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NarutoXMass Harem

Naruto X Massive crossover

Last Man Standing


The only man in the world

Being the last man in the world has it downside but also brightside.

However, being an ONLY man in a world filled with Supernatural beings has a lot of downsides and little brightsides.

But how did the world come to this?

Going back in time a couple of milions years, our story began like a fairy tale, yet was told nowaday at a scary night time story for every children, when men and women still living among each other happily, at a family, brother and sister, husband and wife...

Then...theworlds crashed into each other.

Parallel World after Prallen World, connected with each other by something called 'The Bridge' before completely merging with each other to create one, big war.

Then, with so many differents, so many possibilities, the worlds considered each other athreat...Warshappened.

They called it God's wrath... when he decided to connect the world, he wanted to create a perfect place, a perfect world where everyone could share each other's happiness and yet when he looked upon the world, he saw nothing but emptiness and destruction.

Then, he made a curse and spread it out around the world.

A curse of Gender... That was what they called it.

You see, with this curse, women could no longer give birth to a male, no matter how hard they tried with magics and technologies, there was always a daughter was born. One by one, the male population began to die out, until there're no male left in the world.

The curse turned out to be worst than that.

The women, loosing the touch and love of a male, some turned crazy without experience the love men could give them, some give up and try to find love in a different woman and yet their feeling could never be the same like the history book describe.

But God didn't want the world to become extinct, he created a river, a sacred river which will give the women who came to age an infant inside their womb, and waited for the day she was born.

The world of women, with no other choice had to move on, without the men beside them, everything was hard at first but after a few hundred years, women finally rebuilt the destroyed world.

God then bless them with a gift.

A boy.

Born from the womb of the most beautiful woman, he was held as god among them, growing up in the love of many women he became a handsome man.

Surprisingly, he could live for hundred, maybe thousand of years... That gave him all the time in the world to give love to the women, which came in many ways than just simple feeling.

He gave them his seeds.

But like always, the children who were born were all girls.

However, when the second boy was born about the time the first man was about to give his last breath, everyone had come to a conclusion.

Every thousand years, every generation there'll be only one male who will be born to give love to the women, and when he was about to give away his last breath, the woman he loved the most will be the one who'll give birth to the next male to continue this tradition.

However, time passed and the men became more and more arrogant with their godly life. They only demanded for the most beautiful, most attractive women to give away love, with the more common ones had to seek for the Riven once again to have children in order to keep the world going.

God, realized his mistake but could not undo it, decided to make the women more beautiful, more attractive in order for the man to be able to give all of them his love.

And so...millions years later, in the year of XXX9, a boy in the age of thirteen was standing in front of the entire school, reading the super boring fairy tale who he one hundred percent sure was made of pure imagination, with cock being sucked by his dear andopted sister who barely be able to swallow his fucking twelve inches dick, which is abnormally large at the age of theitee, considered bigger than any male's puny penis in the histor...

"Uzumaki Naruto, stop right there" the headmistress shouted out angrily, making the entire school roared out in laughter at that.

"Ah yes headmistress" Naruto grinned sheepishly while patting the little girl who was kneeing on the ground and sucking his cock in front of the enitre school consist of a thousand girls and teachers "I was just telling the truth really"

"Really? That's real history and not fairy tale story" she sighed "Just get out of my sight and return to your seat"

"Yeah yeah, let's go Mio" he pulled his cock out of the girl mouth and put his hands on her shoulder, walking away without caring to put a pants on.

"Hai Onii-chan" Mio smiled and hugged his arm to her body, walking alongside with him.

Ninety nine hundred eyes followed him, their eyes focused to his large cock in front of him with lustful eyes, at least for the older ones.

Naruto Uzunaki, ten years old, the ninety-ninth males in the history was born from a clan famous among the world for being stamina freak. His father, Minato was in madly love with one of his youngest daughter Kushina Uzumaki, who was then later become his mother.

His father died five and a half year ago, leaving Naruto with all the responsibilties of a male in the world. That's also the day he lost his virginity to his mother.

Unfortunately, the day the father die would be the day the boy readied to give love to women. He was so horny that day, so horny that he grabbed his mother and fucked her right in the middle of his father's funeral, which was attended by three billions women.

After that day, every women knew what he was capable of.

"Nii-chan, please pay attention to what headmistress was saying" Mio poked his cheek with her finger, trying to take his eyes from two busty senior who was pulling their top up to show him their breasts, fourteen years old but had D-cup tits.

Naruto leered at them, making a mental note of visiting their dorminitry after this closing ceremory ended.

Don't get him wrong, Mio was super cute and was going to be a truly killer, heartbreaker when she grown up, thirteen years old and already developing breasts bigger than all the girls her age, his sister had a very promising future a head but when it compared to two hot fifteen years old senior Mio still had a long way to go.

