It was another slow day at Bob's Burgers, the Belcher family was doing their usual thing, while the kids were at one of the tables, with Teddy, Bob's regular, currently being the only customer in the restaurant. The Burger of the Day was the Space Roast Toast to Toast Burger (roasted meat with toasted buns).

"So, another slow day huh Bob?" Teddy mentioned.

"Yes Teddy I can see that. It's because it's quiet in here with no one talking and all that. It's really pretty obvious." Bob Belcher sighed.

"Hey, on the bright side, this is a fanfic, where absolutely anything can happen!" Linda Belcher mentioned. "Maybe a whole bunch of people will suddenly show up out of nowhere or something!"

Bob turned to his wife. "Linda, do you really think that-"

"Ahhhh! This is a piece of fanfiction!?" Teddy gasped, interrupting Bob. "So we're all just words for people to read and people have to use their imaginations to picture us?"

Bob sighed. "Yes Teddy that's how a fanfic works-"

"But I don't wanna be in a fanfic!" Teddy continued.

"Teddy, it's ok, why would you-"

"What if they picture us wrong? What if they never watched the show?"

"Teddy I'm sure smart people would-"

"What if they decide to picture me different? Or with a different voice?"

"They're not...gonna...not if they-"

"Or what if they picture me wearing a clown suit!"

"Teddy don't start making stuff up or-"

"The reader is picturing me as a clown now aren't they? I don't wanna be a clown!"

"Teddy it's just that a fanfic is-"

"I don't want a big red nose!"

"Why would you be against- if they only- it isn't can-"

"I want to be pictured correctly and my voice sounding exactly like they heard it on the show!"

"I'm sure that they did-"

"And what about Linda? What if they picture her as-"

"Oh my god..." Bob groaned, giving up after being pulled into another awkward speech moment.

Meanwhile, Gene, Tina and Louise Belcher were doing their own thing. Tina was on a laptop, typing into a word document.

"So, what'cha writing this time, Tina?" Louise asked, leaning over to see.

"Just some fan fiction about boys' butts ripping big farts everywhere, just because they can, and no one needs fart fuel to do it." Tina mentioned.

"Boy farts are overrated! Girl farts! Girl farts!" Gene raised his arms.

"You two are so fucking gross. You'd have to be a stupid douche bag who's lost their shitty mind to actually be into farts! Like, a total asshole or something!" Louise ranted in disgust.

"Gasshole!" Gene declared.

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with liking farts! Sure it's not something to share openly but it's just who I am. Who some people are. Nothing you can do about that. So don't get all prejudiced about it, god!" Tina fumed.

"To getting out farts and getting out of character! Sometimes!" Gene declared.

"Heh heh, yeah I figured. I was just being a bunny eared bitch." Louise elbowed Tina. "Besides, maybe you can write about Gene's butt farting all over you!"

Tina paused. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." she moaned, finding the idea to be very uncomfortable for certain reasons.

"You really are a bunny eared bitch, and I totally accept that! Sometimes! Not all the time! You get the idea!" Gene declared.

"Kiss up." Louise teased him.