The Fusion Hero



"ATTACK/Spirit Talk"

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..Domino City…..

"I activate Negate Attack!"

"Tch, you've bought yourself some time."

"And that time is all I need, I DRAW!"

Standing on the rooftops in Domino City, a young teenager with hair that resembles a Kuriboh, glares at the man across from him. Wearing a red jacket from his academy days over a black turtleneck shirt, nicely fitting jeans while wearing red sneakers. On his arm, the very same duel disk he's had since his final year at school.

The teenager takes a look at his hand, three cards. Then to his life points, 1500 in all. And oh, what a coincidence, his opponents monster just so happens to have 2000 ATK points.

[Ancient Gear Beast] - ATK: 2000 - DEF: 2000 - Effect: Cannot be Special Summoned. If this card attacks, your opponent cannot activate any Spell/Trap Cards until the end of the Damage Step. Negate the effects of an opponent's monster destroyed by battle with this card (including in the Graveyard).

'It's the only card on that guy's field, aside from his two facedown cards that I'm sure are traps of some kind.'

"This is it Jaden! On my next turn, you're history!"

Jaden shrugged, not intimidated in the least. In fact, he's rather bored with this guy and his entire shtick.

"You guys just really like saying the same old thing over and over. Well, I'm kind of sick of it, so if you don't mind, I SUMMON ELEMENTAL HERO AVIAN!" The brown-haired duelist slapped a card down onto his duel disk, and from the ground before them, a green feathered man rose up with a roar of power!

[Elemental HERO Avian] - ATK: 1000 - DEF: 1000 - Description: A winged Elemental HERO who wheels through the sky and manipulates the wind. His signature move, Featherbreak, gives villainy a blow from sky-high.

The man chuckles at this, before breaking out into full laughter!

"You summon a monster with a measly 1000 ATK against my Ancient Gear Beast? What are you, insane!?" He was too busy laughing, that he failed to notice Jaden activate another card, which as soon as it appeared, suddenly had him choking on air.

"I activate the Spell Card, Miracle Fusion!"

"Miracle what!? But you don't have any monsters on the field!"

Jaden simple smirks at the man, before looking towards Avian with a full-on grin!

"You're right, but Miracle Fusion allows me to fusion monsters on my field AND in the graveyard! So I fuse my Avian with the Burstinatrix in my graveyard!"

The man backed up just a bit, visibly sweating as Jaden looks at him with the confidence of a man that knows this is finished.


Avian flies into the sky, with Elemental HERO Burstinatrix not too far behind him, appearing from Jaden's graveyard! Once above the two duelists, they started to swirl around each other before fusing completely! And in their place, a new and far more powerful Hero soars above!


[Elemental HERO Flame Wingman] - ATK: 2100 - DEF: 1200 - Effect: Must be Fusion Summoned and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. When this card destroys a monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard: Inflict damage to your opponent equal to the ATK of the destroyed monster in the Graveyard.

The man was warned about this monster from his friends! Apparently, it's Jaden's favorite card that he's used to beat all his brothers that have tried to best him before! But that's okay! He still has his trap card, Metalmorph! When Flame Wingman comes to attack he'll simply-

"Then I equip Flame Wingman with the spell card, FAVORITE HERO!"

"Favorite what now?"

"Favorite Hero," Jaden reaffirms, smirking while entering the battle phase, "a card that allows any level 5 or higher HERO monster to gain ATK equal to their original DEF, while also protecting it against all card effects."

Flame Wingman gave a roar of power! His ATK points going from 2100, and soaring up to 3300! Yet that wasn't all, Jaden pulled a card directly from his deck, placing it in the Field Spell slot in his Duel Disk. The effect was instant, with what seemed like entire buildings sprouting up from the ground beneath them! The man shouts in confusion, hopping to the side while looking up in awe!

"W-what! A field spell? But how, you used all the cards in your hand!"

Flame Wingman, Soaring high above, lands on top of one of the buildings created around them. A building that resembles the Empire State Building in New York. In fact, this entire field Spell was reminiscent of what one would believe New York to look like.

"Favorite Hero's secondary ability allows me to use a Field Spell from my hand or deck, and I chose the Field Spell SKYSCRAPER! A hero's favorite battleground!"

The man stepped forward, eyes wide with fear as he stares at Flame Wingman, high above the both of them, and seemingly sending a glare straight down to him!

"N-no way! That's so overpowered!"

'Wait! Calm down, you have two traps! You can live through this, and then end it all next turn! Yeah, there's no way he can beat you in this turn!'

"I attack your Ancient Gear Beast with my Flare Wingman! Skydive Scorcher!"

