Chapter 2: 2 years later



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Last Man Standing

Chapter 2

2 years later

"That's it Naruto-kun, do it again" Mei Shiranui, an elderly woman who's currently the head of Shiranui clan encouraged the only man in the world as he pounded his hip like a machine gun into her granddaughter, Mai Shiranui while moaning out with each strong, fast and hard thrust.

However before he could continue, Mai was able, just barely, to get out of Naruto's mind blowing fucking before using the large cloth tied behind her back to slash him square in the chest.

Naruto groaned as he was forced back by Mai's move, as he should see that coming a mile away but too consume in lust to react in time. His cock was forced out of her pussy in a wet POP and swung wildly with her juice covered most of it.

"Booo~!" The other students of the dojo booed out loudly for Mai's action.

"Hah, How about that Naruto?" Mai said victoriously while pointing her iron fans at him, laughing before trying to stand up, only for an incredible soreness to wash over her body which coming from the between of her legs, making the heiress of Shiranui Clan to fall over on her backside.

"Hah!" Naruto grinned while stroking his massive cock "don't tell me you really believe that you're able to get out of my rough pounding unaffected"

All the girls around cheered out with Mei clapping her hands.

Of course, with a boy of fifteen years of age, a massive sixteen inches long and two and a half inches thick cock was sinply too much for an unexperienced girl like Mai to handle, even if that wasn't the fist time she was fucked by Naruto.

It'd been two years since Naruto began to train in the art of Shinobi under the tolerate of his mother and the Shiranui Clan. Naruto could call himself a quite powerful shinobi by now, about high chunnin level with the training he recieved.

Also, in two years Naruto had grown up to be a fine handsome and attractive young man, standing at the height of five foot seven, quite tall for a fifteen years old boy with a lean, yet muscular body that could easily make women drool at the side.

His face had lost most of its babyfat and became more handsome, with his bangs grew longer. He looked just like how his father in his prime time.

Right now, he was having a friendly spar with Mai, him being as naked as the day he was born, standing im the middle of the dojo with thirty girls his age, some older created a ring around them.

"Now, let's continue shall we Mai?" He smirked slyly and slowly making his ways to the fallen girl.

Speaking of Mai, she could be called one of the most beautiful young women his age he'd ever come to know. Fifteen and her breasts was already DD-cup, bouncing erotically with her movement.

It's also not helping that she wore the traiditon shiranui's kunoichi attire, which was so revealing that he could barely keep his need in check when face her.

"Wait wait" Mai brought her hands in front of her from the ground, making him stop.

"Well?" He folded his arms across his chest, waiting for her to give up the spar.

"TOO NAVIE!" she cried out and used her legs to do a swiping movement, kicking Naruto's legs making the blond fell down on his back.

Mai, like a strong female lion lunged at him and locked both his arms using her legs, making her body and his went on a sixty-nine posititon with her pussy right in front of his face.

Using her hands, Mai kept Naruto legs unmovable on the ground before taking his large rod into her mouth, sucking skillfully like a powerful vacuum before pulling back, kissing the bulbous head.

"Are you give up now?" Mai asked with a smirk before licking his cock sensually "Or should I give you one of the biggest blue balls in your life?"

But her eyes widened when she saw a smirk form on his face.

Ninja wires tied to kunais shot out from the ground and circling around the heiress of Shiranui dojo just as the Naruto underneath her popped, replaced by a wooden log.

Mai didn't have any time to relax as she was then tied tightly to the wooden log, with her front pressing tight to the rough surface of it.

"Now, who is the one being navie here?" The real Naruto asked as he jumped down from the celling, grinning like an idiot "Kami, I love Kage Bushins"

"Finish her, show no mercy!" The girls around them chanted loudly, making Mai paled at that. She was being tied up, helpless and under the mercy of the god among them.

"Let't see if riding girls is like riding horses like the old story said" he slapped her ass and lowered himself down, pulling sleeves of her red kunoichi attire up before raming his dick into her, knocking the wind out of her lungs as soon as his cocm busted through her womb's entrance.

