doesn't occur everywhere but members of your state report this, and also tend to say that it's all because it's hard for them to adapt to our reality. Being that their mind is stuck in fantasies, therefore it's hard for them to see the real logic in the world. Which could be true in some cases, but is used in your city's law enforcement to silence those who go against what they, and you have to say? It's kind of a weird coincidence that the city that let this out was put on a lock down recently." The man asked.

"I have no comment…" Oxen said, his advisor whispered into his ear via ear piece. "On Second thought to address that I'd like to say that I think that some FPs are rejected, but surely not to that degree. You would never be able to prove that because you have no evidence. The city was in lockdown due to riots resulting in mass disappearances. You make it out as though I'm hurting them with this lockdown, but this is a level 1 lockdown. Only means no communication with the outside world between us and them." Oxen said.

The tape ended there.

"Keeping peace for his people with lies. Understand how he got the Nobel peace prize. Imagine what his reasoning for all of this is." Heller said.

"What the hell are we gonna do?" Desmond asked.

"There's nothing we can do." Alex said. "The Hunter's gone, they took it. No way it prove the truth is the truth." Alex said.

"No. We're gonna prove Oxen to be a liar and a corrupt man." Jill said.

"There's no feasible way. They fight with lies and deception, we can't right now. Nor could we lay a finger on him." Alex said.

"He's right." Heller sighed out.

"We can't just sit here and feel sorry for ourselves." Desmond said.

"We may not be able to fight. But we have our words. We'll use those to inspire the innocent people he's convinced. Ask yourselves this? Who's hurt people like us the most? Oxen Nor. Be it violence, threats, lies, and benefitting from our pain. It's time we remember how to defend ourselves, and take this man to our level, our plain of suffering." Words no one was ready to take on besides Jill yet.

"Yeah but the thing is, I dunno if you haven't noticed…" Alex started. "But we can't leave our communities, we're stuck here because of the God's ruling." Alex said.

This was where Jill took disgust with Alex. He was always so pessimistic.

"That Hunter showed up here. For a reason. Hurt you when you were innocent without using self-defesne and survived. Maybe we have the ability to leave now. Why? That thing change's the status quo and we're all caught in its gravity. We get it back, we expose Oxen and gain the respect humans treat each other with." Jill said leaving. "Follow me if you're on board with the plan." Jill said by the door.

It took some time but Heller and Desmond left. Alex on the other hand sat there incapable of joining in on their vendetta. It was pointless to him. Oxen had an army in his pocket, fitted with eyes and ears everywhere. That's why Alex saw it as impossible, the real world worked much differently than they knew it to. There was no commonly known as plot armor, or luck on their side like their roots had.