Screen Title: #SinjinMovesIn

Cat is putting on her clothes as she is getting ready for school

Sam: Getting ready for school, Cat?

Cat: Yes. You getting ready for online college?

Sam: Cat I didn't do online college. I'm 20 years old.

Doorbell Rings

Cat: Ding dong.

Sam: Who's here?

Cat: I'll go see.

Cat opens the door and on the other side is Sinjin Van Cleef

Sinjin: Hey Cat.

Cat: Hi Sinjin. What are you doing here?

Sinjin: I got kicked out of my house.

Sam: Oh that's terrible.

Sinjin: Can I crash here with you two?

Cat: Can't you stay with Burf?

Sinjin: I tried. His parents don't like me.

Cat: I guess you can stay here. Right Sam?

Sam: Eh whatever.

Sinjin: Thanks Cat. You heading off to school?

Cat: Yes.

Sinjin: Don't you have to go to school?

Sam: I'm 20.

Sinjin: Oh.

Cat: I'll be back after school.

Sam: Have fun.

Cat: Thanks.

Cat leaves

Sinjin: I like your blonde hair.

Sam: Don't take this the wrong way but I have a boyfriend.

Sinjin: Oh.

Sam: Plus you're a little weird.

Sinjin: I get it.

A few hours later, Cat and Jade walk in from school

Cat: I'm home from school.

Jade: Wow Sinjin is living here.

Sinjin: Hi Jade.

Jade: No.

Sam: How was school?

Cat: Fun.

Jade: Sikowitz assigned us another project.

Sinjin: What's the project?

Cat: It's...

Jade: Don't tell him.

Sam: Cat can I talk to you private.

Cat: Sure. Jade don't kill Sinjin while we're gone.

Jade: No promises.

In the bedroom

Cat: What did you want to talk about?

Sam: How long is Sinjin staying here?

Cat: I don't know.

Sam: He's okay but he's weird.

Cat: I know.

Sam: He's weirder than Robbie. I can tolerate him.

Cat: Just wait a few days. He just got kicked out. And he's a friend of mine.

Sam: Well if he stays here for more than a week, I'm gonna snap.

Cat: Just give him time.

Sam: Okay.

They walk out

Jade: There I didn't kill him.

Cat: So Sinjin how long are you staying here?

Sinjin: Until I can be let back in my house.

Sam: How old are you?

Sinjin: 19.

Sam: Don't you think you should find your own place.

Sinjin: Uhh...

Jade: I'm going to meet up with Beck at Nozu. See you at school tomorrow Cat.

Cat: Bye Jade.

Jade walks out

Sinjin: Hey isn't this the set of That's a Drag?

Sam: Yes? Cat was upset that it got canceled, so I went down and managed to get the whole set here.

Sinjin: Aw aren't you sweet.

Sam pulls Sinjin to her face

Sam: Don't call me sweet.

Sinjin: I didn't.

We now cut a few days

Sam: Are you moving in here permanently?

Sinjin: Just until I can find a place to live.

Cat: We haven't babysat since then.

Sam: Cat I need to talk to you.

Cat: Kay Kay.

In the bedroom

Sam: It's been a week. How much longer is he staying here?

Cat: I don't know. He said once a house is available, then he'll move out.

Sam: We got to go find a place for him to stay. He haven't babysat for a week and we need money for our bills.

Cat: I can see if Jade can help.

Jade: Help you with what?

Sam: How did you get in?

Jade: Through your window. What do you need my help with?

Cat: To find a place for Sinjin to stay so he can move out.

Jade: I saw an apartment for rent a few miles down.

Sam: I'll go tell him.

Sam, Cat, and Jade goes back in the living room

Cat: Sinjin pack your stuff.

Sinjin: Why?

Sam: We found a place for you to live.

Jade: It's 5 miles away.

Sinjin: Sweet. I'll go pack.

After Sinjin packs, they go to the apartment

Jade: There you go.

Sam: It's $200 a month.

Cat: You can move in right away.

Sinjin: Thanks for letting me crash with you.

Sam: Thanks for leaving.

Sinjin unpacks his stuff and sees Burf

Burf: Sinjin?

Sinjin: Burf?

Burf: What are you doing here?

Sinjin: I'm moving here.

Burf: So did I.

Sinjin: I guess we're roommates.

Burf: Sweet.

Cat: They're very weird for each other.

Jade drives off

Cat: Did you know Burf was there?

Jade: Yes. I bribed him.

Sam: Good.

Cat: Thanks for helping us Jade.

Jade: Don't mention it.

Sam: Wanna go to Nozu?

Cat: I thought you don't like sushi.

Sam: Did I say I want sushi?

Cat: No.

Jade: Nozu it is.

Note: This is a partial crossover between Victorious and Sam & Cat but the only Victorious characters appearing (excluding Cat) are Sinjin, Jade, and Burf. However, Sikowitz, Beck, and Robbie are mentioned

Note #2: Freddie Benson from iCarly is mentioned but not by name

Note #3: Dice does not appear nor is he mentioned

Note #4: Nozu from Victorious is mentioned as Jade goes to meet Beck there and at the end where Sam, Cat, and Jade all go there