All the girls of his class cheered out for the blond as he pounded Mai like never before, with each slap on her ass was a squeal of the females students.

With that, Naruto ended his training day with a fucked stupid Mai lying on the floor with massive globs of sperm pouring out from her pussy steadily, slowly returning her belly to its original size.

Still nakes, Naruto gathered his things and saying goodbye to Mei Shiranui, not before putting Mai to bed for her to rest, Naruto walked out of the dojo and opened the gate leading to outside world.


"Ah, Mio-chan" Naruto smiled brightly when he saw his beloved adopted sister.

Just as he had expected, Mio had grown up to be an incredibly beautiful young woman.

At the age fifteen she stood at average height, with violet eyes. She has long crimson hair that reached down to her waist and a distinctly voluptuous body for someone her age. She also had a choker-like tattoo around her throat which took the appearance of a love heart with two prongs extending around either side of her neck.

The school girl uniform she was wearing gave Mio a pure, virginity look yet her erotic body gave him the different kind of idea.

"Put something on Onii-chan" she said and throw him a long orange cloak "it's the middle of winter after all"

"Thanks Mio-chan" he smiled fondly and out the cloak on, it wasn't like he could get sick, as male was immune to most sickness but having a little sister care for him like that was truly heartwarming in his 'you-can-have-everything-as long-as-you-want' life.

"Let's go" He said before walking to his home with his sister following behind him.

While walking, Naruto couldn't help but return the warm greeting, lustful leers and cat-calls from all the womeb crossed path with them with his own warm smile, and sometime pulling his cloak to the side to show them his soft, yet still impressive dick

"So onii-chan" Mio quickly caught up to him when the took a turn "How's your training with Mai-chan?" Mio and Mai was pretty good friend with each other but since his adoptive sister had no interest in hand to hand combat, she only met Mai outside of the dojo or when she came to watch her brother's trainings.

"You know, the usual" Naruto said, putting both hands behind his head "with Mai being the one underneath"

"Ara, I hope she's alright" Mio giggled before glancing at Naruto "you sure you didn't knock her up this time?"

"Yeah don't worry, this is her safe day" Naruto grinned before his face dropped a little "I guess..."

"You're impossible onii-chan" Mio sighed while Naruto laughed, scratching the back of his head.

Fifteen years old and he already had around thirty or fourty little daughters, with them being around the age of two and four years old.

It's kind of hard not to knock up several women with the amount of seeds he shot inside them. His mother was very surprised and thought he should have at least a thousand children by now with how much women from all around the world came to town everyday.

Little did she, and everyone knew that he got a way to make sure the women being impregnanted was considerablly,

"Onii-chan, do you have any plans for high school?" Mio's voice pulled him out of his own thought.

"Don't tell me they sent all those intivations paper again" he said, making the disappointing face

"Yes I wil tell you, it's so many of them" Mio giggled at his face "sorry onii-chan, but you're fifteen already, time to go to school as you're already skipped your last year of your middle school for ninja stuffs"

"Yeah yeah" Naruto sighed as he threw his hand in the air "I will consider of joining one of them alright"

"That's my onii-chan" Mio nodded before they stopped at the crossed road.

However before they could cross a road, a yellow bus was stopped in front of them and the Uzumaki brother and sister then heard the excited squeals as well as cat called.

Looking up, a huge smile made it to his face when he saw a bus of university students who were poking out of the windows to look at him with large smiles.

"Hey girls" he greeted.

"Hey there Naruto-kun" they chorused loudly and excitedly.

"Wanna have a ride with us?" One of them asked as she poked her head out of the window "We can take you guys home"

"You sure?" Mio asked "We don't want to..." But she was cut short when Naruto grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the bus through the open door.

As soon as the Uzumaki brother got into the bus, Mio was thrown into the farthest seat at the end of the bus while Naruto as soon as he was in the present of multi women, removed his cloak and have fun.

"So, Mio-chan, how does it feel to be the sister of the ninety ninth male in the world?" A black haired girl who was sitting next to her ask.

