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To say that Chiyo felt absolutely sick would be an understatement. Languidly sitting in her class, her narrowed brown eyes bounced from one face to another. She felt so, so sick. Her fingers lazily tugged at a few strands of her hair.

The next teacher came in and the class settled down. Her lips pursed as the entire aura of the class shifted from snickering and laughing snot nosed brats to one of extreme pressure. The teacher rattled off, words flying from his mouth at a quick pace as the rest of the students tried to keep up.

It made her so sick.

Chiyo didn't bother writing anything that the teacher was saying. It was all worthless and she wouldn't learn anything from it anyways. She'd have an easier time studying on her own.

Or not, she thought, catching sight of a green chameleon out of the window. A pout scored its way to her lips. Chiyo loved her brother, she really did, but she would never forgive him for hiring Reborn as her tutor.


But this school of hers was truly the worst. However, it wouldn't be long before she'd be kicked out of this class. In fact, she was expecting it to happen sometime today. The play had gone on long enough for her demotion to be inconspicuous.

"Excuse the interruption, Sawada Chiyohime, please report to the principal's office immediately. Sawada Chiyohime, please report to the Principal's office immediately."

Her lips quirked up into a smirk that she quickly hid the moment her classmate's heads turned towards her. Applying what she had learned from a certain illusionist, she adopted a nervous face as she stood up. With a quick nod from the teacher, she was out of the room and in the barren hallways.

With silent footsteps, she made her way to the principal's office. From just standing in front of the door, she could feel the oppressive aura leaking out. She grimaced but was not deterred. After all, having faced multiple bloodthirsty people throughout her life, she had learnt to stand straight in front of them.

Not that she could in front of Asano Gakuho. No, that would be too suspicious. Instead, she retreated into herself even more, playing the meek student. She knocked thrice on the door before a soft 'come in' was heard.

Tentatively, she entered the room, her eyes quickly scanning it and committing everything to memory. It only lasted for a few moments before her eyes snapped towards the man sitting behind the large desk.

Keeping her displayed character in mind, she took a few steps forward before pausing. There was a large gap between her and the ginger. "You wanted to see me, sir?"

Soft. Quiet. Nervous.

Asano's eyes narrowed in on her. The calculating and sly glint in his eyes was something that Chiyo had seen many times throughout her life. It was appraising, and a little probing.

"Do you know why you are here, Sawada-san?" he asked. The words were spoken slowly, evenly, with just the right amount of forcefulness that would make any student cower.

So she did.

Her eyes flicked around the room nervously, her pale hands wringing each other. "No."


The man's stare intensified. He cocked his head to the side. "Have you read the school handbook?"

Chiyo pretended to freeze before tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "Y-Yes."

"Then you should understand that having a part time job is prohibited?" His fingers tapped his desk in a rhythmic motion.

The girl paled, pretending that it was Reborn in front of her, about to start another spartan lesson. Seconds passed in tense silence before Chiyo finally nodded. The movement was a little jerky but that was good.

"So why is it," the man started softly, "a few students claim to have seen you working at an arcade nearby?"

She spluttered. "I-I can explain! My mom, she, we can't really-"

"I do not need your excuses," Asano interrupted. "The fact of the matter is that you've broken school regulations."

Chiyo cowered before weakly stating, "I can't quit. I need that money."

The man leaned forward in his chair, his elbows on the desk and his hands locked together. "Rules are rules, Sawada-san. It would do you good to remember that. And," his eyes narrowed, "it seems your grades have suffered as well. Do you understand where I am heading with this?"

She nodded.

Asano smiled but it was not quite a smile. "You've been demoted to class 3-E. You will begin your classes there as of next week. Enjoy your last day as a student of the main building."

Chiyo heard the unsaid dismissal and with a quiet farewell, left the room. A safe way away from his office and in a hallway where no one lingered, she shed her nervous countenance for her natural one.

