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Moscow was cold.

Vampires aren't too affected by harsh temperatures, but that didn't mean we couldn't feel it. Caroline couldn't help but smile, and this city was so beautiful. The sights and the sounds almost overwhelmed her senses, but she found it to be calming and peaceful. There had been something familiar about the city that Caroline couldn't place.

"Thank you so much, and we will see you tonight!"

She was turning to look at her companion. Bonnie Bennet. Her best friend since they were kids, who happened to be a mighty witch. She had this glow about her in her excitement if you couldn't tell from the smile that graced her lips and the way her emerald eyes lite up.

"Good news?" she asked.

Nodding her head, Bonnie spoke, " Yes, Miranda got us a meeting with the leader of her coven, it's tonight."

"So soon?" she couldn't believe it "I would have thought it take a couple of days while they thought about it. Like all the others." Caroline said

Agreeing, Bonnie continued, "Right? but Miranda said the coven is going to be busy for the next couple weeks, and their leader is interested in your story." Caroline could tell that Bonnie was excited by this news.

"That's better than being told to piss off like the last coven in England," Caroline stated dryly.

"They were rather rude." Bonnie sighed. "look, Care, if this turns out like all the others, I promised it would be the last one." taking her hand in mine. "And I mean it. No matter what they say. I promise."

And Caroline knew Bonnie meant it. 'Another coven.' Caroline thought. No matter what the witches said, and this would be the last. Two years were searching for clues, tracking down coven after coven, with barely any leads. It was all to find any answers to her condition. It sounded like she was sick, but that wasn't it. Caroline had turned into a hybrid about a two years ago. That's why she and Bonnie traveled looking for any coven that could clue them in to why this happened. It shouldn't have since Caroline was already a vampire.

It was growing tiresome for both of them. When the witches in London had rudely told them to 'piss off,' they decided to go to Paris for some fun, relaxation, shopping, and some good old fashion sightseeing. While doing all the tourist stuff, they had run into Miranda. A fair skins woman in her mid 20's. It happened like most encounters with a witch, their natural ability to sense other supernatural creatures. It was the look of shock on the woman's face that gave Caroline and Bonnie a pause. But Meredith held out her hand and introduced herself. They talked for hours in a small cafe near the Eiffel Tower. Miranda said that her coven leader was her grandmother, and if they were interested, she'd make a call and explained Caroline's situation. And that's how they found themselves in Moscow now.

"You are the best Bonnie Bennet," she said with a smile.

"I know!"

Pulling her coat closer, Bonnie shivered. "we are meeting them in an hour, and the location isn't that far from here." She stated while looking up the location on her phone.

"Do we need to get you a warmer coat, Bon?" She teased, knowing full well that her friend is layered up to keep the chills away.

"oh, haha, laugh it up, missy. Not all of us can handle cold as you can." Bonnie returned. She picked up one of the many grimoires she had collected over the years. "I thought that we could finish up here and then head over there."

"Sure, almost finished with my drink, do you want another before we leave?"

"Nah, I think I'm good. A little too much caffeine."

They had found a cute little cafe to stop at after a much need shopping trip. It couldn't be helped, a beautiful city they had to do some sightseeing and shopping while there.

The place that they were meeting Miranda's grandmother was located at the back of a small bookstore. The front of the store was a typical book shop, but once you went into the back room, it was something else. Old worn leather books lined the shelves, small tables with all sorts of witches ingredients for spells. Herbs hung from the ceiling, jars filled with all kinds of things. Bonnie looked like a kid in a candy shop, and Caroline had to pull her friend away, stating, "If you ask nicely, maybe you can play with the big kid toys." she teased her friend, which earned her a sharp look for Bonnie.

They were shown another room with two pale green couches that had seen better days and an old dark brown coffee table that sat in between the furniture, with off white walls that had never been cleaned. It all gave Caroline the creeps.

"Please have some tea, won't you?" Miranda said while pouring two cups.

"Thank you." There was something off about the whole thing. Caroline tried to use her advanced hearing, but she couldn't hear anything out of the room. But before she could even voice her thoughts, the door opened.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting." came a heavily accented voice, "I am matron Doroteya, and my grand-daughter Miranda has told me some of your stories." Doroteya looked to be in her mid 60's but knowing witches, they could use some magic to extend there life a little longer. She had long grey hair pulled into a low braid, dark grey eyes that held strength and wisdom. This Doroteya was a powerful witch and not one to be messed.

Bonnie spoke, "Yes, I'm Bonnie Bennett, and this Caroline Forbes, it's a pleasure to meet you, and thank you for meeting us so soon." Bonnie usually started the introductions; it was more comfortable that way.

"Ah, a Bennett witch. We have heard much of your line in the states." Doroteya seems to be studying them for a long time before she spoke again. "Before we start, I'll need to see proof of this Hybrid. If you will child." She motioned for one of the witches to come forth with a small bundle. Setting them both on the table, Caroline knew what they were. Wolfsbane and Vervain. She knew the drill, most of the covens they went to see had her test touching both and showing her monstrous side before even talking with them. And even then, some would refuse.

Slowly Caroline picked up each plant in one hand, making a hissing noise of pain. She tried ignoring the burning pain for a few moments before dropping both, showing the witch her red, bloody burnt palms and proof. Caroline knew that her hybrid features were showing. The dark black veins under her golden eyes, baring two sets of fangs. Doroteyas looked at her, at her palms and face, not speaking until they had healed completely. It took a few calming breaths before Caroline's features returned to normal. Before anyone could say a word, the old witch grabbed Caroline's hands tightly. With as much force as she held her hands, Caroline would have thought she was a vampire. Soon Doroteya began speaking in Russian; none of it Caroline could understand. Her words became louder, and soon the other witches started to chant. 'This is bad,' Caroline thought. The sound of a cup breaking drew Caroline's attention, looking over she saw Bonnie slumped against the couch and the teacup lay broken on the floor. 'The tea, they drugged it.' Trying to pull her hands out of the old witches was next to impossible. "What have you done to Bonnie." She shouted but got no response. Soon a searing pain shot through her head. She knew what this was; a witches' spell to burst the brain cells. She screamed for them to stop, but they ignored her words. Caroline thought she would pass out from the pain, but felt strong hands on either side of her head, and the quick snap and darkness consumed her.