"Uh, fun... I guess" she replied nervously while turning her head side to side, a little uncomfortable of being the present of girls older than her.

However Naruto was completely opposite as he stood at the middle of the bus and let the girls sucking on his cock like a pack of hungry wolf. His mouth was going from lips to lips, hands catching any breasts in arm reach and fingering any pussy he could reach for.

Clothes were being removed and thrown everywhere ar the entire bus shook side to side while running on the street.

"Kami" a girls the called out in shock as she grope a handful of Mio's left tit, which her hand could barely be able to grab a whole of the incredible soft and firm mound "is this a solid E-cup? Damn Mio-chan, you're gifted! No wonder why you're his favorite relative"

"Thanks" Mio couldn't help but smile and agreed to the girl's words, it's one of many reasons she woke up many mornings with her beloved brother beside her.

Naruto Uzumaki groaned out as he blew his loads wildly into the air, landing onto the group of girls around him, blasting onto the windows, the floor and even gave the busty driver's cleavage a gallon of his cum.

"Now, who want to see me fuck my sister?" He roared, making them all cheered out around him and made a clear path for Mio all the way from the back seat to Naruto

"Come here Mio-chan" he called out for her sister, his cock twitching mightily at the sight of her.

"Hai, onii-chan" she stood up and walked to him, not too fast, but not too slow.

When she was right in front of him, Naruto forced his tongue into her mouth and began to tongue-wrestling with Mio in a heat French kiss.

Then, he pulled back and turned her around, snaking his hands into her shirt Naruto took her large tits into his palm, kneading them eagerly as he let his fingers sink into the soft femlae's fleshes.

"Onii-chan" she moaned, before feeling her pussy was being carresed by the tip of his cock as Naruto moved his hip slowly.

"3...2...1!" The girls chanted and as soon as they finished the counting, Naruto thrust his cock into his sister with enough force to punch a hole in the wall with his cock, but since her pussy was too small for his cock, he had to do it or else he would not be able to enter her.

"Ahhhh! ONII-CHAAAN!" Mio screamed as she cummed powerfully around his cock, gripping the steel hard rod inside of her body like she was trying to crush it with her wall.

A voluptuous body and a pussy as tight as a virgin, not to mention she's completely submiss to him.

"Let's have a ride, Mio-chan" he cried out and began to thrust his cock into her with increasingly speed, hands still on her tits as he fucked her like he was experienced his first time.

Little did Naruto knew that the driver was driving the bus go around and around the city without stopping to make sure he stayed on the bus as long as possible.

And it wasn't like Naruto really cared about that.

Line Break

Walking into the palace he called home with a fucked senseless Mio sleeping with her head laid on his shoulder, his hands on her ass to keep his little sister close to his back. He was still wearing the cloak Mio gave him, but the lower part of the cloak was wide open, making his dick clearly visible.

And he was greatly enjoying the sensation of her tits squeezing against his back.

"Onii-...chan" he heard her whispered in her sleep and couldn't help but smile at that. His cute little sister, even if physically she had changed from the cute girl to a young man who had a distinctly voluptuous body, yet inside she was still his most favorite siblings.

Opening the mailbox Naruto reached for the letters inside as well as some magazines, Naruto continued to walk on the road lead to the main mansion while returning the warm greetings of the gardeners and maids.

"Welcome back Naruto-sama" his two personal maids, Kurenai and Yugao said respectfully before bowing to him, reaching their hands out to open the door for Naruto.

"Hey girls" he greeted and gently handed Mio to Yugao "take Mio-chan to her room Yugao" he said

"Hai, Naruto-sama" she nodded before disappearing faster than the normal eyes could follow. His personal maids maybe not looked like it, but they're two of the most powerful kunoichi of Konoha.

"Let's see..." Naruto muttered before looking at the things he gathered from the box "boring, boring, boring..." With each boring, he handed each boring letter to Kurenai who was walking beside him.