Her slouched spine straightened and her aura flared. An easy smile slipped its way onto her features as she looked back the way she came. Chiyo leaned against the wall by the open window thoughtfully.

"It seems like things have finally begun to get interesting."

Her intuition hummed and she moved her head out of the way. A leon mallet slammed itself where her head once was. Her eyes narrowed in on the man leaning in casually from outside the window.

"Reborn," she murmured.

A smirk coiled its way on his lips as he tipped his fedora down. "It seems you need a lesson on acting."

Her easy stance broke and she looked at him with confused eyes. "What? I thought I did good."

Reborn snorted as Leon returned to his original form and climbed his way onto his fedora. "Not even close. That man noticed and is rather interested in you now."

Chiyo noted the devilish glint that passed in Reborn's eyes and she started to walk backwards. "Well, I still have to get back to class."

"Wait until after school BakaChi. I'll be thorough in teaching you how to act properly."

Chiyo fled.

She fiddled with the bandage on her cheek as she looked up at the imposing mountain. Her head cocked to the side in thought. Breathing out slowly, she adjusted the bag hanging from her shoulder and started her trek upwards.

Chiyo shrugged off the curious gazes sent her way by the other students who were also walking up. Whispers were passed between them and when one caught her eye, she merely smiled and continued on.

Her thoughts however, were on the mountain. The ground was hard and uneven, perfect terrain to train. A fartlek run, for example, would prove beneficial. She had also come around to study the mountain a few times beforehand and found quite a few cliffs as well. The forest also provided good cover.

All in all, a great place to carry out an assassination.

A few government officials had stopped by her house over the weekend and the entire situation had finally settled in. There truly was a talking octopus that could travel at mach 20 teaching a middle school class.

The question was: why?

To be perfectly honest, Chiyo was merely a scout. Her brother merely sent her on this 'mission' to train her skills (because as much as his heart bled to see his baby sister involved in the mafia, she was in too deep) and to check out the being that destroyed 70% of the moon.

They already had all the government files on him and Shoichi, Spanner, Verde, and a few other scientists were studying as much as they could about the creature. It wasn't particularly because they were afraid of the monster, per se. They were just a little...curious. If anything, her brother could easily kill the octopus. Mach 20 speed was nothing in his eyes.

But the scientists among their family were very adamant about researching this creature that frustrated all the world's leaders. Her brother was weak against his family.

Getting his agreement only spurred the scientists even more, asking him if they could collect first hand information. They had then pushed her into the line of fire, stating that she was the correct age and could easily gain information while simultaneously training her own skills in assassination.

The only reason her brother even allowed it was because of the contract that stated that the target would not harm any of the students. Which, normally, her brother would disregard because a monster abiding by a simple contract? That was laughable.

A few government videos of the target had him convinced.

He still lectured her on the importance of caution and safety for a few hours.

And then he damned her by calling in Reborn and making him her tutor.

A sigh drew itself from her lips as she took in the shabby building that was now before her. The trip up was long but Chiyo barely broke a sweat, having faced worse at the hands of Reborn and the people she called friends.

Honestly, what type of friends tried to kill each other on a daily basis? Intentional or otherwise.

Leisurely, she made her way to the building entrance where a man with spiky hair stood. The resemblance was small, but she definitely saw similarities to Lancia in the man. Her lips quirked upwards as she strode towards him.

"Good morning, Karasuma-sensei," she greeted, her previous nervous countenance nowhere in sight. "My name is Sawada Chiyohime. I'll be attending Class 3-E from here on out." She bowed in respect. "Please take care of me."

The man gave a slight nod of acknowledgement. "You have been briefed about this class's... circumstances?"

Chiyo nodded, her eyes roaming the school building. "Yes. It's a little strange, isn't it?"


Nostalgia glazed her eyes for a second and she let out a small huff of laughter. "I suppose it would be a benefit that I've become rather used to strange sights."

The man before her snorted. "Believe me, this will trump anything you've ever seen."

