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And I gotta say episode 45 was a very bittersweet thing for the Aruto x Izu ship. Since the data, memory and personality of the old Izu is essentially gone forever, making her developing relationship with Aruto all smothered away into nothingness and for Aruto to cope with her death by creating a new Izu who is basically a blank slate. But at the very least, he did come back to the light and could create a brand new start with the new Izu from zero to one. (I know bad Aruto joke)

I will admit that I may be a little harsh on Horobi since he did appeared to look hesitate from firing the arrow at Izu and that he finally admits and accepts his faults during his final fight with Aruto as Ark Scorpion, but he's still down on my list for favorite MetsuboJinrai members for what he did. Though he did step back up a bit, he is still below Ikazuchi. And much as I wanted him to be destroyed, I fully respect Aruto's decision to spare him and gave him a second chance in life, let's just hope Jin can keep an eye on him. Besides, I realized that if Aruto does destroy him then he would be betraying Izu's wish to make him happy and laugh earnestly from his so called 'heart'.

After seeing Naki trying to slap some sense into Aruto, lending their Zetsumerize Key to Fuwa and joining A.I.M.S as the new Technical Advisor. I have more respect for them now, though I still think they and Ikazuchi need more screen time, but the two of them are still memorable nonetheless. And hopefully Jin could keep Horobi in check since I'm still skeptical of him, but what really caught my interest is that Azu is still on the lose and a new Rider appeared. I'll try not to spoil too much, but I have a gut feeling that it will all be in the Zero-One standalone movie.

I also made some modifications to the previous chapter, because one of the reviews said that a certain scene in it was a little awkward. So I took the reviewer's advice and changed it up a bit along with adding a few more scenes, so let me know if it does look better or not.

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Almost an hour has passed as Jin was running through the streets, until he finally reached to the entrance of Daybreak Town where he sees all of his colleagues waiting for him "How long have all of you been here?" Jin asked perplexedly.

"Long enough for me to get away from those A.I.M.S jerks. If Thouser hadn't sent all of his troops to fight Horobi here, I wouldn't have come back here in one piece." Ikazuchi said annoyingly "Speaking of which." He said as he turned to Horobi and Naki "Have you two found out where my ForceRiser and ZetsumeriseKey are?" he asked.

Naki nodded "We have, but it is unfortunately moved to the HIDEN Intelligence building instead of ZAIA's. So we have to get it from there next time." they confirmed.

"Darn it!" Ikazuchi said in frustration.

"We'll retrieved it for another time. Right now we have other plans." Horobi proclaimed as all four of them headed back to their hideout under Daybreak Town. Once inside of their Headquarters, Horobi inserts a USB hard-drive into his computer while Ikazuchi inserted another one alongside it. Soon the screen display a loading bar as the computer tries to process the downloaded data.

"It seemed to be a success." Horobi said confidently before he turned his focused to his son "Jin, have you obtained any resource and information for the Ark's revival?" He asked.

Jin only shook no "I'm sorry Horobi, but I have not find anything useful for the Ark." he honestly said.

Horobi looked down a bit "Disappointing, but not quite unexpected." he said before looking back up to Jin "However, are there any information in regards to Zero-One at all? Perhaps a new power, ProgriseKey or maybe even...a weakness?" he asked.

Jin eyes widened, one thing that popped into his mind was the moment between Aruto and his secretary "No, nothing like that at all." he lied through his teeth, but Naki seemed to noticed it.

"Well, that blows." Ikazuchi exclaimed as he kicks away a toolbox nearby.

But Horobi didn't appeared to mind "No matter. We have all we need, we can begin the process now." he said as he turned back to his computer to press the enter button on the keyboard as the bar began to load.

Feeling uneasy, Jin decides to turned away "Please excuse me." he spoke to his allies as he left the room.

"What's up with him?" Ikazuchi said while Horobi was thinking along the same lines.

"I will proceed him" Naki incline as they tail behind him.

Naki followed Jin outside of the main room and in the sewer like hallways where they see their friend in question sitting on a pavement alone "Jin, is something the matter?" they asked, approaching the slummed Jin.

"It's nothing Naki...Nothing at all." Jin dismisses the former engineer Humagear as he stared down the ground.

Naki read his expressions "Does it involved with Aruto Hiden and his secretary Izu?" they assumed.

Which got Jin of guard "What? How did you know?" he asked in surprised.

Naki smirked a bit "I recalled your task was to spy on Zero-One. You might have witnessed something that involved with him and his secretary." they stated.