"Ah yes" grinning, Naruto got to the Foxy Magazine after handing all the other letters to Kurenai.

Said magazine was one of the only things Naruto read in the world, since it was the most popular magazine int the world. The magazine, of course was all about women's life, their fashion movements and even sometime showing important news about the celebrities around the world.

Naruto grinned slyly when he saw the first page, featuring him having his cock which was standing proudly and rock hard in the middle of the page, being lick by two busty naked women. His balls were also inside two other women as their eyes all looked at the camera.

Also Naruto was also had his arms around two beautiful women's hip with their tits pressed to his strong arms.

It wasn't the first time he post for the Foxy Magazine thought.

"Let's see who's the woman of the month" Naruto said before flipping two the second page "damn, Mirajane again?" His cock released a glob of pre-cum down to floor at the sight of the model featuring the second page.

Mirajane Strauss, the worldwide supermodel who was also the mage of Fairy Tail Guild located in the magical kingdom Fiore not too far from Elemental Nations.

She's famous for her modeling for the Sorcerer Magazine at the call girl for Fairy Tail, however as soon as she became Miss Fiore, beating Jenny Realight last year and become the face of said country. Mira soon became a world greatest model with an out right erotic figure, modeling for countless popular magazines around the world.

It was a total shock for him that they never met each other before, since Naruto still stuck in Elemental Nations.

The second page of Playboy Magazine, featuring Mirajane Strauss in her skimpy light blue two pieces bikini that barely be able to contain her large tits, which's a firm F-cup. Not to mention that the strings made of her bottom bikini did nothing to hide her incredible bubble ass and wide hip.

Smiling seductively while looking at the camera like she was sending a naughty message to the reader. Mira also gave her signature at the end of the page, with a 'I'm coming for you' beside it.

It wasn't a surprise she remained at the 'Woman of the Month' for seven months contanstly.

"Damn, I wouldn't mind officially dating someone like her" Naruto let out a wolf whistle as he looked at her up and down "she must be a totally great fuck" with that, he flipped for a few more pages and found nothing more interest, he handed it to the raven hair maid.

"Kureina, do you know where my mother is?" He asked.

"Kushina-sama is in the dining hall" she answered, holding the letters and magazine neatly in her hands.

"Yeah thanks" Naruto nodded before heading to the dinning hall.

It didn't take him long to get there as he knew ebery shortcut inside of his palace, pushing the door open Naruto walked inside and saw a heavily pregnant Kushina sitting at the dinning table having her dinner.

"Hey kaa-chan" He greeted her with a bright voice.

"Naruto-kun, welcome back" she smiled before her lips was captured by her son in a deep kiss "how's your training?" She asked after Naruto pulled back.

"As usual mom" Naruto smiled and put his hand on his mother's belly "so, whose daughter is this?"

If the woman drink the daughter of The River by herself, her daughter would recieve some traces of the mother and biologically have only one mother.

However, if a woman, holding the River's water in her mouth for a while, then transfering it to the other woman through a kiss who then drink it afterward, the daughter who was born will have both traces of both mothers.

With that, it's surprise to know marriage between two women is becoming more and more popular since there's only one male in the world.

"I will let you guess this time" she smiled mischeviously.

"Hmm...youalready gave birth to Tsunade's, Yakumo's, Yukihime'" scratching the back of his head "Uh, I don't think I can guess it right"

His mother, since she's one of the most desiried women of elemental nation, had married a lot of women and gave birth to countless beautiful daughters for them, namely Karin, Sara, Mito...

"It's Mei Terumi's daughter" Kushina smiled and stroke his cheeks "she came to our house this morning and demand a child, so I give her one"

It only took the women a day to carry and then give birth to their daughter through the use of The River's water.

"You're such a naughty woman" he smirked before kneading her large tits, which appeared to be heavier because of the milk forming inside.

"Ufufu, I am" She smiled "speaking of naughty, I think I have a gift for you Naruto-kun" she then turned to the door and said loudly "bring them in"

Naruto turned to the door and then widen his eyes when he saw a maid walked in holding two long chains in her hand.