When he was two years old, his father suddenly showed up one day and brought Mio to their big family. At first they all thought she was one of his daughters, but later found out that she didn't have a single blood in her viens, women who seeking for the River nowaday wasn't uncommon, because even if he tried Minato and all the male before him could never keep up with billions of women.

And even some women considerer them to be unattractive and paid no interest. Since the life of men is considered royality, most of them soon turned out to be some fat guy, of which by far the fattest guy in the history could barely move his finger, let alone hip to pound women.

Naruto however, at the age of thirteen was truly a women killer with a handsome face, inherited from his late father and a sportly body, which he trained into shape thanks to the trainings he did and sports he played everyday.

This world, after all was a world filled with beings that was considered fairy tales to each other millions of years ago. While he loves women, Naruto also wanted some adventures and actions in his life as well.

But put that to aside, Naruto had been fucking more girls, women of various ages than he could remember since the day he knew what's sex.

And since he could fuck anyone as long as HE wants, the experience was truly wonderful for a bundle of energy like him.

"...sogirls and boy, have a nice summer vacation" the head mistress said finally, making the girls cheered out in happiness and all stood up from their seat to leave the school.

"Onii-chan, let's..." But Mio's voice was felt in deaf ear as Naruto already disappeared from her view, as well as the girls who teasingly showed him their assets a moment ago.

Sighing, Mio picked up her bag and returned home first, Naruto could be a pain in the ass sometime but it wasn't like she could do anything about it.

He was a male, he could do whatever he wants.

Line Break

"Goodbye girls"

"Bye Naruto-kun"

Naruto left the two girls with belly bloating with cum alone inside their dormitry and walked out of the dorm, slowly making his way to the school gate to return to his home while still naked.

"Master Uzumaki, your ride is waiting"

"Alright, thanks Yugao, Kurenai" he said to the two busty purple and raven hair ladies and who were wearing skimpy maid outfit waiting for him outside of the Academy with a long white limo.

Climbing inside and then followed by the two maids, Naruto closed the door before pulling their head to his still rock hard cock, Naruto put his elbow on the window frame and his chin on the palm, looking outside of the window while the car drove off.

Konoha used to be a ninja village, thr strongest village of Elemental Nations, but after the Great Rebuilt finished, it became one of the most popular city of Elemental Nations and considered the capital of said Nations. Kunoichi was still actived nowaday to help maintain the strength of the city as well as the whole nations.

The outside worlds were still a mystery world for Naruto as he never left the village before. But, in the near future Naruto hoped he could become a traveler, going from place to place.

It didn't take long for Naruto to arrive at his house, since Mio could walk home by herself, Uzumaki Residence wasn't very far away from Konoha Academy.

Opened the door, Naruto stepped out with his maids behind him, giving them his bag the blonde walks into the huge palace of his family in his full glory, cock swinging between his legs.

"Master" a maid walked to him and bow before saying respectfully. The state of her Uzumaki's maid uniform, like a thousand other maids in this residence, albert with the fact that all of them was extremely beautiful and attractive always made him and wanted to pound them senseless just by looking at them.

Said maid uniform's color was black and white with mid-thigh stockings were held up by suspenders hanging from a shiny, silken white corset that pushed their incredible tits together and up, making them bulged enticingly over the top and out of the front as it barely covered their nipples and the pale flesh of their areolas. The straps of the corset went over their shoulders to the back while the front was just about held closed by hooks and eyes which ran up the length of the front, though they clearly struggled to meet at the top as they had to contend with their huge mounds.

A g-string just about hid the maids' pussy and were tied in place, a bow on either hip and a tiny apron around their waist which was barely hiding their g-string cladded pussy and let their round ass exposed behind them.

"Do you want to take a bath, something to eat, or relief some stress first?" She asked

"That can wait" The blond grinned "where is my mother?"

"She's in her chamber with Tsunade-sama" Naruto let out a wolf whistle, the big tits Hokage of Konoha was here with his mother, look like he's going to have a sweet time before having dinner.

Uzumaki Residence wasn't just place for him to live, as everyone who's the offsprings of Minato, young or old, is welcomed the the manor.

Last time he checked, he had one hundred and two sisters/aunts, since his mother and her sisters came to the River every years for a daughter.

The more the merier.

When Naruto got to his mother chamber, the first thing he heard was contanst moaning inside as well as the cries of pleasure of the leader of Konoha.

His cock twitched eagerly.

Openes the door without the need for knocking, Naruto stepped inside the room before locking it, putting a seal his mother taught him to make sure no one other than him could open it again.

Just as he expected, his mother, Kushina Uzumaki was kneeing on the bed with a strap-on around her waist, its black fake dick was ramming inside of the fat pussy of Tsunade Senju, who was moaning out like a complete slut.

"Oh, Ohayo Naruto-kun" she turned to him and greeted cheerily

Even if Naruto wasn't her first children, Kushina managed to keep her body healthy and always in the best shape, which's out right eortic in his opinion. He could understand why his father love her so much, giving birth to him at the age of seventeen, Kushina's already thirty years old and yet she looked like a teenager girl full of youth.