With a shout, Flame Wingman took to the air, before diving straight to the mechanical beast! A wave of fire sprouted around the Wingman as it brought back it's Dragon hand, slamming it right into Ancient Gear Beast! A small explosion rocked the roof, with the man skidding back from some unseen force!

[? Lifepoints: 4000-1300=2700]

"Gah! My monster!"

"And that's not all, my Flame Wingman's burn ability activates! You take damage equal to the destroyed monsters ATK point!"

Now standing before the man was the monster himself, Flame Wingman. He looked up, way too intimidated from this holographic monster to move, so when the Hero brought up the Dragon Head that made its right arm, he couldn't move away.

The Hero roared, and a blast of fire covered the man head to toe! He screamed in shock, rather than pain, taking a few more steps back, nearly coming off the edge of the building as the holographic flames dispersed!

[? Lifepoints: 2700-2000=700]

"Damned! I was so close to perfecting you!" He whined, taking a few steps forward and away from the edge of the roof they stood on.

"Yeah, like that was happening," the sarcasm from Jaden could almost be tasted. "Now I-"

"Not so fast there punk, I activate my trap card! Time Machine! It allows me special summon the same monster you just destroyed back to the field from the graveyard! The only condition is that it's in the same battle position, but that's just fine by me!"

Between them, a huge mechanical chamber rose up from the ground with steam blowing out of it! The hatch to the chamber opened, and out stepped the same Ancient Gear Beast that Flame Wingman had just destroyed. And it seemed like it was ready for some payback!

"Now, I draw-"

"Wait a second there pal! I didn't say my turn was done." The man stopped in his draw as Jaden shouted over to him, and all he could do was look at the kid and say-


Jaden, giving him a large smirk, flung his arm towards his equip spell!

"I activate the third effect of Favorite Hero! When my monster destroys one of yours by battle, I can send my spell to the graveyard to allow my monster to attack you again!"

The spell card shattered as Jaden placed it in the graveyard, and with it went Flame Wingman's power boost, a purple glow coming over it as the extra ATK points diminished.

[Flame Wingman - ATK:3300-1200=2100 - DEF 1200]

"Wait but that means that he's still-"

"Still 100 points stronger than your monster! And with his effect, you're done! Flame Wingman, destroy his Ancient Gear Beast once and for all! Skydive Scorcher!"

Once more, the Hero flies high into the sky above them, before dashing down towards the Machine-Type monster with a roar! Yet as he does, the man gains a smirk.

"I activate my other trap card, Metalmorph!"

Jaden looked on in slight surprise as the Ancient Gear Beast gained a new chrome paint job, with its ATK and DEF rising!

"I can equip Metalmorph to one of my monsters for an increase of 300 ATK and DEF! Meaning that it's now stronger than your Wingman, and will destroy it when they battle!"

[Ancient Gear Beast - ATK:2000+300=2300 - DEF: 2000+300=2300]

"And when he's gone, you'll have nothing on the field to defend yourself with! Which means that I'll win this duel once and-"


[Flame Wingman - ATK: 2100+1000=3100 - DEF:1200]

"WHAT? How!?"

"That's the effect of Skyscrapper." The man looked down at Jaden, eyes wide in fear as he knows what this will mean...

"When an Elemental HERO Monster attacks a monster stronger than it, that Hero gains 1000 ATK points during the battle only!"

The flames around the Flame Wingman became even stronger than before! Blazing so brightly that people on the street could see his magnificent glow!



An explosion of holographic fire came from the impact! The machine-type destroyed in the blast, as well as the rest of the man's life points.

[? Life Points: 700-800=0]

Jaden stands proudly as the holographic city around them fades away, revealing the actual city once more. The man now sits on his knees, seething over his loss as Jaden walks forward, glaring down to the man.

"Damnit! I was supposed to win! To prove that I was worthy too-"

"Hey, nutjob."


He froze mid-sentence, fear overwhelming him as he stares into Jaden's eyes. His golden-yellow eyes.

"I want you to go back to your cult. I want you to tell them exactly what happened here today. And I want you to tell them that this is exactly what I'm going to do to each and every single one of them if any more of you freaks decided to come after me. Understood?"

Those eyes held him in their grip, the power they held so dominating that he couldn't speak, he can barely even whimper under their gaze! Every second he keeps looking is another second that fear grips him by the heart!

"I won't repeat myself again… understood?"


He backs away at rapid speeds, his fears overwhelming him! His back slams to the edge of the roof, and for a split second, he wonders if it'd be better to take his chances jumping off than dealing with whatever this… this THING was!

"Good." Jaden's eyes fade back to their normal brown color as he stands. He gives the still cowering man a hard glare, before making his way to the fire escape. The only real way off the roof.