Which connected to the collar around two women's neck as they were on all four, as naked as the day they were born and currently painting like a dog in heat.

"Is that?" He pointed to them as the maid led them closer to him, with the way they crawled on the ground, it's truly remind him of two bitches in heat

"Tsume and Hana Inuzuka" Kushina smiled.

"What happened to them?" He asked.

"The usual, messing around with their dog turn woman jutsu" Kushina said blankly with a monotone as she throw Tsuna a chicken leg, which she ate it just like how a dog eat its food "but this time, it backfired them and turned them a little like a dog." Kushina then removed his cloak and pulled it off his body "plus, today is dog's mating season, so they're more like a bitch than anything."

"Can I keep them?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"Yes Naruto-kun" Kushina giggled and saw the way hos cock twitched, and the eyes the two bitches glued their eyes to his cock "go on, they're yours for a week before the jutsu finally worn out"

"Awesome!" He cried our before running at them "come here" he said smilling while kneeing on the ground.

The maid then released the chains she was holding, letting the two women-turned-bitch free to run to Naruto excutedly with their tongue thrust out like a dog.

"Haha" Naruto laughed as Tsume crashed into him and licked his neck and cheeks while swaying her ass side to side excitedly while Hana lowered herself down and licked on his cock.

"It looks like they recognize you at their alpha" Kushian grinned while Naruto hugged Tsume's neck, letting her resting her chin on his shoulder while he was patting her head "as expected"

"Let's head for a walk girls" taking the chains Naruto happily leading them outside of the house and stepped into the enormous garden of his palace.

It seemed even if they're acting like two bitches, they still remained some humanity inside their mind because as soon as he sat down on the lush grass of his garden, Tsuna lung herself at Naruto's cock, sniffing before taking a whole sixteen inches into her throat and use her tongue to lick wildly all over it.

"Come here Hana" he gestured his hand for her to come over and then she twisted around to lay on her back, letting Naruto scratch her belly and grope her D-cup tits making the black hair woman bark excutedly.

"Damn..." Naruto groaned as he got on his knees and began to face fuck Tsume "best present ever" with that, he made all no self-control in his mind control him and let pleasure taking over his cock before cumming wildly into Tsume's throat "Oh shit, soo good!" He moaned as he blasted the bitch's belly full to the point it bloated.

Pulling out, he grabbed Hana's face and rammed his dick into her throat, keeping on cumming before finally calm down.

"Good bitches" he patted both of their head before hearing his phones ring.

Channeling chakra into the storage seal on his wrist Naruto took out his phone and saw his sister Mio's numbers on the screen.

Tapping the answer button Naruto put the phone to his ear while letting the two bitches licking his cock

"Did you sleep well Mio-chan?"

"Yes I did Onii-chan" Mio's voice echoed at the other line "care to tell me what're you doing with Tsume-obaa san and Hana-san?" Looking around Naruto saw Mio was poking her head out from her room's window to look at him.

"Long story" he smiled and waved at her, which she waved back "so, what're you calling me for? Don't tell me you finally want to bear our child?"

"Haha, very funny onii-chan" she said sarcastiscally "Come to my chamber, those letters just arrived, I think found a perfect school for us"

"Alright" Naruto nodded before creating a clone, who was in the same state at him with his cock throbbing and screaming for a pussy to fuck "take them out for a walk, make sure to fuck them if they call for it"

"Aye Boss" his clones grinned and took the chains "let's go girls" with that he led the girls outside of his garden and to the street.

"You still keep my kunai inside your room aren't you?"

"Yes Onii-chan" Mio said and saw her brother disappeared in a flash of yellow.

Naruto reappeared inside Mio's room and made himself comfortable on her bed, with Mio then turned to him while holding the letters he took from the mailbox this morning

His little sister was wearing nothing but her tiny sailor style shirt, barely hiding her large tits and let the rest of her torso free. No panties, no bra, just a small shirt.

"So, what's this all about?" He asked, taking the pencil and notebook on the table nearby and began to draw Mio.