H-cup breasts with the ability of defying gravity, staying high on Kushina's chest and as firm as hell, a killer body, round and bubble ass with mile long legs.

Not to mention an incredible attractive face, as she was considered one of the most beautiful women in the history after the Great Rebuilt.

"Hello Kaa-chan," he smirked "can I join you?" He asked slyly, his cock throbbed between his leg.

"Feel free to join sochi-kun, after all" she the reached her hand to her butt and spread the ass cheeks, exposing her anus "I got one hole left for you right here" she then reached her hand out to give Tsunade's enormous tits a slap "oi, greet my son will you?"

Tsunade, with that little mind of her thay wasn't consumed in lust managed to force her hand up to greet Naruto, who was slowly walking to the bed and got to behind Kushina.

There after climbing on the bed, he reached his hand to grabbed a handful of his mother tits, letting the fingers sinking into her flesh like the softest pillow ever.

Positioning his cock at her arse-hole, Naruto gritted his teeth before plunging his cock into Kushina, crying out in total pleasure as her pussy gripped his cock like she wanted to rip his dick of his body.

"That's it Sochi-kun," Kushina moaned as Naruto pounded his hip with reckless speed, so wild that she could compare him to an animal in heat "fuck kaa-chan good, she's craving for your cock all day and need a good pounding from you"

He suddenly cried out in pleasure before shooting massive blast of cum inside of Kushina, making her gasp at the amount being bumped into her. The back of her head was then grabbed by Naruto as he used it to slamm her upper body down to the bed.

However, Tsunade was right there, with the strap-on fucking her pussy wildly by following each movements of Naruto's hip, making her scream out in pleasure before her mouth was claimed over by Kushina.

"Soo goood kaa-chan" he moaned and kept on fucking his mother while still cumming his heart out deep into her body, Naruto went crosseyes as he bumped more and more sperm into her until Kushina's stomach was bloated with cum and unable to contain any more.

Cum was released from her belly through her mouth, which she released moutful of cum into Tsunade's opened mouth.

It was fair that Naruto was a massive bundle of energy that could keep on fucking like forever at his age.

"Kaa-chan" he moaned and fell down to his back, glancing at the clock he could see himself cumming for nearly an hour, even if he was a stamnia freak cumming like that sometime was too much for him to handle.

Maube he should consider of stop being a quick shot.

Kushina removed the strap on around her waist and strapped it around Tsunade, keeping the didlo inside her pussy before crawling to her son.

"Sochi-kun" Kushina whispered as she sucked on his toe and slowly moving up his body, giving his soft dick which was lying upward on his hip a lick all the way through the base to the tip.

Lying her head next to her son with her body on top of him, Kushina gave him a soft kiss on the cheeks.

"Sleep for now, sochi-kun" after saying that, Naruto completely passed out.

Line Break

"Say ahh, Onii-chan" Mio said lovingly as she showed him the pork she was holding with her chopsticks.

"Ahh~!" Naruto opened his mouth and let his most favorite sister gently put the pork into his mouth, chewing while smiling at Mio "um, delicious"

"It's good to see you too so fond of each other" Kushina said as she sat at the other head of the long table, eating her own dinner which was being served by the maid.

Being the family of Naruro Uzumaki gave them a life which was nothing but luxurious, like what was told before, the life of the boy is considered royallity among them.

"So, Naruto-kun, do you have any plan for the the summer vacation?" Kushina asked.

"No kaa-chan" Naruto shook his head "but I did think about spend some times with the stateswomen of the different nations, other than that? Nah?"

"Naruto-kun, how about I start training you in the art of our family?" Kushina went on a thinking pose.

"Really kaa-chan?" Naruto stood up as his face filled with excitement "I can become a kunoichi?"

"Shinobi, onii-chan" Mio said as she pulled him down to his seat "it's a very old term to call the male who can use ninjutsu, taijutsu... and master in the act of ninja"

"Since I already taught you how to make some simple seal, you can freely morph chakra, you only need time to learn how to control it and learn our very own jutsu"

"Yosh, I can wait for that" Naruto grinned, it's more fun that fooling around all day, walking through the street of Konoha as naked as the day he was born.

"The Shiranui family is going to spend some time at our country for a few months, so I can ask the lady of the clan to take you in" Kushina smiled "so, are you excited Naruto-kun?"

"You bet?" He grinned

Being the only man in the supernatural world had it downsides.

It's he's the only man in the world, Naruto had to work overtime to spread love to the women, teach them what's love, what's it feel like to have a man run his hand on your body.

But the bright side.

He got the endless pleausre for more than a thousand years, the chance to fuck, to eat all the pussies he want to.

But...he's going to become the most different man in the history, he would walk the different path than his acsentors.

He would never just lay on the flesh of women all day, letting them feed him whenver he wad hungry, come to his room jump him whenever he felt horny.

No, he going to find them, and fuck them himself.

End of chapter 1

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