Mei on a Mission

Mei watched as her older sister, Satsuki, burst into tears. Granny comforted Satsuki. The four-year old was confused. She rarely saw her sister cry, maybe even never. Satsuki was the one that usually comforted her when she was crying. Why was her sister crying now?

Mei then looked at the ear of corn that she held in her hands and realized something. She remembered their fight earlier. Satsuki had yelled at her when she informed her that their mother wasn't coming home from the hospital. Mei knew that her sister was right. It couldn't be helped. Her mother's doctors and nurses were doing the best that they could to make her mom better so she could come home. Satsuki was just scared and upset that the planned visit was being delayed just like Mei was. But Satsuki didn't need to be so mean about it. She didn't need to call Mei a baby and storm off, leaving her little sister to cry.

Mei thought about this for a while and grew determined. She wasn't a baby! She'll show Satsuki by going to the hospital. She knew that the corn would make her mom better, just like Granny said that it would. Her mom would then come home and she, Satsuki and her dad will play and be a happy family again just like before. With her mind made up, and slipping her feet into her sandals, the little girl ran off.

After running for a while, Mei was exhausted. Where was the hospital? She just didn't know. She was lost, scared and alone. She sat down by some Jizo statues to rest.

The two little Totoro spirits who Mei was chasing days before saw her sitting all alone in the middle of nowhere. The littler white spirit wanted to leave but the medium sized one shook his head. Though the little girl scared them before, he knew that she was nice deep down and was just excited to see them. Plus, he remembered that she was there with her older sister when they and Totoro were helping the seeds grow that one night. She wasn't a threat to them then, so she couldn't be all that bad.

The white spirit knew that the older one was right. He knew that they couldn't just leave her. She was too young. They didn't want to get too close in case that she got overly excited and started chasing them again, so they stayed at a safe distance.

"Mei!" They then heard someone shout in the distance. They recognized that voice as the older girl from that night. They saw the little girl stand up, call for her, call for her again in a sadder tone, then burst out crying. They both felt bad about this. Maybe it won't be bad if they got closer. They just wanted to comfort her in her time of need.

They were about to go over to her when the older girl shouted the younger sister's name again. They all looked up and saw Catbus with the bigger girl inside of it. They then watched the reunion, both happy that she was safe and happy once again.

After they saw Catbus with the two girls onboard zoom off, they knew it was time to go themselves. And with that, they both went off.

"Look!" Mei said, pointing down at the spirits in the field. "The baby Totoros!" Her sister saw them as well and smiled.

"Maybe they saw that you were lost and stayed with you until we arrived."

"You think so? I didn't see them." Satsuki sat back down and shrugged.

"Maybe." Mei smiled and poked her head down to wave at them.

"THANKS!" She yelled down at them. "THANKS FOR WATCHING OVER ME!" Satsuki leaned over the window and shouted her thanks as well.

"YEAH, THANKS!" She yelled. "I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!" The two spirits stopped and looked up at them. They both smiled, waved back up at them and went off.

"Satsuki?" Her sister asked. Satsuki looked at her young sister.


"Do you think this corn is really magic and can make Mom all better?"

"Oh yeah, just like Granny said." Mei looked at the corn and a big smile was on her face.

"Yeah." She agreed. "You're right. The corn will make Mommy feel better. It has to; just like Granny said!"

"Well, we better go." Satsaki told her sister after they had watched their mom and dad from the hospital window with Catbus from the tree. Mei looked at her.

"But we didn't give Mom her corn yet." She complained.

"We can leave it for her on the windowsill."

"Are you sure? Will she know that it's for her?"

"Of course, her name is on it." She remembered them putting her name on the side earlier.

"You're right! It is!"

After Satsuki placed the ear of corn on the windowsill, her sister called for her to hurry up.

"Coming!" Satsuki called back. She looked at her parents still chatting to each other.

Get better, Mom. She thought to herself. Get better, soon please and come home. Mei, Dad and I need you to. And with that she went back to her sister and Catbus.