"Kuoh Academy" Mio said as she gave him a letter, sitting down to the bed in front of Naruto "one of the best school ever"

"So?" He asked and put his letter to the side, Narutp kept on drawing, focus more in the curves of Mio's great tits.

"So? The whole school is currently moving into our city just for you" She poke the bulbous of his cock "for once, think with your head, not this head"

"Spread your legs" Naruto said as he moved down to her crotch


"Spread your legs please" Mio blushed but had no choice than listen to his wish and put her hand on her thighs to spread her legs, exposing her pink cunt for Naruto draw.

"Anyway, what I was saying..." The crimson haired girl continued "it's we can't let this opportunity go like that, the other schools are hungrying for you, if you don't decide quickly, there's going to be another school war like our middle school"

"And not to mention Kuoh is the school where supernatural beings attending, I think this will be a good chance for you to meet various kinds of people around the war"

"Alright" Naruto threw the pencil away.

"Just like that?" Mio was surprised, since Naruto's very picky about what to do and where to go.

"Just like that" Naruto smiled at her before giving Mio his drawing.

The sister of Naruto Uzumaki took the notebook and looked at his drawing before giving it a glance, then sweat dropping nervously.

The picutre, while as perfect as a proffesional's drawing, was showing herself being fucked into submission by her brother with her holding the shameless, sluttiest ahegao expression ever with both ankle beings holding by her brother's hands, his cock burring ball deep inside her cunt.

The next instant, Mio was pushed down to the bed with both her ankle being grabbed by Naruto to spread her legs wide before plunging his cock into her.

"WaitOnii-chan...wait, Ahh!~" Mio screamed as he rocked his hip, pouding his sister with slow yet powerful thrusts "'rebeing...toomuch...Ah!"

Her screams then turned to scream of pleasure as Naruto pounded his sister good, feeling her wall wrapped around his rod like a glove too small for something so big.

Reaching his hand out and put it on Mio's tits while the other put his middle finger into her mouth, Naruto smirked when he saw his sister sucked on his fingers sensually.

"Ah yes" he moaned as he crushed her G-spot and every places inside her pussy as Mio cummed non-stoppingly around him "my favorite" he looked down at her before putting both of his hands on the bed to support his body, with her legs wrapped around his waist.

Naruto gave a final thrust before burrying himself into her and unleashed a full wave of thick hot cum, filling Mio to the busting point as her belly bloated with sperm.

Pulling out of her pussy Naruto shot multi large blasts of cum on her face, her shirt, her belly button before covering her entire body in his hot cum.

"Phew, you look awesome Mio-chan" his sister panted heavily as her pussy was steadily emptying his cum, which was so thick that the feeling of his sperm running insdie her was enough to make Mio cum.

"Can't beleive I'm still hard" he joked, though Mio found it anything but funny "ready for round two?" He asked and was about to fuck her again before the doors of his sister room was opened.

"Naruto, are you in here?" Karin Uzumaki asked as she turned her head to the bed "ah, there you're"

"What's it Karin-nee?" His second oldest sister, Karin was two years old older than him and even though she wasn't gift with large tits like the girls of his family, Naruto took his time ponding her ass while spanking it.

"Kaa-san tell me to tell you that you've an appointment with the Foxy Studio for the calendar pictures"

"Tell her I will send a clone over" He turned back to Mio and grabbed her head to thrust his cock inside her opened mouth "I'm spending some quality time with little missy here"

"Featuring you and Mirajane Strauss" Naruto instantly pulled his cock out of his sister throat after hearing that, thinking no more he grabbed his shirt and shorts before heading out of his home.

It didn't take him long to get there, since Foxy Studio located in the nearby city. By doing business with Naruto, having him always appeared on the front page, it was one of the greastest studios around the world with various entertainments featuring him.

"Ah yes Uzumaki-sama, we've been waiting for you" A woman who was wearing a skin tight business suit came out to greet him "please follow me"

He quickly followed her inside the studio and found what he came here for.