"You've taken well to intimidation, my Jaden."

"I learned from the best."

"Oh, you flatter me." Appearing beside him, hovering just a few feet above the ground, is a rather demonic figure. One that while it looks predominately female, has some distinctly male characteristics that seemed… stitched in. Mismatched to form the being beside him. Its voice reflecting this, mostly feminine yet sometimes there would be a masculine echo.

"No, just giving you credit." With a small hop, Jaden jumps onto the fire escape, now making his way down the… long stairway.

"Hmph, well, either way, it seems these cultists are eager to get their hands on you."

Jaden gives a grimace at this. For months on end, he's been hunted down by members of this cult. Luckily for him, they're filled to the brim with below-average duelists. Unlucky for him, they seem to worship the Light of Destruction and Nightshroud. Which is weird, since you'd figure they'd either worship one or the other.

Anyway, somehow these backwater idiots got the idea in their heads that if they beat him in a Duel at his full power, that it'll bring back Nightshroud from his exile. Some even got the idea that if they're the ones who do it, that their master would even reward them for their efforts.

'Yeah, reward them with an eternity in darkness and despair.'

After a few minutes of walking and talking with Yubel, Jaden hops down from the ladder leading up to the fire escape. A loud meow comes from the alley, causing both him and the Duel Spirit to look down to the darkness. And to the surprise of neither of them, a small orange cat walks out towards them, and walking behind it is the spirit of Professor Banner.

"Jaden! So I assume the duel went well?" The man, wearing a formal business shirt and khakis, almost see-through since he is a spirit, walks up to the two of them. A small smile on his face as the cat meows once more.

"You know it teach! Actually, it was a bit boring if I'm being honest. Guy gets a lead and thinks I'm done for." Of course, that is how most of his duels normally went with these guys. They start thinking they're hot stuff, then BAM! He beats them and they're a complete mess afterward.

Yubel quirks a brow to him, floating down to being eye-level with Jaden.

"Perhaps after your battle with the King of Games, you've grown tired of dealing with lesser duelists and crave a true challenge?"

"Nah," he waves her words away, now leaning against the wall to the building he previously dueled on, "I'm just tired of these guys in specific. Seriously, it's the same decks with them all. I knew how I was going to beat this guy from the get-go. Even if it took some clever set-up beforehand."

These guys just used copies of more successful decks without giving them any kind of personal touch. He's gone up against Crowler's, Zane's, and even a few rip-offs of Chazz's deck! Chazz's! The only guy in the world who can make his deck work is him. Those Ojama's take a serious amount of skill to pull off effectively.

Honestly, he's glad that he hasn't seen anyone try to copy his own deck. Though, that would be hard to do since the only footage of him dueling is against Aster from all those years ago. Can't exactly copy a deck you don't even know.

"So, where to next Jaden? I understand we came to the city for a reason?"

Professor Banner's words snapped Jaden back to reality, making the boy give a small laugh before hopping off of the wall and onto his feet.

"You'd be right teach. Axel contacted me, saying that some weird things have been happening in town. Didn't give any exact details, but he says it's urgent. Jesse should be somewhere in the city too, so I guess the first thing on the list is too check up on him." Needless to say, he is really hoping to catch up with Jesse. It's been a few months since they've talked, specifically after the whole thing with Paradox.

After that, those cultist goons started hunting him, and he's been pretty busy ever since. He hasn't even been able to call Alexis or Syrus because of these goons and their careers. Not to mention how long it's been since they've even seen each other.

"Jeez, who knew graduating would split us apart this much…"

Maybe… he rushed it when he left Duel Academy that night. Sure, it led to his duel with Yugi, but… he lost out on some final moments with his friends. Though that's now in the past. No changing it. All that he can do is walk to the future.

"Missing them again Jaden?" Ah, Yubel, able to read him like a book at a glance. He smiled at them, before walking out of the alleyway with both of them floating around him, the cat keeping even pace with his steps.

"Something like that Yubel. Now, let's go find out where Jesse is. Maybe he'd be down for a friendly-"


He needed no further warning, ducking down and into a roll at Yubel's words! He quickly slides up to his feet, looking over to where he once stood! Only there wasn't anything there.

Or rather, what was there was now consumed in some kind of black void that gave him the serious creeps!

"Nice reflexes! As expected from the infamous Jaden Yuki!"

'Oh great, another whack job..'

His eyes quickly found the person who the voice belonged too, and honestly, he's surprised by the sight. This entire time, the people coming after him were all middle-aged dudes that looked like they could lay off the junk food. But now, right before his eyes, stands a moderately pretty woman.