Chiyo hummed in response as the man turned around and entered the building. Hearing the silent command, she followed him towards what would be her new class. The walk was silent and Chiyo took the time to examine the building. It was a wonder how it was still standing considering how poorly it was maintained.

She was cut out of her musings as they came to a door. Karasuma opened it, only to pause and pinch the bridge of his nose. Growing curious, Chiyo peeked out from his side to look at an octopus that had been stabbed into the desk with a knife made out of a seemingly rubber substance.

Chiyo blinked. "Well that's quite a welcome."

She heard the tired sigh come from Karasuma before he entered the classroom, promptly ignoring the dead octopus. Her mind wandered to Oodako and she wondered how the ex-cloud arcobaleno would react to such a sight.

Not well, she supposed.

Chiyo entered after the man and faced the classroom full of unrecognizable faces. She took in their open curiosity with ease as she waited for Karasuma to introduce her.

"This is Sawada Chiyohime and she will be joining your class as of today."

His succinct nature reminded her of a certain skylark, albeit, she would admit that Karasuma was far more approachable than the former. She pushed her thoughts aside and instead let a smile slip onto her face.

"Nice to meet you. Please call me Chiyo as I'm not used to being called Sawada," she said.

A girl with green hair (and Chiyo could not help but think about a certain mist and how he was doing) was quick to pipe up. "Why were you demoted from the main building?"

Chiyo chuckled sheepishly. "It seems like I couldn't keep up with the schooling system and so," she gave a vague flourish of her hand, "I'm here. Although, it seems like this class is more interesting than I originally thought."

"What happened to your cheek?" the same girl continued to question. Chiyo absentmindedly compared the girl's personality to Haru.

An inadvertent pout crept onto her face as she mindlessly touched the bandage that marred it. "Ah, this." Her mind wandered back to the night before and the bullet that just grazed her cheek courtesy of Reborn. The bastard didn't even use his sun flames to heal her. "A minor accident."

"So like, is your hair natural?" the girl continued. "It's wild."

Her smile turned a little cheeky at the comment. "Yeah. It seems to run in the family. It's impossible to tame."

"My name's Kayano Kaede-"

Chiyo's smile faltered as her hyper intuition hummed.


"-Let's be good friends, yeah?"

She smoothened out her features before returning the girl's grin. "Sure."

Chiyo let her flames flare before slowly making their way to Kayano. They recoiled the moment they brushed against the green haired girl's mist flames. Kayano cringed at the contact as she looked around with confused eyes. Chiyo had to suppress the shiver that threatened to course through her because those flames, those flames weren't normal. No, they were cold, and so, so, disgusting.


With newfound revelation, Chiyo scanned the seemingly unassuming girl. At the back of her head, her hyper intuition thrummed in warning because that- that was fake. That girl was so, so fake,


Chiyo tore her eyes away from the girl forcefully. Instead, her eyes scanned over the room that had stayed silent as the two girls had conversed. There was a look in their eyes that could be clearly described with a simple word.


Her brown eyes softened. Having had a few unfortunate weeks in the main building, she understood their thoughts. For a second, she recalled her brother when he was young. Her memories of that time were vague but she could still see the shadow of her brother's old self in them.

"Your seat is between Akabane Karma and Terasaka Ryoma," Karasuma informed, "Your target will arrive soon. I'll be taking my leave then."

Chiyo nodded in acknowledgement to his words before making her way to her seat. She absentmindedly nodded at both boys. Terasaka scowled whereas Karma gave her a sly smile that reminded her eerily of Mukuro.

It didn't take long before the sliding door was opened. The sound had everyone tensing as they glanced at the dead octopus on the table.

"Good morning."

The class was eerily quiet.

"...hm? What's the matter, everyone?"

