Chapter 1 'Origin Story'

Hello and welcome to the long awaited first chapter of BLUEY.

The story idea that is the reason I ever became an author, and whose idea I originally intended for a made-up film from the 90's. An idea that is over a year old. Finally, I'm writing it. Now, this will be a remake of the first Rio movie, but I'll introduce plenty of ideas to that. New characters, new rules and more. I won't explain it all in this A/N, but I do have big plans for this series. Hopefully, it all turns out well.

Now, at certain points this may be more like a film, especially this and next chapter, but I hope I can execute it properly. Also, I won't update this in ages, and I may redo this chapter when I reach the point where I feel like I have the skill to pull this off to a level that satisfies me.

Anyways, enough talk, let's get on with it! Enjoy or suffer.

Hello, my name is Bluey. I am a blue Spix's macaw (Cyanopsitta spixii) and I am a companion parrot living in Moose Lake, Minnesota.

Now, how did a macaw get in the frozen wasteland of Minnesota? Well, it's a long story. So, lets go back to the beginning…

The big bang… Maybe not that far back. Maybe when Earth formed? No. Oh, and not when life first evolved. We need to go back to when I began.

''Oh, honey, I want to have a family with you!'', a female spix's macaw says to her mate in a loving and seductive manner.

''Let's do it!'', her mate replies. The two begin the wonderful act of procreation.

Okay, okay, skip that!

Those same two macaws sit in a nest with a single egg, they watch over it intently as it vibrates.

This is me… in an egg, about to hatch.

''Come on, you can do it!'', the macaws crooned. Soon, a crack forms, which grows bigger and bigger. Pieces fall out, and a beak pops through.

Yep, that's me… Ain't I adorable?

A small, featherless chick emerges from the egg, much to the adoration of its parents.

Keep in mind, I have no idea what my parents look like. Nor do I have any memories of my childhood or my hatching. This is just me guessing. For all I know they could've hated my guts, or they could've been slurping at each other's beaks. I don't know.

Skip forward a bit and imagine loving parents and stuff. That is what I assume my life was… Was.

You see, there's a reason I'm in Minnesota, and this is the event that led me there…

It all began when I woke up…

A lone bird watches the sunrise from a tree branch. It's a beautiful day in the mostly beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro.

He's a small bird and seeing the sun rise motivates him to begin chirping about. Not to himself, but to others.

This bird is the beginning of a forest song. A song sung by the many birds of paradise that call Rio home. Parrots, toucans, storks, spoonbills, songbirds, you name it. They live there. (except all those who don't)

A tune begins rolling throughout the jungle. Percussion noises and trilling sounds roll out. This symphony grows, gathering more sounds. Soon, they begin scat singing, and drumming their chests.

All building up to

All the birds of a feather,
do what we love most of all.
We are the best at freedom and laughter,
that's why we love carnival!

The kaleidoscope of birds continue their joyous forest song.

Possibly we can sing too,
Sun and beaches, they coo.
Dance to the music, passion and love,
show us the best you can do!

One resident, a lone blue chick, opens his eye. He laid in a hollow high above the ground, in a nest. His parents were likely out getting food for their son. He inadvertently begins shaking his tail feather to the rhythm. He gets up and dances happily to the song. Walking up to the hollow entrance, he gazes out and is entranced by the spectacle of birds. It was truly an awesome sight.

Everyone here is on fire,
get up and join in the fun.
Dance with a stranger, romance and danger.
Magic could happen for real in Rio!

He dances enthusiastically by the entrance and is so lost in the song. Its so happy and such choreography is something that one wouldn't really expect for so many birds of different species and taxonomical groups, but here in Rio… it's all real.

All by itself, you can't see it coming,
you can't find it anywhere else.

The chick stops dancing for a second and looks over to see a Golden conure mother with three adorable little chicks. She grabs one by its neck and drops it out, much to the shock of the blue chick. But luckily, he didn't just witness familicide, instead he was in awe as the chick began to fly. Its sibling joined it, as did their mother as they flew about. Seeing chicks like him fly filled him with determination to use his wings and utilise the gift that so many birds like him had… Flight.

It's real in Rio, know something else, (something else)
you can feel it happen, you can feel it all by yourself!

He wore a determined face and spread his wings, with a look of wonder… But in an almost comedic sense, this joyous tune would turn south really fast.

A scarlet macaw is suddenly shot with a net gun, and soon so many other joined him. The blue chick flinched at the sight, and soon so many poor, innocent birds were caged. It was the polar opposite of what was mere moments ago.