Feeling uncomfortable, Jin began to stumbled in his words "What? Where did you get that idea!?" he asked frantically.

"I came across Fuwa and Yaiba before breaking into ZAIA and hacked their security code with Horobi." Naki answered calmly "They were concerned for Zero-One's well being and believed that his secretary Izu was somehow involved in all. So, I aided them by coming up with the most likely assumptions that are matched with Aruto Hiden's status." they revealed.

Jin's eyes darted around the place " knew about their...affection for each other?" he asked awkwardly.

Naki then approaches him "I only made six possibilities for Fuwa and Yaiba to guest, I wasn't entirely sure of it myself." they clarified the statement "But it appears that you have confirmed at least one or more of my assumptions to be correct." they said in a bit of amusement.

Jin sighed in defeat, seeing that Naki caught onto him "Alright, you got me. I saw it for myself, they do have something between them." he admitted.

Suddenly, Naki sat down beside Jin "Emotions such as passion and love can be exploited, it can be used against one another from what I have gathered." Naki stated before they turned to Jin "Horobi might find it to be a useful weakness for Zero-One. So why did you not informed him about it?" they curiously asked.

Taking in deep breaths, Jin decided to talk "I...don't know. But it didn't feel right to me for some reason." he began to explain "It feels...wrong to use something like that against them." he said.

His allied blinked a few times as their ear module beeps and flashes "Do you believed it is something valuable?" Naki asked "Something to be protected? to be cherished?" they wondered.

Jin nodded "Hum, I want to liberate all Humagears from humanity's grasp. But...what if the other Humagears don't want that?" he wondered "What if they want to have a new start with the humans?" he assumed.

Naki then stared up at the ceiling "I do not have an answer to that. But I do believe that there is a unique kind of connection between us Humagears." There eyes then focuses back on Jin "The fact that we're having this conversation right now is proof enough." they pointed out.

Jin looked at them curiously "You really think so, Naki?" he questioned his ally.

Naki nodded confidently "But the real question here is...can we form that same connection with the humans?" they wondered, Naki was aware of humans who abuses them like Gai. But they also knew humans who respects them like Fuwa, which is ironic since he once despised Humagears too like Gai.

"If Izu could do it with Aruto Hiden, then I think anyone of us could." Jin proclaimed positively with Naki returning a smile to him.

Footsteps echoed the hallway as the two looked up to see both Horobi and Ikazuchi approaching them "Have you two resolved something?" Horobi asked.

"Yes, we have." Naki confirmed as they stood up.

"If you guys don't mind to fuel us in as to what both of you are talking about?" Ikazuchi asked with his arms crossed.

Jin was about to answered, but Naki beat to him "We were discussing on the process of how we could obliterate the humans from existence and how we Humagears can be free from Humanity's grasp." Naki calmly stated as they turned their head to Jin and gave him a smirk and a wink, much to Jin's surprise before focusing back to Horobi.

"No need for that, right now we have all that we need to resurrect the Ark." Horobi proclaimed "Once he is revived, he will shepherd us Humagears to a new world." he declared proudly.

"Affirmative." Naki responded with a bow while Jin nodded unsure.

"We can all call it for today. For tomorrow will be the beginning of our crusade." Horobi announced as all three of his colleagues nodded and headed separately to their quarters, waiting for the data to be fully downloaded for the Ark to rise.

But unbeknownst to the four Humagears, the Ark had overheard everything, especially Jin and Naki's little conversation. The computer screen in the main base began to glitch as it formed the main insignia of Metsubojinrai dot net.

"What an interesting development." An ominous male voice said within the computer screen "Aruto Hiden has developed a special connection with his Humagear Secretary. Perhaps this could be useful after all." the voice said as files began to appeared on the computer screen with some of them labeled as 'Azu' and 'Ark-One'.

Back in Hiden Manufacturing, Izu was sitting patiently next to Aruto, who was lying unconscious on the couch with a couple of bandages on his right hand, his chest, abdomen and back. She couldn't believed Aruto got hurt for her and this wasn't the first time either, he constantly got in harms way to protect her, but now he literally almost lost his life because of her.

She heard groaning as she looked back at him, seeing him starting to move and slowly open his eyes "I-Izu?" he said with a raspy voice.

"President Aruto, are you alright?" she asked softly.

Aruto smiles as he slowly sit back up, only to flinch from his stinging wounds "Yeah, I'm good Izu." he insisted as he looked around and noticed someone not present "Hey...where's Jin?" he asked.