As the yellow octopus took notice of the dead one, Chiyo took a moment to examine her target. Beady eyes, a wide grin, an academic dress and cap, yellow, tall, and with many tentacles. It was a wonder how the inhuman could move at such great speeds with such a voluminous body. She tried to dissect her target with her narrowed eyes.

Hayato would kill to be in her position.

Chiyo was snapped out of her musings when Karma spoke up.

"Ah, sooooorry," the boy drawled, "I mistook it for you and ended up killing it. I'll throw it away so just bring it over here."

She tilted her head in his direction. Behind his back, he held a rubber knife. His fiery red hair reminding her of Enma but his actions are the opposite of the boy's.

Well, not the complete opposite. After having spent so much time with Reborn and her brother, some of the more sadistic personality traits had rubbed off on him. Sometimes she would lament the death of the clumsy puppy like boy.

Not like she could say much on the topic anyways.

"Alright." Her target picked up the octopus and she was pulled back into reality.

She blinked as his tentacles turned into drills. Her brown eyes widened as he left the classroom and returned in a flash with a missile (that was still burning) and a bag in his hold.

"Allow me to show you Karma-kun, the power of these drill tentacles and the heat of this missile snatched from the self-defense force."

Chiyo raised an eyebrow at the words. Well, if the target casually plucked a missile out of the sky that was meant for him, she could definitely see the force practically screaming in frustration. The thought had her lips twitching but she restrained her smile and continued to watch.

As tentacles moved at a speed Chiyo was barely able to comprehend, something shined in the monster's eyes. It looked positively devilish and for a second, the octopus before her was replaced with Reborn.

It was followed by the image of Reborn wearing a yellow bulbous hat and a wide grin that never seemed to falter. Chiyo shivered.

She was mentally scarred for life.

A person's imagination could be a very scary thing.

"Sensei never lets an assassin go home bored," her target said but the tone of his words were a little mischievous.

By the moment his last word hit her ear, Karma was choking on a steaming takoyaki that had been stuffed into his mouth. The inhuman stood off to the side with a rather smug look. Or at least, she believed it was smug. It was a little hard to tell when the monster had the exact same expression painted on his features.

"That complexion comes from not having eaten breakfast, doesn't it." The words were more a statement than a question. "I've made takoyaki with my mach speed. If you eat this, you'll come closer to being a healthy child."

Chiyo blankly looked at the box of steaming takoyaki. ...What?

"You know, Karma-kun, I am a teacher who performs maintenance and improvements. On the rusted, dull blades of assassins, for example." The inhuman stuffed the takoyaki into his mouth and Chiyo wondered if this would be considered cannibalism. The lighthearted tone that her target was previously using turned challenging. "You should come at me each day with a serious intent to kill. And each time, I will improve you." He loomed over Karma. "Before school lets out, I will polish your body and spirit until they shine."

There was no lie held in his words and Chiyo had to wonder just what exactly the not-man was getting out of this. Why was he teaching this class? Why was he handing out advice on killing him? Why was he improving them? There was a deeper reason to all of this and Chiyo was intent on finding out.

But for now…. Her narrowed eyes returned to their usual doe like countenance and she let out a small chuckle, dispelling the tension that had formed in the midst of the classroom. Her face was coloured in amusement as she watched the inhuman in unabashed curiosity.

"You are a rather interesting character," she offered.

The teacher blinked before letting out a strangled sound and jumping back. "Who are you?!"

Her head lolled to the side as she took in the change of aura. "Sawada Chiyohime, although I do prefer to be called Chiyo. Nice to meet you. I'll be attending this class from now onwards."

The yellow octopus calmed down before openly appraising her. "And I'm Koro-sensei, your teacher for all subjects except for P.E, and," he paused and Chiyo could hear the smirk in his voice, "your target."

Chiyo merely smiled knowingly. "It seems you rather enjoy dramatics."

Koro-sensei froze.

The rest of the class snorted. Her words hit the nail on the head.

"Time is money, Koro-sensei," Chiyo advised softly, "and it seems we should be starting class now."