As birds flew about in a panic to escape, the little blue chick leaned a little too far and fell out. No one bothered to save him as he plummeted to the ground below. He tried in vain to fly but failed and hit the ground.

Miraculously, he was alright. But the once happy jungle was dead silent. It was scary, especially for the chick. A look of fear and sadness was on his face. Letting out a frightened and low chirp, it would end up being caged like the rest.

Yeah, not exactly pleasant… Its my earliest memory, and although its faint, it still makes me feel emotional. Oh, and in case you couldn't tell, that little blue chick is me. Wasn't I adorable?

The chick is in a cold, steel cage and is sent off in some weird thing. Inside the big box, he saw many other birds. They weren't happy, in fact it was super depressing. Many were trembling, crying, mourning over losses, or in general were scared. Bluey was no exception; he was alone and scared. He yearned for his parents. They were out getting food, and now he was in some box.

Soon, they were taken to another box that flew and rattled about. Eventually they were put into another box. The weather grew colder, and it was clear as day they were somewhere far away from Rio.

Oh, Moose Lake… How I love it so much. So cold and lifeless. I didn't like it back then, nor do I think the others did.

All of a sudden, the box started to shake. Bluey was slammed to the side, and all of a sudden he went airborne for a split second, before crashing down. The box he was in came to a stop on some soft material. The temperature dropped. It was so cold.

My first experience of the wonderful weather here. You get used to it eventually.

The poor chick huddled against a corner where the little sheet piled up slightly and puffed his feathers up while shivering, in a desperate attempt to stay warm. Long gone was the warmth and comfort of Rio, lone gone was happiness and having his parent's love and warmth. Now he had nothing… Now he was in a cold and lonely place… Now he was going to die… alone.

After what seemed like minutes, my salvation came… Martin came…

The lid began to open, and the poor chick trembled in fear. He was certain he was going to die. He looked and saw some weird relatively featherless… thing. It was one of those things that trapped all those birds. Now he was going to hurt him. To his surprise, the brown haired, and mildly freckled boy looked at him with concern. He cracked a smile and reached down. The chick huddled away, desperately trying to escape that thing. But, as he had nowhere to go, he was going to get grabbed.

''Hey, its okay… Its okay…'', the boy spoke in a soft, calming voice. This calmed the chick's worries slightly, but he was still scared. The boy picked him up. The chick took comfort in his warm hands, and huddled towards his fingers a bit. He was still worried, but his woes were calmed when the boy patted him.

''Sssshhhhh…'', he continued patting the chick, and gained his trust, ''I'll take care of you…'', the boy brought him closer to his face and gave him the closest thing he could to a hug. By now, the chick was no longer scared. He felt safe.

''Now, what should I call you?'', the boy broke the moment. Looking at the chick, he came up with a name on the spot.

Wait for it…

''I know! I'll call you… Bluey.'', the boy named him. Of course, Bluey had no idea what he was saying, and only determined by the tone of his voice that he wasn't a threat.

Yep, a name chosen in ten seconds. Bluey. Sounds like a nickname.

''I'll take you inside, its much warmer in here.'', the boy said as he walked up to the door. Opening it, he rushed inside. True to his word, it was far warmer in here.

''Mum, mum, look what I found!'', the boy exclaimed, ready to show his parents his new found feathered friend.

Okay, there's my superhero origin story. The typical dead parents and stuff. I fit all the criteria, and so I might as well become one.

But that's the most important bits.

Martin and I bonded over the years, and soon I understood humans and could read and write their languages. We grew up together. Our weird puberty years happened at the same time even. It was wonderful.

So many memories, I could sit here all day telling you about it. But for now, I think that's all you need to know. Martin and I are chained together, and our bond is strong.

Oh, and by the way, I won't ever address you directly again. This is the first and only time I'll break the fourth wall and narrate. Don't ask how this makes any sense, because it doesn't.

Now, so long losers! Peace out!

Well, that wraps up the superhero origin story of Bluey, I hope it wasn't awful.

Yes, this is written as if it were a film, so pretend it is. The italics were Bluey talking narrating, because your dumb ass can't figure that out yourself. Next chapter may be better, I don't know.

Martin is the Bluey version of Linda, sorry Linda fans. As such, Tulio will be a girl. Sorry Tulio fans.

I won't update for ages, I just wanted to get a chapter out. So, I don't know when the hell the next chapter will be out, but it will be out someday. Or maybe it'll be out soon, I don't know. This is a true passion project, so I hope it all turns out well.

Until next time, goodbye.