"He left as soon as he helped me to bandaged you. He said that he had business to attend to." she answered him.

Aruto sighed in relief "Well, it's a good thing he came around." he said as he fully sat up "Otherwise I might not make it." the president noted as he saw Izu's slight sour expression "Izu...are you okay?" he asked concernedly.

"Aruto not do anything like that again." Izu said disapprovingly.

Realizing what she meant, Aruto raised both hands up "I'm sorry Izu! But I couldn't grab the Zero-One Driver in time before he attacked you. And I let my guard down when I tried to catch it" he tried to defend himself.

But the secretary didn't budged "If you do anything like that again...then I won't forgive you." Izu pouted as she turned her head away from him.

"I already said I'm sorry!" the young president whined while he claped his hands together and bowed down.

"Nonetheless." Izu said, getting his attention as she turned back to him "Thank you...for saving me again." she gratefully said before appearing to be upset "And I apologized for getting you harmed again."

Feeling somewhat relief, Aruto sighs and smiled back "How many times do I have to tell you, it's okay Izu. It's not that big of a deal." He said with a reassuring smile "Since in a way, you also saved me." he stated.

This caught Izu's attention "How so president?" she asked in wondered.

Aruto looked at his main work desk "I remembered the day when we first met. I was fired from the amusement park, with no job and my whole comedian career have fallen apart." he said solemnly, but brighten up as he turned to Izu "But then you showed up. You've given me a new hope, a new purpose, to bring laughs and smiles in ways that I would have never thought of." he said with a warm smile.

Izu was captivated by Aruto's kind words "You really mean it, sir?" she said.

The young man chuckled happily "Of course I mean it! I could never imagine how my life would have turned out without you." He said as he firmly placed both hands on her shoulders "Because you've completed my life, my dreams heart." he said sincerely.

The Secretary Humagear have no words to respond to his confession. She never knew just how much she meant to him, or how much she inspired him to be who he is right now. The goals and dreams he sought to achieved with her by his side, were all made because of her.

"Izu...about earlier." Aruto said, interrupting her mental thoughts before looking back at him "I know I said that I don't want to cross any boundaries. But I couldn't helped...but to be curious about it." he nervously said.

"Curious?" she asked.

Aruto began to ramble "I've never tried a kiss like that before, let alone with someone as beautiful as you are." he said with a flustered face.

"I am...beautiful?" Izu cooed.

The president nodded "Honestly, I even surprised myself when I could kiss you on your forehead like that." he admitted "And I know it sounds cheesy...but you really are the most gorgoneous person I've ever met." he joked around, but paused when he notices her perplexed look "Sorry, force of habit." he apologized.

Much to his joy, Izu didn't appeared to mind it at all. In fact, she smiles in amusement "That is a word play between Gorgonzola, a type of cheese and the word gorgeous. Since you've mentioned it along with the word cheesy." she explains the gag.

Despite how much Aruto didn't like her explaining his jokes, he couldn't helped but to smile at her usual antics "And that's why you gotta have Aruto!" The two said in unison as they pointed at each other, leaving both of them to giggled with one another.

Eventually, the two subside their giggling as they regain their focus on each other "So, I guess it won't hurt if we tried it only once. With no one around?" Aruto said as he begins to blush.

Izu thought about it before she nodded "I...suppose so." she agrees.

Aruto sighed as he gathered all of his emotions "Izu...I." He was about to said when an index finger tenderly placed on his lips. Stopping him as he glanced at Izu's eyes who in turn smiled sweetly, he realized that she knew what he was going to say before slowly removing her finger from his lips. The two made eye contact for a while as the Humagear Secretary made her first move, she then starts to lean towards him.

Aruto got the message and he complied, he mimicked Izu's actions simultaneously. The two were a few inch closer to one another, they slowly closed their eyes, trying to relax themselves as they were ready to feel each other's presence.


The front door was kicked open, revealing the two former A.I.M.S members barging in "YOU'RE GOING DOWN ZAIA BASTARD!" Fuwa boomed out as he and Yaiba raised their ShotRisers up, only for them to witness Aruto and Izu sitting face front before they both turned to them.

"Ummm..." Aruto awkwardly said as he and Izu stares at the two in puzzled.

"Hiden! Um..." Yaiba nervously said as she and Fuwa both put away their firearm and stood up normally "We thought Gai would came here and attack you two." she explained.

"Well he did, but Jin came by and helped out." Aruto said, revealing the bandages on his hand and chest area.