In agreement with her words, the bell rang, signalling the start of the first period.

"Nurufufufu," Koro-sensei laughed, "It seems that you too are an interesting character."

The laugh stunned her a bit. She was reminded of both Mukuro and Daemon and she wondered if the person before her would hold the same personality traits as the two mists. Chiyo watched him thoughtfully.

This...really would be interesting.

Class started without a hitch following their little interaction and Chiyo had to breathe out in relief at the style of teaching. It was easy to follow, not as fast as the main building's style, nor as torturous as Reborn's. Frankly speaking, she was more than a little pleased that she wouldn't have to face Reborn's spartan tutoring as much anymore.

It was mid-way through class that Chiyo noted Karma moving to draw his gun. She internally scoffed. That draw was quick but his movements following that were a little slow. By the time he had it up to shoot, Koro-sensei would have already noticed. Not to mention, it was a little stupid to try another assassination attempt so quickly after the first one. The target would be on guard.

Like she had predicted, Koro-sensei's tentacles extended (Chiyo made a quick note that the target could extend his tentacles. That would be a definite pain) and quickly disengaged Karma's gun from his hand.

"Ah, Karma-kun. The span between drawing your gun and firing is much too slaw. I had time to spare so I gave you some nail art."

Chiyo focused her gaze on the boy's nails and found them meticulously done. She looked up at the octopus with a glare because it was illegal to get nails done that perfectly when he had tentacles. She couldn't get her nails done properly with human hands.

"Eh?" a flustered look crossed the octopus's face. "Did I do something wrong Chiyo-san? Why are you looking at me like that?"

She ducked her head instead with an inaudible grumble.

It was during the break between second and third period that a few of the girls made their way to her. The group mainly consisted of Nakamura, Kayano, and Hinano. Chiyo smiled charmingly at the girls.


They all returned her greetings as they made a semi-circle around her desk. All three of them held curiosity in their gazes.

"You know, Chiyo-chan," Nakamura began, "when we heard that there was going to be a student transferring from the main building, you weren't quite the person we were expecting."

Amusement was laced into Chiyo's eyes as she regarded the three girls. "Let me guess, you were expecting someone who looks down on all of you." She cocked her head to the side. "Sorry to disappoint."

Kayano smacked her back good naturedly and Chiyo had to resist the urge to stiffen. "Thank goodness. I think we'll get along really well."


"But you know, Chiyo-chan, I don't remember seeing you at all in our first or second year," Hinano pointed out, "Did you transfer to Kunigigaoka this year?"

Chiyo hummed an affirmative. "I only recently moved here."

"Oh? Where'd you come from?" Nakamura asked.

"Namimori. It's a small town not too far from here," Chiyo answered with a small wave of her hand.

"Never heard of it," Nakamura said. "It must be really small."

Chiyo thought back to her hometown. The place where many adventures first began and she chuckled. "Not particularly."

"So why'd ya move here?" Kayano questioned with her hands behind her back.

She pursed her lips, not quite wanting to answer the question. It wasn't because the question was bad per se, but rather that it was Kayano (no, that's not her name, her intuition hissed) who asked it. Chiyo mentally reminded herself that the girl was questioning out of genuine interest.

"My brother found a job here," Chiyo lied smoothly.

"What about your parents?" Hinano continued.

"Still in Namimori," she answered, this time truthfully. It had been a few years since her father had stepped down from his position as CEDEF leader and retired back to their little home in Namimori. Chiyo was not the most fond of the man but she had to admit he made her mother happy. "They weren't quite willing to give up the peaceful town."

She snickered then and the three girls who were watching her wondered why. There seemed to be a joke that they were missing but Chiyo did not seem to want to elaborate and instead switched topics.

"Speaking of, you wouldn't happen to know of any sweet shops nearby would you?" Chiyo questioned. "If I don't find any decent place soon, I'm going to die of sugar withdrawal."

