Different Languages that are translated



James Potter is sitting in his front room cleaning his WESTAR-35 Blaster pistol (which unlike his fellow Mando's who use a pair) he modified to be a faster shot.

"James, Harry just fell asleep" his wife tells him in Mando'a.

James looks up from his WESTAR-35 to see a blue skin and amber eye Twi'lek instead of a red head and green eye witch. James puts the blaster on the end table and pulls his wife beside him.


Aayla Secure-Potter or to the magical it's Lily Evans. Aayla left The Order to follow the Force's Will and she landed on Earth in Wild Space. She was lucky to run into Mand'alor Potter and his family.

Dorea Potter made a necklace to hide her true looks, Aayla hit it off with a 13 year old James Potter and they got married.

The only other people who her secret is Prof. McGonagall, The Tonks Family, Sirius Black, Amelia and Susan Bones (Susan is too young to remember).

Back to the present day, Aayla is sitting on the loveseat with her husband thinking about how their son has black and blue hair, Harry has a slight tint of blue in his skin in certain lights.

James and Aayla heard a mandalorian mine going off.

"Shit, Aayla it's him! Take Harry and go to my ship. Take Potterhead to Mandalore and seek out Mand'alor, my father or Clan Wren, House Vizsla. This is the way and may the Force be with you." James told his wife in Mando'a before picking his WESTAR-35.

"James, I know you're going to die, so take as many as those bastards with you. This is the way and the Force with you." Aayla responds before kissing him and running to Harry's room. On her way, she called her lightsaber to her.

Aayla uses her blue saber to cut a hole for her and Harry to jump out of, while hearing her husband cuss out The Dark Fucker in Mando'a for the last time.

As soon as Aayla finishes with the hole she hears beeping sounds all around her and sees James loaded the house as a Mandalorian bomb.

Aayla used the Force to get to The Potterhead faster, she had to cut down some Death Eaters to get to her ship.

Aayla got the Potterhead in the air when she saw her home up in flames.

Aayla hits her coms to contact Amelia, Sirius, and Remus but no one answers.

"Ibic is te way" Aayla said as a fireball hunt Godric Hollow for the night.

Aayla plant a Hyperspace course for Mandalore, for her and Harry.

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