This got Fuwa of guard "Jin came here!? Me and Yaiba came across Horobi and Naki fighting of ZAIA's Raiders before coming back here." he stated.

"That would most likely mean that Metsubojinrai must have done something to ZAIA." Izu assumed.

Yaiba nodded "My thoughts exactly. They're making their move, but just what are they doing?" she said.

Fuwa sighed in frustration as he approaches Aruto "And just when things were getting calmed and quiet around here." he said as he handed the paper lunch bag to the President "Here's your order by the way, though it's almost past lunchtime." he commented while looking at the clock which appeared to be almost past 2 pm.

"Thanks Fuwa." Aruto said as he receives the bag.

"Just out of curiosity, what were you and Izu doing before we barge in." Fuwa asked, remembering the moment he and Yaiba saw when they busted in.

Aruto froze up as his hands began to nervously shake while holding his lunch bag "Oh that!? We were were." he was fumbling with his words again.

"We were discussing on extra precautions in regards to future attacks on ZAIA and Metsubojinrai." Izu stated falsely, much to Aruto's surprised.

Yaiba seemed a bit suspicious at her claimed, since they appeared to be way to close to each other to be discussing something that didn't required such closure.

But Fuwa appeared to buy it "Well that won't be a problem, cuz me and Yaiba are keeping an eye out for them." he confidently claimed.

Aruto nodded "Well, I guess we can all relax for now." he said as he got his cheese burger out "Because I'm famished right now!" he exclaims as Fuwa and Yaiba too get their lunch out their bags and began to chow down. Izu however seemed to be focusing on Aruto in a tendered matter.

As night falls, the four of them began to say goodbyes to each other as Fuwa and Yaiba were ready to head of "Thanks for being here you two." Aruto gratefully said.

"No problem prez, I've get to crush some ZAIA grunts at least." Fuwa replied with a smile.

"And it is nice to catch up with all of you again." Yaiba nodded as she agreed with her colleague.

"See you two later!" Aruto greeted as he waves his hand while Izu bowed down.

The two former A.I.M.S then left the building as they walked away and headed back to their perspective places. Though Fuwa still appeared to be bothered somehow "And we still don't know what's been bothering him yet. We should have asked him and Izu when we got the chance." he reminded her.

Yaiba nodded "Though we all just got out a fight from Gai, plus he was in an injured state. It wouldn't be a good idea to bombarded him with these kinds of questions." she pointed out.

Fuwa groaned, but decided to let it go "Fair enough, but still it would be nice to know what's going on between him and Izu." he stated.

Yaiba then stopped for a second as she thought about it for a moment. She recalled what Naki have said earlier today, the six possibility with what's been going on between Aruto and Izu. She began to piece things together and combined all the possibilities to give one solid confirmation as her eyes widened in realization 'Wait...could it be that he?' she thought in her mind as she turns her head back to where they have left and stares of from there.

"Yaiba!" her thoughts were interrupted by Fuwa as she looked back towards him "What's up?" he asked her.

She was about to explain her thoughts, but decides to let it slip "It's...It's nothing Fuwa." she dismissed it as she proceeds to walk with him again, though he appeared to be slightly skeptical of her.

Aruto locked all the doors and windows around the building, getting ready to close for the night "Well what a day today am I right Izu?" he said as he tries to stretch, only to flinched at the pain from his injuries.

"Aruto sir." Izu called out, getting his attention towards her "Could we presumed earlier?" she reminded him.

The young man was about to ask what she meant, until he recalls the moment they had before Fuwa and Yaiba bodged in "Oh yeah, that was a very close call by the way." he admitted it "If we've done it any later then they would have caught us." he said in relief.

Izu blinked in concern "Would it be unfortunate if anyone finds out about this? between us?" she asked.

The president paused for a moment, trying to think of an answer "I'm not sure of that myself. I mean I know we all have hearts and dreams, but I don't make all the rules here." he pointed out "For all I know, this could be a bigger violation than giving a Humagear the identity of an actual person without their permission." he said bitterly. Sure Fuwa and Yaiba are no longer apart of A.I.M.S or ZAIA, still it would be big trouble if anyone would have reported it to the federal government, especially if it's illegal.

" it considered...taboo for us to commit this...relationship?" Izu concluded in a saddened matter.

As much as he didn't want to see her sad, it is something he must accept "I'm afraid so Izu. Besides, even if you are a human like me. People would still get the wrong idea of us." he stated.

Izu tilt her head slightly "Wrong idea? What do you mean sir?" she asked confusedly.

