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Slowly coming to Caroline felt nothing but pain in her neck. 'What is it with people snapping my neck?' she thought to herself. Letting out a groan, she tried to move her head. A movement to her right made her fall still.

"Caroline?" It was Bonnie. Thank goodness she's alright.

"Bonnie? Are you alright?" She asked. Slowly opening her eyes, Caroline found Bonnie leaning over her with a worried expression on her face. "A little foggy, but otherwise I'm alright. They drugged the tea. What happened?"

Moving, Bonnie helped her into a sitting position. She could finally see the room, dark mahogany walls, large marble fireplace, plush antique furniture.

"We've been out for hours, I think, they took our phones and bags." She stood, "And they have spelled the door shut, I've tried to open it."

"Wonderful." she groaned. She would never get used to the feeling of her neck getting snapped. After a few moments of stretching, she turned to look over Bonnie, who had concern in her eyes.

"What?" she asked.

"I think I know why they took us." looking at Bonnie, she pointed to a painting over the fireplace. "Or better yet, why they took you." Looking to where she pointed, sitting on the wall hung an old picture with a family of five: a father and his children, three girls and a boy. "Bonnie, I don't understand why this would." Bonnie cut her off. "Look at the girls' Caroline." Once again, turning towards the painting, she took a closer look. All the girls had blonde hair and seemed to be of similar age, but one stood out. She was looking at herself, a little older, perhaps, but it was still her. It couldn't be. She had dreamt of this family since she was little. She made up a fairy tale family when her parents had started fighting so she could escape all the drama with a father who was a prince and where she and her sisters were princesses. Looking at each person in the painting, she could recall the names she had made up for them. She remembered every detail of each one of them. But how could this be? How could a family she made up when she was a little girl be real? Caroline was confused and didn't know what to think.

Sighing heavily, Caroline turned to look at Bonnie, who was still sitting on the couch. "How can it be?"

"I have no idea, but Caroline, there are other paintings and that your look-a-like is in them." She points around the room. This time Caroline took the time to look around the room properly. It was a small sitting room, with a few bookshelves near the fireplace. A total of five paintings hung around the room. One of the whole families above the fire, to the right, was just the girls. Next to that, was of just the boy. On the other side, the paintings of only the father and little boy; then next to that was of him with the girls. Each painting seemed to be done around the same time. They all seemed of similar age in each one. Caroline wasn't sure how she knew that, but she did. Caroline admitted that each painting was beautifully done.

"After everything you've been through, to top it off, you might be a doppelganger?" Bonnie spoke after a while. 'Could I be?' she thought, it was hard to wrap her mind around it. The thought was just too much. She had long ago excepted being turned into a vampire, that she was great at, Caroline excelled at it, and she loved being a vampire. Turning had felt like something was missing from her had finally been put back, like finding a missing piece of a puzzle, but that feeling soon faded. Then somehow turning into a Hybrid, that was a whole new experience for her. It was like learning to control everything all over again, but she learned how to handle that with time as well, and she thought this must of been what was missing, but like before, that feeling soon faded as it had before. The feeling of emptiness, not genuinely being whole, Caroline had felt all her life, which could be why she made up a new family, to feel complete. Turning to her friend. "Are you sure your alright?" She asked. Bonnie sat down on the couch that Caroline had been laying on. "Not really, whatever they put in the tea knocked me out. I only remember you taking the plants, and then the witch taking your hands, next thing I know I'm waking up in this room, and you have your neck snapped."

Sitting next to her, "You didn't miss much. She started saying things in Russian, and the others started chanting and bam, neck snap." she said, "Typical witchy backstabbing thing."

"Hey now, not all witches do that," Bonnie replied with a huff. Smiling at her friend, she lightly shoulder bump her.

"I know, I'm teasing you." Sighing once again. Caroline leaned back against the couch. "How come we tend to attract trouble? Hmm? Do we have a sign above that says 'Hey supernaturals we are here, come and get us!'" Caroline huffed in frustration.

That got a smile out of Bonnie, "I don't know. I thought that this would be different. You know? Like maybe this coven would be helpful." slumping back into the couch, Bonnie continued. "I should have seen the signs."

"Hey, now." Caroline interrupted her friend's rant. "We both got caught up in the excitement, alright? It wasn't just you. Now the important thing is that we both are alright. And no matter what happens next. Whoever walks through that door, we will stick together and find a way out of here. Okay?" taking hold of Bonnies' hand " We are a team."

Bonnie gave her hand a light squeeze, "That we are."

After a few moments of silence, Caroline spoke. "Can I tell you something, and I know you're gonna think I'm crazy because I think it's crazy." She knew she was starting to ramble, and it was a nervous habit of hers.

"Caroline." Bonnie said, "What could be crazier than this?" motioning to the room they were stuck in.

Giving a small smile, "Well, its gonna sound crazy because I've dreamt of this family before." Seeing the confused looking on her friend's face, she continued. "Remember when we were little, and I made you guys play dress-up, and we were all princesses?"


"Well, it was around the time my folks started fighting that I started dreaming about a new family. One was my parents didn't fight but loved each other. I kept building on the make-believe story the more and more they fought. It became my escape."