Mirajane Strauss, who was wearing a bathrobe sitting in front of the make-up table with a whole team of women surrounding her to make her look perfect for the photoshoot. Like make-up was being put onto her with red lip stick and her hair was being fixed to look right for the screen they're about to take.

"I guess this is the first time we met" Naruto spoke up loudly "let alone taken a photoshoot together"

A smile spread out on her face when she turned to look at him.

"Naruto Uzumaki" he called out before standing up, with the make-ups team quickly gathered their things as the preparation for Mira was done.

"You're even more beautiful in real life" he smiled and walked to stand in front of her with his hands in his pocket "a pleasure to finally meet you in person Mirajane"

"Please call me Mira-chan" she smiled before tip toeing to kiss him "I hope you'll treat me well during the photoshoot"

"Of course" with that, he opened his mouth and kissed her.

A few minutes later, a naked Naruto standing in front of a blank wall with Mirajane standing next to him, with camera, flash lights and various kinds of equipments for photoshoots as several people was surrounding the place to see two legends making a calendar together.

"Let's start shall we" the director shouted as she waved her hand "January"

Mira undid the bell around her waist and removed the bathrobe, making it fell down to the ground and exposed Mira in her sensually body.

She was wearing a bikini made of white strings connect to each other around her body one going into the crack of her ass, with three super tiny triangles cloth to cover her pussy and nipples, which basically left nothing to the imagination.

"What do you think?" She asked while putting her hand on her hip.

"Fucking erotic" Mira smiled when she heard him saying that. Shaking his head to regain his cool Naruto put his hand on her ass and smiled "January?"

"January" Mira nodded before kneeing down and took his the bulbous into her mouth.

Naruto groaned out as the massive head stayed inside her mouth, but still managed to keep his face facing the cameras just like Mira as they flashed rapidly around them.

And even she managed to keep a sensual face for the camera, her tongue was rolling around the head of his cock as she licked everyplace, even thrusting her tongue into him.

"February" after awhile the director called "I live that expression you two, keep that comming"

Without any warning Mira took her head back and slammed itself back onto his cock roughly, making the whole sixteen inches went down her throat.

He wanted to blow his load right there but managed not to by bitting thr back of his cheek, Mira's throat was incredble tight and warm, the velvet feeling of her flesh was unquestionablly extremely good.

"Awesome Naruto-sama, Mira-chan" the director laughed as she managed to catch some really good materials "now, we move to March!"

Mira pulled back and wrapped her hand around his cock, stroking rapidly.

"I hope I'm not push you too far Naruto-kun" she smiled up at him.

"Damn, how can you be able to do that?" He asked, amazed at Mira's performment "swallow all my cock without gagging, most girls would choke to near death at their first try"

"Practise, a lot of practise" she giggled, the sight of the top of her tits was truly arousing from this angle to Naruto "do you think I was not prepared for this day, being in the same photoshoot with one of the most attractive and the biggest male in the history?" She purred before giving his cock a wet kiss.

"I can't see that coming" he was right, this woman could truly be a great fuck "so, what's your idea for the next shot?"

"Your face, my pussy," she pointed, making hin grinned "now" she finished with a seductive smile.

Mira turned slightly to the side and held her long legs up by the thigh, showing the entire of her front to the camera. Naruto kneed down next to her and used finger to pull the cloth covered her pussy to the side and slowly moved his face to her crotch.

"Hiyan~" she moaned while putting her finger into her opened mouth, making a very naughty face as Naruto put his lips on her cunt.

March, they got to a sixty-nine postion with Naruto being the one on top, his cock burried ball deep into Mira's mouth as he thrust his tongue into her pussy.

April, Mira wrapped her dick around his cock with her mouth claimed over six inches of cock poking out from the top, with their eyes locked to each other.

May, they both standing with his cock between her legs as she squeezed his manhood hard by pressing her thighs together, the tips of her fingers around the bulbous head as her left arm around his neck, bringing his face against her in a kiss

June, Mira once again have her mouth around his cock, but this time Naruto was sitting on the ground while Mira was on all four, her pussy and ass facing the camera.