Kayano's eyes sparkled.

Chiyo's dimmed.

Fourth period was home economics, a subject that Chiyo would narcissistically admit that she was flawless in. Having been taught by both her mother and the world famous chefs that Reborn had originally hired for her brother made sure of that. Chiyo found herself in a small group that consisted of Karma, Nagisa, Nakamura, and Sugino.

Through a rather strange turn of events, Chiyo found herself taking charge of the food preparation. Although Nagisa, Nakamura, and Sugino were a great help in the kitchen, it seemed as though Karma was more interested in another assassination attempt.

It, obviously, was a failure and instead, Karma was dressed up in a rather frilly apron against his will. The sight had her laughing quietly as she added a few more ingredients into the soup. The embarrassed expression on the redhead's face was worth gold and she wished she could have captured it for future blackmail material.

My thoughts are becoming like Reborn's, she idly thought as she poured the now finished soup into the different bowls. Quietly, she took a sip and hummed in satisfaction.

"This smells so good!" Nakamura exclaimed as she greedily took her bowl. She had a taste and her eyes widened. "And this tastes good too. What the hell, Chiyo? This is like what you'd get at a restaurant!"

Sugino wholeheartedly agreed. "I don't think I've ever tasted such good soup in my life."

"You did rather well, Chiyo-san," Nagisa complimented in a more mild manner than the previous two.

Chiyo let the compliments come her way with a pleased expression. "Thank you."

The exclamations had heads turning their way. Koro-sensei was quick to appear by their side and try the soup as well. His face turned orange with a red circle. The first few times Chiyo had seen his face change colour, she blanked out for a good few moments. However, she quickly got out of it and took the changing colours in stride.

"Are you sure you used the same recipe, Chiyo-san?" Koro-sensei questioned with a laugh. His tentacles moved for one of the soup bowls.

Chiyo's hands moved to smack the octopus's offending tentacle away but the inhuman was quick to remove it out of the way. "It's rude to try and steal other's food, Koro-sensei. Make your own if you want some."

"But I just-"

"Are you planning on taking food from a few middle schoolers, Koro-sensei?" Chiyo taunted. "That's rather low of you, don't you think?"

His face turned a shade of blue as he began sweating and backing up. "No, no, not at all Chiyo-san."

"You're rather good at scolding others, aren't you, Chiyo-chan?" Sugino pointed out with a sweatdrop.

The comment drew a laugh out of Chiyo as she fixed him with a look. "You don't even know half of it."

Karma's assassination attempts continued to fail and Chiyo had to wonder just what the boy was trying to achieve. The prize money of ten billion yen was definitely inviting but considering what she had found about his personality, it wasn't the true answer. No, there was something more to Karma's vigorous attempts than what met the eyes.

However, that wasn't her problem. So when the end of the day came, she left the classroom and decided to take a stroll around the mountain, delaying the inevitable meeting with Reborn.

Of course, she should've known that Reborn had been on the mountain the entire time.


Chiyo tensed before puffing her cheeks. "Reborn."

She turned to face him only to see the tall man focusing his eyes in the direction of the school building. There was this smirk on his face and a shine in his eyes that showed just how intrigued he really was.

"That octopus...is a little interesting," he murmured before looking at her. "And it seems that there are quite a few guardian candidates for the picking." His smirk widened. "They're still a little rough around the edges but I'm sure that we can beat them into shape."

Chiyo's expression turned cold and she fixated a glare on him. "Do not forget your contract with Tsuna-nii. You can't drag civilians into this."

Leon transformed into a small mallet and Reborn whacked her over the head with it. "Is that anyway to talk to your tutor? Hmm~ BakaChi?" He let out a small huff of amusement. "There's something interesting going on nearby."

Chiyo massaged her head, tears pricking her eyes as she held back her urge to stick her tongue out at him. She dropped her head in defeat instead.