"Huh… weird, but doesn't change anything." He mutters under his breath, standing to meet the woman's gaze.

If Jaden had to guess, she stood a good few inches taller than him. Which is fair, he isn't exactly the tallest person out there. She wears a small grey jacket that leaves her midriff open to view, a red tank top, ending with skinny jeans and high heeled boots. Her hair is a dark shade of black that's made in that tamed wild like kind of look. Of course, on her wrist is a custom Duel Disk. Though something that is weird is the handgun she has in her other hand.

With the power given to him by Yubel's soul, he opens his eyes to reveal a set of Heterochromia eyes. One becoming a deep golden yellow like before, with the other becoming a soothing sea green. With these eyes, he could see the darkness practically leaking from the handgun!

"You're not like these other shmucks that's been dueling me, are you?" She smirks at his accusation, before aiming the gun at him! Eyes wide, Jaden swipes a card from his deck and puts it down on the duel disk right as she pulls the trigger!



From the ground, Clayman rose to meet the bullet head-on! Jaden's ability to make his monsters real with the help of Yubel proven useful once more. The clay giant grunted as the bullet made contact, digging itself into his forearm! Yet the monster stood, ready to take another if need be!

"Thank you, Clayman. I don't know why, but that gun is really bad- CLAYMAN!"

As he was speaking, cracks began to spread across Clayman's form! The Hero yelling in pain before being shattered all at once! The clay forming him falling to the ground, fading away as Jaden's powers lost their hold on his spirit.

The card on the duel disk fell, landing on the ground. With eyes wide, Jaden slowly looks down at the card… only to see it become completely blank.

Not even the text.

He tried to feel out for the spirit of Clayman, somehow, somewhere, as he could with all of his monsters… but he couldn't.


"What the hell…?"

Jaden could hear the fear in Yubel's voice. He can sense the fear and confusion coming from his other monsters. Wait… no… that's not fear…

It's rage.

Eyes changing to pure gold, he glares up at the woman! Who only smirks viciously right back at him in response, lowering the gun just a bit. Jaden kneeled on the ground, carefully picking up Clayman's card, before standing up once more.

"What. Did. You. Do?"

Clayman is gone. One of his favorite monsters. One of the original monsters that had been with him since the start. And he's gone.

"Oh, little ol' me? I just shot him. And things are supposed to die when you shoot them, aren't they?"

At her words, the rage within his deck intensified tenfold! All of his Heroes, his Neo-Spacians, his friends, screaming out in rage! The burning desire to enact justice for their friend swelling within each and every single one of them!

"You're gonna regret it! I don't go easy on anyone that hurts my friends!" With that, he draws another card, right as she rights her aim on him once again!


With a yell of righteous fury, Neos erupted from Jaden's card! The alien Hero looking down as the gun fires off once again! Yet unlike the late Clayman, Neos was ready for the bullet.

A beam of light shot out from Neos's eyes, destroying the bullet and colliding with the gun in her hand! She gave a yelp, dropping to the ground as she stepped back, nursing her hand! She looks to Neos for a second, worry coming over her, before snarling!

"Damn, you have some powerful monsters. It's a shame I have to kill them one by one."

"You won't be killing anyone else today! I summon heroes Avian, Sparkman, and Burstinatrix!"

Jaden could see her eyes widen as his feathered hero, his electric hero, and his fire hero, all rise to life. Honestly, this is the first time he had summoned so many at the same time. He had never needed to before. He doesn't need to now. But she crossed a line. A line that she has to be punished for.

"These are the Heroes who's friend you just murdered. Go on guys, say hi." They needed no further words, all rushing her at once!

Avian flew into the sky, and with an angry roar, sent down wave upon wave of razor-sharp feathers down onto the woman!

Sparkman and Burstinatrix stood in front of Jaden, bringing their arms back before unleashing both a stream of electricity and a wave of scorching fire at her! Behind the attacks, Jaden's golden eyes shining through.

The woman, for her credit, managed to duck away from the feathers and made a desperate leap away from the lightning coming down on her, yet even then she had no escape for the fire that blasted both her and the gun away! She gave a short yell, being tossed into the empty road like a ragdoll while the gun slid all the way to the other side.

"Now then-" she looked up, staring right into Jaden's eyes as he stares her down. A glare so powerful one might call it the glare… of a king. Behind him, stood Neos, Avian, Sparkman, and Burstinatrix. All of the heroes seething with barely concealed rage.

"You're going to tell me where you got that gun. And then you're going to tell me who sent you after me. Then, I'll decide how many bones my heroes are allowed to break. Sound like a deal?"