July, completely naked, Mira had her body being roamed by Naruto before the camera caught a perfect shoot of him having his right hand cupping her pussy and his right hand on under her left tit, kneading it while having his cock close to her ass.

August, September, October and November... Featuring Naruto and Mira in four fucking position: Missionary, Doggie style, Reserve cowgirl and Ankle up...

Even if it was just insert his cock into her pussy and no thrusting, the more photos were taken, the hornier Naruto became as his cock was so hard that he thought the muscle was about to tear itself apart and became an angry red with every twitch was a glob of pre-cum being released to the ground.

However, December wasn't something he expected, just because he normally came so much that the girls would be covered in thick cum from head to toe, Mira didn't want herself being covered in cum like that so the last picture was her kneeing under him with his cock so hard that it released a large blast of cum at her cheeks, with her tongue thrust out and Mira's palms under her chin.

"Great work everyone" The director said before the entire crew clapped their hands for the two of them.

Mira stood up and wiped the cum away from her face beforw putting the cum in her mouth.

"Damn" he groaned as his cock couldn't stop twitching and releasing pre-cum.

"Sorry for pushing you too hard Naruto-kun" Mira smiled as she put her hand at the underside of his cock and gently caress him, but it only worsen the situation.

"Ah, don't worry" he managed to make a smile as his sperm jizzed on Mira's hand "say since it's already noon, how about you come over my place and have lunch with me?" He asked.

"I would love to Naruto-kun" Mira smiled before her beautiful expression dropped "but I have to return to my guild before night time"

"Oh, alright, it's okay" he smiled, though he wanted nothing more than **** her right there.

"But next time we meet I promise to spend sometime with you" Mira smiled "since I'm going to move into this town to join a high-school here this year..."

"Wait, what high-school school?" He asked, surprised "and aren't you a little too old for high school now? No offen Mira-chan"

"It's alright" Mira smiled "it's Kuoh Academy, and I'm not there for study, I'm there for a three years mission of becoming a household art's teacher"

"Really?" More reason for him to attend Kuoh "I'm going to be there too, of course at a student" he grinned.

"Great" Mira chirped happily before putting a bathrobe on her body, covering her sensual body "Since I'm not the only mages doing this mission, I'm sure I can introduce some of them toyou...So...see you there, Naruto-kun" she waved at him before walking off.

"Alrght Mira-chan" he smiled and waited there until she disappeared into the crowd of the camera crew.

Looking at his twitching cock, Naruto had no choice but teleported himself back to Uzumaki Residence.

And he wasn't disappointed when his bitches already waiting for him inside of his room.

[A Few Weeks Later]

"Hurry Mai!" Naruto called out loudly and impatiently for Mio's best friend, standing in front of the Shiranui Dojo with his sister beside hin

"Alrightalright...geez, why so rush?" Mai asked as she put on her bag.

"I don't want to be late for the first day you know"

The blond, for once was wearing something decent enough to call clothes, as it was the Kuoh Academy's uniform but had been changed to suit him for being a male.

It's just a buttoned up shirt and dark color jacket with short only reached pass his mid thighs, so clearly the head and two inches of his big cock was poking out from the left trouser.

"Hey Mai-chan"

"Mio-chan" the two girls greeted each other before wrapping their arms arounh each other in a friendly hug.

"Let's go will you" Naruto shouted to both of them, already three house away from then.

"Geez, what with him today?" Mai asked as the two busty young women quickly followed him.

"He spent an entire week fancy about fucking Mirajane Strauss, then a week later found out that the school will be filled with incredible attractive and beautiful young women, who came from various place around the world" Mio sighed before pointing her finger up and down "even from up there and down there"

"Really?" Mio nodded.

As his sister was following behind him, Naruto couldn't help but have a smug grin on his face. This' going to be three very busy high school years for him.

Little did he know that various women attending Kuoh already had their plan for him.

End of Chapter 2

Chapter 2: 2 years later