"You should get running BakaChi," Reborn warned in a sing-songy voice and the previous mallet turned into a gun. He pointed it at her.

"But I don't even know where to go?!" Chiyo shrieked as Reborn started to shoot at her feet.

Her legs started moving on autopilot. Reborn continued to shoot dangerously close to her feet. Thank goodness his gun had a perfect silencer so no sounds were made. She didn't know how she'd explain to others the situation she was currently in.

Due to well shot bullets, Chiyo was led to the edge of a clearing where she noted Karma, Nagisa, and Koro-sensei stood. Reborn had vanished from her side and she was left to watch the scene before her unfold with curious eyes.

"...I'd just like to confirm it, but, Koro-sensei, you're a teacher, right?"

Koro-sensei's previously striped face turned back to normal as he answered the boy in slight confusion. "Yes."

Karma stood up on the overhanging tree and Chiyo frowned. One misstep and the boy would fall and die.

"So would a teacher put his life on the line to protect his students?"

Chiyo's eyes widened. Oh, oh, this was interesting. If Karma was going to do what she thinks she will, then it would be rather interesting. However, Chiyo glanced at the always grinning octopus. With his speed, she could think of quite a few ways to save Karma without bringing harm onto himself.

"Of course, a teacher's a teacher after all," Koro-sensei replied.

Karma drew out his gun. "I see. That's good. In that case, I can definitely-"

He stepped off the branch.

And he was falling.

"-kill you."

Chiyo quickly moved to the edge to see Karma with a very maniacal grin on his face as he fell. She faintly heard a victorious laugh rip itself from Karma's throat and Chiyo had to wonder just what exactly caused the boy to come up with such a plan.

There was a flash of yellow and suddenly a web made of tentacles caught Karma.

"Karma-kun, the deliberation you put into this assassination was magnificent. If I had rescued at the speed of sound, your body wouldn't have been able to withstand it. On the other hand, if I took my time saving you, I would be shot in the interim. So, Sensei tried using a bit of stickiness."

Chiyo's face blanked. What can those damn tentacles not do?! If she doesn't get a sample of those things anytime soon, she will go crazy. She had to know just what exactly those things were made of.

"Like this, you can't shoot me. Nurufufufufufu." Koro-sensei leered at Karma. "Ah, by the way. For me, the option to abandon you doesn't exist. Believe in me and jump whenever you like."

Chiyo cocked her head to the side as Koro-sensei brought Karma back onto solid ground. She watched for a few moments as Koro-sensei instigated Karma, but there was something different about the boy.

His previous rage was gone.

She manipulated her flames to reach out and brush the boy's and felt the simmering familiarity of storm flames. The boy flinched and his eyes shot around the clearing but she had hidden herself well amidst the forest. Pulling her flames back into herself, she wryly smiled.

"Storms and their reckless ideas," she huffed before spinning on her heel and making her way down the mountain.

From back in the clearing, Koro-sensei watched her retreating back with knowing eyes.

Here's the thing- I have no plot. I have vague scenes.

But no plot.

And honestly, it's been years since I watched Assassination Classroom so I don't even remember much of the plot. I only got inspired because my brothers had been watching the show recently. And like I said before, this fic may or may not be updated afterwards. I'm not really sure.

I'm also sorry if the writing quality isn't the best. I've only recently gotten back into writing.

Another note, in this fic, Chiyo flares her flames and brushes them against others. And basically, this is my thought process. Everyone's unconsciously emitting flames because they're people's wills to live and I feel like it should be more than internal. Except, these flames are very faint and have no corporeal form nor are they visible nor can they actually do anything. But they can 'feel'. And the way to distinguish between flames is by their characteristics (clouds are volatile, suns are energetic, etc...) And these flames are usually mistaken as 'auras' from those few individuals who are actually able to see them. Idk, I just feel like that should be stated.

Oh, and if you brush your flames against someone else, they can feel it, hence the flinching from both Karma and Kayano when Chiyo did so.