Suddenly we heard the double doors pushed open, and four people walked in, three men and a woman; we both stood in defensive. She had long wavy blonde hair cascaded over a Carmel brown fur coat that covered a deep red blouse and black dress pants. The men looked similarly dressed in heavy black jackets, black pants, and shoes. It was the same girl in the painting, and Caroline knew her name before the women even spoke.

"Please relax," she spoke with a heavy Russian accent. "We mean you no harm."

"Well, you could have fooled us, with how we were drugged and brought here against our will."Bonnie snapped; she was confused and angry, so her mood was shot to hell. Caroline understands Bonnie's feelings because she felt the same. She couldn't help it.

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Katerina Matvyve, and the witches you met with are a coven loyal to my family." Great dealing with vampires. Did we piss them off by seeing their witches? Or was this all a trap? Or something to do with her look-a-like in the painting. Looking over at Bonnie, she must have been thinking along the same lines as her. But there had to be more to it than that.

"You look just like her, my sister Aleksandra." Katerina was staring at Caroline with great interest and what seemed like sadness in her blue eyes. Looking at the painting once more, Caroline turns back to Katerina, shaking her head, "My name is Caroline Forbes."

"Is that why Doroteya drugged and kidnapped us? Because Caroline looks like your sister?" Bonnie asked. The thought had crossed her mind as well.

Going over to the decanter Katerina poured a glass of what seemed like a strong golden liquid. Offering one to her, Caroline declined. Not trusting anything they give them after Bonnie was drugged, "Please forgive Doroteya actions. And allow me to explain. My younger sister Aleksandra died is 1366 when our home was under attack from foreign invaders. My father was lord at the time, and his two brothers and sister ruled over many provinces that are now known as Northwestern Russia during the mid 14th century. And they have been watching over the lands ever since." Katerina spoke, letting Caroline and Bonnie process the information. 'Over 600 years.' Caroline thought.

"You must have been turned soon after the attack, then?" Bonnie asked.

Katerina didn't speak right away; it was like she was trying to find the right words before merely saying, "Yes."

Caroline didn't have a chance to ask her next question before the two double doors open, and the same man from the portrait stood. He just stood there, staring at Caroline with a hard stare. His brown eyes gave nothing away. His dark brown hair was almost black in the dim lighting of the room. He had a strong jawline hidden under a small, well-kept beard, dressed in a grey suit with matching dressing slacks that reminded her of Elijah in how he dressed.

He spoke something in Russian, and Katerina returned the same. A small smile slowly spread on his face. Once again speaking in Russain, the men that were with Katerina left and closed the door."Hello, my name is Nikolai Matvyve. Please let us sit."

Caroline shared a look with Bonnie and nodded, sitting back down they waited for Nikolai to do the same. He sat across from them with Katerina moving to sit next to him. Nikolai cleared his throat, "Please forgive me for staring."

"I can only imagine how you must be feeling," Caroline started. "Seeing someone who looks like your daughter." sadness crept over her as she turned to face the painting once more. "But not her."

"Yes, it is. Knowing that you look like my daughter, sound like her, but you are not." He looked at Caroline with such love, and that broke her heart. "The question is, how?"

Bonnie voiced her thoughts."We think Caroline might be a doppelganger, and it might explain why she looks like your daughter."

Shaking her head, Katerina spoke, "That's impossible."

"Why is it impossible? If she had a child, then.." But Caroline knew before Bonnie even finished, the look in their eyes told it all. It didn't matter that it was over 600 years ago; the pain of losing a child and a sister would still be a painful memory. She knew that her being here didn't help.

"She died before giving birth, didn't she?" the ache in her heart grew.

Nikolai spoke, his voice cracking for a brief moment of anger. "Yes. Aleksandra was eight months pregnant when she died. We lost both her and the child that day."

"I'm so sorry," Bonnie spoke is a hushed voice.

The weight of his words hung in the air like a thick fog. None spoke for a long time, for it was a lot of information to process. Nikolai cleared his throat, breaking the silence. "It is getting late. I would like to apologize for tonight's transgression again. You came to Russia looking for answers only to have more questions arise. That being so. I offer my service and that of our coven to you." he spoke some words in Russian, and the doors opened, and Miranda and Doroteya walked in. They both bowed to Nikolai and then again to both Bonnie and Caroline. The girls shared a confused looked with each other before Doroteya spoke.

"Please forgive me, and that of mine, our actions were uncalled for this evening. It was only a partial lie, but a lie none the less. Our covens knowledge and grimoires are at your disposal." They were not excepting that, and Caroline could tell that Bonnie was excited by how she shifted next to her.

"It is up to you, Caroline," Bonnie spoke, looking at her. And Caroline knew it. This was a massive opportunity that if passed up, they wouldn't get another chance like it.

"Please, I know you, Miss Bennett. Your itching to get your hands on those Grimoires." Caroline lightly joked but soon became serious."We accept your offer, but on a few conditions." Nikolai nodded, and the next hour was spent going over everything.

Caroline knew deep down; this was something that would bug her if they didn't at least try to look for answers. It wasn't just about her being a hybrid anymore. They had more questions than answers, like why did she dream of this family? Why did she look like Aleksandra if she died before having a child? And if dreaming of a family was real, then why did she dream of them? Then if Nikolai and Katerina had turned, then what of the others? Did that mean that all the family had turned into vampires? If so, then could he still be alive? The prince charming she thought a young girl made up. A prince that she so long wished could be real. Was it possible? The only way was to stay and find out.

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