Aruto winched, he was afraid that she would ask him something like that, he really didn't know how to explain it to her. Even if she was a normal human like him, this could spread rumors of how she would be sleeping with him to gain his affection, praises and to be at the top compared to other workers in the company. The fact that she's a Humagear would only make it worst and more controversial, plus people would think he has a gross fetish for Humagear women.

He began to muster his courage "It's very hard to explain Izu. It's just that. Even if do make ourselves known, what if people don't approve of us? What if we get ridiculed by society? Others would discriminate us, especially ZAIA, Metsubojinrai, maybe even the entire government. And-" He was about to further rant in panic until he felt Izu's hand on his left cheek. She then turned his head to face towards her, the two made eye contact for a moment, ignoring everything else around them as they solely focused on each other "Izu...what are you do-"

Izu closed her eyes as she raised her heels of the ground, standing on her toes to reach to Aruto's height and just like that, her lips gently touches his own. Aruto's eyes widened in shocked at the act as he stares back at her, but seeing how calm and passive Izu was, he slowly began to embrace it as he too closes his eyes and tenderly wrap his arms around her, bringing her closer to him to feel her full presence.

It was beyond anything that either of them have felt before, Aruto had never get to experienced such intimacy in his whole life. Since his biological parents were gone when he was at such a young age, while his Humagear-type adopted father have little to no understanding of it before his demised at Daybreak Town, along with his grandpa being too busy in HIDEN Intelligence to have time to taught him about it. Sure he had seen a few movies and real life couples done it, but he never get to grasped on the feeling before.

Izu on the other hand could not comprehend the mix of emotions within her, she knew that this will be a new sensation for her to face and that she be willing to commit it for her president. She has searched up on how many people like it or how much it makes them feel happy and joyful. But to actually experienced it first hand, she's starting to understand why humans find this so enjoyable.

Not to mentioned the fact that they have never done it with their own perspective group. Being a Humagear, Izu would have no reason to ever tried it with another A.I android before and Aruto was never taught about it or tried to get into a relationship before. So they don't have a referenced to which side they preferred more and they like it that way, it all makes the moment feel more special to them. Eventually, the two parted their lips from one another, but they were still entranced by each other's gaze.

"Izu..." Aruto muttered in pure bliss.

"President Aruto, it doesn't matter how others would make of us." Izu kindly said "Because we will leap towards our dreams, to see everyone laugh and smile from their heart. Whether they are people or Humagears, and we will do it...together." said Izu as she gently rested her head on his chest with a smile on her face.

Seeing how peaceful she was, Aruto smiles in returned as he tenderly rest his right hand on her head "Hum, you're right Izu." he agreed as they closed their eyes and held each other close, feeling the warm embrace from within.

Author's note: The final main chapter for this fanfiction has been done, but this doesn't mean it is entirely over yet, because there will be a bonus chapter later on.

I originally didn't plan on writing the very last part and only ended where Aruto, Fuwa and Yaiba having their lunch. But after seeing the (obvious) results from the poll, it would be a dick move on my part for making Fuwa and Yaiba interrupt the two's moment and just leave it there. So I make up for it by writing up the very end where Aruto and Izu do finally get to kiss.

And it would be a bittersweet thing for Aruto and Izu to kiss like that for the first time, considering that it might also very well be their last kiss. Especially now that the old Izu is gone for good and I'm uncertain with how things will turn out with the new Izu. They probably pull something of in the movie on December or future installments, because episode 45 still bugs me a lot and apart of me wished that they could bring back the old Izu somehow. It only made me want to see more of Zero-One and I don't think I'm ready to move onto Saber now.

Quite honestly, I'm still mourning over the old Izu. I know there are other deaths that are permanent like Ankh, Koyomi, Chase and several more, but they didn't made me cry as much as I had for Izu and I still don't know why. Maybe because I got connected with her a lot more, maybe I have a crush on her, maybe I ship her with Aruto and I empathized with his feelings of losing her or maybe a combination of all of them. The only reason I'm still sane right now was because I have to constantly watch sitcom comedy shows from my childhood. But I'm gonna stop here before I get out of hand.

Anyways as stated before, there will be a bonus chapter after this chapter that takes place right after episode 45. Now that the Zero-One standalone movie will be coming out this December and the appearance of a new Rider in the end of episode 45, it gave me a gut feeling that the movie will take place after the final episode of the main series like Ex-Aid's movie: True Ending. Then there is a possibility of a second bonus chapter taking place after the movie, depending on how the plot of the movie plays out. So keep an eye out for that!

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