She glanced at the heroes, seeing their forms tower over her while Jaden himself stands with them. Leading them, like some kind of hero himself.

"How about-" she coughed, before grasping a limb that had been burned, "we… duel for that information?"

Burstinatrix pulled the woman to her feet, forcing her to stare at Jaden's golden eyes as he gave her his answer.


She chuckled, lowering her head just a bit.

"Well, worth a shot… guess it's plan C then."

Jaden's eyes widened as his Heroes all took a step back, getting ready for anything!

"What do you mean by plan C?"

She looked up to smile at him, and that's when his eyes saw it. The darkness that was once present in the gun is now flowing through her very veins! She started to laugh, standing on her own as Burstinatrix let go of her to retreat with her other Heroes! Yet Jaden remained standing before her, unwilling to back down from the power of darkness.

"What the hell did you do to yourself?"

"Desperate times, desperate measure Yuki. I'd say see you later… but we won't see each other ever again." Her eyes shifted, now glowing purple while dark liquid seeped from her mouth.

Jaden quickly looked to Neos, who caught his eye and nodded! The alien Hero gripped Jaden by the back of his jacket and Sparkman by his waist while Avian held onto Burstinatrix. The two heroes turned, ready to fly off and away from the woman, but before they could, she let out one final shout of laughter!


And then she exploded in a sea of darkness! An explosion that quickly caught up with the fleeing heroes, enveloping them all in the darkness! Yet as it did, Jaden decided that he wasn't going to let them go out like this! Not without trying! And so he forced the power of the Supreme King and Yubel to their absolute limits!


As he got stronger, so to did his monsters! All of them sharing his power as he roared to try and keep them all safe and alive! Within his deck, he could feel the other monsters giving their power to him as well! Aiding him! He can even feel the Professor and the cat try and help! Yet, it was not enough to overcome the explosion of darkness… nor could the darkness overcome them.

The two energies, this chaotic Darkness, and his power of the Gentle Darkness were at a stalemate. Primordial powers struggling for dominance! So much power being thrown at each other, yet not making the other back down in the slightest.

Eventually, something had to give. Something between the two energies. Something that, once broken through, caused a massive flash of white light within the darkness that surrounded Jaden and his Heroes! He gave one final yell, a final attempt to push the power away, before being completely enveloped by it, his Heroes fading away as he's taken by the white light.

..Musutafu - Japan…..

High above a sparkling city, a flash of white shines through the night! Most people would think it nothing more than a shooting star, yet the truth is that Jaden and the cat, Pharao, had appeared from the flash now falling through the night sky.

His eyes are barely open, feeling the wind against his back as he stares up to the night sky. Yet he feels so drained. So tired… he can't even bring himself to care about his fall. All he can focus on is the shining lights that make the stars.

To his side, he starts to fall down the length of a building. A tall one… probably a skyscraper… just like his card. Being reminded of his card makes Jaden smile for a second, then his eyes close, exhaustion taking over.

As he falls, the people below slowly start to notice. First, one lucky person looks up, seeing a falling figure, and then yells to everyone else! Another person looks up, then screams! And another, and another, all worried and backing away as the body continues to fall, getting ever closer with every passing micro-second. It seemed like hope was gone for the victim…

"Never fear!"

The voice echoed through the area at once! A voice that held power, determination, but most of all... Hope!

In a blur of red, blue, and yellow, the two falling bodies were snatched out of the air in an instant! Everyone looking to the spot in confusion, before a booming crash from behind alerts the entire crowd to turn around! And as they do, they all can't help but smile at the sight!

Standing taller than most, his retro cape billowing in the wind is a man that the world knows as it's champion. Who smiles even in the darkest of times, who's words could bring evil itself to its knees. The Number #1 Hero.


All Might is there, and now the crowd new it. They all started to cheer for their hero, chanting the name over and over again with applause for his heroic save!

The hero paid the cheers little mind, turning to look at the person in his arms. His smile almost falls at seeing that it was a kid, one who doesn't look older than 16 at that. With poofy brown hair, a red stylized jacket over a black shirt, with some weird device on his arm. The kid's asleep, resting in his arms from what he can tell is exhaustion. On his chest, a small orange cat that purred in its own sleep.

"What have you gone through young man?" The words come out as a mutter, but the crowd quickly catches on, stopping in their chants as their hero turns on his heels. With his smile ever-present, he keeps his grip on the boy and cat steady while bending his legs. With a mighty push, All Might launched himself and the two in his arms up into the sky! His destination, obviously a hospital.

Unknown to the Number #1 Hero, a certain deck of cards within the boy's device started to glow. A small sound escaping, one that only the boy, even in his sleep, could hear.



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